Here is a message the Lord recently gave me to send to Pastors all over the world. But, it is not just for is for ALL of His people, as we are ALL sons of God, whether male or female (sonship):


"My son, do not fear the many things that you are about to see coming upon the face of the earth, for MANY are not ready for what is about to unfold...I want you to be prepared, so that these things will not overtake you as a thief in the night. For, as I have been with you in times past, even so will I be with in the days ahead. The important thing is to recognize what I am doing & what I am saying to My people on the earth. I call you CLOSER to Me this day...I call you CLOSER than you have ever been before, because what is about to fall upon this world has never been experienced by My people before & they are not ready.

I say "do not fear", for it is not My will for My people to walk in fear of what is happening upon the earth, but to rather fear the Father of Spirits & live. For My fear is not as the fear on the earth. Man fears losing what he thinks he fears circumstances & situations that he really doesn't have any control over. I want My people to come unto Me. For the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom...but few will truly seek that which I have spoken & commanded them to do. My fear is not one that destroys, but what does build up. Wisdom builds the house, but My people will not seek Me.

The coming shaking will bring drastic change to the way things are...but those that will seek Me early will be safe. For I will cover them...I will provide for them...I will see them through. I say these things not to trouble you, but to let you know in advance, before they happen, so you will not be taken by sudden fear. Look to Me & My face, My My face...enter into My presence...break off that which is religious & allow Me to refine you in the flames of My furnace...for I am a consuming fire. Allow the furnace of My love to show you what I am saying...allow the furnace of My love to take you beyond where you have been. Allow Me to make you prepared for the time that is ahead.

What has transpired so far this year, is only a prelude of what is about to take place. Hear Me, My son...the shaking that you have witnessed thus far, is only the beginning. I am good & I take care of My own, but My own have forsaken Me. My own have taken to themselves religious doctrines & agendas that do not truly represent Me on this earth. Man has taken the Holy & has made it profane. It is time that My people come back unto Me while there is still time. As the shaking increases, there will be those that will recognize what is happening & will respond righteously unto Me, but most will only justify what is coming & make excuse to continue in their own schemes.

And now I ask you, o son...will you respond unto Me?...will you hear My voice & come closer?...will you take up the cross, as I have ordained for you & walk as I walk, do as I do & say as I say? For I am coming to you in your private time...I am coming to you in your dreams...I will visit you & show you what I am saying, as you open your heart unto Me. Seek Me, My Me...the time of "the way things has been" is is the beginning of a new day...& this new day will bring change to all that will walk in it.

You ask Me concerning provision in the times ahead, for you have seen the lack among My people & cry out to Me for change to come. And behold, I bring change...change is on the horizon...this change will make things separated & divided for what they really are. For many that have come unto Me have come with hidden agendas & with idol controlled hearts. And all things will be exposed for what they are & man will see where his true allegiance is...for it is either in Me or in this world. It is to love Me or love the things of this world. This coming time will show things for what they truly are.

I tell you this so you will know before it comes to pass. You will have the upper hand in this & you can use it to your advantage, if you will do as I say...the most important thing for you to do right now is to come CLOSE to Me. Do whatever it takes to come to Me in worship & Me with fasting & Me like your life depended on it...for actually it truly does. For in the time coming, My people will NEED to hear My voice & know what I am saying for them to do...where they are to go, what they are to say...their very lives will depend on it.

This is a sacred time...this is a time of soul searching & holy desperation, for My heart cries out to My people, but they refuse to hear & respond. I am coming to you because I know that your heart fears Me & that My words are not falling on deaf ears, but on ears that desire to honor Me & to do as I say. That is why I am telling you this, for I know that you will implement them into your life...& you will affect those around you with what I am saying, for you know that the truth must be made known. And know this, o son...that My life is in you...My heart is in you...My hand is upon you & you will walk into your destiny in Me.

So, lift up your head & look unto Me & allow Me to show you the way things really are. For much of what you have been taught & what you have been trained up into, is about to come to a stand still...the great falling away I spoke of in 2 Thess. 2, is about to come & a great majority of those who have called My name, will look somewhere else but Me, as they embrace the things coming on the earth, their true hearts will surface & their true trust will be shown for whose they are & to whom they obey...for the "god of their bellies" (lusts for the things of this earth) will separate them from Me. I will look upon them with tears as they shake their fists at Me & deny My words, & they will go their ways into perdition, as My Spirit cries for them to repent & come unto Me.

I am their answer...I am the answer to all things & those who will come to Me, yes, will truly come to Me will deny themselves, take up their cross daily & follow Me. My cry is going out upon the earth & I am speaking these same words all over the earth. Many of My servants are listening & heeding My cry, for the time is about to come. Listen to Me My son...hear the words of My mouth....for you know My know My ways & you will now come closer to Me than ever before in the days ahead, for I have a plan for you says God...the plan that I have prepared you for all of your life. You think that the things you have learned have been for ministry or for personal training, but I now tell you, that I have planted things deep within you to prepare you for this day, for you were born for such a time as this.

And the confusion that has nipped at your mind over time is about to be removed & you are going to understand things better then you ever thought possible. For My word is like a puzzle, that man has tried to place pieces here & there, but they wouldn't really fit, but man would force them into that place anyway & say this is what it really means, but I am about to open things up to you in a greater way & you will begin to see what things really mean, for I tell you this right you begin to weigh things...comparing spiritual things with spiritual, you will begin to rightly divide the word of truth. For My word is NOT divided as man would say, but as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, so do I divide My word. I do not make things difficult, but My way is easy. Just as Christ is the central theme to the entire Bible, even so, is My word balanced & everything fits when it is separated properly & in order.

Man has taken My word & made it a tool for his agendas. The churches have become institutions of learning, instead of living organisms of life. My people learn only man's way, but they hardly ever walk in My truth, their lives being the examples...written epistles seen of all men. I call for My people to have heart knowledge, but man only teaches head knowledge. I don't want fat heads...I want fat hearts. What is heart knowledge you ask? Heart knowledge is what I have cried for in My people. It is a place of intimacy with Me. Where I & My people are ONE...Behold, I have given you this for an Christ is the husband & the church is the bride...doesn't a husband have intimacy with his bride???

But man has taken My promises & My words & made My people shallow & empty, never seeking My face...never coming unto Me & becoming intimate with Me. My people come before Me & seek for Me to meet their needs...they bring their offerings, expecting Me to answer from Heaven & give them what they desire...this is nothing more than being a prostitute before Me...trying to buy My love & affections. But I am looking for a people who will come unto Me & seek My face, burying themselves in Me, seeking to please Me...seeking to honor Me...whose entire lives are an evidence of My grace in them. They love Me with the love that I have given them, instead of loving this present world.

O son, I know that these words may seem grievous to you, but I know your heart does receive them, for I have planted the seed of My life deep within you & My word will accomplish what I please in you & will prosper in the things where I have sent them to do. I love you, My son. now take My words & honor Me with them, deep within your heart. Allow Me to bring them forth in the days ahead & watch what I will do for you, says the Lord".