This is a story that happened to me that I hope will be a source of encouragement!

One day,I had to do a job out of town,about one hour from the city in a little summer resort village.I went to work that day at the chalet just like I did everyday for the last 2 weeks.I parked my car at the same spot as before but I decided to park it backing it to that same spot so it will be easier to get out at the end of the day when its dark.It had snowed the night before and there was about a foot of fresh snow on the ground. So, I backed up the car, put it on forward to see how easy it would be to get out bur realize I was stock! I could`nt believe it,I have been parking there for the last 2 weeks and everything was fine. So I feel so stupid and try to get myself out. My wheels were spinning and I was only sinking deeper!I try to be inventive,I put a brick on the gas pedal to keep the car running,put it on forward and stood on the back bumper jumping up and down to see if the wheels were gonna grab on to the ground but I was now shifting to the right and digging myself deeper.I took a shovel and clean up all around the car and try again...nothing!Then I took some 2 by 4 and try to pry the back of the car....nothing! I put some plywood under the wheels and rock the car back and forth...still stuck ,I was still shifting to the right deeper and deeper!After 2 hours of struggling.I realize I was stock for good. There was no neighbors around,I was alone!then I remember there was a little garage down the hill about 2 miles from where I was and I recall the name of the place so I gave them a call to see if maybe they even had a tow truck.I used my cell phone.reached the garage, they did have a tow truck,the guy new exactly where I was plus they were affiliated with the service was free!the guy was there in less then 10 minutes.hooked a chain and in a minute I was out!!the next day I told the home owner I got stocked so he called in this guy that came over with a farm tractor equipped with chains on the tires,he started to clean up the field,went up to that same spot where I got stock andhe get stock too!he had huge tires with chains and he got stocked.we had to push him out of there!  Listen,as Christians we are aware that we are in the final chapter as we see last days prophecies unrolled right before our own eyes! Satan knows that his time is near and he's got more and more elaborate traps for you and I and the most prudent can fall in!never before has access to sins been as easy as a click of the finger (on the mouse or on the remote)!They are promoting and encouraging sinful lifestyle on so many talk shows and through new government legislations!You should listen to the conversations in the dressing room when I play hockey,you would`not get your back fixed by this chiro after you heard him with his weekly dose of dirty jokes and you would probably moved your kid to a different school if you would hear this teacher bragging about his week-end at Pinkie`s strip joint.then,there is this phone manager who has been married 6 times and now going through another divorce(the way he talks about women, no wonder they don't want stay with him!)and then there is this other kind of quiet shy guy who seems real nice at first but recently told me he's having an affair with this married woman who is about to leave her husband and kid for live with him! Sometimes,I wonder when I listen to them all if maybe there is something wrong with me,everybody seem to be doing as they want without consequences and they seems to prosper anyway and be happy,maybe I should do as I please once in a while too,surely god will forgive a good guy like me if it seems like he's not punishing the more wicked!Its so easy for us Christians to get into a dangerous level of apathy as we sometimes adjust our moral standards just to fit in .We can easily justify our liberal attitude  if we compare ourselves with the way this wicked world have become !!!Listen,maybe you have fallen into a trap,a new philosophy,a different lifestyle,a more watered down Christianity,or just simply into sins!!you have try to justify your deeds but the weight is still there ands its becoming heavier and heavier!!the signs are evident you fret more,love less,sleep less and all your priorities shifted to what you once considered secondaires so you can forget the pain!the more you try to get out the deeper you get cause you want your own way out,you're only spinning,you're not going anywhere ,all the longs hours of work don't produce a way out your sinking!! Maybe you've been in the hole for a month now or maybe its been years but somehow you have become accustom to the place,to the point that you are almost became numb and complaisant!Nobody knows where you are except you and you wont call for someone to pull you out cause your too ashamed,you cant believe you've fall into this trap!you are wise enough,smart enough,educated enough,you should have seen this one coming...........but you did`nt!!!You're in!!!!I know you in!!!You're deep in!!!It hurt!! Maybe your in the ministry and it seem worst for you,how could you have fall,what if they knew?its better the weight of the pain inside then the shame!!! Listen real good,when you came to Jesus,he paid for all ,you don't have to renew your membership all the time like A.M.A.,you belong to him and that's forever ,all you gotta do is call and tell HIM where you are,tell him you're stuck there so he can come to your rescue,that's all you gotta do and its between YOU and HIM!!! Don't be ashamed because you fell,just like this farm tractor equipped with snow chains got trapped so can anyone nowadays!The traps are set everywhere and Satan is working on some news ones designed specially for you,believe me ive fell into a few myself!All im trying to say here is this,there is no shame,no condemnation if you fell......don't listen to that voice,when I was trying to pull myself out of the snow I could heard the voice of the home owner swearing at me,he was`nt there until the next day(that's when he gave it to me,telling me how stupid I was,how dumb,me and everyone else that worked there and all the rest of the world)maybe that's what you hear in your mind right now but that's not His voice!!Jesus is all love<perfect love>. that probably all of us are still seeking for not from him but from our entourage!So few nowadays are willing to go into the world like sheep's into the wolves,we will rather wear a home made armor less effective but more familiar and also "prêt a porter"don't need much prayer to wear that and it shows!!Jesus is standing there waiting for you to call on him!!That's all you have to do!Just call!!Like a good father,the perfect father,he is don't have to explain.........he was there!!he is standing at the door and the door is open!Come back to that same house where you used to rejoice,there is more to be found!Jesus is saying one thing to you....come home,I will pull you out.I will bring you back and I will clean you up.........but  please .......just come home!!!!!!!! He love you and long for you, Amen!

p.s.I feel relieve after I wrote this,this story was on my mind for the last week,I feel the lord told me to share this ,if its not for you ,sorry about taking your time but if it was,ill like to know,you could just send me a short note in private,I don't need to know your name or details and I wont bother you,just let me know it was for you!! thanks!!