Sean Gallagher

Open Letter To the Brethren Open Letter To The Brethren

This is the place where you can talk to everyone at once.You can testify to how God is getting glory thru you today, after all these years. Or you can raise questions and concerns that you want everyone to address. Don't worry about speaking loud.Everyone can hear you.


Subject: COBU Letter Date: Mon, 28 Sep 1998 19:07:31 EDT From: To:


Thanks for your letter. I was in the FF & COBU from 6/75 to 10/78 and then visiting in 84, living in Wash. DC, Silver Spring, MD, Seat Pleasant, MD, Alex. VA, Rich. VA, NYC, and Boston. In some of those later houses, I had the responsibility to lead the fellowship house. My story is longer than I can tell now. But the experience has been redeemed by the LORD so that I can now be grateful for it! (I could have died in my sins had it not been for COBU because I was on a highway to hell at age 17). COBU was God's choice of saving me from my hethonistic teenage rebellion. Although, I crashed and burned in sin (even worse) when I left COBU for a period of six years (my fault, not COBU's) because of my warped view of God as a harsh taskmaster who was very displeased with me. But He delivered me out of my miry pit and set my feet upon a rock. He put a new song in my heart, a song of praise for my God. I can now be thankful and grateful for my COBU experience without bitterness, anger, or regret. This is due to knowing God's love and forgiveness, getting good Bible teaching, and solid church life. So, in one way, I have gotten over, but I have also learned the meaning of Rom. 8:28 (He works all things for good to those who love Him, who are the called according to His purposes). So now I enjoy the redeemed good that the LORD has brought forth from this period of my life. (Can God really bring good out of this? Do we believe that God redeemed for good all the terrible things that happened to Joseph? e.g. his brothers throwing him into a pit, then selling him into slavery, and then being falsely accussed and thrown into jail, and then forgotten after foretelling the deliverance of the cup bearer).

I am now married to a God fearing wife. We have three children who we have been home schooling for about six years now. (Three more of our children are with the LORD as they were take prior to birth.) I know the LORD's love like never before and it is transforming me into His image because He is merciful and good; not because of anything I have done. Yet He has done so far beyond my wildest expectations because He gave me the grace to totally yield my life to Him (although I continually have to recommit as I fall short). But I am amazed at His faithfulness. He does keep His promises, even after we have been faithless. And His eyes run to and fro through out the whole earth to show Himself stong on behalf of those whose hearts are perfect towards Him. He only asks that we humble ourselves towards Him and believe His love and word is for us (even in the worst of our sins), individually and personally. I wish I could write more but it will have to wait.

Please keep me informed of things that may be coming up regarding former COBU members. You can forward any inquires you have regarding me to this e-mail address. If you think this brief testimony will help or encourage some one, you may share it. However, my time is limited as the LORD has got me fairly loaded with several responsibilities. I will try to visit your site when I have time and also to write you a longer letter.

Yours in Christ,

Sean Gallagher

P.S. Do you have a brother Chris? If so, I think I know him from those many years ago. Please convey my greetings.