Reorganizing the Lamb House (10/06/90)

Stewart: Face it , why would you leave ? It just isn't that interesting and life is more interesting out there. So don't you see how it's important that this really be an insisting and interesting place, that looks and feels and sounds like we really are going somewhere. Understand that (yes) And if you care about your brothers, if you care about Jesus, it's him that wants us to do this. Lay down our lives. Everybody knows Jesus is right. But very few have motivation to live that way. Are you laying down your life to help others to have that motivation? Now you could do it. You could start doing it in little ways in your groups.  Brothers, this is really important. May not sound very popular. But really important. And in your conscience you know it's right. And if you were weaker, how would you want this outfit to be really? If you were sick you'd want a doctor wouldn't you? (yes). If you were weaker how would you want this outfit to be? You want this to be able, to be like a doctor. It's not the doctor that does the healing y'know. The doctor can help you get healed, can't he?(yes) So can the whole place, if you're weaker, depending on how the whole place is. The whole place isn't gonna be able to do that unless all of us work together at it. Is that right or wrong? (right, yeah) Look, they're all sleepy. Brothers, let's hear it. This something we gotta keep going to all the time. Let's hear it, anymore ideas? Let's hear it. Ideas on how we can reorganize, man, 8 brothers missing!
Brother 1: You had mentioned about having one salvation meeting a week and all the rest of the meetings were composed of everybody came up with
Stewart: What does everybody think about that, one or two salvation meetings a week. Right now we have 2? (usually 2). Y'know really it isn't so much fewer salvation meetings, that is, over at the property, that isn't so much the answer. The answer is much better use of the other time mostly. That everybody is making sure that everybody is getting help. All day. Through all these things. We just went through a list of 10 of them. If everybody is making sure that list all day, everyday. That's what's gonna do it. Not fewer or more salvation meetings even. follow? (yes).  Why don't you get this list printed up. No? (yes). when? (right away , tonight, tonight we'll have for the brothers in the morning) Right away, to go over it.  Any other ideas to put on it?
Brother2:  ((((This is brother's comment is hard to hear and transcribe)
Stewart: Well, so you're going back to the same question, Are we really loving one another?
((((This is brother's comment is hard to hear and transcribe)
Stewart: How many of you brothers , now here's really , this is  another statement of the same question
Hey you brothers, how many of these brothers here do you you think that any of these brothers here care 2 cents what happens to you? (no) right there! That's an important question right there. How is the whole outfit and how are the individuals and how are you looking at the whole outfit and the individuals? Do you think/ feel , "Nobody cares 2 cents what happens to me." "They don't care if I leave or whatever. How much is there that? Now, Let's get to that one. "Really they don't care what happens to me." Or, "They do care what happens to me." Which is it?
Brother 3: Can I say something to that? I think it's half and half. I think some brothers do care. And I think some don't.  I think some older brothers just say stuff just to get by, like every morning, y'know ' I'm a sinner,' they just say that constantly just to get by and then come and step on the brothers, older brothers , they just say it to be saying it. But some brothers in here really do care. y'know what i'm saying and I've only been here 2 days and i can see already, some brothers in here just say things just to be saying it. y'know what i'm saying because the way, the way he talk half y'all talk y'know more that he, know what i mean, the way y'all talk you can see right through it, y'know what i mean, it's not real, man, y'know. And I'm not gonna point nobody out because I know they know who they are. Y'know what I'm saying. There's the half that do care and the half that don't. Half y'all walk through the morning, "Oh brother, Jesus do this and Jesus..." and you just say it, just to be saying it so everybody can hear it. y'know. Whereas the half that will take time out to talk  like today. Somebody I was with 2 times talk to me, y'know what I mean, instead of just walking " you get Christ is in you" and then keep stepping, y'know what i mean, and y'all  know who you y'll are and half of you don't know.
