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Dear Brothers and Sisters,
     My desire in writing this testimony to you is for your encouragement and edification in Christ.  This is my first post and I hope you will find it interesting.
     On October 19th, I was in a serious car accident.  On my way to work in the evening another vehicle darted out in front of me from a stopped position, and I slammed into it head on.  Though I knew it was her fault, that hardly mattered at the time; I was in a state of shock and disbelief.  The steering wheel knocked the breath out of me and my head spidered the windshield.  Time stood still as I pondered and surveyed my situation.  I told Jesus I was ready to be with Him, but I didn't think it would happen this way.  Then I thought of Darlene (my wife of 25yrs.), who lost her mother and brother in a traumatic way.  I didn't want to add to her loss in a similar fashion.  Also, I would have liked to say "Good-bye, I'll see you soon."  Just then the thought occurred to me, if I can pull my head back and open the door, perhaps I won't die but somehow survive.  In slow motion, the door opened, I made my way out, and lay down on the curb.  The young driver and her friends rushed up to me, asking me if I was OK.  I said "No, call 911."  When I saw that this young girl was OK, I felt great relief.  I continued praying while awaiting the ambulance.  After hearing things such as, "Stay with us John," and "Did you have your seatbelt on?" I arrived at the hospital and was treated for minor abrasions,etc.  In the waiting room I recognized the young girl who had pulled out in front of me.  She and her mother were there together.  I approached them and asked if she was alright.  She asked me if I was a born-again Christian.  My  reply was "Yes."  She said, "I thought so because we overheard you talking to others about Christ and we too are believers."  I asked if we could pray together then and there and we did.  We thanked God for no loss of life or serious injuries.
     It turns out that the young girl is 16yrs old and driving only 4 months.  The police cited her with a $90. fine and 2 points.  Both cars were totaled; her insurance company gave us full book value of my jeep.  I felt fine for 3 weeks, when out of the blue the whiplash kicked in.  Visiting the doctor twice per week now for back manipulations, I am glad to announce my back and neck are much better.  Looking back on the accident, had she pulled out any further, I would have been in her driver's seat and she might not be here today.  That would have been very hard to live with, even if it was her fault.  Her name is Amanda; please pray that God would use this event to fulfill His purpose for her.  I rejoice exceedingly through this trial.  There are many details I cannot include, as I would be writing forever!
     In conclusion, know that God's plan for me here is not over yet.  I am thankful for whatever time He allots me to serve Him and spend with Darlene, Jacob & Marcella. (my family)
Love in Christ,