What's All This?

This is an explanation of the site. Many brothers and sisters are logging on the net and finding our site already in progress. Here are the features available to you.

Brother John's Site for Old COBU Publications

Brother John has collected old publications of material we were taught in COBU. It's worth a look.

[[[Member's Directory]]]

This is an on going list of all the brethren who were in COBU. We currently have about 1600 names.

[[[[[CURRENT COBU]]]]]

This is a meager page about the current church. It is incomplete. We can't seem to get any of the current members to let us know where they are and how to contact and stay in fellowship with them. They are still our brethren and this site is open to them also.

[[[[[Prayer Room]]]]]


Finally my own space. This where I get to talk. And talk. And.....you get the point.

[[[[[The ART SHOW]]]]]


Brothers and sisters can tell everyone about their experience in COBU and what God is doing now in their lives.


The famous Mars Hill(Aeropagus Act 17:22). This is the forum section of the site. Brothers and sisters come here to voice their views about Cobu and what God meant by us being there. You can argue and praise and even be way out there in your perspective. Your voice will not be silenced. We do expect you stick to God, Jesus, Cobu and you. Bring other authors and writings(C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaffer etc..). We want you to able to say what's been burning in your bones for all these years. Just write down what you wish to post, email the entire text to me, and say for Mars Hill.You will also find our ONELIST discussions here. ONELIST is our on line forum for discussing issues past and present concerning COBU and our Christians lives.


When the site got started, many brothers and sisters wrote in. Nancy Coogan's emails struck me as witty, insightful, and worth everyone's while. So we have Coogan's Corner. Print these out and read them. Drop Nancy a line. What a sister!


If you want contact from others on line then give us permission and we will post your email address on the page.

[[[AUDIO SITE 1]]]

Audio clips from meetings. Examples of Stewart's behavior.Warning! If you do not want to hear ST's voice , don't go here.

[[[AUDIO SITE 2]]]

More of the same.


This is for brothers and sisters, who do not have a computer, to snail mail the site and get their thoughts posted.


This is a compilation of Mike Montoya's writings during the life of this web page.

[[[The Documents]]]

This a page dedicated to COBU publications.

[[[The Picture Page]]]

If you have pictures for our online photo album, let us know.

[[[Contact For The Computerless]]]

Many brothers and sisters do not have access to a computer. This makes it possible for them to be included in this effort.

[[[At Home With the Lord]]]

Remembering brothers and sisters who have gone to be with Jesus.

[[[Other Sites and Sounds]]]

Some brothers and sisters have their own web pages. Come her to see where they went and what they are doing now. There are also sites for understanding cults, fringe churches,and aberrant theology.

[[[Lost and Found]]]

If you are looking for someone, then email us and we will put the word out. Everyone's privacy is respected. We do not post addresses and phone numbers. We get brothers and sisters in touch with brethren who want to be contacted.

[[[HAITI AND OTHER Missions]]]

If you know of brothers and sisters in the mission field, let us know. This feature helps us contact and support our brethren in their work for Christ.We also including Haiti here.