Stewart: Now, we're gonna get him going in a minute. Now, that's one thing. You notice everybody picked up on this question. Everybody picked up in this question in only one way and there's 2 ways. Everybody picked up on this question concerning the older brothers. there's still all the rest of the brothers toward each other. That's another one.(right) You're , if if  you go this way, you're saying the older brothers should be caring about everyone else and what's gonna happen to them but it doesn't matter what everybody else cares. Yes it does.  Not only the older brothers. Does Jack care 2 cents what happens to you? (no) now there. Does birdman care 2 cents what happens to you?(no). Ecetera
It's not only the older brothers, people. It is the older brothers first. But it doesn't end there. Does Jack care 2 cents what happens to you? What's yer evidence. What's your feeling and your evidence? Both. Does he care 2 cents what happens to you or does he care about himself? The bandage. You're all laughing. And while we're on the subject, does Donald care 2 cents what happens to you? Do you have any reason to say yes or no? Look brothers, you'd better get to this. Everyone of you y'know. You don't like it this way. You don't like that it's this way. Well, it's up to you to change it. Now everybody goes to their own corner. " Now i'm just in, I'm just here for me." if everybody does that there isn't going to be any unity. We have to care about each other , what's gonna happen to each other. Does Jesus want us to care what gonna happen to each other? (yes) And it's not only the older brothers, it's everybody. Remember. And then you'll just get into screaming at the older brothers and that's all. They're bad. And the implication is everybody else is good. Not necessarily. Now do you follow brothers?(yes). YOU HAVE TO CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR BROTHERS. Everybody about everybody. What did Paul say about that? If one part of the body is hurting the whole body hurts. Now, can you think of anymore, brothers? How we can reorganize, let's hear it. That's sad to hear 8 last
Brother 4: one just walked in
Stewart:(((sigh)))Well then let's get after him, why, why is he living that way? He's gotta have more motivation. His faith has got to be built up , his understanding has got to be built up he's got to get into Christ.  And we all gotta care. And that's gotta be the real truth here. That we really do care. Or you're just a bunch of phonies and you don't care and you're not  following Jesus you're not laying down your life. Which is it gonna be?(caring) You're gonna vote. See, you're gonna vote with your behavior. What are you working at? You're working at yourself huh? If you were arrested, put in jail for being a christian, which has happened a lot, if you were arrested, put in jail for being a christian, could anybody ever convict you? heh  Is there any evidence that you really are a chrisitian? Or is it just talk? People, face it , face it. Anything else here? Other ways we can reorganize?Brothers, Let's hear it. We pray together and get to sleep. Let's hear it. We're gonna have a meeting and everybody is coming Sunday. Maybe get together  here again tomorrow night. Have a group meeting some more. (yes)Would that be good?(yes) How bout this new way though? (yes). Now whose gonna stick to this new way and really push at it or whose just gonna just gonna be there another body? Let's hear it. (gonna really push at it). Whose gonna insist on it even though your flesh hates it?(insist, by the grace of God). Does Jesus want these things or not? (yes) alright then we're gonna live for our flesh or live for His will, which is it?(His will). Well, we're gonna vote, we're gonna vote tomorrow night, not with the mouth either but the actions, right?(yes). already to pray together?(yes)_ let's all unite... ((((everyone prays, tape is stopped))). Jesus is my life. He must be your life too. Now what else can we do that's edifying for everyone here.
Brother5: Brother Warren just walked in, I guess he didn't want to talk to the body.
Stewart: All right. Especially his group...right away talk to him. According to this new way too. What about tomorrow night, more new brothers, what about a bunch of new brothers? What do you think? (yes) And do these ones leave, because it isn't interesting here. And things like"Does anybody care 2 cents what happens to you"? Really. What do you think, huh? Is this a place where everyone is out for himself? He's always willing to complain, well alright. What is the truth? This is a place where everyone is out for themselves? Including you? Or what? Listen, you're gonna die soon, why don't you face it? Life is a lot shorter than you think. Now, if you have any sense you'll be thankful for Jesus. And a glad servant of His. Thankful, not cuz ya have to. Something I have to. Agree with God and be at peace. And remember Romans 5:1 tomorrow, just one verse, what is it, who can say it? (Therefore since we are justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ). Thank you Jesus, That's a good verse. We are justified by faith. Now what are you looking to for your motivation? Gotta get into that more. Every human being, see you don't understand what makes you tick. Ever wonder what makes you act the way you do? Ever wonder? (yeah)  It's because of sin and fearing it, and not wanting to face it. That's what starts it off. And you start a life of running. And it's only through Christ that that running can stop. And you can find an answer. So you don't need to run anymore. Are you listening?(yes). Do you think it matters?