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For those interested... I found my baby z a few months ago and this was in

1) REALLY go to war in a REAL way against REALLY  wrong things.  First in
yourself, then in others, going to the biggest, wrongest things first.
2) Memorize a verse from the Bible every day that especially applies to you
that day.
3) Read the Bible Reading Course every day. (I also had that in my Bible)
4) Speak in scripture and apply it to every situation.  (Using parts of
verses shows that you are trying to apply the verse to the situation.)
5) NEVER turn correction into condemnation
6) Always speak of hopeful things...  (Guess they threw that one out the
7) Read the six steps of love once a day with another brother or sister and
practice them always. (Didn't know love had to come in steps)
8) Fellowship in the bible for at least one hour every day with one other
human being (It can even be someone unsaved)
9) Fellowship with another brother about your progress each day.
10) When correcting others, do so with an open bible.
11) Try to get at least one person into the Art Show every day.
12) Confess your belief to at least one person every day (Rom. 10:9)
13) Write to at least one lamb or friend every day.
14)Brothers go through at least one chapter of THE BOOK  each week.
with at least one other brother, you can invite sister.
15) When asked a question, answer it DIRECTLY and QUICKLY (no long pitiful
silences or evasive R&R, but REALLY loving the truth. (In other words..
don't think)

Carol Stutts
Oh,'s coming back slowly...I do remember some
of that stuff.  I'm especially impressed by #1 and all
of the "really's" that are contained therein.  Really,
really, really! (NOT!) I really wonder if the real St
really knows that some of his really sick and really
cruel actions may cause some really real people who
belong to the real Jesus to become real enemies of the
real cross?  Really scary thought.

And now for my "special" light-hearted interpretation
of a few more of these jewels ...ahem...ahem...drum
roll, please...(clearing my throat...get ready for

Interpretation of a few of the Middle Rules

#2 - memorize a verse a day that applies to you...ok,
where's the verse about the guy wandering around in the
tombs breaking chains and fetters? I'm sure that one
applied every day during the Middle Retard Program!
Even if it didn't apply, I'm sure we could force it

#4 - speak in scripture... here's my favorite... "Thou
shalt not remain in COBU for all of thy days for thy
feeble mind wilst surely be captured and be turned into
chicken gravy and turnip soup.  And thou shalt be
odious, odorous, and ridiculous unto thyself henceforth
and forevermore, hither and thither, amen".  This
wonderful non-scripture is found in the book of
Zavedidians, chapter 1 verse 1.  Oh, wait a
minute...maybe they meant speak from REAL scripture
from the REAL Bible and REALLY apply it in a REAL way?

#5 - never turn correction into other
words, don't expend the energy to condemn
yourself...let St condemn you instead!

#10 - correct others with an open Bible...make sure
your Bible is opened to "woe unto you...", "weep and
mourn", "gnashing of teeth" or something about the
rebellious being destroyed!

#15 - answer questions directly...question - "Are you
beating the sheep?" Answer - "that depends on what you
mean by 'beating'..."

Sorry about that bit of "levity", folks, but I just
couldn't help myself!  LOL!

Take care and much prayer (please!)!

- Dee


I guess ten commandments were not enough.

The middle retard I have to go into
it?  It was soooooooooooooo awful!!!!!!!!!!!

The basic gist was that some of us did not fit into the
"so called backslidden older" category or "zealous
young sheep and lamb" category so we were called the
middle sheep. The older ones had the MTC school, the
lambs had the Lamb House, the young sheep had the Young
Sheep had the Young Sheep house in Brooklyn.  The
middle sheep had no special St training.

The middle sheep were...well...we were the "bastard"
children (ok...maybe I shouldn't use that expression
but that's what it felt like to me!) and St said we
were retarded.  Retarded Christians.  And he came up
with some set of things that we were supposed to do
every day...something like what the young sheep were
doing at the time.

We had a chart that we had to check off everyday...did
I read my bible, did I witness...did I lose my
mind...can't even remember what the requirements were.
The "Middle Retard Charts" were hung on the wall in the
Middle Sheep House in Philly (formerly the Lamb House)
so that everyone could see our so called progress.  I
think we had some kind of so called judgments too.
This was in the early 80's.  And I had the misfortune
of being in both the Young Sheep group AND the Middle
Sheep group...a double-whammy!  I can't remember's too painful.  I have buried those memories
so far down I'll probably have to go to China to find

Anyway...St had us make these retard charts, bring them
to the Big Meeting (I think it was a Big Meeting?) and
put them on the wall like the young sheep did.  Then he
mocked us for putting them on the wall because it
showed that we were "proud of being retarded
Christians".  Those were his words.  And just thinking
about it right now makes me want to strangle him!  The
stupid, degrading, disgusting things we did because of
St!!!!  Why does he have to pervert the gospel and the
love of God like that????

Don't worry...I won't strangle him (unless he walks
through my office door in the next five minutes...then
you'd better call the police!).  He's just not worth
the jail time to me!

So there you have it...that's as much as I can handle
right now.  It's too depressing to think about.  I
think I'll go pray now.


From: "Richard Laverdure" <>

Praise Jesus ,
This is the first I've heard of this. I personally thank you for telling
me the details as best that you could at this time.  Lord bless her and
deliver her from the sting of these hurtful memories. Help  all
the brothers and sisters that suffered this antichrist condemnation.  I
pray for your healing touch Jesus, touch them, and deliver them, and
help them bring it to the light of your glory, so the hurt and pain will
be healed.  I Praise You for it and count on you to do it Lord, so be
it, in Jesus powerful and delivering name.  anyone else who can
give their accounts of this I urge you to write and get this out, so we
the body can pray for your healing.  As beloved sons & daughters of God
lets expose this darkness and pray for their Healing.  Lord show us the
depth of this darkness and teach us how to help each other get though
this.   Holy Spirit bind and burn all
the hurt and pain and embarrassment and any other dark things that are
there and wash it out In Jesus Name so be it.
In Christ
Richard (Christ) LaVerdure
son of God

Just what Carol wanted.  Someone do this off line?
It was a program during the 1980's.
I only saw a very little of it.
The middle brethren had to jump through a lot of hoops
to help them "grow"
One thing was confessing their faith to so many people
a day.  If they didn't have enough to mark down for that
day, some would call the operator and confess their faith
so that had enough to get a passing grade or something.
Isn't it amazing what we will put up with?
It sounded so right at the time.  Or did it?
But going against it would be being rebellious, and
no one wanted to be that, now did we?!