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>>From: "Michael Montoya" <>
>>I got a letter last year from a sister who recently left. She said
>>that they
>>were being taught to say  "I hate Jesus"  That the truth of their
>>lives was
>>just that and that they might as well say it.  She also said they were
>>taught to say, My name is ___________ and I am volunteering for the
>>Lake of
>>fire.   Brethren, we must take all the action we can to liberate our
>>brethren from this wickedness. Tonight   10:30PM EASTERN  WE HIT the
>>and GO TO WAR. know I mean prayer right?

>From: John P King <>
>I like that hit the floor and go to war .  Maybe one of you acrosticalkly
gifted brethren will come up with a truly appropriate name for our Weds
nights prayer time- you know something that spells something just right
like - I don't know. I'm not gifted at this and what comes to mind would
be difficult to make into an acronym.  I guess i'll just hit the floor
and go to war.  This is soooo encouraging.
> Ellen
From: "Michael Montoya" <>

Actually I took the Hit the floor and go to war from Nancy Coogan saying
"Gonna do some carpet time" so Nancy C...heres looking at ya... How bout we
call ourselves the Rug Warriors or the Carpet Commandos or the Fighting
Fiery Fibers.  Or the Berber Bombardiers.....please stop me...I can't

Stop Stop Stop or I'll hit you with a Recipe... your sis
From: (Doris Petini)

as long as it isn't christian brothers carpet cleaners...ROFLOL
How About the Scotch Guards?
From:  Owen
        Dear Whomever
       I have suggestions for names for our wed night prayer vigil:
PAST:  Praying Against ST.
HELP:  Honestly Echoing Loving Prayers
HELP:  Heaving Ernest Loving Petitions
WED NITE:  We Earnestly Desire  Necessary Intercession To the Eternal
WED NITE:  We Earnestly Desire  Naming Individuals To Escape
ACTION:  Agreeing Christians Together, Interceding One Nite
DESIRE:  Doing Essential Service In Rescuing Ex-brethren (or Everyone)  I don't think referring to them as ex-brethren will be popular.
DESIRE:  Doing Essential Service In Restoring Ex-cobuites
KNEEL:  Knowing Needs of Everyone Else Left(inside)
KNEELING:  Knowing Now that Everyone Else Left Inside Needs Grace
SHIPPING:  Storming Heaven In Prayer  Petitioning for Individuals Needing Grace
GLOBE:  God Loves Our Brethren Everywhere
SODDER:  Seeking Other's Divine Deliverance & Eternal Restoration
LADDER:  Laying Against Dark Dungeons Effective Requests  DD could also be demonic darkness
PRIME TIME:  PRayer Is More Effective Than Individual's Mighty Exertions
S&G:  Sighing and Grieving
COBU:  Can Overcome By Unlimited prayer
                                      Yours Truly
            Owen Camp Bronx NY
I like a lot of those.      Tom P
From: John P King <>

Wow!  Way to go, Owen.  I'm going to have to think this over.  Ellen

Thunderous applause for that labor of love, Owen!!!!  I go with GLOBE,
personally.  Anyone else?

From: John P King <>

Don't stop. Keep going.Keep going; you'll hit on it eventually.  See you
at 10:30.   Over and out.  ellen
From: "Rod Huffman" <>

How about

o au
s ya
t ed
r r

Somebody call Gladys Knight...

(You may all groan now |-)
(I just know I'm gonna wish I hadn't sent this.)

What are you looking for Rod, just a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T??? or is that
another Motown song... Nancy C...<smile>

Rod - I didn't get it.  Do it again.

From: John P King <>

I like it!  Of course, I'm easy about acronyms since my husband is a
federal employee and that's how they speak to one another.  i have a
weakness for them  perhaps it was the use of the word "prostrate"- I
don't know.  keep trying.  Love,  ellen
From: "Richard Laverdure" <>

Praise Jesus Rod
How are doing?  Haven't heard from you for some time.... Drop me an
e-mail sometime.  I hope all is well
Love Ya
In Christ
Richard (Christ) LaVerdure
son of God
 From: "Jeff  C. Benninger"
>> <>
>> (deleted text...)
>> actually had to say "I am in hell , the flames are
>> around me , the worms
>> are eating my feet , etc. (can't remember the rest
>> the speech). Somehow
>> this might get God to look at you since you were
>> facing how bad you were.
>> One such speech , you would wave a paper over your
>> head , called the
>> recipe, and say some nonsense about how bad you were
>> and how you would obey
>> this recipe. Far out stuff. About as unbiblical and
>> mind wrenching as you
>> can  imagine , I suppose it could get worse.
>> Jeff B.
From: Tom Pierron <tpierron@Op.Net>