(yes). You're gonna keep running if you don't listen. And what are you running from? You're running from sin. Whose making you do it? The devil. He's the one put you up to it. Jesus offers the answer but somehow you keep running. Why? Do you consider this. Agree with God and be at peace. The real way is that we are justified by faith in Him. If you are able to live by faith in Him Do it! Do it! Right?(yes). Let's hear some more verses.  Now how about we take one another seriously?(yes). Not just a, not just a religious thing Or the devil's gonna make more of a fool out of you. " Ah i don't care. I can take it. i don't care. I don't care. Have you had enough? Are you ready to live in Christ? Still running huh...which is it? You consider. Think we ought to get to sleep?(yes) Lord willing I'll go over group meetings tomorrow night. We'll get some new brothers and have group meetings tomorrow night (yes). How's that big truck, is it done? (yeah) End of Side 1
Side 2

Side 2 of the Reorganization of the Lamb House

: Well, what did you decide? By the way, Greetings in Jesus!(Greetings in Jesus , Brother Stewart) Thank youJesus, I'm thankful for Jesus How bout you? (yes, I'm very thankful, Thankyou Jesus, His mercy) Just remember, You must take Jesus seriously, the wayI do. (yep) and that's no fooling Jack. Do it or die. And it's not becauseI'm the authority. It has nothing to do with it. It has nothing to do withit. The Way, i didn't say I'm the example. You could be a better examplethan me. I said "This way." You must take Jesus seriously THE WAY I DO. Thinkabout it. There's only one way. And this is it. The way I'm preaching andliving. And you know it. And you'd better do it. Or yer only straying away.Not straying from me either, straying from Jesus. You understand that?(yes).How much are you insisting with each other today "You must take Jesus seriouslythe way I do? How much are you doing that?(mumbling) If you are not doingit you are turning back. You are turning back from Jesus. You don't understandthat. All right we're gonna hear it. Greetings in Jesus and what are yousecond in here.
Brother 1: I have a common view on brother David ,says he refuses to talk to the body, after walking off he says he wants todo things his way and don't care what we believe in. And he's going withhis own opinions.
Stewart: Y'know I keep saying it's true. Can't do everything though. We need a rough house somewhere else too y'know. (yes) Besides here. We need more over at the new property too. Brothers who are really gonna put down roots in Christ. A living, abide in Christ. Not be half and half. We also needa house for the wild beasts. Some to take shade, take refuge in the shadeof the tree. What are you shaking your head for Jack? Speak up! What areyou thinking? Speak up! Don't you got a mind? Speak up! Are you honest orare you dishonest? What are you? Are you honest?
Jack: yeah
Stewart: well, say what you're thinking then, honestly.
Jack: We got we got we got we got houses,  Baltimore Houses we got we got um certain ones for a rough house.
Stewart: Baltimore is insanely used for a rough house. That's insane. That's pointless, totally pointless. No control whatsoever. This house has got to be very carefully watched. It's also very wrong to use the new disciple house for the rough house. No. 1 they'll wreck it, No.2 it won't last but a week the neighbors will throw the whole thing out. You don't think so? (yeah)So it's wrong to use the new disciple house. It's insane to use Baltimore.Does everybody think it's insane to Baltimore as a (yes) What kind of a ...but we do need one over here (yes). Then the Davids can get worked on until they're serious enough for this level. And this level can get worked on till they're serious enough for the new property. Unless you'd rather go back to the world and the flesh. Unless that's more important to you. (no) It all depends on what's important to you. It all depends on who you are and where you're going. Who are you and where do you live? Now let's hear it brothers. And are you all sure that your problem with sin is settled? Are you confident? oh boy....a boring question.....I'm going to assume that this reaction on your part,brothers, means that you're not confident.(true) I'm gonna make that assumption.In which case, if something's troubling you, that's what it is right there.Were you insisting on this with David?(no) Are you certain that your problemwith sin is settled? And how do you know? How do you know? And until it isthere's nothing but turmoil. You can hide it anyway you want. That's allyou got. And you're no better off than you ever were. Until your problemwith sin is settled. And there's only...and there's only and there's onlyone way and that's this way. And you must take Jesus seriously the way Ido. For instance, those six words. Now let's hear it, what are you gonnado with Donald, eh David? Go! come on in , sit down.(mumbling) whad'ya gothere?(mumbling) (((This part is hard to understand,Stewart and two other brothers say this one word that sounds like "broost".)))))))
David?: Why can't I speak?
KevinB?: Broost
David?: Why can't I speak?
KevinB: Can we get him settled, can we get him a seat? Please
David: I came to get my jacket
Kevin B: Let's get him to lay down now, Come on now Paul Paul can you get him to settle please(Paul)

Stewart: I think we need a rough house (yes) Those that are openly wild.Bro's , you gonna settle this issue quickly? If I hadn't come in you'd beensettled by now, right?(no , Kevin B::: David) In that case the older brothersglad to be drifting. The older brothers are willing to settle for driftingapparently then.
