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In an earlier letter you had mentioned that Stewart never told you guys what "office", Title,or capacity he held. In otherwords he never said exactly who or what he was or at least claimed to be.  Well O.K., I hope you're strapped in. Evidently no one appears to have brought this out. I am telling you this on the assumption that indeed no one has come forward to fill you in on this.  In telling you this I think that this may provide some geniune light and understanding on the letters from  Pendry,Machell,and Shultz. Especially with respect to the Law and their connecting Stewart to the Law..Etc..

(Read this slowly and carefully) When I was in New York at one of our Big meetings-this was about 1977. Stewart asked Skip(George)O'Niel to stand up. So Skip stood up. Stewart then asked Skip to ask him(Stewart) if he was Elijah. Skip said "Stewart,are you Elijah"? Stewart said "No",but then he(Stewart)went on to say .."But then John the Baptist denied he was Elijah too.. The implication was stunning and clear...Stewart was in effect announcing that he was in fact the one who was to return at the close of the age who would be sent "in the Spirit and Power of Elijah".. I was personally present at this meeting. So were a number of others. By name others who were present include:Chris Hirtler,Richard Laverdure,Patty Sief,Nancy White,Jeff Sief,Dave Rizetto..and of course there were literally hundreds of others.....(Close to about 500 I recall)This was not the only time that Stewart made referance to this..There were at least 2 other times aswell..(Malachi..Chap.4)

You see their reasoning is this....Ok if Stewart is who he said he was then..The Law ended with John...From here you apply all the verses relative to the Law.Did the Law bring condemnation??Was the Law our custodian? Was the Law harsh?..Wasn't the Laws function to bring us to repentance? Are you following me??The Law and the Prophets were untilJohn...John was the embodiment and end of the Law until faith should be revealed..The Law could not bring life, only condemnation...

This is the reasoning that these 3 letters are alluding to.....

It's getting late, I have to work tommorow.. so I'm going to sign
off. Just a word of warning here..When I called Manhattan a couple of months ago and spoke to Chuck Marlbuger, I asked him directly.."Chuck do you beleive that Stewart is functioning in the office and capacity of the spirit of Elijah??""..Boy did they dance around this one!Talk about not getting a straight answer!....

Go ahead, try it yourself,see what happens..
At any rate I thought this might shed some light and give you some
necessary keys in understanding these letters..

Take care, Yours in Christ, Michael Pappie.

P.S. I would encourage you to make further inquiry into this.  Also you are free to quote me with respect to any part of this letter if you like.

In truth let me draw the line for you with respect to where I stand ..I am in agreement with Chris Hirtler and feel that his letters and call for Stewart to repent and step down are completely on the money.

Hope to hear from you soon regarding the matter.

Again, Yours in Christ. Michael Pappie