If you want to see more like this read at the html listed below.  This is a
list of the characteristics of abusive leaders - hey, is this guy an x-boo?
ya gotta wonder...

Subj:    abusive leader list


Abusive leaders:

*They often publicly rebuke or ostracize members who simply disagree with
leaders' opinions. *They assume they have the right to tell or encourage
members who don't agree with leaders, to leave the church or even to
separate from their spouses. *They view as "spiritually lacking" those who
fail to attend their church activities. *They imply that if you leave, you
will be punished by God with misfortune, tragedy, and loss of salvation.
*They hinder relationships with family members. *They claim that other
churches "don't care" and they brag that they are better than other
Christian groups. *They presume they have the un-Biblical authority to expel
members for nearly any reason. *They believe failure to give money means
that spiritual changes must be made. *They constantly "know your heart"
better than God knows it.