Brother 3: I think David's a case where, He's a harder case. And we should bring him to brother Stewart because I don't know especially what to do with him. He has some interest. But then he's just, he goes in and out like a hotel. (mumbling) There's some interest in Jesus.(((yeah,I agree with that  I think the same thing)))
Stewart: Very well, I'll talk to him after the meeting . Next.
Brother4: Well there's....he just walked out... The last brother who talk to us
Kevin B: Ernest been drinking (better talk to him in the morning,)
Stewart: that's right
normally he's not wild , no) Actually three brothers went out drinking today, three different brothers

Stewart: why, why
Brother 5: motivation
Brother 6: for relief, for the relief
Stewart: for the relief,right,  that's correct, that's good. Let's hear it.( for the relief) And what about the subject of relief, who can speak about that? Job said my heart is like a wineskin, I must find relief. It's a different kind. But still. let's hear it. Life is miserable, that's what you start with. life is miserable. You may be trying hard with your birds and all your other tricks. You may be trying hard to hide from that truth that life is miserable when all is said and done. If you ever face the truth, life is miserable. For a lot of reasons. The underlying one is sin. Beginning  from the beginning of the bible. That's why life is miserable. First reason, basic reason. life is miserable and life is fun if you're 14. or younger. And pretty soon after that, you find out that's all there is, there is no ________. Life becomes a hard service. A word to Job, "Has not man a hard service upon the earth." And again in Ecclesiastes you read, "it is an unhappy business that God has given to the sons of men to be busy with." And a lot of other things in Ecclesiastes, Proverbs. All over the bible, life is miserable. And it's because of sin. And there isrelief however from this hard work. Pay attention, JACK! There is relieffrom this hard work. There is relief in Christ. Thank you Jesus(thank youJesus) There is also imitation relief the devil gives you which doesn't work. Whether it's birds or drinking or whatever. It doesn't work. Because you come right back to where you were when you tried that trick. You're no further ahead. And you don't respect yourself no matter how much you may shout that your do. And act arrogantly and hide the real truth about you. Perhaps you'll try that. But the real truth is life is miserable. And when you're all done with your tricks you're gonna be right back to square 1 life is miserable. Now there's an answer only in Jesus. There is real answer in Jesus, to escape the misery of life. However, you can't serve two masters. Therefore you must take Jesus seriously the way I do. That is by making sure that your problem with sin is settled. You can't until you figure you need the answer. So where are you? You still figure you you're gonna find some answer other than Jesus and you're gonna push at your thing or are you gonna be a servant of Christ?there's the question  "Ah I don't feel like being a servant I think I'll go push my thing." okay. Therefore they get drunk. How bout you? Is life miserable?(yes) What is it you want relief from? From the misery of life that's what. It looks bleak and then you die. In fact it's too hard to face. It's so hopeless. One way or another nobody faces it.. Except by God's mercy. And if you are facing it at all it's because of His mercy. Left to yourself, what would you do?(run away,hide from) Run away drive to run away. Of course in your arrogant way you'll claim you're not running away, you'll claim Oh I'm this Oh I'm that in your arrogant way, won't ya?(yes) which is nothing but your pride, arrogance. But then they'll find ya later won't they? And what'll you'd admit just like all the others, 'I shoulda listened to Jesus.' What do you think brothers?(yes) Now following Jesus may look hard to you too. Following Jesus may look hard to you too. If you're paying attention! I'll say it again following Jesus may look hard to you too. But  if it does...well I'm not getting're all bored aren't ya?(no) well, a bunch of ya are. Jack can't pay attention for more than a minute. If you're...if you think following Jesus is too hard, that's because you're still doing it the stupid way, namely your way. And it isn't following Jesus really. So I say again, You must take Jesus seriously the way I do. Do it your way and it's gonna seem fuzzier and harder and further away and more difficult and more distant and less motivatingand you'll never know why. It's because you're following nothing but your own stupid drives. and next it's arrogance. And you know better than everybody. And next you're drunk. What's the answer. You must take Jesus seriously the real way. And what is that really. What is that? Stewart: What does it begin with? Anybody know right off-hand(snapping)(((taking Jesus seriously, problem with sin settled))) Really living admitting the truth about me, which looks hopeless. If I ever admitted the truth about me, there's no hope. That's the way it feels. How much do you love Jesus? And how much do you believe in Him? That's what you're gonna prove. By your running away and not paying attention or by your taking Jesus seriously the way I do. That's what you're gonna vote. You're gonna vote. The results will be one or the other. You're  drunk or you're growing in Christ. Did you hear about our meeting last night?(no) older brothers(no) what?
