Side 2 of the Reorganization of the Lamb House

: Well, what did you decide? By the way, Greetings in Jesus!(Greetings in Jesus , Brother Stewart) Thank youJesus, I'm thankful for Jesus How bout you? (yes, I'm very thankful, Thankyou Jesus, His mercy) Just remember, You must take Jesus seriously, the wayI do. (yep) and that's no fooling Jack. Do it or die. And it's not becauseI'm the authority. It has nothing to do with it. It has nothing to do withit. The Way, i didn't say I'm the example. You could be a better examplethan me. I said "This way." You must take Jesus seriously THE WAY I DO. Thinkabout it. There's only one way. And this is it. The way I'm preaching andliving. And you know it. And you'd better do it. Or yer only straying away.Not straying from me either, straying from Jesus. You understand that?(yes).How much are you insisting with each other today "You must take Jesus seriouslythe way I do? How much are you doing that?(mumbling) If you are not doingit you are turning back. You are turning back from Jesus. You don't understandthat. All right we're gonna hear it. Greetings in Jesus and what are yousecond in here.
Brother 1: I have a common view on brother David ,says he refuses to talk to the body, after walking off he says he wants todo things his way and don't care what we believe in. And he's going withhis own opinions.
Stewart: Y'know I keep saying it's true. Can't do everything though. We need a rough house somewhere else too y'know. (yes) Besides here. We need more over at the new property too. Brothers who are really gonna put down roots in Christ. A living, abide in Christ. Not be half and half. We also needa house for the wild beasts. Some to take shade, take refuge in the shadeof the tree. What are you shaking your head for Jack? Speak up! What areyou thinking? Speak up! Don't you got a mind? Speak up! Are you honest orare you dishonest? What are you? Are you honest?
Jack: yeah
Stewart: well, say what you're thinking then, honestly.
Jack: We got we got we got we got houses,  Baltimore Houses we got we got um certain ones for a rough house.
Stewart: Baltimore is insanely used for a rough house. That's insane. That's pointless, totally pointless. No control whatsoever. This house has got to be very carefully watched. It's also very wrong to use the new disciple house for the rough house. No. 1 they'll wreck it, No.2 it won't last but a week the neighbors will throw the whole thing out. You don't think so? (yeah)So it's wrong to use the new disciple house. It's insane to use Baltimore.Does everybody think it's insane to Baltimore as a (yes) What kind of a ...but we do need one over here (yes). Then the Davids can get worked on until they're serious enough for this level. And this level can get worked on till they're serious enough for the new property. Unless you'd rather go back to the world and the flesh. Unless that's more important to you. (no) It all depends on what's important to you. It all depends on who you are and where you're going. Who are you and where do you live? Now let's hear it brothers. And are you all sure that your problem with sin is settled? Are you confident? oh boy....a boring question.....I'm going to assume that this reaction on your part,brothers, means that you're not confident.(true) I'm gonna make that assumption.In which case, if something's troubling you, that's what it is right there.Were you insisting on this with David?(no) Are you certain that your problemwith sin is settled? And how do you know? How do you know? And until it isthere's nothing but turmoil. You can hide it anyway you want. That's allyou got. And you're no better off than you ever were. Until your problemwith sin is settled. And there's only...and there's only and there's onlyone way and that's this way. And you must take Jesus seriously the way Ido. For instance, those six words. Now let's hear it, what are you gonnado with Donald, eh David? Go! come on in , sit down.(mumbling) whad'ya gothere?(mumbling) (((This part is hard to understand,Stewart and two other brothers say this one word that sounds like "broost".)))))))
David?: Why can't I speak?
KevinB?: Broost
David?: Why can't I speak?
KevinB: Can we get him settled, can we get him a seat? Please
David: I came to get my jacket
Kevin B: Let's get him to lay down now, Come on now Paul Paul can you get him to settle please(Paul)

