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If you have information on brothers and sisters in the mission field let us know. We want to make their information available so we can support them


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More on where Jeff Bernstein is

The ministry that Jeff Bernstein works with is called Tikkun Ministries, Inc. The word Tikkun (tee-koon) means restoration, bringing back to health, rebuilding, setting in order, making straight, or world redemption in the Jewish tradition. They believe that Israel will be restored as one of the priorities of God in the end of the age. They preach Yeshua as the Messiah around the globe. Their E-mail is Email

Their snail-mail is: Box 2997, Gaithersburg, MD 20886-2997 / (301) 977-0156.

You can contact them to be put on their mailing list. Jeff is a wonderful, expressive writer. Jesus has redeemed some of his former experiences to His glory. He has encouraged many Jewish people to find the Messiah, and several to move to Israel