Brother6: I heard a little bit about it.
Stewart: It wasn't nice. Now , what do you got going here? Is this an insisting following Jesus the real way or is it just getting together? Let's hear it. ( lot of just getting together) It's not even interesting. And pretty soon you're gonna need something more interesting. It's not interesting just to be sitting around. And to have no confidence about what you're doing. You might go for it because it feels good to the flesh but you hate it. and you're not getting anywhere that way. And you've got to come to your senses, come to your right mind, and begin with living the truth about you. And it's pretty bad...It's PRETTY BAD. Jack, the rest of ya maybe. your reaction is "well, I just don't care about the truth about me. I'm not gonna take it seriously." Well That's your fatal mistake right there. Even before Jesus. That's before Jesus. Whether you'll prepare for him or not. Are you gonna prepare for Jesus or you just don't care? (care, prepare) What do you know about preparing and John the Baptist? and make straight the path. Whaddaya know about that?
Brother 7: I know it begins with repentance of sin

Stewart: How can you repent for something that "I don't think matters anyway?" I repeat, Jack...How can you repent when my attitude is "I don't think sin matters anyway? If that's your attitude how are you gonna repent? Now how are you living? My sin is an awful offense against God and it bothers you the way Jack is so bothered that he can't pay attention, by the next flower that goes by his eyes that's what he concentrates on. Is that you? Or do you concentrate on the basics? Do you compare God's wrath and the real truth about you? Do you ever do that? Did you ever read....when you're done...ready?...Did you ever read the scripture that says "Who considers thy wrath according to the fear of thee" Did you ever read that?(yeah I read it) What's the anti-reference to that? "I shall be safe though I walk in the stubbornness of my heart." Because I'm  Jack, I'm so great. It doesn't matter. I'm so great. Is that the way I live? I'm so great it doesn't matter what I do. And besides, I didn't do anything bad today, so leave me alone. Is that our attitude? Is this what we're insisting with each other? People, did you ever compare all the scriptures about God's wrath against sin and the real truth about you? Did you ever do that? It will be an eye-opener. Did you discuss the fear of God here tonight?(no) As to whether the fear of God is really in you or whether you're just rolling along? God said you do not fear me. The fear of me is not in me. The fear of me is not in you. The fear of me is not in you. Is that true about you? Or do you really fear God? That's what we gotta unite in. This is part of 'you must take Jesus seriously this way.' And I didn't invent this way and I'm not the authority. But this is the way, People! Walk in it or else. And it begins with taking my sin seriously and what does taking my sin seriously mean instead of  trying to act like it doesn't matter. Compare the truth about it to what God says about it in the Bible.  Now anyway let's hear it brothers. What can we get into here tonight. We must take Jesus seriously, how can we reorganized to help everybody to take Jesus more seriously?
Brother 8 :: I think one thing we can start to do is find a ...plan a schedule about bringing brothers to you to get worked on or to get help right away. Brothers who are weaker in their faith, brothers that we can't help or we're not able to land
Stewart::: you know something else that's very important. The older brothers, you ought to get out of here , get out of the way or act rightly. Because they look to you and you provide nothing. Just your fathead. You're not providing leadership or you are. Christian Leadership. You are or you aren't. And if you aren't you should get out of the way. you understand that? (yes) Because you're only misleading. You act like Jesus is a liar. You say that "Here, you have what is yours." "It's enough if I just sit here." But He said, " He who does not gather with me scatters." That's what you're gonna meet. You older brothers should just get out of here or be older brothers. One of the two. What is this lukewarm...sit around...teaching the new ones to make them twice as much a child of hell as yourselves is the scripture...talking of that kind of thing...misleading them... right?(yes) That's one of the things that's really needed. There'd better be new older brothers then. If you aren't interested...How did the older brothers act here before I came? How'd they act?
Brother 9: They insisted that all the brothers join in and unite in Christ.
Stewart::: They did?(yes) very good...very good . I look for something good to say. rarely do I get the opportunity, they did huh? (yes)They insisted they unite in Christ, then what?
