This is a more complete transcript of the Grace Meeting. I only recently got more tape. In this meeting, Stewart, in his own words, proves to everyone that he is a false chirst and a false teacher. This is the complete transcript with my commentary. I will make a smaller abridged version of this whole document for those of you who do not wish to read the 60+ pages here. My comments will begin with MM in bold

Section 1 Part 1

Stewart: By Grace you are saved never by faith grace
You’ve heard it how often? (a bunch of times) You were in fact, as Gayle pointed out, kept in
restraint. You were kept under tutors until this day. There is also, in no way to excuse my
...error...There is also an amazing working of God in all this it's, not to excuse at all...not to
excuse me at all.....That’s one will have to get into..

MM: What you will be confused about throughout this meeting is how to actually understand what exactly is wrong, what was wrong, what is wrong at the meeting and who is to blame or not to blame. Stewart will talk about his error, and then talk about God arranging the whole thing, but that he, Stewart, is still at fault, but don't blame him, because God was doing it or the devil was doing it or arranging it. You will also note here that Stewart will take responsibility in word only, not in deed. He will loudly proclaim that he was teaching error for 18 years but then expect everyone in the room to NOW believe that he is teaching the truth so don't fire him or dismiss him or remove him.

Stewart: Job “ Behold you have
instructed many and now it has come to you.” “Nevertheless if the Son makes you free,
you will be free indeed...(thank you Jesus)

MM: Here again is another pattern that you will witness. Stewart will quote scripture that gives the impression that he himself is the same as the one to whom the scripture refers. It is near impossible to catch Stewart doing this when he is doing it. One would have to stop him almost every other sentence and call him on all his deceit which is what I am trying to do here, but I doubt any of us at the time were strong enough or sharp enough to catch all this in real time.

Stewart quotes Job: "Behold you have instructed many and now it has come to you." In the blink of an eye, he likens himself to Job who was righteous and blameless, who instructed many....Stewart being just like Job...righteous and teaching many (OF COURSE Stewart taught error, but let's not talk about that) and "now it has come to you" by this quoting scripture....Stewart teaching error for 18 years and causing so much destruction by his teaching is equal to the calamity that came upon blameless Job. What has come to Stewart is not a trail or a testing and he is not blameless.

Stewart: A child as long as he is a child is no better than
a slave...he is under tutors until the day the father better be glad you
were..and there is this better be glad you were...the alternative is
worse..appalling as this is... If I hadn’t grabbed you ...what then?

MM: This is only one aspect of Stewart's false teaching which is unique to him. From the FF till now Stewart has tried to apply the Old Testament to a New Testament church. What makes this such a grave error is that he looks at things with his own understanding of what he "thinks" the Old Testament is saying and then incorrectly applies this warped view to Christians. With this interpretation or lens, Stewart came up with all kinds of wrong conclusions. Notice here that he is looking at a room of born again they are old covenant Jews. He is ignorant or ignoring that Jesus saved the brothers and sisters surrounding him and that they are filled with the Spirit of God. To treat a Christian as though God did not forgive them or pour His Spirit into them is a great sin. Could the scripture" Even denying the Master who bought them" have meaning here?

Stewart is a salesman and an arrogant man. What is he saying here: "You better be glad...If I hadn't grabbed you....what then?" Stop and think of what Stewart is selling here. He is saying that even though he taught error, even though he taught falsely....we members of his group had better be grateful to him for grabbing us as though if Stewart hadn't formed this group to join...we would have never gotten saved, God would not have made a way for our salvation. This is Stewart grossly writing himself into the lives of the brothers and sisters as their savior. Taking Jesus' place.....Stewart is doing this right here. And consider also in this meeting that Stewart recognizes that the brothers and sisters look to him. He said "It's time you transfer your allegiance from my spirit to God's spirit. He also tried to chide the brothers and sisters for looking to him for the answers and not relying on Jesus or being faithful to Jesus themselves without him and yet you will find throughout this meeting statements like this...."If I hadn't grabbed you" simply put...If it wasn't for Stewart you would not be saved. So out of the same false teacher comes..."Don't listen to other chiristians", "I have the true interpretation", "why do you all wait for me to have all the answers", "I taught error", but be grateful "I grabbed you." God willed this, "I was oblivious to grace, why didn't you stop me, Nobody noticed my error"....."now listen to me because God is showing me the real basis." Notice the brothers and sisters response in ((( )))...

((( saved from my own
backsliding...I can see in my own life where I was headed, I might be dead...I can honestly say I might be physically dead)))

Stewart : Yet as I said all along..but my spirit didn’t mean it’s not me doing it’s God doing it...and it was!

MM: So Stewart taught error, but his spirit didn't mean it, it was God. The scripture in Job when God said, "Will you put me in the wrong that you may be justified"...not saying that Stewart is blameless Job...I am saying that Stewart is saying that God worked through his error, that God is responsible for his sin or that He is endorsing all of Stewart's actions. Stewart gets away with being a false teacher and not having to face the consequences that a false teacher would face in a New Testament church.

Stewart: You’ve all been  reading Romans a lot lately(yes)’ve all been reading Romans a lot(yes)..and could not notice this?

