Jacob Prasch
Moriel Ministries UK

Dear Brother in Jesus,

While I was first saved through the Children of God while in college, I later became involved with COBU (at that time 'Forever Family).

I know Dave Rizzetto, Chris Blaise,    Gary Jones, Jerry Di Mateo, Paul Radka, John Fontana, John Bevalaqua, Jeff Bernstein, Bill Willis, Vincent Di Paola  etc.I also remember our late brother Gary Kocholus.

At present I operate a ministry based in Britain with branches in several countries called MORIEL (meaning "God Is My Teacher" in Hebrew).
Fortunately through the grace of The Lord, and some encouragement from Jews For Jesus (my family is a combination of Catholic and Jewish, my wife and children are Israeli) I detoxed from the psychological and spiritual bondage of Stewart Trail's cult.

Stewart Trail, while lacking a knowledge of Greek and Hebrew, did have real insights into scripture which were in fact akin to the Midrash used by rabbis in the days of Jesus (The Second Temple Period) and many scholars believe employed by both Jesus and Paul.

Sadly, Stewart Trail misused his gift, and ultimately went into heretical beliefs himself. I have often wondered if he is demon possessed.

I am grieved at how many decent brethren were so abused by that evil cult that they cannot find meaningful fellowship or trusting relationships anywhere. Ultimately though, we are responsible for our own relationship with The Lord, and we must remember that it was the Laodicean character of the lukewarm mainstream evangelical churches that COBU and The COGs, Bible Speaks and other such groups sought to be an alternative to by returning to the zeal of the Early Church. Unfortunately in the process of not being Churches of Laodicea - they became something even worse -
apostate cults.

While on a visit to New York City recently with my family, I met Harry Weionbaum in Time Sq. Church (where I worship when I am in New York - for the last 20 years I have lived outside of The USA in Israel and England).
Harry told me of the unfortunate death of Skip O'Neil.

I appreciate what you are doing and may The Lord Bless You in it Richly.

Please feel free to pass my e mail details on to any former COBU people wishing to contact me.

Sincerely In Jesus,

James Jacob Prasch