Brother 9:: Then brothers slowly started speaking to the brothers that returned...trying to seek their good
Stewart:::All right.But they can't be,  "you must take Jesus seriously the way I do." They still don't do that. Because if they did you'd jump on them and beat them up, is that it? No/Yes? Y'all know that passage in Acts? (yes) So that's a very important matter about reorganizing. These older brothers should get out of here, get away, stop....hope deferred makes the heart sick. What are the older brothers doing with the new ones. Well here goes the teacher now he's gonna teach how he's killing you. Go teacher. Go! ahh...pull a pity act, never mind. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Ya ever read that?(yes) They're giving you the phony promise of leadership, but is playing the great man but lacking bread, because they won't take Jesus seriously themselves. They won't pay the price. They won't surrender to him really. Instead they're working at their life in this world, hanging on to it, building it up, loving it. And therefore trying to serve two masters and neither one of them is anywhere. People, that's a big thing in reorganizing. These older brothers, either are older brothers ands we call them older brothers or we don't. One of the two. Just because they're body is 90 years old and they're sitting there looking very serious, that  makes them and older brother? There better be new older brothers. That pay attention for more than one second and that take Jesus seriously the way I do. Not their own drives. Remember the scripture , you judge yourself, remember the scripture, "These men do not serve our Lord Christ but their own appetites." and you judge yourself. I'm not the authority. What are you gonna meet? That's what you're gonna meet. Now reorganizing . So far we've got...the older brothers either in or out. And, what's the other one? Kevin, what was it? Kevin?...Kevin?  Kevin?(I don't know) Didn't you say the other?..
Kevin B: Pardon me?...I thought about getting brothers to you for them to be helped
Stewart:: Thought about or you said it?
Kevin:: I thought that's what we should do...I said it...I was doing that constructively, bringing brothers to you that we can't help.
Stewart: Then you do remember that you said it?
Kevin: Yes
Stewart: Very good...took a while. Where's your're the one that said it? i asked you what did you say? You suggested that procedure. And even more important is these older brothers and worshipping the older brothers, and what are they really? people , Let's hear it. If they're not gonna be leaders SAY SO. What is this phony ,"I am a great man, Honor me."?  If you don't care to pay the price, Say so! Is that so hard? (no) Well then? I think that's important. What else about reorganizing here? Brothers, let's hear it. What about everybody insisting on basics? Let's hear some more ideas. Come on brothers, reorganizing, how can we reorganize to make it better here for everybody.
Brother 10::: more brothers getting over to the school
Stewart: More brothers over to the school. How bout everybody always returning to make sure that everybody is either growing in Christ or moving closer to Christ, if they're not saved? Everybody making sure that yer growing in Christ or getting closer to salvation. Let's hear some more brothers.
Brother 11: The thing with the orientation when there's new brothers, the first day, we need a team of two or three brothers, we should pick the best team and work with team all day
Stewart:: I think we need to get rid of you and that voice or you convert
Brother 11:: Convert
Stewart:: Let's hear it brothers.
Brothers: I see a problem with orientation is no one's decide that they can run off while two go in one direction, they got older brothers chasing them.
Stewart: you know what that really is? It's just that the whole place is not insisting. This has got to be an insisting place. The whole outfit. And everybody knows that it's an insisting place. And that's the thing the older brothers are killing to death. They are saying this is not an insisting place, this is just a place you just sit here.and act like you're great. you follow?(yes) David, would you kindly keep quiet, don't mumble while I'm speaking. You're old enough. you can control yourself. Isn't it important that this be an insisting place.(yes) Because it says in the book of Titus what, (I desire that you insist on these things)I desire that you insist on these things otherwise the whole outfit is gonna stray off. And that's why again it returns to these older brothers, if they're willing to be older brothers fine, real older brothers. And lay down their lives for their calling. Not just this imitation, "I'm a heavy."  Boy, the birdman loves that, he can hide in that. There's no pressure on the bird man this way and there's no pressure on Jack really. And they all run away. Now you say that the orientation, the new ones they  just run all over. look it's because the way we are as an outfit. Now how much real insisting can you count on?  I asked Gayle we went through...How many of the brothers do you trust are really insisting with themselves and everyone? How many? Let's do it again. How many brothers do you trust are insisting with themselves and the whole outfit? Any nominations?( Kevin Brown and John?) and that's it? How many would trust Kevin Brown generally? What is that most anyway...How many would not? Bunch didn't vote at all. all right Anyone others? ( I think brother Skylar) who? (Brother Skylar) Let's hear it brothers.
Brother 12: Who else think Brother Skylar?
Stewart: you brothers don't think this is very important from your attitude toward it. it's very important.