MM: This is one of the many times Stewart actually blames the brothers and sisters for "not noticing" his error, not questioning his teaching, not raising an objection to his leadership. Like most of the time there is a grain of truth in Stewart's games. Current members and Ex-members....stop and think about this.....Stewart Traill, who taught us for years to "not think for ourselves" "not to rely on our own insight, understanding, or any individual critical thinking, who taught us basically that we could not arrive at any understanding of the bible or any knowledge of the truth unless we in some way CHECKED-IN with him, is now chiding his followers because they didn't, independent of him, come up with a different view or a contrary view to his error? He does this again later in the meeting. Stewart is either knowingly abusing these brothers and sisters or he is truly ignorant of the effect of his own doctrine and influence.

Stewart: well, it is clear that God has decided that it is time for you to transfer your allegiance, if that’s the word, from my spirit to His Spirit(yes..thank you Jesus).   there are deeply ingrained ideas and feelings..running wild in our fellowship, many of them directly or indirectly can be traced back to my error.

MM: This is grossly wrong on many levels. First of all, to say that God decided at that time that the brethren should "transfer their allegiance from Stewart's spirit to the Holy Spirit"....means that God was okay for the brothers and sisters in Christ in the Church of Bible Understanding to be devoted to Stewart's spirit before this time! This is idolatry. God never meant for us to have allegiance to Stewart's spirit. This is idolatry and Stewart is responsible for fostering this "allegiance" and we are accountable to our Father for choosing Stewart over Him. This was never in God's will. God did not endorse this idolatry Stewart speaks of. The real TIMING of this meeting was due to Stewart's sins against the sisters of Princeton. Gayle was going to expose him and so this meeting was necessary for Stewart and no one else. And Stewart again mentions his error. The New Testament has the word "error" in it 7 times. Some of the scripture are speaking of false teachers, one reference is to homosexuals,another to antichrist. There is the Spirit of truth and the spirit of error (1 John). Keep this in mind when you hear Stewart say the word "error."

Stewart :Everything has to be re-examined. And this is a good time to do it...What has happened is this..this is another set of..some sort of ah   ah...some sort of tying my error to your problem....and do you think I’m doing Gayle?.....

MM: Oh Gosh you really think that um maybe your error is linked to the wreckage that sits around you? Notice the false teacher is telling the damaged people..."Everything has to be re-examined"...and no one had the strength or the courage or even the ability, thanks to ST, to stand up and say...."Who is going to re-examine everything? You?...Haven't you just proven that you are not qualified to re-examine ANYTHING!

Gayle:  I’m not really sure”..
.Stewart: in speaking anyways....
Gayle: no answer.....
Stewart: I have been unable to speak almost right Gayle?
Gayle: yeah

Stewart: It is again only His grace that I am even  physically able to speak right now.. that is coherent...I have been a help in many ways..but have torn down in others...we have come to depend on faith instead of faith....the stress is subtle yes...  “it’s up to you and your faith” that the idea that you have?(yes)...Somehow I cheerily bounded off
with that idea...and the brothers couldn’t keep up with in His love but it’s up to you...somehow...these are absurdities...

MM: This is where we really go into a warping of ideas...those of you who have read Animal Farm can recognize this trick. Stewart has always controlled the language of his group. To anyone outside the group this statement needs a second and third look. Leaving aside Stewart selling himself as "helping many"...(the bible does not speak of false teachers as "helping" anyone). His use of the word "faith", the word faith is used as a term for "works" here or the legalistic approach to salvation. I can only guess that Stewart's "method" of interpretation has once again led him to language and the misuse thereof to again warp the bible to his purposes. "We have come to depend on Faith instead of Jesus" what he said. Well, speaking as an ex-member, I was always taught that my faith WAS IN JESUS. That I was having faith IN JESUS. So Stewart's attempt at some explanation of his error in teaching is strange here. To speak of Faith as though it were works!

In another way Stewart is pointing to something that is true. He did set himself up as the example of how to be a Christian. He was by most accounts the only one that was "faithful" to Jesus and a right example for all those years. At times he would acknowledge others, like the center leaders, as faithful but only briefly. But after the MTC...really Stewart was the only one left standing. So yes, Stewart was the only one "doing" "it" right. And he taught us this..FOR YEARS. Of course the brothers couldn't keep up. Stewart was the judge of who was faithful and who was not. He decided who was "in right fellowship" and who was not. His pride would not allow other teachers and other leaders. His pride would not allow relationships and marriage. When all is said and done, Stewart was in control, Stewart was the example and now this blinding revelation of Grace comes and now the false Teacher is going to keep teaching instead of repent and go away.

Stewart: Why did God allow this?  You think it must be because of wrong in me...” (yeah,muttering)this illness is not unto is for the glory of God”... yer saying that kind of thing?  Unless...then there’s me can this be?

MM: Pathetic and wrong. Stewart at times sells the "spiritualiztion" of something more basic. "Why did God allow this?"...well....why did God allow Hitler?....You see with Stewart at this meeting, he is selling that God in some way approved his error, his leadership, all that Stewart was and is....God "allowing" Stewart , to Stewart's mind, at least this is what we are being sold, is God endorsing what Stewart was part of God's plan for us which is completely wrong, and sinful. Did God "allow" Hitler....obviously. Does that mean God was approving of what Hitler was and did? Of course not. This is just Stewart sowing in the minds of the brethren that he, although a false teacher, is still in God's plan, still needed to lead in this group. The Grace Meeting should have lasted for about 15 minutes. Stewart should have truly confessed his real sin against the brethren, truthfully admitted that he was a false teacher and then resigned.

