Hi Mike,

I'd be willing to help, but I'm not involved with COBU in any way,
except that I happened to move next to some younger brethren, anything I
hear is second hand.  In fact, back in the 1988 "setting the brothers
free" big meeting I didn't go then either, my distrust had grown too
much by then.  To me, things only got worse instead of better since

Recently some brothers and sisters ran into me and invited me to the
Better Way Cafe, told me they were now into grace, I responded that I'll
believe it when the practices reflect grace and not just the words.
Just read the tracts and compare with scripture, then you'll know.

Keep in mind, I haven't become a liberal or joined "pop christianity",
but there is too much mistrust of COBU, whether or not Stewart did
anything to the sisters which I really don't know.

Some might think that since I didn't convert to literal interpretation,
that I am still like COBU, not true.  There is plenty of Stew's
interpreting I don't agree with, but maybe I look at types and symbols
in scripture more than he did.  There are other christians that never
heard of COBU that interpret spiritually and not strain to literalize
every text, in other parts of the country.

Some ex COBU's see that and assume I am coming from the same place as
Stew which is not true at all...  There is that unhealthy hatred that
some have where they will hate anything that remotely resembles Stewart.
It is more healthy for us to live by common sense than by these
emotions (no one can do both), I'm a spiritual conservative also.

One thing Stewart was right about after his confession was that we
should forgive him.  Whether or not he truly repented or received that
forgiveness is another matter.  (He seems to be "teflon" like Pres.
Clinton and continually gets away with whatever he does.)  At least in
our own hearts not hold resentment, and the evidence of that is that we
can forget the wrongs done to us.  Resentment is hatred, and binds us to
the object we resent, so that whoever resents is not free and increases
his own torment, continually reliving in our mind the wrongs done to us.