Let us know what to pray about, who to pray for.

Month of May::: Pray for Pat and Laurie Montoya. Pray for Mike Pappie's wife's cousin Patty. Pray for Jeff Benninger's Mother. Pray for the recently married Blake Owens and Melanie Arkelian( they left cobu last year and need your prayers for strength through this adjustment time.Praise God ...they got married!!!

February 24, 1999: From Doug M Feb23 99. Please pray for a friend of a friend. His name is Steve. He was diagnosed with cancer about 5 weeks ago. He is going into surgery next week. Your prayers would be deeply appreciated. Flame on.

Doug M

January 12, 1999:

Prayer Request

Jan 3, 1999::Hi again, dear brethren, here's another prayer request. Two dear friends from our church the Great Commission Fellowship are young women studying in Seminary. Their names are Laura Taylor and Jessica Box. They are going on a trip which is part of a class to Israel. They leave on Jan. 6, and will be gone about 2 weeks. As there is much unrest in the Middle East, would you please pray for their safety? Both of these sisters will have opportunities later in teaching ministry to tell others of the land where Jesus and His disciples walked when He was on the earth, and they will find this educational journey very helpful. The Lord has provided them with the resources to go "by faith" so they believe it to be His will for them to go in spite of any danger. They hope as a class to take communion by the Sea of Galilee. Thank you for praying for these sisters and their travel plans - Jim and Nancy Coogan

Dec 16th:Dear Brethren: please pray for our family as we have just received the diagnosis that our youngest daughter, Becky, has a form of "focused, spiking, activity" in her brain, which was revealed by the EEG test. This means that she has epilepsy. While it can be controlled by medication, this is difficult news for us. Of course we ask for her complete healing, that would be the ideal. We also ask for the ability to transistion and cope with the accommadations this will mean in her daily life until the time that healing comes. She will have an MRI test in early January. Thank you for your concern - Nancy & Jim Coogan and girls

Dec 11th:Mike, A close friend and good brother in the Lord just called me to tell me that his wife was dragged by a horse and severely hurt a few days ago. She is in the brain rehabilitation unit of a major university hospital on the east coast, and begins therapy today. Her recovery is expected to take a year. Her name is Annette Danielson. They have six children and home school. Although neither were never in COBU, the brethren's urgent prayers on Annette's behalf will be greatly appreciated by your humble and obedient servant Brother John. Mike Rosa went back to COBU and just went to Haiti. Pray for him.

Dec4th:Pray for Jim Enright's daughter . She is 10 month's old and weighs only 13 pounds, won't gain any weight and doctors don't know the problem yet. Jim does not know about this site yet as far as I know . He is in Missouri but I talked to his mother yesterday and he will be at his parents for the Christmas holidays maybe I will catch up with him then. His daughters name is Monica and his wifes name is Claudia they were married on January 4, 1997. My wife and I were the only x-cobuites at the wedding. Jim and I are kind of like physical brothers, from the same high school, etc. He travels on the road a lot for his job. :::Jeff Benninger

NOV 24:Pray for Nancy and Jim Coogan's daughter Becky. She had a seizure today. This hasn't happened before. They went in for tests. Please pray for Becky and all the Coogans.

Pray for those who left the church and are not near anyone or close to anyone for contact. They are looked after by God, but we can't say be warmed or filled or get over it without praying and reaching out to them.

Pray for Jeff Benninger. He can't say what exactly whats going on but wants prayer.

Pray for an infant named Evan Crockett. He has kidney problems and internal bleeding.He is one month old.

Pray for The Gregory's niece. She also has medical problems.

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