Stewart: Furthermore....Furthermore.. let us let us erase this whole meeting now...this has never happened....even so I would not again..forget the wrong... but I was not rightly strengthening the brothers... you don’t think so? see you say “oh you’ve been so much help.” go ahead say it...(yeah yes)  yet remains it’s not true...I haven’t been...what then?..

MM: Another selling tactic....tell people what you want them to think and then get them to say that they are thinking it. On the recording it doesn't seem like anyone was really thinking that Stewart was this "big help" and it was only him promoting himself again.

Stewart: Jesus told the parable...there was a rich man...with a trunk put all kinds of money in...and the woman put one penny what’s the point?(guessing) I could cheerily keep going this way I could..I could cheerily keep going..but in affect I was just saying to the brothers..what it comes down to whether I thought I was doing what it comes down to is saying”’s up to gotta be faithful”and so forth.  So where is strengthening the brothers the real way? It isn't.

MM: Does anyone think Stewart referencing the widow's giving applies here? How? So he repeats himself....It's up to you, brothers! Well, yes he did teach that....but that's not all. He taught us "the how to" "the way to" be faithful to Jesus. He was intimately involved in our Christian life. His claim of "discerning spirits" and being able to know where we were at. We lived our Christian life totally exposed and vulnerable to this false teacher. And yes he is telling the truth here in that he is admitting that he was cheerily, bouncily, going along on his merry way....Hey Stewart...that's the point....this was not the Holy Spirit revealing anything to you and speaking to you to lead to teach were coming from your own mind the whole time. Stewart then, in Stewart-speak, talks about "rightly" strengthening the though there is a wrong way to strengthen the brothers. More evidence of Stewart's "interpretative" perception of things which leads him to speak this nonsense.

Stewart: Strengthening the brothers in faith that you are his chosen..first and foremost...and I am not my shame.  building up on the one hand and tearing down with the other..bull in a china shop..I hear my friend back there....

MM: Put simply, Stewart was a rotten leader and teacher and the effect and damage he caused is even plain to him. But the recording of this meeting shows no tone or sign of Stewart really remorseful over his error and the lives he destroyed. This next part is still unbelievable to me

Stewart: it really has been...and I want you to know something else...are you listening?(yes) you must understand to believe again...this is nothing...there is a real way in which I have been as or more a victim than you think of didn’t waste 25 years...and had he not rescued me as he rescued you a short while ago... I wonder what would have become of was that bad. Getting that bad.

MM: This is almost impossible to comprehend for me. I will attempt to address this. Stewart Traill, who taught error from 1971 to 1989, who taught us to believe God was revealing all this to him, that God spoke to him as God spoke to Moses....this Stewart is now selling to the ones he damaged, the ones he robbed, the ones who have not the abilities to even raise a single objection, this Stewart is selling that he is a victim? And not just one of the victims...but "more" of a victim than they?

To be a victim, to be victimized, there would have to be a perpetrator. Simple question. Who is the perpetrator? Who victimized Stewart? How was he violated? Who had power over him? Stewart says "You didn't waste the last 25 years...." No Stewart...we didn't. We wasted the last 18 years but who's counting. And for the real record, Stew, not only did we waste time listening to your false teaching, some of us did not get married, or have children, because of your error. But most important, Sir, you have intimately damaged how we look at Jesus, how we know Him. Do you know why a teacher is judged with greater strictness? Because a teacher is charged with representing Christ to the brethren, to guide the flock to the Chief Shepherd, to be an example and to misrepresent Him as you have is indeed worthy of severe punishment. You want to pass off your "error" as some kind of misunderstanding of a concept, "grace", when the whole of your leadership is a monument of idolatry and a great sin. You victimized us, Sir. In your ego-centric world view, you have found a way to even be your own victim. What a perversion!

Stewart: ..this has been a stumbling block for all of us including me...poison talk... “ God gives you what you need to get started and then it’s up to you” my easily everyone is returning easily!(yes). Why is it so easy? They are returning so easy. Because He’s doing it(yes..yeah).And all this error...he is overlooking as it were and bringing us back... but enough is enough.

MM: Well what is important and what is evidence that things are okay now is that brethren are coming back to Stewart's group. Classic. Faithfulness and God's approval= numbers....well, at least for this salesman, sure! What we can only see in hindsight is that many left after this meeting and so what does this mean according to Stewart. Did he ever explain why so many left after the Grace Meeting? Did he ever explain later why his group shrunk? To me Stewart is blaspheming God when he presents God as endorsing his error and working through him or with him even though he is false. Get ready for another incredible statement with the help of Gayle.

Stewart : Putting to death “I can do this part over here myself.” I can see that working in me. That's what the brothers...and I would forever teach about Samson...and I am the most...and I’m not a hypocrite I’m not a understand this? (yeah) you don’t get that?(yes) How many of you don’t? He doesn’t. How many don’t understand that? Gayle how bout you defend me..
Gayle : because um in teaching about Samson the way that Stewart
Stewart: while I just....I did it in ignorance
Gayle: Yeah the way he was doing it himself...
Stewart: a hypocrite knows he was
Brothers and sisters: right yes yeah
Gayle: Nobody was telling him “Look, yer doing it this way..and there was nobody telling him....

