Lessons Learned by Brothers and Sisters at Big Meeting.                             January 1 1980

             1. Go to war against every wrong  thing.
             2. Be always resisting sin. Get sin or it gets you.
             3. Differentiate between right and wrong and do something about the wrong--both
                 in yourself and others.  If not, it's backsliding-
             4. it's no good to make speeches.
             5. Don't play games with the truth.
             6. If you don't go to war against sin all the time, you will wind up ashamed of
                 your fellowship.
             7- In order to repent, you must first speak the truth.
             8. When you see wrong things, don't ignore them, that's hiding yourself from your
                  own flesh.
             9. insist on unity and working together from the beginning.
             10. We don't want to face anything (we go to shame).
             11. If you don't go to war against sin all the time., you will wind up ashamed of
                    your fellowship.
             12. Don't assume someone else will do something. Be responsible yourself to find
                   out (for example., sisters in Haiti).
             13. There are two extremes--hiding or anxiety; burying what's really going on or
                   creating big issue out of everything--pins and needles.
             14. You should guard against being overcome by shame by hating sin--first in your-
                   self then in your fellowship.
             15. By not urgently exposing the unkindness and wrong doings of the brothers--
                   that's mothering them and fellowshipping in the sin.
             16. 20 years from now life as a young woman or young man is over, 60 years from
                     now, life as a person is over; but christian life goes on forever.
             17. Invest in christian 'works, not person works. If you live as a christian, you
                   will be filled as a person.  Jesus is more true to the person than you are.
                   So be true to Jesus.
             18. Having to face what you have done has alot to do with discipline. That's why
                   those R & R sessions are so good for us.
             19. Don't make deals with Jesus*If you are devoted, he will take care of you.
                    Jesus made us that offer.  The Older Brothers made deals with Jesus--Stewart
                    didn't.  The person is anything but investing in the christian and it ends
                    up in a sluggard mess.
             20. Trusting Jesus' love is a good antidote for anxiety.
             21. Communion--Discern the body more and not going to Jesus as an individual (com-
                   munion as a fellowship).  The cross is vertical and horizontal.  We should
                   be mirroring the last supper.
             22. Spirit acts faster than speeches.
             23- Be Individually responsible to the truth so we can unite.
             24. Writing prayers on pinheads. The Older Brothers do this instead of the real
                    work.  It's a waste of time.
             25. Do not despise prophecy nor quench the spirit.
             26. Doing Jesus' will is a much higher thing than him having to hit us over the
                   head with a sign.
             27- By not being direct and honest about what you wonder or are unsure of
                    end up playing games and making deals with God.     (i.e. allowing doubts to
                     be sown after Jesus spoke to us.)
      28.    Anxiety takes many forms. When we see it, we let it go on too often. (i.e.
                Philadelphia brothers.)
    29.      Saw need to go to the bible standard of prophecy because of confusion that
    30.      We shouldn't make a big deal of Jesus speaking to us or even appearing to us.
                We should just be thankful all the more.  He is with us always.
    31.      First we are a disciple, then a christian and then we bear fruit.
    32.      The worst problem in organization is the beast.
    33.      Responsibility 's not a matter of time.
    34.      The two hours we 'witness every day ought to be spent in gardens.
    35.      The rug.cleaning business has to be the physical basis of our life. (That is
               the basis of going to high schools.)
    36.      We need an awareness of the brothers growing into being responsible for big
                meetings themselves. (otherwise) we can't grow and spread out.

        37.     Set up real goals and meet them in real way and work towards them.
        38.     inflated goals are sin.
        39.     Don't ignore Stewart and right direction.
        40.     Learned more about not caring what others think.
        41.     Keep eyes focused on Jesus.
        42.     Learned that we don't have to always take everything so seriously. Don't need
                   some anxious issue to go round and round about.
        43.     Have to be faithful and committed to responsibilities Jesus has given (me). To
                   be seen as faithful, it has to be all along.
        44.     To pay attention and take notes and not to stare at anyone.
        45.     To count others better by listening to the one speaking and to say something
                   pertaining to what they said and something edifying.
        4.6.    To be caring for lambs all the time--especially when one is straying.
        47.     To be reminding'others not to talk during the sessions.