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Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 10:29:52 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [x-cobu] Stewart made me an offer![I could refuse...}

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Jim Hurley wrote::

 I know him in a different way, a more personal way, we spent alot of time talking traveling together. I had to hang around
 with him allot. I got to know him. I knew he was a con then. In all the time I knew him I never let him intimidate he and me never tried.
 In fact when I was the leader of Reading fellowship, it was just a hole in a wall of a house, dirty and
 dark, no food, no jobs. I opened all the windows, rearranged all the furniture, installed 2 soda machines, had
tickets printed and when we went witnessing, we gave out the tickets to all the kids to come to the Sunday Movie. We kept
 making popcorn, and we would show old-time Laurel and Hardy movies, and gave out the popcorn, and the kids emptied the soda machines, which we would put to our bills. Lots of people started getting saved. John Fick, Joy Irey, Tim McAndrews, his wife, Linda Hawes and so many many others. our quota was 30-35 people almost every week. We had teems going all over the place. We had little sewn on patches made- "Get smart get saved" and we sold them at big
 meetings. We bought lawn mowers .I led John Schulz to Jesus. He sold his then brand new camaro and moved in the fellowship and bought an old delivery van..
> Instead of hanging around kids would go out mowing lawns, so we could pay our rent. It was a thriving happy fellowship.and Millie Brocco came to live there.   I saw what was going on. I was privy to allot of things and I voiced my opinion to Millie about what I thought was happening between ST and Gayle. Millie said she didn’t think so.
 I am telling this to show how manipulative Stewart always was. We wagered and I told her I could prove it I told Millie to tell Gayle I am interested in her{ and see what ST does.
> } Gayle agreed and laughed and said " I knew it would be some one, but I didn't think it would be Jim Hurley."
 I talked to her after our center meeting.   Next day St called me on the phone, but before I took the phone, I called Millie to listen in, to what ST had to say.
>      He started off by telling me what a good job I was doing in Reading. I once told him I wanted to open the first
 fellowship in Montreal when we were ready to go there. He agreed then.
>  The next thing Stewart said to me on that phone was,” How would you like to go up to Montreal?"  & I said 'when'.  He
> said with in the next 2 wks.  I said no, not now...I had 2 fellowships- Reading and  Richland. Things were really going good, and I didn't want to leave yet..
>      Then Stewart paused, and said, "You know Jim Hurley, you are wound up too tight like a spring..." I thought to myself,
> "Yeah, you are right. Just like the spring on the catapult you are going to use on me when you come to Reading...” Paul Davis told me earlier that day, that Stewart wanted to have a Center meeting just outside of Reading and to get ready. I said, Okay, good-bye Stewart. I looked at Millie, I won the bet but opened a can of worms...
 Stewart came to the meeting in an American Legion club. Stewart was lying on the floor, talking
> up at the ceiling as was his custom back then. My chair was at the foot of a table right near him, but my back was partly to him. I was reclining in my chair. It was a long tiring meeting. Stewart suddenly said," Jim Hurley! Repeat back what I just said!" I started repeating back until he told me to stop. When it was over Stewart, Paul Davis, and some other brothers he brought with him, had a meeting and told me that some one else was taking over the fellowship that night! I was to get my things together and move back to Allentown to be with Stewart, which I did. For 2 -3 wks,., I spent one of Stewarts waking minutes at his side. Every where that Stewart went Jim Hurley was sure to follow...we early in the morning, ate together, I was with him
all morning, all afternoon all evening, had our meals together..he talked non-stop to me..and I listened non stop! He tried to take Gayle with us everywhere we went. By that time I was getting really angry, he would say something to me and I was supposed to answer it and no matter what I said he would say " See Gayle, he's a /////" and on and on it went...trying to break me down in front of Gayle...Finally I had enough and I stood up and yelled in his face, went out, got in my car and went to Atlantic City, fully determined never to go back again. When I got to Atlantic City I overcame my guilt and started to go to clubs. I had to stop that because it was like throwing gas to put out a fire. I couldn’t stop witnessing. One time I led 16 black kids to Jesus all at the same time and sent them over to the AC fellowship. One kid I met on the boardwalk, with his friends, Mike Horan, got saved and I sent him to the fellowship. People started wondering who was doing that [sending newly saved over that is] and Rem came to my house and saw it was me and asked me to move to Philly with him.  What the point is about this, is that I had a very concentrated experience of nearly 4 years in the FF/Cobu not as a drone but as a leader before St started ruining them all. He couldn't ruin me. My comments are NOT DIRECTED TO YOU OR ANY ONE ELSE THAT I HAVE SPOKEN TO OR LISTENED TO ON THE LIST . There is no pleasure or purpose in my heart thought or deed to harm, with my mouth any member of the body...that includes you!
> I read your letters, about your husband, I was totally interested ‘in his accomplishments. His service in Vietnam was particularly interesting, especially his part about being a medic. I also was in the army and I too was a medical specialist, and I hated every
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this group need the truth but we all see it
differently here about they’re time there but we all
have our opinion I believe respecting each others
opinions are important too .not push ones own, coming
to understand the others need after all that is said
and done the majority of the group thought they were
serving Jesus, now we see our failures and mistake to
make us wiser to help some how help each other and
those still in there, Stewart backslide , we are all
sinners ,before getting saved and no one is perfect
till perfect comes! , Joanne dibble