From: John Thomas
> Marie was just telling me that she thought she saw ST driving a car down
> Lansdowne Ave in Upper Darby.  A man fitting ST's description with three young
> babes (all with long hair); could it have been him?  Are there any other ST
> sightings?
What next? Will Stewart take on the status of Elvis?

From: Fred <>
From: Herman M Weiss <>

From: Herman Weiss
           ,            Hi John T., I think I saw him on TV. He was on
several music videos
He was playing bass guitar for Phil Collins on the "SU, SU SUDIO " music
Also I saw him playing bass for James Taylor too. Did anyone else think
they saw
him doing this or was that his clone? Let me know if you did.

Herman, that bass player is such a dead ringer for ST, it's spooky...every
time my husband and I watched old stuff from VH1, we would see him and go
"there's Stewart"!

I thought I saw STewie protecting Mcauley Culkin with a shovel in the first
home alone movie until the person had a touching reunion with his son and then
I realized it was just a look alike( although the way he smacked Joe Pesci
with that shovel did remind me of Stewie's so called discipline tactics)

The Phil collins bassist is a dead ringer!  If you remember the dog urinating
on the bassist during the video then you remember my favorite part
From: (Doris Petini)

I saw him on the front page of National Inquirer...said something about a
bunker being built in Florida

Hey Herman,
I think I saw him playing guitar for ZZ Top.
From: Herman M Weiss <>

From: Herman Weiss
                  Hi User, what an alias, your're so right, he is a dead
ringer for him, or it's
really him after all. Now that's really spooky!!! A man got to have a
hobby. LOL!!!
From: "Michael Montoya" <>

Herman , I am crying with laughter.....I remember seeing Phil Collins videos
and I saw James Taylor too and man The guy looks just like him....but much
much nicer