What a choice -
the frying pan
or the fire!
Or the best escape recipe of all -

Dee Law wrote:

> From: Dee Law <>
> Now that is truly scary!  Funny how the crew who
> explained the "Escape Recipe" to me neglected to
> mention the part about jumping into the lake of
> fire...
> - Dee
From: Herman M Weiss <>

From: Herman Weiss
                      Hi Jeff B., I'm beginning to believe in evilution (
no typo) when I survey
COBU history. They've gone from: "My name is so & so and I'm committed to
in Jesus & loving my brothers & sisters. Am I speaking loud enough? to my
is so & so I'm committed to going to hell & hating Jesus & my life says
so. WHAT

It is sad and regrettable that some make use of trauma to scare people into
submission. So very sad. Such is the life led by fear.

It took me a long time to undo those silly fears -- though not quite as long as
14 years.

Freedom is good.


It is sad and regrettable that some make use of trauma to scare people into
submission. So very sad. Such is the life led by fear.

It took me a long time to undo those silly fears -- though not quite as long as
14 years.

Freedom is good.

From: Jeff Benninger <>


Who knows whatever ST taught us is true or not , I just discard anything
from back then. Consider anything that this man did and then consider
whether or not you should believe any of the teaching from the past.
Jeff B
From: "Leo Magpoc" <>

It's almost like the "sinners prayer" in reverse


Hi Brethren: (Nancy C.) Beg to disagree amiably, (message below) but if
you have a calling of evangelist, it is part of who you are to "want" to
find people to witness to, and there is nothing wrong with that either,
(I do believe God is drawing anyone you do talk to). And if you have the
gift of "helps" it means you want to be doing works because it is part of
the gifting of who you are.  If you speak in tongues it doesn't mean you
are "better" or worse than anyone, and if you have lambs or not, well you
get the idea....  (But if your conditioned response is some form of
guilt, well, may God continue to heal you).  It doesn't mean anyone else
should judge you - and wanting to see people saved or disciple them, is
an aspect of being filled with the Holy Spirit, because it is the heart
of God to "rescue the perishing." We all have various gifts and callings,
and ST tried to pit us against one another and to get us to compare
ourselves in that striving and grinding thing.  If I tell you what has
happened with us and how we have been in ministry, I only "boast" in the
Lord, because I myself am amazed at how far God Himself has brought us,
and how good and faithful He has been, especially since we were fed so
many lies about Him. I only look at it as "MY" responsibility in the
sense that I want to know the will of God, and delight myself in the
things in which He delights.  Babies gotta be born, and somebody's gotta
do the birthing... I don't mean we should do that crazy form of street
witnessing we did.  I only wanted to inquire if anyone has had
opportunity to lead others to the Savior, as I still love to be in on
that!  Call me a midwife in the process, okay?  It is incredible to me
how anti-christ it is to directly require brethren to say "I hate Jesus."
How I long to hear people say "I love Jesus," especially for the first
time.  How could the communists have been any worse?  What's next
urinating on the cross?  Saying stuff like that could be considered
apostasy in the Early Church.  Gosh, you bros/sis have read martyrs
mirror - wouldn't you say that lying spirit is of the same ilk?   How
insidious.  I am Pro-Eternal Life!!!
From: "Richard Laverdure" <>

Praise Jesus Nancy
If you must know My brother Joel's son accepted Jesus Christ this past
summer when I visited home in Massachusetts.  Myself and Darlene talked
with him and he accepted Jesus.  The Holy Spirit prepared his heart to
accept and not reject the words of God's Love that he heard coming from
my lips.  Yes, I like/enjoy being at the moments in time when a person
is recreated (born again).  I don't go and seek to lead people to
Christ.  He's the Shepherd and finds the lost.  I am an obedient son of
God and he brings them to me...  I don't struggle anymore trying to find
them.  That is His (Jesus) responsibility not mine. When they, the lost,
are ready He brings them to me...  Does God need my help?  I don't think
so...  The best thing according to the scripture is for me to be an
obedient son/daughter of God.  So no matter what He tells me to do He's
in it.  When was the last time God came to you and said Nancy I got this
pain in my back will you pray for it?  He really doesn't need our help.
But does he love it, when we say Lord, I trust my communication with
you, and tell me what to do today. Then do it, my does He do wonderful
things when we are obedient to do whatever he tells us. Jesus said they
will know we are believers if we earnestly love one another.  Through
that the students of Jesus will come, from our Loving the Brethren &
Sisters from His Nature of AGAPE in us.  Not bad for an apostate ah
In Christ
Richard (Christ) LaVerdure
son of God
From: Dee Law <>

I think it's wicked and evil and definitely

- Dee