Dear John,

Mars Hill is becoming Mike And John's disturbed tea party. This will be the last time I speak to you on the Hill. This place is reserved for those who want to bring new light to our experiences. You must admit that we are dominating the air time and I think we should turn our attention to the rest of the brothers and sisters on the Hill and email each other, one to one.

Your explanation about choosing your name is insignificant and strange at the same time. It is a small matter in the grand scheme of things but how odd that you would have in your head these choices for web site I.D.s. Its like me saying" Hmmm...What name shall I give myself for the web site?....How bout "  or Hmmm...maybe I think I make my point.

Read the last paragraph in your piece. You don't mean to be condescending but then you assume that brothers and sisters will respond on an EMOTIONAL LEVEL WHICH WOULD NOT BE HELPful..Snif Snif  ...I think I have made my point here.

I know you got your history from the Lamb Ledger. But you emailed me and said that Neil Pendry was writing a more complete history. I willl go back and find the email if I can and forward it to you. Where would I get this fantasy from. I did not even think about Neil Pendry or his doings until you brought him up. I will make my point in the future. Intellectual sloppiness forsooth!

"My main interest is getting the writings on line..." So you appreciate and approve the writings as they were a big part " in that they formedthe basis for my understanding of Jesus and salvation and CONTINUES to inform my view of life, Christianity, the world, etc."  What do I do with this? Somebody help me out here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Brother in Christ( and I mean that)