From: "Richard Laverdure" <>

Dear Brothers and Sisters of The Almighty and Living God.
Your Father sent Jesus, His Son, to REDEEM US from the Law of Sin and
Death. To bring us back to Himself.  Jesus Christ came to put away the
division that religiosity brings and we are (past tense) reconciled to
The Father.  When we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior you are Judged,
found guilty of sin, and you are crucified with Christ. We are changed
recreated and a new incorruptible Spirit of God is put within us. We are
given Spiritual Life and the old sinner is dead....  The Life we now
live is by the Spirit of the son of God.  Behold old things have passed
away all is made new.  The problem stems from, the fact is, you refuse
to see yourself as your heavenly father sees you in Christ.  Sons and
Daughters of God Almighty, Redeemed from the curse of the law of sin and
death, Holy, Righteous, sinless, faultless, guiltless, shameless,
blameless, Worthy, justified, sanctified, free of the law and absolutely
clean, clean, clean. forgiven all sins, past, present, and future. given
Eternal Life, seated at the throne in Christ living in heaven RIGHT
NOW!!!! of the same mind and in one accord in love.  Our fighting the
Lies that you believe about your self and  focusing on them and not on
the freedom the Glorious Freedom that's been won for you by your Big
Brother Jesus and that your Dad gave you in Christ.  Under no
condemnation.  (you can't die... Jesus took the Keys of Death and hell
away from the Devil before he rose from the grave) His victory is your
victory if you want to identify with what Your Father says you already
have...  Or do you want to practice Unbelief with saying that your still
a sinner Maybe Jesus' Blood ain't strong enough for you... I would be so
bold to tell him that...  You have to stop believing the lies that the
Devil and the synagogue of Satan want you to believe which lead to DEATH.
Believe instead That I am What The Word Says I am, I Have what the Word
Says I Have, I can DO what the Word Says I Can do..  God is what He
DOES, DAD is who he is. This is all about being in His Family.  We are
all members of God's Household, Royal Priest, Holy, and Living forever,
sinless and sickless and HEALED by that most powerful blood, but you
have to be willing to confess it, accept it, and step out on it. apply
it.  You all have the Spirit Of God inside you. You are Christ on this
earth so Stop giving any power to that lying Devil confess boldly that
I've Defeated that lying Devil in Christ and never again confess pain
and failure.  Confess what you are in Christ and watch God really start
to shine in your lives.
There is no death in God's Kingdom where you live. Praise God you can't
die.  You been given the Life of the eternal One.
In Christ Richard (Christ)LaVerdure
son of God
From: Dave&Vilma Paradis <>
>Dear Rich Laverdure,
>You sent me the same kind of nonsense, also absolutely unnecessarily, after one of my postings on the website. Please stop. You are confusing and condemning your brothers for whom Christ died That hyperfaith, never get sick, never suffer, name it claim it heresy is contrary to scripture and has discouraged the faith of many. The preachers who propagate it are greedy charlatans who get rich by using others' greed to get them to "prove God" and send THEM "seed faith" money. Then they say "see, I got rich so can you". HOGWASH, they got rich by greed and trickery.God only gives me good things. Sometimes the good things that He gives me are sickness, poverty, weakness and failure, because in those things I learn humility, patience, compassion, submission and dependence on Him.When people who have believed the "positive confession" lie encounter those things, their faith is shaken because they are taught that He doesn't do that. God is sovereign and he does what He pleases in His
wisdom and His love for us, and that is not always what the world calls ''good". If you choose to believe in spoiled-brat Christianity, that's your business, but stop trying to infect others with it. Tell it to Richard Wurmbrand who suffered for years for his faith, and still suffers infirmity as a result of it.Tell it to David, who inspired by the Holy Spirit REPEATEDLY  said, "as
for me, I AM POOR AND NEEDY." Pretty negative confession, I guess David doesn't understand faith as well as Kenneth Copeland does, or maybe The Holy Spirit needs to buy some tapes from Kenneth Hagin.Tell it to my son Francisco Enrique who yes, is living, waiting for me and Vilma in Our Father's arms, but never drew a breath in this world.
We lost him while we read and believed the scriptures about "health in the womb" Tell it to my beautiful, healthy 3-year old Anna Maria, conceived too soon after we lost Frankie. We agreed and said to our loving Lord "This one will probably die too. Your will be done; we let go; do as you will; you are Lord." Pretty negative confession huh? God sits in the heavens and does as he pleases.

