Hope and pray all's well. I talked to Jim today and he said he sent you a
letter and was wondering if you were going to put it on the site. I was
wondering too. If you do, please let me know. also, were you able to put my
letter on? If you already did, please let me know where it is. It's not for
myself but I'd like to see if there were any responses to it.
I'm sure you're probably pretty busy so I don't want to take up much more of
your time. Thanks for allowing me to be heard and my heart to be open.
Even though I wasn't in cobuland for long, my heart is broken for Steve, Jan
and Jim and all those brothers and sisters (including you) who had to endure
it all.
My sincere prayers are with you all. Our God is an awesome God.
Yours in Christ,
My name is Russ. Let me give a little background of myself. I hitched to NYC
in 1976 and,being my first time to New York and being a believer for 3 years
it was interesting being greeted by 2 big red buttoned buddies. Having no
where else to go
and finding 'brothers' who welcomed me with opened arms, I stayed at Jay
Street for a total of one week. After 3 days of living in NY and finding a
job, witnessing and meeting on I think it was Bleeker(how the mind weakens at
a certain age) and bible study in Washington Square, in retrospect, the Holy
Spirit prompted me to book.
  After the first week at 'Cobuland' (of course, i was rebuked for clapping
in a song during worship and seeing another brother being reamed out in front
of everyone for something stupid,) I think the turning point for me was when
one of the 'brothers' mentioned about living on a farm in Jersey. I said
'sorry folks, communal life ain't for me'.and I left. With the parting
words,'Oh,you're turning your back on Jesus' ringing in my ears, I made do
pretty well in the big town with a lot of help from the Lord.
Well, to make a short story long and several moves and a marriage and child,
i came to Cleveland,went to a church, made some friends and that's where i
met Steve and Jan. i told them about this joint one day and they said they
were there for years and recanted their experiences.After all the rides they
went on in Cobuland, I thank God I didn't stay for the big show.
Anyway we left that fellowship,and we're on the ground floor of a new church
and that's where i met Jim Greiner.
I met Jim about a year ago and he told me about this site and even though i
was not a full fledged member ,(thank God), i was interested in what people
had to say about Cobuland.
what prompted me to write this was a week ago, i read what people wrote
about Jim and it's amazing to me the person he was and the person he is now
is like black and white. It brought to mind the scriptures about putting on
the new man(Eph. 4:24 and
Col 3:10) I've grown to love and respect the man and he has an incredible
love for Christ, but, carries an enormous amount of guilt and sorrow for
those he has wronged. I really felt led to speak on his behalf and after I
talked to him, he gave me his permission. I have to say he is far from the
'ogre' he might have been at one time and I believe when you leave a certain
(i.e.cobuland) the Lord replaces that with something else. in Jim's case,
it's a growth in the truth and a genuine love for people. He's going through
a rough time right now and I'm sure he would appreciate the same support and
prayers that he has given you.
Thanks for your time and lending ear (or eye, in this case) and I'm still
receiving Steve and Jan Hilton's e-mail and making sure they receive each
letter.I really appreciate your work on this site and i hope and pray it's
acting as a healing balm to those who got afflicted by this devastation of
mind and spirit.
again my thanks.

Yours in Christ,
Hi again,
just wanted to let you know that if anyone would like to send an e-mail to
Jim, feel free to use my address. I'll make sure he gets them.