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The Grace Meeting of 1989

[[[[[ The Grace Meeting March 9th 1989...Part 1]]]] [[[[[ Mike Montoya visits the Grace meeting of 1989]]]] [[[[[ Exit Strategy]]]] [[[[[ The Timesquare Church Meeting December 1989]]]]


[[[Rod Huffman on "Other Churches"]]] [[[Lori Ledonne and others]]] [[[Suicide?]]] [[[The Prosperity Doctrine]]] [[[Comments on the "Sinless" Notes]]] [[[gods and sons of God]]] [[[Why they Stay]]] [[[Gunpowder]]] [[[Mike Pappie recalls the SMM meeting of 1985]]] [[[ONELIST random}}} [[[ATHEISM6}}} [[[Forgive Stew?}}} [[[PURE GOLD}}} [[[Wolves and Sheep]]] [[[Lap of Luxury]]] [[[The Koran, The bible and Violence]]] [[[Atheism 5 THE FINAL GASP]]] [[[Evidence]]] [[[Atheism 4]]] [[[Beth Davies]]] [[[Outrage]]] [[[Atheism]]] [[[Atheism Part 2 Fred Mitchell is loose!]]] [[[Atheism3]]] [[[The Marriage Song]]] [[[The Talamentez Initiative]]] [[[ONELIST DISCUSSION ON Lent]]] [[[ONELIST DISCUSSION ON RACISM IN COBU]]] [[[Maureen's Story and responses]]] [[[Forgiveness]]]

The Brothers Three

[[[Gary Jones to Rob, Neil and John]]] [[[Tom Pierron responds to John Schultz,Neil Pendry and Rob Machell Jan 21,1999]]] [[[Mike Montoya responds to John Schultz,Neil Pendry and Rob Machell Jan 18,1999]]] [[[Rob Machell to Dave MontoyaJan 18,1999]]] [[[John Schultz Jan 10,1999]]] [[[Mike Montoya responds to John Schultz Jan 13,1999]]] [[[Chris Blaise on John, Neil and Rob Jan 13,1999]]] [[[Rob Machell contributes]]] [[[Neil Pendry writes]]] [[[John Schultz writes]]] [[[Dave Montoya responds to Rob, Neil and John]]] [[[Chris Hirtler responds to Rob, Neil and John]]] [[[Jim Coogan responds to Dave Montoya]]]

Stewart and Elijah

[[[Dave Paradis on Elijah angle Dec. 5th]]] [[[Chris Hirtler on the Elijah thing]]] [[[Tom Pierron on the Elijah thing]]] [[[Michael Pappie on Elijah]]] [[[Brother John on Elijah]]]

Brother John

[[[Mike Montoya bursts into flames]]] [[[Brother John clears things up]]] [[[Mike Montoya responds to Brother John without flames]]] [[[Brother John with more]]] [[[Mike Montoya responds to Brother John]]]

Beth Davies [[[[[Bergen Record article Beth Davies]]]]] [[[BETH DAVIES ARTICLE JANUARY 19th 1999]]] [[[BETH DAVIES from Dr. Enroth's book "Churches that Abuse]]]

[[[Chris Blaise on Cobu's early days]]] [[[[[Stew Whaaah!]]]]] [[[[[Jim Coogan]]]]] [[[[[Brother John and Skeptic Fred]]]]] [[[Mike Montoya Jan 27, 1999]]] [[[Dave Paradis Jan 12,1999]]] [[[Sean Gallagher Jan 10,1999]]] [[[Richard LaVerdure Jan 11,1999]]] [[[Dr. Jeff Sief Jan 10, 1999]]] [[[EDP Jan 3, 1999]]] [[[Tom Pierron Jan 2, 1999]]] [[[Our sister in Christ Dec.20th]]] [[[Mike Montoya Dec.19th]]] [[[Tom Pierron Dec 18th]]] [[[Chris Blaise and Carol Stutts Dec. 18th]]] [[[Chris Blaise Dec. 18th]]] [[[Chris Hirtler Dec. 10th]]] [[[Jeff Benninger Dec. 7th]]] [[[Mark Loftus Dec. 5th]]] [[[Sean Gallagher Dec. 5th]]] [[[Tom Pierron Dec. 4th]]] [[[Chris Hirtler Dec 4th]]] [[[Carol Stutts]]] [[[Mike Montoya on Shame]]] [[[Dave Simmons offers this]]] [[[Carol Stutts responds to Dave Paradis]]] [[[Tom Pierron Part 2]]] [[[Tom Pierron comments on Michael Pappie's mini bible study]]] [[[Michael Pappie pulls bible out]]] [[[Brian Chaplin writes from Germany]]] [[[Tom Pierron tries something new]]] [[[Carol Stutts with something to consider]]] [[[John Branzell]]] [[[Dave Paradis Part 1]]] [[[Dave Paradis Part 2]]]