Here are some of my favorite excerpts from holy and secular books that
I'd like to share. If any phrases offend anyone, please realize these
are offered in a general spirit of sharing (what has encouraged me
within my own life) and not intended otherwise.

==Book, the Bible

**Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God, and he who loves
is born of God and knows God. (I Jn 4:7)
**[Wisdom's] ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.
(Prov 3:17)
**My son, keep sound wisdom and discretion; let them not escape from
your sight, and they will be life for your soul and adornment for your
neck. (Prov 3:21-22)
**As a hart longs for flowing streams, so longs my soul for thee, O
God.... (Psalms 42)

==Book, Hebraic Literature: Translations from the Talmud, Midrashim and
Kabbala; Section on proverbial sayings and traditions

**The best preacher is the heart; the best teacher time; the best book
the world; the best friend God.
**Teach thy tongue to say "I do not know."

**The rose grows among thorns.
**Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born
in another time.

==Book, The Koran

**For those who fear their Lord in secret there is forgiveness and a
great reward. Whether you conceal that which you say or publish it
abroad, He knows that which passes in your minds. (excerpt from 67:6-15)
**What ails you that you do not expect wisdom from Allah? He has created
you through different stages of existence. Have you not seen how Allah
has created seven heavens in perfect harmony, and has placed the moon
therein as a light, and made the sun as a lamp? Allah has produced you
from the earth and caused you to grow; then will He cause you to return
thereto, and will bring you forth as a new creation. Allah has made the
earth a carpet for you that you may traverse its wide paths. (excerpt
from 71:2-21).

==Book, Living, Loving and Learning, Sections on Tomorrow's children;
Speaking of love; and The paraphernalia of anti-self: the self-defeating
you (by Leo Buscaglia)

**I think if I had a single wish in all this world it would be to give
you back to you. Not in terms of egocentricity, but in terms of the fact
that you know that you can make that person--you--the most wondrous, the
most remarkable, the most open, the most beautiful, the most creative
person in the world. Not to store it away, but to give it away because
you can ony give to others what you have. If you're ignorant you teach
ignorance; therefore, you must work at wisdom. If you're chained, you
teach your prejudice and therefore you must work at your own personal
freedom. It all comes from you. If I do anything for me, I do it for
you, The closer I come to loving me, the more love I have to give to
you. I think we need to tell children this very early. (149)
**Dont miss love. It's an incredible gift. I love to think that the day
you're born, you're given the world as your birthday present. It
frightens me that so few people even bother to open up the ribbon! Rip
it open! Tear off the top! It's just full of love and magic and life and
joy and wonder and pain and tears. All the things that are your gift for
being human. Not only the really happy things--"I want to be happy all
the time"--no, there's a lot of pain in there, a lot of tears. A lot of
magic, a lot of wonder, a lot of confusion. But that's what it means.
That's what life is. And all so exciting. Get into that box and you'll
never be bored. (207)
**We need to get away from these self-defeating ideas about our not
being wise enough to know what is best for us. Learn again to listen to
your own voices and to trust yourself. Nobody knows better than you what
is right for you. Papa used to always say, "If you don't lead your life,
Felice, someone will lead it for you." And that's true. If you're
constantly not believing that you have the ability to be the perfect
you, someone else is going to take over, and then you're really going to
get lost. Don't play "follow the guru." Oh my goodness, are we ever in
the scene of, "If I follow what this person says, they're going to make
me well." You know if you follow that person what's going to happen?
You're going to become them. And only they can be what they are. You're
going to get you lost. Teachers, gurus, can be guides, but only you can
take the trip. They can only give you alternatives." (258/9)