MM: I will comment after the sister speaks to Stewart

 Sister 1:  Nobody tried telling Stewart before? I just find it hard to believe
Stewart: Let’s hear it.
Sister 1:(I don’t want to be judgmental)..
Stewart: yeah Let’s hear it
Sister 1: I find it hard to believe ..So many brothers talked about it...I was always under the impression that they wrote you letters and tried to tell you, I mean that’s what I always heard..........and I don’t even know the whole truth, but David Wilkerson told brothers and sisters that he tried to talk to you and that you wouldn’t listen to him, I don’t want to be judgmental, I know I have a lot of faults too..I just think you had to have some pushed everybody away and made it so hard for everyone to talk to you
Part 2 of the Grace Meeting
Stewart: And you’re glad I did to, aren’t you?
Sister 1: yeah but I..
Stewart: Listen..,Let’s start said “A lot of brothers and sisters think about this..No they don’t. They never never never thought that this was bad. No they never thought they thought there was something wrong of course! Of Course! there’s someth.. they didn’t think anything of this. And neither did I. Now you say didn’t anyone try to talk to me. Well friends like him. “How you have helped me,” and David Wilkerson...well  I don’t remember..this was 25 years ago?(yeah) And if my old wine is this bad what must the new wine have been? I don’t know what I was doing with him...I don't remember anyway .I don’t know what I was trying to maybe as bad as him..I don’t know.

MM: You would have to hear the recording to hear the strange spirit that St comes from when he says to the sister "And you're glad I did to, aren't you?" For someone who is trying to repent of teaching error for 18 years to us and according to him, he was in error for 25 years, he sure sounds defensive and proud and corrupt. Here is an area most ex-members are familiar with. We all know that many tried to tell Stewart throughout his whole mess of a cult life that he was wrong. At This Grace Meeting you will see, has these moments where Stewart gives us peeks into his Christian life. The bulk of the time before 1971 remains a mystery...which is odd for a real Christian....With Stewart one has to be very specific and precise or Stewart will have something to grab and use NOT to listen. The sister was generally speaking right in what she said. A humble repentant Christian would be eager to hear the truth and seek to be completely reconciled to God and to the fellowship. Stewart presents himself as a victim, as missing grace, as teaching error. Then he asserts that he is not a hypocrite? Why? Did anyone raise this issue with him or accuse him? Why does Stewart offer this statement here. He is trying to establish his innocence. If the brethren at any time during this meeting were to realize that Stewart was not only teaching falsely..BUT DOING IT ON PURPOSE...he would lose his job, according to Stewart's thinking. The truth is many have told Stewart many times that he was wrong. His point was that they were not technically specific to his understanding of the "problem" which again is Stewart's pride on display. Stewart was in error and teaching error and yet we are to trust "his" judgment of others telling him that he was in error? It is like asking the criminal to judge whether the police were following precisely the law in arresting him. Stewart didn't listen to David Wilkerson, Jingo in 1971, others who spoke to him about Shirley, about Gayle.How many letters did he get? I sent him Ann B's account of him making her his "half wife" and it came back Return to Sender. The MTC survey has questions in it like, "Do you think Stewart is too harsh?" Why would he want to know? Stewart didn't listen to those who spoke against him and he mistreated anyone who tried. Try telling him now that he is wrong and should resign. He has done enough to warrant his immediate dismissal but he stays in that mansion in Florida. Is Stewart listening to the correction NOW!?

Stewart: there is this also. Me and other Christians. You know that scripture “ Woe to him who is alone when he falls.”(yes) Well I know that scripture, you don’t. I know that now. You don’t know what that means. Why am I alone? Why is it that there is no fellowship between me and other Christians? First of all, I gave up long ago. That was my sincere claim. But why , what was the trouble in the first place? Perhaps it was..while insisting...perhaps they were trying to land me with I doubt I doubt it. But! it may have been, that may have been the case.  Perhaps someone did somewhere, had to have been way back. Perhaps someone did try. Perhaps someone noticed. I have no way of dealing with it. No memory no...

MM: Here is another admission and another peek into the life of his own making. He is partly correct here. He is alone. He has always been alone. Why? This is where the truth is plain and staring him in the face. Stewart was alone and is alone now because Stewart is factious. In his pride Stewart does not extend the right hand of fellowship. In his pride Stewart does not submit to anyone who is in legitimate spiritual authority. In his pride Stewart does not open up to accept advice, counsel, criticism, or correction from anyone. Stewart was always right. Stewart, even when he admits to teaching error, still stays in place at the meeting to teach. To Stewart, only he knows when he is wrong. Who called the Grace Meeting? Who decided to "re-examine" everything? Stewart had no record of "knowing what he was talking about" according to him, and yet at this meeting he wants the brethren to trust him to "know what he is talking about." And when the sister spoke up...Stewart Error Traill argues with her.

Raise your hand, how many think the sister who gently spoke an opposing view will do that again? How many have tried to speak to Stewart only to be mistreated and shut down? Stewart knows why he is alone. He made it that way. He has only himself to blame...and NO....God did not arrange his alone-ness. Try a present tense test. Try and call Stewart right now. Try to get him on the phone. Try and talk to him about all this. Since he repented and is now accepting the "new basis" or the "right basis" which really was the only basis since Jesus died for us, Grace, then he is going to be humble and at least listen to you and lay down his defenses. Right? There never has been nor is there any testing of Stewart. At the first John meeting months after this Grace Meeting, Stewart said the "spirit of Christ" revealed to him....and he knows the "mind of the apostles" when he talked about Christians not sinning, that if you do sin then you were not Born of God to begin with. I am told that some months later when someone approached the then current members about the "sinless perfection" doctrine they dismissed it as a dud that they don't follow anymore. Stop and think about that Current Members! Stewart has the gall to invoke the "Spirit of Christ" in pushing this "new teaching" and claims to know the "mind of the apostles" and yet abandons this teaching later on and nobody calls him on it? When will current members dismiss Stewart for being a False Teacher?