Brother12 :: And how many don't. many didn't vote
Stewart:: Never mind Jack, yer...good grief..Jack? Control yourself! You and Dave at each end. CAN'T YOU CONTROL YOURSELF!! Insist on yourself first. That your behavior is edifying for everyone. Not just your drive and your habits. Now, so what do you have there, what's the vote? (half and half for Skylar) yes or no? (no, it's about half and half) It looked very much half and half to me. Very close to half and half. Well next. ( nominating) You don't think this is important, that's because you don't mind having a hide out where you can just do the flesh. That's what you're saying. By not taking it seriously. you don't care what this outfit is, as long as it's a hotel for you can hang out and do your thing. Birdman, whatever else. You think this ought to be a hotel for your weird stuff. That's what yer saying, if you're not taking this seriously.  What spirit are you listening to? A drifty spirit or insisting on real leadership. Which one are you doing? If you aren't insisting on real leadership , you're just making provision for your flesh. This is very important. Now whose the next one? ( Kevin Brown Sr.?)
Brother 13:: How many brothers think of Kevin Brown Senior? many don't?  4
Stewart:: it looks like 4 doesn't it?(yeah) and that's it, aye?( I nominate Tony loban) well all right now you're talking about the new new older brothers. That's quite a difference. Fine. Let's do that too. Any of these marvelous old brothers, great leaders. Let's hear it. Let's hear it!
Brother 14:: So how many agree about Tony Loban?
Stewart: all right that's new, we're starting new. He's becoming an older brother, how many trust that he is insisting with himself and everyone. Thank you Jesus, that's a lot. isn't that everyone? Any others?(mumbling) okay maybe we ought to nominate him next time, nobody else did. any other new ones?
Brother 15: Yeah I nominate Steve Green . He's not here.
Stewart: We can still vote on him. Does everybody think we should vote on Steve Green? (yes). all right.
Brother 15: What do brothers think, Steve Green?
Stewart:  How many Wait a minute How many brothers are convinced that Steve Green  is insisting with himself first  and with everyone as is in fact becoming and older brother and a leader? That's the question....and how many think he's living for the flesh? That's what the question is. Everybody's one or the other, people.
Brother 16: If i could say something, brother Stewart, i don't know the man. I know most of the brothers here, but I don't know Steve.
Stewart: Well , he's not here.
Brother 16:: If he was here I would probably know his face.
Stewart: Let's vote again, Steve Green. How many think he is becoming an older brother? And how many don't? Well that's an awful lot. Thank you Jesus. Anymore? (Greg Thompson) We did the older brothers. No interest left. (Is Rocky an older brother? I mean, I don't know) Rocky's an older brother.( James) Which James?(quiet talk) I'm sure he is. And so is what's his name here Paul. He's doing a lot of things for them too. But Jesus won't accept that. He said unless your righteousness exceeds that of the very righteous people, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. And he said other very hard looking things, very hard looking to the flesh. Then there's the servant who half served his master. Half-heartedly. What happened to him?( He was cast into the outer darkness). He did some good things didn't he?(yes). And what about the one that went about preaching in your towns and streets, 'Lord lord, did we not preach in your...he was doing good things too wasn't he?(yes) What happened to him?(Cast into the outer darkness) So you see that that's not enough for Jesus is it? We're willing to sit back and trust our works are we? Or we're not. And we're urgent to please him. Our attitude is one of the two and that's the issue here, people. That's the issue. In your spirit, everyone of you, you know, real leadership, real leadership  is saying we must be faithful to Jesus. And imitation leadership is a bunch of religious stuff. You know the difference in your spirit. We must be faithful to Jesus. With a whole heart. You know what that means. In your spirit. And you know laziness too. You can tell the difference. And that's what we're voting here. Do you understand that?(yes)  Because the ones that are the urgent servants. They're the ones that are going to be the leaders. By definition, not because they're, not because they're put in it , everybody says you're a great leader. They are becoming leaders. If in fact they're doing that. They are already. you don't have to make them the leaders. They are. Understand that?In the world you make people into leaders. In Christ, they grow into and become leaders.It's different. Now Let's hear it. Anyone else to be voted on here.
Brother 17: I nominate Fredrick even as an urgent servant.
Stewart: Thank you Jesus....Timothy
Brother 17: How many brothers agree?........
Stewart: Thank you Jesus
Brother 17: And how many don't

Stewart: Why did you nominate him?
Brother 17: He's serious all the time and he does insist with other brothers too. Even calls brothers too. He even called Brother Jim Greiner today about 10 times.
Stewart: did you get em?