Stewart: I think we need a rough house (yes) Those that are openly wild.Bro's , you gonna settle this issue quickly? If I hadn't come in you'd beensettled by now, right?(no , Kevin B::: David) In that case the older brothersglad to be drifting. The older brothers are willing to settle for driftingapparently then.
Brother 3: I think David's a case where, He's a harder case. And we should bring him to brother Stewart because I don't know especially what to do with him. He has some interest. But then he's just, he goes in and out like a hotel. (mumbling) There's some interest in Jesus.(((yeah,I agree with that  I think the same thing)))
Stewart: Very well, I'll talk to him after the meeting . Next.
Brother4: Well there's....he just walked out... The last brother who talk to us
Kevin B: Ernest been drinking (better talk to him in the morning,)
Stewart: that's right
normally he's not wild , no) Actually three brothers went out drinking today, three different brothers

Stewart: why, why
Brother 5: motivation
Brother 6: for relief, for the relief
Stewart: for the relief,right,  that's correct, that's good. Let's hear it.( for the relief) And what about the subject of relief, who can speak about that? Job said my heart is like a wineskin, I must find relief. It's a different kind. But still. let's hear it. Life is miserable, that's what you start with. life is miserable. You may be trying hard with your birds and all your other tricks. You may be trying hard to hide from that truth that life is miserable when all is said and done. If you ever face the truth, life is miserable. For a lot of reasons. The underlying one is sin. Beginning  from the beginning of the bible. That's why life is miserable. First reason, basic reason. life is miserable and life is fun if you're 14. or younger. And pretty soon after that, you find out that's all there is, there is no ________. Life becomes a hard service. A word to Job, "Has not man a hard service upon the earth." And again in Ecclesiastes you read, "it is an unhappy business that God has given to the sons of men to be busy with." And a lot of other things in Ecclesiastes, Proverbs. All over the bible, life is miserable. And it's because of sin. And there isrelief however from this hard work. Pay attention, JACK! There is relieffrom this hard work. There is relief in Christ. Thank you Jesus(thank youJesus) There is also imitation relief the devil gives you which doesn't work. Whether it's birds or drinking or whatever. It doesn't work. Because you come right back to where you were when you tried that trick. You're no further ahead. And you don't respect yourself no matter how much you may shout that your do. And act arrogantly and hide the real truth about you. Perhaps you'll try that. But the real truth is life is miserable. And when you're all done with your tricks you're gonna be right back to square 1 life is miserable. Now there's an answer only in Jesus. There is real answer in Jesus, to escape the misery of life. However, you can't serve two masters. Therefore you must take Jesus seriously the way I do. That is by making sure that your problem with sin is settled. You can't until you figure you need the answer. So where are you? You still figure you you're gonna find some answer other than Jesus and you're gonna push at your thing or are you gonna be a servant of Christ?there's the question  "Ah I don't feel like being a servant I think I'll go push my thing." okay. Therefore they get drunk. How bout you? Is life miserable?(yes) What is it you want relief from? From the misery of life that's what. It looks bleak and then you die. In fact it's too hard to face. It's so hopeless. One way or another nobody faces it.. Except by God's mercy. And if you are facing it at all it's because of His mercy. Left to yourself, what would you do?(run away,hide from) Run away drive to run away. Of course in your arrogant way you'll claim you're not running away, you'll claim Oh I'm this Oh I'm that in your arrogant way, won't ya?(yes) which is nothing but your pride, arrogance. But then they'll find ya later won't they? And what'll you'd admit just like all the others, 'I shoulda listened to Jesus.' What do you think brothers?(yes) Now following Jesus may look hard to you too. Following Jesus may look hard to you too. If you're paying attention! I'll say it again following Jesus may look hard to you too. But  if it does...well I'm not getting're all bored aren't ya?(no) well, a bunch of ya are. Jack can't pay attention for more than a minute. If you're...if you think following Jesus is too hard, that's because you're still doing it the stupid way, namely your way. And it isn't following Jesus really. So I say again, You must take Jesus seriously the way I do. Do it your way and it's gonna seem fuzzier and harder and further away and more difficult and more distant and less motivatingand you'll never know why. It's because you're following nothing but your own stupid drives. and next it's arrogance. And you know better than everybody. And next you're drunk. What's the answer. You must take Jesus seriously the real way. And what is that really. What is that?