Stewart: I repeat what I said , I think if you showed this,(referring to the 12 ways workbook) they would murmur nice things instead of throw up. What do you think?(yes yeah) Well try it! Try whoever want to..  

Brother 1: I did show somebody and they thought it was wonderful..

Stewart: I am afraid that’s what would happen...I am afraid that’s what would happen But you know , but you know it isn’t right to do really. Because then it is to their shame. Yer just sticking pins in em. And even if you then try to argue and correct them as I might have done 20, 25 years ago tried to do...for an argument , to learn, some such thing....Let’s hear some more what you find hard to believe..cuz I do too.

MM: Yeah Stewart is just a victim and is just as bewildered as the sheep around him. Only problem is, according to the Bible and his own warped interpretation he isn't just one of the sheep. He is the leader, shepherd, teacher, overseer. Stewart is acting like he got had or fooled along with the flock when he is the one in charge of this mess. And you see that Stewart will go back and forth. He will talk about his own teaching as error but then slam other Christians for buying into his error and somehow he argues against himself and against them for being for what he considers error.....screwed up.

Sister 2: I find it hard to I often...and we all so often say “By the Grace of God....and hearing you speak to us...I now see how those words were empty
Stewart: that’s right
Sister 2: I wasn’t conscience of what I was really saying, just what I was taught

Stewart: And who is the emptiest of was devoid, I was unconscious of grace. I really wonder if some of you were more aware of grace than I. I really think so because   it’s zero with me.

MM Do we all feel sorry for the false teacher yet? Isachar crouching among the sheepfolds. I do think there are bits of truth in this piece of deceit. "Who was the emptiest of all"...well, Stewart! And should he have even been in charge then? No. He starts to say...I was devoid...then he says I was unconscious of grace.....I find this to be curious. The word "devoid" shows up only twice in the entire RSV bible: in Ester and in Jude verse 19:

[16] These are grumblers, malcontents, following their own passions, loud-mouthed boasters, flattering people to gain advantage. [17] But you must remember, beloved, the predictions of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ; [18] they said to you, "In the last time there will be scoffers, following their own ungodly passions." [19] It is these who set up divisions, worldly people,devoid of the Spirit.

Stewart was "devoid of grace"....which might be an indication that he was also "devoid of the Spirit" From the beginning Stewart's emphasis on "understanding" and his own efforts, thus limited ability to really know our Lord because understanding and knowledge and "knowing" our Lord do not come by some smart guy figuring it all out. It would be humorous if it wasn't so tragic. Stewart at this meeting will summarize his whole error filled life, his whole mistreatment of us down to missing grace and even then he gets into a word fight over the "right" way to say it.....the "by" faith vs. "through" faith round and round....all the while the congregation is still bleeding from years of abuse and error and this false teacher wants to make sure he says it "right."

Sister 3 : I remember too

Stewart: There might as well  not  been the word in the bible. You never heard me say 2 words. Did you ever discuss grace, anyone of you?(yes) Wait a minute, wait a minute, she’s first anyway, wait a minute, listen , did any of you ,just raise your hand, did any of you discuss grace a year ago and more with anybody? Well then yer way ahead of me!... way ahead right there. Because , to you , the word existed and that’s way ahead of me.

MM What a comfort that at least to the brethren this false teacher was abusing, they knew more about Grace than he did....yes, what a comfort! Do we all feel sorry for Stewart yet? Notice how he continues his selling of himself as the biggest victim of them all and so again I ask....Who victimized Stewart? Who fooled him? This false shepherd is telling the sheep that they know more about grace than he does...and what response are the sheep suppose to give? Pity? What does the bible say to do with false teachers? Just a note...false teachers aren't given any chance to explain why or how they taught error and what their intent was when they taught the error. No scripture gives a teacher of error a hearing. They are removed.

SECTION 1 concluded

       the (    ) are the voices of the brothers and sisters collectively

SECTION 2 of the Grace Meeting 1989

Sister 3: I remember about 10 years the sisters and brothers in New York found
some Brother Monbleau ..Wayne Monbleau..and his whole teaching was based on
grace..the grace of God..and they would all talk about the grace of God and everybody
there, everybody in New York would like mock them and put them down and ..I really don’t
know.... that's what I remember

Bobby Whipple: I just heard him on the radio

Stewart: ehuh?

Bobby: I just heard him on the radio on the  way here , I don't know, some of the things he says...

Stewart: And?

Bobby:: He does speak of the grace of God

Stewart: you know something else even more appalling? All these subjects, many of the
subjects dealing with God’s grace are in fact fairly accurately dealt with here, everything
around grace, but grace doesn’t exist..that’s that’s more amazing God’s love is in here all
over and Relying on see God was eh ..heh..I guess ah..I guess they are all
running out’s getting too boring...(nooooo) apparently(no) Listen..God was
revealing to me over some time when I said ya know back  Jan 1 when I said “He was restoring
me too, I didn’t know the tenth of it, I didn’t know the tenth of it. Nevertheless um Gayle
has been reading the bible studies recently, all the bible studies and see how it's working
towards grace and the subjects around it.... hard to even say...I don’t know what the
sessions are...I knew I didn’t know what they were...God was bringing us to the real basis.