Fredrick: I get his sister this morning.((((hard to hear what this brother is saying))))
Stewart: Well he won't call here, hoping he would( didn't recognize the number of the store, it was the number here) all right all right. Let's pray about that too. Thank you Jesus. Any others? That you think are becoming leaders through honest devotion and seriousness. no half and half. Any others let's hear it. you know what you got so far? You're saying you got 3 new leaders and 2 old ones. You're saying the new ones already outnumber the old ones. These dinosaurs. the bones the relics
ya dig em up. is that the way you prefer to live? That the way you brothers been living? Jeffrey? (yup) yup..just yup. So you're already outnumbered. good. Any others?( I nominate Brother Robert) brothers let's hear it.( What do you brothers think about brother Robert) well somebody should second y'know. (I second) All right then let's hear the vote
Brother 18: How many think Robert is an honest servant of Christ? many say no?
Stewart: I wonder if  ah, wonder if you are losing the concept anyway. Becoming leaders. That's good. Got some good votes there. You realize that? That's hopeful. What else can we organize here? how bout the groups?(mumbling) Brothers urgent! ( I second it, i second it) Brothers, what is this older brother pause? You know that's what the older brothers do always. long pause.
Brother 19:: How many nominate Pedro to be an honest servant?(he's an older brother)
Stewart: Still..a few
Brother 19:: and not...How many not? think Pedro
Stewart:; about 1/4  Now brothers anyone else urgently...or you could go on all night trying this one and that one...anyone else really stand out. Let's hear it. Now let's consider these groups. How are your groups brothers? How's the groups? How are the groups?
Brother 20:: I think the groups are rather large for openers. I think there's 18 or 19 in our group.
Stewart:: Why don't we break them up into smaller. like 10 each. And it's especially at the groups that you should be doing what? But not only in the groups. (insist, the real)What should you be doing?
Brother 21:: Insisting that you be serious about Christ right now here.
Stewart: Yes. making sure everyone is growing. And looking for the ones who are the closest to giving up on Jesus. That's where you gotta be careful. Because everybody's gotta a front. David, put that paper down. You're acting foolishly. Everybody has a good front. What is the front?  "Oh, I'm not gonna give up on Jesus." What do they do the next day?( give up on Jesus) Everybody has a good front. and the ones that are weaker are the ones that have the front together the most. And it's important that you get through that front. And find out, Is this brother growing in faith or is it something else. some substitute , some imitation. And it isn't gonna last long. You've got to find out. Brothers, you understand. (yes) And I especially have to hear about the ones that aren't growing and that are withering. Aren't even growing toward Christ. You've gotta do something. You've gotta take action. Maybe they don't understand. Something's wrong. Now we gotta take this seriously. Each one growing. Brothers, you all agree? (yes). Really take this seriously, especially at the group level. But not only...making sure everyone is growing in or toward Christ and at the same time, which one is about to give up. oh he talks nice...he's kinda quiet in the corner and tomorrow he's gone. Can't you catch him before tomorrow? people? (yes) Let's really work on that one. And know that we're working.put it down can we concentrate on that one. That is loving one another, laying down our lives to do it. Let's hear some more, how we can reorganize here. How can we reorganize here?
Brother 21: Everybody understand the rules when they first come into the house.
Stewart: All right, that's important but there's probably more important things
Brother 23: See which brothers are gonna move to the new property.
Stewart: That's good. What about everybody making sure that you are encouraging each others faith? Does that sound good? (yes) Everybody talking to each other about our faith, that's similar to making sure everybody's growing isn't it? Let's hear some more Whose going to the new property? Anymore tonight?
Brother24: Last night we many brothers did we volunteer? 4? (4, 5) Some one wrote it down, who wrote it down? I think it's 4 . 4 volunteered? Anybody remember? (whoever volunteered just stand up..only two went last night)
Stewart: Well why don't they all go?((((a brother is explaining why someone didn't get to the property)))) all right why don't they go tonight? Let's hear it, who else? ( Ray  ? ) Where is he?(no no he changed his mind....mumbling..changed his mind...the question was Where is Raymond soun?) yeah Where is he? (He's in his room, he had a headache) Brothers Let's hear it. Remember, encouraging faith, Where is he Brothers?
Brother 25: Where is he brothers is he in the dorms/ ( yeah he's inside there)
Stewart: Because he had a headache? (I know one thing , he should make it right with all the brothers...)You brothers, are you taking part in his hurting himself? it's gotta be..motivation is another. What are we doing about each others motivation? Did you ever ask the other brothers How's your motivation? did you ever do that? (yes..what's wrong with it))