Dave Paradis


Dear Dave,
     I rejoice in your powerful refutation of the "name it-claim it"
doctrine. I was just today listening to the tape, "Christianity in
Crisis" which accompanies the book with that title.   After reading your
letter I was reminded of the many debates I had over the years with those
who hold to this teaching.  One brother I led to the Lord years ago, Paul
Bartelt was seduced by this heretical doctrine, with sad results.  I saw
that doctrine destroy a very beautiful Christian school where my three
older children attended in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  I have seen very
precious brethren literally destroyed in their faith, because they were
not healed of serious diseases and were told it was because of their lack
of faith or past pre-salvation witchcraft activities. I've seen husbands
reject wives because they were not healed.  I've seen parents told by an
eminent prosperity teacher their children should not have died after
years of praying for them to be healed and God takes them at 14.
     A well known Christian leader, whose name I would rather not
mention, helped to guide his church and others into espousing the
prosperity teaching of Kenneth Copeland.  That leader recently lost his
12 year old son to a premature death.  At the funeral over 1000
Christians were praying mightily for a great resurrection from the dead
for the young man.  I'm afraid that resurrection did not happen despite
the many prayers of prosperity followers, although I'm sure it will some
day.  Can we command God?  Is God our heavenly butler who is there to
cater to my whims? Is it always his will to physically heal his people?
Pantheistic cosmic prosperity taught by Copeland/Hagin/Price etc. and
seed faith prosperity (Oral/Richard Roberts)  have caused great carnage
among the sheep of God,  just as Stewart has caused such carnage.
     Your points about brother Wurmbrand who suffered was well taken.
Their doctrine is strictly an American/western doctrine.  They wouldn't
dare teach it in countries like Kenya or the Sudan.  Suffering is not
part of the equation.  Having endured real suffering as you and your wife
have,  such garbage is like salt on the wound, because it is so far from
Christian reality.  May our God and Father bless you for your strong
stand against this modern day Nicolaitianism.

God bless you,

Chris B.

From: "Jeff  C. Benninger" <>


There is a very good video that Voice of the Martyrs has of Pastor Samuel
Lamb in China speaking of the fight of the faith. He speaks of the fight in
the east as persecution and the fight in the west as "the delusion." He
makes no difference between the two or that one is better than the other.
Just states our fight. He says that they have heard of the Prosperity
doctrine over there but it has no effect. I probably lent the video to
someone and never got it back , I don't even remember who.  However Pastor
Lamb spent twenty some years in Prison in China for his faith, and runs
underground churches in China. The video may still be available from VOM.

Jeff Benninger

One of the tests of the true Gospel is whether it can be preached in all
cultures at all times and remain relevant and life changing.  Your point about
the "faith/prosprity" doctrine not being able to be preached in the Sudan is
well made.

From: "Richard Laverdure" <>

Praise God Dave,
May the God and Father of our Lord grant you understanding for the
things I write to those who want a closer walk with Jesus Their Lord.
First Off, I would like to address my motive and my heart for writing
the things of God and why.  If you have read my open letter to the
brethren, You would first consider that I, like you, suffered many
things while my faith was tested. The fire I went through along with
many others for what Stewart Trail and his understanding of the
scriptures taught us was what I would call Phofiteering.  Stewart used
the scriptures to intimidate us into submission and had reduced proof of
faith in Jesus to how many carpet cleaning jobs could be closed in a 24
hour period.  My motive is not profiteering for the $$$$ blessing of
which you associate me with Ken Copeland and Ken Hagen.  Let me ask you
a question "Have I at anytime ask for MONEY?"  I agree that they (Ken
Copeland and Ken Hagen ect ect ect) indeed make money from the gospel
because they do it through preaching SIN CONSCIOUSNESS, and through
keeping their congratulations guilty for sins they have already been
forgiven for....  Of which I will never be an accomplice to...  I teach
from the scriptures and from the direction of the revealed Word of God.
If you would pull out your new testament and READ IT you will find
scripture references to every single line of text written.  If you KNOW
JESUS then you would understand that He came because the Father sent
him. In his substitutionary work, was the father's will, to bring you
back into the family that you were created for. He paid a very dear
price for you to stand in this position and the Father doesn't take it
lightly.  Jesus appeared to destroy the works of the Devil and set the
captives free.  I teach freedom from bondage to doctrine of demons and
seducing spirits.  To those who want freedom from bondage The things I
teach will bring deliverance and freedom and life.  To those who do not
want to believe the Truth of the revealed word of God then the Lies of
the darkness will bury them and keep them locked up in graves of fear
and defeat.  My words will become torment to them because they have
chosen for themselves lies and my father will reward them accordingly.  I
teach what Jesus Christ has already PAST TENSE PUT INTO YOUR ACCOUNT.
You are son of God (try reading Hebrews) your not a servant.  But you
have to change the direction of how what you believe to accept that. Say
yes I am and then stand in it and learn all new, what your legal and
vital rights are as a son of God.  Then when you've got a grasp on that
start experimenting on what the father will do when you claim your
legal and vital rights as a son of God.  I know that this sounds alien
to you but it's quite simple, yet hard to get a hold off.  It's all in
there the New Testament.  I wish no one confusion that comes from
darkness. Romans 8.1 says were not condemned good enough for me, so I
confess that. Unfortunately getting past the doctrine of Devils and
seducing spirits and the traditions of men and jewish fables will
stagger the mind.  But if you want the Victory that's yours in Christ
you have to come out of your comfortable church and be willing to come
to the absolute end of yourself.  Suffer with Jesus outside of the
Church community.  It also means that you'll have lay down the following
of the Law of sin and death.  It means that you will have to realize
that Jesus is your righteousness and not works of the law that make you
self righteous.  The Churches teach you do, do, do, But in Christ in
reality it's Already done, done, done.
In Christ
Richard (Christ) lavender
son of God