MM: Why would anyone in their right mind trust what Stewart is saying right here? Supposedly, God was speaking to Stewart before 1971 when he was alone and unaccountable to anyone for 3, 5, or 7 years depending on which story you believe about Stewart's testimony which he never told. So God was speaking to Stewart in the 1960's...and God was speaking to Stewart when he started the Forever Family and God gave Stewart "true interpretation" and true teaching of the bible and we run all the way up to the Grace Meeting and now Stewart says he taught error for the first 18 years of the FF/ COBU and so all the times he said or indicated that God was speaking to him was not true unless Stewart believes God was telling him falsehoods. So Stewart thought God was speaking to him but he wasn't. Stewart taught error up until 1989. Now, according to Stewart, God is "restoring him" and bringing him and everyone to the "real basis." So again I ask...who, in their right mind, would believe anything this man says from this point on?

So God is now bringing ST and his group to the real basis of grace? Well, what took God so long.....gosh, did God let us down? Oh, I forgot, God planned for us to live under tutors like unsaved old covenant Jews. Under the wrong basis being taught by a false teacher and then God bring us to the "right basis" at just the right time!....All this time we were trying to serve God with the wrong basis...the wrong basis Stewart taught and lived and now False Teacher Stewart is saying that God is showing him the right basis. Okay, if that's true then why did ST and the group within weeks drop this "right basis" and get into another twisted teaching. If this was God restoring Stewart and bringing them to the right basis then where did the Escape Recipe come from and why did Stewart then make our brethren hold the recipe over their heads and say they were volunteering for the lake of Fire? There never is any testing, of Stewart Traill. No one checks what Stewart teaches and then sees if it holds up and if the fruit is good or bad. If Stewart wants the Old Testament, then he should be stoned to death. If indeed he is Christian, then he should be removed from the congregation.

Stewart: I was selling righteousness comes from’s through faith, not from or by.

Victor Trapani: I have a question, When I was younger in Jesus I would meet a lot of other Christians and I would hear them talk about this exact thing about the grace of God, and even though they would tell me about it I would say I understood it, it never really clicked until 2 months ago, so I think it was Jesus Himself revealing it to me personally at the time when He chose to

Stewart: All right whenever you say that that you also have to come back to the other
side, it’s also my spirit pushing it out of you and saying “don’t listen to
that”(yeah..yes)How much of that was it too?(yeah yes) You know there are ways
..different ways to look at it.

MM It is easy to take for granted some of the word choices Stewart makes. Look at this again:

Stewart: I was selling righteousness comes from’s "through" faith, not "from" or "by".

For Stewart, this is just normal speak. So this teacher of God's word was "SELLING" righteousness comes from faith. Stewart's sales language appears more than a few times in this meeting. Consider that perhaps to Stewart...his teaching is "selling." The facts bear this out.

Stewart's being honest but no one seems to be reacting to what he actually just said. I do not fault the brethren for not standing up and throwing Stewart out of the building. Being an ex-member I understand how difficult it was and is to catch Stewart in real time and act according to the Spirit of God according to the Bible. Nobody but Stewart talks like this and there is a reason for it. Stewart just said, "my spirit pushing it out of you saying "don't listen to that"....Well, translated...We Christians met other Christians and they spoke about the grace of God and really, true relationship with Jesus, and Stewart himself...not his spirit that he doesn't seem to be responsible for...Stewart himself pushed this out of us or tried to. Now I ask you.....what kind of a Christian acts and talks like Stewart Traill and what does the Bible say about such people? Read 2nd Peter 2, read Jude, Read the Letters of John. Stewart can be defined. He is no mystery. Whatever any of us are can be found in the Bible. Later in this meeting Stewart will try to define himself as Apollos. This is a lie and a deception

Brother 2: I remember I used to read a lot of Charles Spurgeon and he’d talk about grace,
and I would just think “ well it’s 100 years later Jesus has showed us more now

Stewart: uuugh!

Brother 3:I think he must be in error...ya know that’s what I would that’s what I would
think ...somehow ..I would really wonder about what you would say about what he said

Stewart: How much is it  I could clamor and I could gallop and skip along in my merry
way and the brothers couldn’t keep up with me(a lot a whole lot) It was my merry
way..that is in what I was doing wrong...don’t forget also..Jesus used me a lot (yes...sure)
in spite but it was in spite ....and if that isn’t His grace..according to the bible  what is?

MM Wow! Here and in other places Stewart is either as ignorant as he says he is but not about grace but about how he looks at himself and what he thinks about his actions and their effect on the brothers and sisters. Yes, Stewart Traill is characterizing his teaching of error and his abuse of brethren at the Manhattan Training Center and his sin against the sisters at Princeton and his mistreatment and sin against Ann which was adultery toward Gayle....yes it was Stewart "galloping and skipping on his merry way"..... Stewart here is presenting himself as someone who is doing a graceless version of the Christian life and with such energy that the brothers couldn't keep up. Do you get the sense that Stewart is proud of his outrunning the brothers? Remember that he is suppose to be repenting for "not rightly strengthening the brothers"....and he is supposed to be ashamed of this. And then you get right after this sick characterization of his error, his interjection of "Don't forget, Jesus used me a lot" Yes, brothers and sisters, in the midst of this false teacher teaching falsely about his error he has to bring everyone back to his corrupt kind of "Jesus used me" "I was a big help" "I helped many" which does not square with the truth. The truth is God did work through the brethren who lived in, without Stewart. God was not responsible for Stewart's error and God was Faithful as our Father APART from this False Teacher's abuse.

