Church Of Bible Understanding

March 2, 2010

The Lord Jesus bless you in your life now with Him and grant you understanding, how to please Him.

I decided to start journally again because it seems necessary. This web site has been on line for almost 12 years. The main reason for the site was to tell the truth about Stewart Traill and provide current members and ex-members the truth that they are not getting or didn't get about what Stewart did and said and what he is doing now that is contrary to the Word of God.

With regard to new information about Stewart and his new teachings, I cannot be precise. One of the ex-members either went to a meeting recently or talked with a current member and reported to our listserv that Stewart said something like, that the current members were or are helping the anti-christ. If any current member wishes to send the tape, cd, or mp3 of the whole teaching, I will post it here. It would be a benefit to current members to have christians outside their group to look at what Stewart is feeding them.

Along those lines, I know how current members might view my writing. They might disregard anything from "outside" the group as not from God. There are plenty of scriptures Stewart has used over the 40 years that has isolated current members from getting the truth. My hope is that The Holy Spirit will speak to the hearts of the believers in the Church of Bible Understanding. Stewart made some mistakes early on and he seems determined not to repeat these mistakes in order to maintain control. He allowed Richarch Wurmbrand to come into our church to speak. And he allowed Harlan Popov to speak to us. We saw christians faithful to God, outside cobu. He also did not monitor closely, in the early days, the brethren who read Christian authors like C.S. Lewis or Charles Spurgeon. The idea that truth was given and could be given through someone other than Stewart Traill is a dangerous idea for Stewart and he seems to have cut off cobu from other christians and other teachings that would benefit the believers and loosen his control of them. His pride competes against anyone or anything that will take away his power.

Part of Stewart's design to keep control is to teach the current members that "those outside, will try and make me(Stewart) the issue." Stewart will insist that he is not the issue. So when anyone outside does state the obvious main problem with cobu THE ONE WHO IS ACTUALLY RUN THE PROGRAM, The current members think it is some kind of prophecy fulfilled when Stewart knows he is the issue and that outsiders who are not under his control, can clearly see this.

So for current members, if you are not afraid to speak the truth. If you are serving Jesus and following the truth, you should be able to ask Stewart questions without fear. You should be able to ask your pastor questions. Stewart should be willing to be tested. Stewart, who is an example of 1 Corinthians 13, will be patient and kind, not jealous or boastful, not arrogant or rude. I encourage the hundred or so members still in cobu to read 1 Corinthians 13 and then call for a meeting and ask Stewart questions, hold him accountable. Brothers could also have a meeting and ask Stewart if he is being faithful to his wife. It is a fair question considering his past behavior. Brethren, especially fathers, who have daughters in cobu should be able to hold Stewart accountable: to be his keeper. Stewart should respond as a christian man should.

I will try and write everyday.