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Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 16:00:47 -0400
Subject: [x-cobu] my 2 cents (sense) reply

  I disagree
with Carol's statement that people can get saved in a cult.  They get saved
by Jesus Christ through hearing a true Gospel message.  However, I do believe
they can get saved in a "church that abuses."

Really, you just contradicted yourself.

People don't get saved in
groups like Heaven's Gate, JW, Scientology (even though they talk about Jesus
in a weird way), or any of the "political" whatever groups you mentioned
Jessica.  My point is not the practical aspect that ST manipulated people to
make money for him through playing on their religious sensibilities.

How do you know some of these people don't "get saved."
God knows the heart.  In most of our situations - we were approached
by a member of Cobu - witnessed to, and said the sinners prayer lifting
our faces to see Jesus.  We trusted these people and figured they knew
more than us, obviously, as they were further down the road.  So when
further down the road we met big daddy rabbit (actually used to be one
of ST's nick names!) any inconsistencies we experienced at that point
we explained away to fit into our new found joy.  The rest is sort of moot,
when, where and how it was/is a cult and when/how we each became
aware - or sick and disgusted with the situation internally/externally to
get up the gumption to make like a tree and leave.

  In trying to make "too much sense" one can get rigid.
You might find some cookie cutter answers but
not everyone is going to fit the mold.  It's when you can embrace this
nonsense as not making sense.  But our very being leads us to find
answers and make some sense.  And some things do make sense.  But
not every answer is for everyone.  Quite often in the gospels it will say
"and he appeared to them in this way."  I think even Jesus is all things
to all men.  Who do you say that He is?  We all have our perspectives
of the "Hound of heaven."  Which incorporates more than Daniel Webster.

My point is that he is after their SOULS, in the same anti- christian spirit
that runs any cult, whatever type it started.
P. S. there are anti-cult sites that do say to be careful with the term
"cult" as it applies to any bible-based groups.  (COBU is defaming the Name
above all names.)

Yes and no.  I am more prone to say yes, of course, but.....
It's hard to accept our brothers and sisters that don't accept us.