Stewart: His
kindness ya know.. His grace was extended to us while we were enemies...Now, we must
really get into grace(yeah yes) I mean really....try this saying...There is something to
this...Now Grace, Faith and spirit, small s, these three abide, but the greatest of these is
grace....small s....small S eh..we”ll have to get into that.

MM There are real problems in this little paragraph. Romans 5 says:

6 While we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. 7 Why, one will hardly die for a righteous man--though perhaps for a good man one will dare even to die. 8 But God shows his love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. 9 Since, therefore, we are now justified by his blood, much more shall we be saved by him from the wrath of God. 10 For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, now that we are reconciled, shall we be saved by his life. 11 Not only so, but we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received our reconciliation.

This passage does not have the word grace in it. Furthermore, it is speaking of us as enemies in our sinful unsaved condition and the blood of Jesus, His death on the cross, brings about our salvation and reconciliation. Stewart is bringing up God's "grace being extended while we were enemies" to a room full of Christians who are already reconciled to God through Jesus. Later that year Stewart causes these same Christians to doubt whether they ever got Born Again with his false teaching of 1st John.

This misapplication of scripture is followed by a re-wording of the scripture and a new Stewart Teaching. His new line? Now Grace, Faith, and spirit, small s, these three abide, but the greatest of these is Grace." Sounds like it might work, right? Well, first you would have to trust that Stewart is teaching the truth and what track record does he have for anyone on the planet to trust what he is teaching? The obvious thing is he is re-writing or manipulating scripture. I guess Faith, Hope, and Love aren't good enough for Stewart to stick to. Is there any scripture to even support this convoluted idea that there is a Hierarchy in scripture in which Grace is better than Faith and spirit? And if I had a dime for every time I heard ST say....."The real or right basis" and "we gotta get into this" or "this is something we got to get into": always the promise of a future, deeper look into some subject which never comes. How about all the bible studies and workbooks in print where ST says.."this is an introduction" followed by hints of deeper studies later, which never came. Hold onto your hats. ST is going to explain here what he means.

Stewart: Wine is treacherous....Now
here’s what happens...Let’s take those three...Grace, Faith, and spirit...there’s a lot of, are
you paying attention, (yes) There’s all of churches overboard on spirit matters. You now
know of a church overboard on faith...there are in fact apparently, recently I have been
inquiring, that there are some overboard on grace, to the extent that they to the extent that
they claim to  do away with baptism. you know you can be lopsided any way?(yeah) Nevertheless
those 3 exist.... Grace , faith and spirit..all of them are important. And they have to be in
the right balance. And they certainly haven’t been here...and therefore I have no idea, I
have no idea in the light of the truth I have no idea about other churches, you know I have
to say that...I have no idea...because anyway I would have looked at them, would have
been in error. Follow? (yes) spirit had better not be the basis, because it’s just an anything
goes..Faith can’t be the basis because then it’s hard work. Grace is the basis. It’s not on
the basis of works but of grace. Grace must be the basis.

MM Did you catch that?" Faith can't be the basis because it's hard work. Grace is the basis. It's not on the basis of works but of grace" In just a few sentences, Stewart has equated Faith to Works, Faith= Works. This is not what James wrote. This is not of the Holy Spirit. Stewart is teaching error right here in the midst of a meeting where he admits he missed grace and taught error, Stewart is teaching Faith=Works. Not only is he way off from what James wrote but read this verse:

Eph 2:8 For by grace you have been saved through faith; and this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God--

And here is where the brothers and sisters stood up and said, "you are teaching error again" right? Sadly no. What would have been more simple and accurate for ST to teach here is the difference between Legalism, which is what he mainly enforced from 1971 to the present, eternal security, and the problem that charismatic churches have. But Stewart never humbled himself to openly credit other Christian scholars for their understanding of these matters. No. Stewart invents "Now Grace, Faith, and spirit, these three abide..." and in the process completely redefines faith.And let's say that the brethren did think "Faith, it's up to me." Whose fault is it, that they think such a thing?

Stewart: Anyways....Romans 10 “...a zeal
for God but it is not enlightened.” speaking of the Jews....I have heard it said “Am I some
sort of Old Testament character....maybe there’s something to that...being ignorant of the
righteousness that comes from God and seeking to establish their had to
be true of some extent...partly the problem ignorance, non-enlightened Samaritan
doing both at once....I began speaking about relying on Jesus...The big thing is that you
have to remove the phony relying on faith before you could actually rely on
Jesus...How much are you relying on Faith?(weak muttering) You see, in other words,
here’s another explanation. In some sense or other I have a framework somehow,that I
can keep going...does that make any sense?..That you don’t have. I wasn’t seeing grace,

MM Another pattern to look at. The subtlety and deceit are there. In an attempt to identify further his problem or how he went wrong...

Stewart : I have heard it said, Am I some sort of Old Testament character maybe there’s something to that..."being ignorant of the
righteousness that comes from God and seeking to establish their own"....

