Sunday March 26, 2006

My Dear Friends:

I have a real and urgent need for your prayers: I am writing this from my hospital bed at NYU Medical Center, Room 1445 in New York City. I had been coughing for a few weeks and last Thursday I found myslef out of breath while only taking a very short walk so I visited a friend of mine who is a doctor. He told me there was a serious problem with my heart and immediately sent me to the hospital emergency room. There, they found out my heart beat was beating erratically and at a dangerously rapid rate of 150 times per minute (it should be closer to 80) and they immediately began administering medications to lower it. I have been in the hospital since. It looks like my mitral valve needs to be repaired and that means open heart surgery. This is how I would like you to pray:

1 - First and foremost - That the Lord steps in and by the power of God repairs the mitral valve himself w/o any need for surgery!

2 - That my heartbeat which is now out of rhythm kicks back into what is called "normal sinus rhythm".

3 - That the doctors thru an upcoming test find out that my blood vessels around and near my heart as well as elsewhere are healthy and normal and not clogged or constricted in anyway. This is very important as it will allow for minimally invasive surgury.

4 - Pray that if surgury is needed that the operation would be a huge success without any complications, and all that is now wrong would be fully corrected and that my recovery time would be speedy. Please pray that if the operation is needed that the Lord would guide my surgeon, Dr Stephen Colvin, with great wisdom and skill.

5 - Since this is a pre-existing condition our insurance does not cover it. Therefore please pray the Lord enables all medical expenses which will be very high to be taken care of.

6 - Please remember to pray for my family, Janet, Yaron, Eliya and Ariana as we go thru this together.

Thanks for praying and standing with us at this time of need.

Your friend,