March 6th, 2010. Wow! it's been quite a time, the last few weeks. I have run into some brothers online, ex-cobu, who are unique in their existence. Put simply, they still hold on to the figure system that Stewart Traill either invented or discovered. Needless to say, this makes for a very interesting online discussion. I have tried hard to dismiss these brethren and their doctrine as woefully misguided, or humorously ridiculous. I have also flat told them that they are preaching a perverted gospel and that there doctrine amounts to nothing more than heresy. I also concluded that the only people on the planet who would lend them an ear are former members of the Church of Bible Understanding.

So, today I told my wife how things were progressing on the lists and it occurred to me that there really is a true explanation of the Church of Bible Understanding, Stewart Traill, The Forever Family. There are various perspectives and opinions about these entities and their leader. There has to be. Some were at the beginning in 1971. Some came to the group in 1973. Others joined after the Forever Family was renamed The Church of Bible Understanding in 1976. There was the Manhattan Training Center and the lofts; then the Philadelphia Lamb House. Some witnessed the Grace Meeting of 1989 and the 1st John Meeting that same year. The Recipe and the "U" point of view. It seems now Stewart and his hundred are "helping the anti-christ" something Stewart said recently to the current members. Of course, Stewart excluded himself from his statement. He was never one to take any responsibility for what he did or has done.

Today I thought about the perceptions of the various ex-members and what they say about their time in the FF/COBU. I think there is a one true explanation of what the FF was and what COBU is. I think Stewart is not a mystery at all. In my next entry I will write what I think is the truth. If I am wrong, I am open to any who can clarify. I think knowing the truth will indeed set free those who are still captive: Former members and Current Members.