Dear Mike and all,     I would like to relate to you something that
happened to me as a very new Christian  while  living  in the  Erie, Pa.
fellowship, ( a very good fellowship-- and if anyone reads this who was
there,  I miss you and thank you for the good times and love we shared
there).  We had all gone witnessing at a local high school football game
one evening and I began to walk with and talk with a young man on his way
to his car which was parked quite a long way from the stadium.  When we
got to his car he eventually left and I was left to find my way back to
the brethren at the game.  It was  a country road , dark, and the stars
were out and not too chilly.  I began to pray as I walked in a
conversation style , out loud but softly, when I realized that although I
had been saved for about 2 mo. that I had never told Jesus that I loved
Him. So I told Him, and then I heard a voice , loud and clear, which
said,  " Love your Brothers and Sisters  "   I stopped and looked around
and said aloud , "Who said that ? "  But even as I did I knew it was the
Lord who had spoken it.  It kind of sounded like it was inside my head
and outside at the same time.  But there was no doubt in my mind that it
was Jesus, and there still isn't any doubt.   I tried in my own ways to
try to live up to this high calling. I didn't always succeed but I hope
those of you who knew me then and even since have seen some attempts at
living this out and trying to show and express love.  I'm  not saying
this right.  When Nancy and I left the fellowship it was with great grief
and remorse to be leaving so many of you that we felt called to love
behind and a deep sense of failure.  I am truly sorry for that. I knew
that at that time it was the right time for us to go. Forgive me for not
being stronger for your sakes.  I was the personal recipient of a great
amount of love and sacrifice on many of your parts towards me and I want
to say thank you.  I don't take it lightly and I will not forget it nor
you.  I am not simply "going on with my life" or  "putting that all
behind me"  because behind me is all of you, dear ones, my brothers and
sisters .   And as we go into our futures we go together because of what
we bring with us.            Our Christian journey is not yet  finished.
Let us press on to the end .  We each have a lot to give .  Be involved
in a church where Jesus' love can be experienced and given.  We can do
that by the Grace of God.  Jesus loves you dear Maureen Griffo,  My heart
ached at your ordeal, and yet rejoices that God has kept you in the
hollow of His hand.    Thank you all so much for your love and patient
endurance towards me and all the brethren over the years.   Please let's
pray for one another as the Lord brings each other to mind.   Don't ever
give up--- Jesus will not fail us.   Eternity awaits .  The Kingdom in
it's fullness.    God bless you .