Dear Friends,

Sorry for the delay in this email. This is my first opportunity to write. Thank you so much for all of your prayers, calls, and words of encouragment. They mean so much to Jeff.

The operation was successful. The doctor told me yesterday that it was complicated as his valve was very diseased so it took a long time. He was in the operating room from 8am till about 5pm. They were able to repair the valve and didn't need to replace it. They also were able to go in via minimal invasive surgery instead of cutting through the sternum. Only a few facilities in the world are able to do this proceedure so we are praising God for that.

He is now in the post operating room at NYU. He is already sitting up and eating solid food but has plenty of tubes attached to him.

Jeff is asking for prayer for his heart to stay in sinus rhythm. They did an additional proceedure to enable his heart to stay in rhythm but they don't know yet whether this was successful.

If you have tried to call me either on my cell or on our home phone and I have not gotten back to you please forgive me. The volume of calls has been overwhelming for me and I'm just unable at present to return so many phone calls. Thanks for your understanding!

We appreciate you all so much!