This is Part 2
What I tried to say in the last piece didn't quite come out. I know I am risking current members reading this and the imperfection of my speech may give them a reason to dig in deeper, but they may also overlook my shortcomings and see that I and others outside of cobu got our minds and hearts and strength back and now can yield our members as instruments of righteousness instead of Stew enslaving or stealing our persons for his private use.

What I meant to say in the last post was that it's understandable for x-members to be angry, hurt or damaged. Part of the poison Stew fed us was labeling certain behaviors as "not christian" or sinful and other behaviors as what God really desired from us. Remember who is doing the labeling. Remember that Stew has not demonstrated fitness for teaching since..oh say...since 1975. So when we get out of COBU, ol Stew is going to know how any normal human being would react when finally free of his garbage and specifically how some of us whom he studied more closely would speak and feel and act. So good ol Stew tells current members((((remember the stacks and stacks of psychology magazines in the basement of Princeton))))how to think about our behavior. Hence the latest direction "If God doesn't throw all of those who left COBU into Hell, He owes me a Big Apology." There was also another lie circulating about this web page. Some members were defending their cult by claiming I put partial documents on the web page to make Stewart look bad. What's funny, is that the documents do make Stew look bad....but they are all complete...which means...the current members are indeed in serious trouble. They have read the site and maybe, for a moment, are shocked that Stewart really spoke the way he did, acted the way he did toward the brothers and sisters in the Manhattan Training Center and maybe for a moment don't really see a big difference between the Stewart Traill 1976 and Stewart Traill 1999 except, of course, the vast difference in Stewart's standard of living.

Stew does the same old game he used to do. Remember this one? Brother A walks up to Brother B and "requires" him or points out things in him. Then Brother B gets "defensive." Brother A then jumps up and down and says "Why are you defensive? You must be guilty or something." So Stew abuses us for years and then when we show any signs other than peaceful submission, He jumps up and down and foams "See, see, How is that God's Spirit?"

So when Brothers and Sisters in Christ who left COBU start working through the pain of the experience, it is understandable that some of these brothers and sisters have thought about class action law suits. The majority have gone to God and have received and are receiving healing. I am convinced that they could and would look Stewart in the eye and actually forgive him for all that he had done to them(((((of course, only after Stewart finally faces his sin and accepts responsibility for it and steps down)))). Stew's 1989 Grace Show was a load. No wonder so many left right after his performance.

Stew could run to the current members and say "See see? They hate me...What kind of a Christian talks like that?" The answer Stew is ...a real one. Corrie Ten Boom(((I hope you are letting the current members do at least some outside reading. There are brothers and sisters of faith who, besides you, are great examples of faith in Jesus)))). Corrie Ten Boom who was imprisoned in Nazi Germany for hiding Jews, years later met one of the prison guards who was partly responsible for her sister's death. She felt such rage and anger. She wanted to murder this man, but the guard came up to her and asked her to forgive him. She did. By the power of God in the Holy Spirit she embraced this man.

So Stew, yes there are some who are angry and hurt and damaged and imperfect in the way they express themselves about you. But realize that your condo in Florida is still standing. You are still living. You possessions are secure. Your car still works, right? Your 4 planes, your cameras, your money, your followers. Everything is just the way you planned it, right?

Ya see, Stew, I have your address. And furthermore, I have the ability to sue you. Some do not have the money or the time or the desire. I do. I have at my disposal a great deal of resources. But guess what? I believe in Jesus. I believe in The King of Kings and Lord of Lords. You might be thinking that I am a some soft spoken "loving" do nothing "christian." I have real feelings. I have real evidence. I have a genuine complaint that God knows about. Some brethren have made me aware of prophecies concerning you. So I say to myself, why should I deal with you and go against my conscience like David against Nabal. I submit to God who knows what you do in your mind, in your heart, behind walls, behind doors, in other people's bedrooms. Let me add, He hates what you do more than I. He is able to execute judgment that will open a way for you to repent. I do not have that power.

So Stew, go ahead with your plans. God's timing is perfect.