Can I stand up and ask a simple question? Who has been saying you are some sort of Old Testament character, Stewart? Your whole Elijah/ John the Baptist complex came from YOU! This idea was brought into existence by YOU. No one in the room and no one in the FF/COBU membership current or ex ever speculated about your identity beyond what you presented. Newspapers only reported what members heard you say about yourself. And you wonder why brethren waited for your instruction, your understanding, your decision on EVERYTHING?..You sold yourself to us as this old testament character. YOU DID! But an even worse point and worthy of a full broadcast. You are admitting that you were ignorant of the righteousness that comes from God and seeking to establish your own? Stewart, didn't you get born again? Didn't you receive the forgiveness of sins? Didn't you come to the cross and accept the righteousness that God gives His children by the blood of the cross? Your salvation and your understanding of it is what is in serious question. "Holding the form of religion but denying the power of it." Are you really saying to us that you are devoid of the Spirit? Why cast your doubt of your own salvation on the Christians around you?

Stewart: Nevertheless I could include enough of it in some sort of pseudo-framework  to ah..keep
going..enough to ah seem it?(yes) How can you rely on Jesus with some sort of
“It’s up to me” feeling?( can’t) a double problem...yanking grace out
of scripture...especially out of those three, Grace , faith and spirit...yank grace’ve done 2 things, 2 problems. First , you’ve removing
grace...what’s left is changed...but it’s also damaged. You can’t yank something out of
something without damaging what’s's it's..there are two things...there’s a
vacuum....and there’s damage. Do you follow? (yes)You can see that having happened.

MM: Let me rewrite what Stewart said but in a more responsible way:

Why did I teach you to rely on Jesus with some sort of
“It’s up to me” feeling?( can’t) a double problem..I.yanked grace out
of scripture...especially out of those three, Grace , faith and spirit..I.yanked grace
out....I’ve done 2 things, 2 problems. First , I’ve removing
grace...what’s left is changed...but it’s also damaged. I can’t yank something out of
something without damaging what’s's it's..there are two things...there’s a
vacuum....and there’s damage. Do you undertand How I did this? (yes)You can see how I did this?

Part 3 of the Grace Meeting

Stewart: That is , violence has been done to faith and spirit too! And then....the actual wrong came
in which is relying on the point(sighing) I was are saved by faith, by
the way that’s in the’s both. Twice, we are saved by faith, don’t you people
ever check your bible?(yes)

MM Can we throw up now? First of all....Stewart is a sloppy and incoherent teacher at times. The mess he just shoveled does not make sense to normal brains. Then we get a shot at the end, a blame. Yes, in a normal setting one would expect Christians to read the bible and check to see if a teaching is sound. The truth is, with our group, Stewart was the teacher, published all the material, gave all the bible studies and taught us not to trust our own relationship with Jesus and that the Holy Spirit would guide us into all the truth. We trusted that God was revealing the truth to Stewart and Stewart promoted this idea. Now he wants to reprove the brethren for not getting this, not catching this?

Stewart: I wonder if you have more appreciation of the working of God’s grace among us
now?(yes) Grace enough to overcome this sin. Where sin abounds , grace abounds all the
more. Shall we therefore sin...God knows that I did it in ignorance...I didn’t plan this...I
assume that you all know that(yes)

MM What did Stewart do? He taught error. Therefore a false teacher. And False Teachers do not get to explain why they taught falsely. To put this crudely Stewart is saying: "I really messed up your lives, but I didn't mean to, so I can stay in leadership."

What about another he said.. without such a foundation..means that
there is no framework, there is no sight of the framework....everything is sort of
disconnected in a strange feeling kinda way, and every week it is a new direction and
teaching and it isn’t connected to the foundation, the basis which is grace....which is the
way it must be.....minus grace ..all the good things are floating. And how do you ever tie
them together? Well you couldn’t but I quote could. In some sort of a running on
automatic you start to get a picture?(yes) There’s no confidence
therefore...confidence is a Big it is written...”how come they never
marry.?”.....for that one alone I repent...for that one alone....Because you have to be like
Stewart first(yeah)....and the amazing marriage that He has given me...which is near
per...not me.....I’m far from fact, Gayle is close to perfect...did you ever hear..I
heard some of you people say “ She’s not , she’s like not human.”(yes laughing)

MM And if everyone in the room knew that Stewart tried to make Ann his "half wife" at Princeton and that he had fondled at least 2 sisters, and that there were things Stewart did at Princeton that even now sisters won't talk about then maybe the brethren would find this placating of Gayle sickening. Now again, we have an admission or a hint of Stewart recognizing his effect on the brothers. Not only his teaching but how he projected himself as an example and how by his actions and words he directly affected the brothers and sisters getting married. Now here he says, he repents. What does that mean? What can the brothers expect in the future? What kind of fruit should they see from Stewart's repentance? How about a simple one. How about the brothers getting married? If Stewart is turning away from the graceless path and is now "being restored" then the result, ACCORDING TO STEWART, would be that the brothers would gain confidence and choose a wife from among the sisters. Okay current members, Where is the fruit of Stewart's repentence? Are you married?

Stewart: that
marriage itself is nothing but the grace of God. Nothing but. In fact she looked up and
found, “ He who finds a wife”, it’s very close, by the way, grace , what is grace? we’ll
have to get into that(undeserved ..undeserved mercy) hold  it hold it hold it, that is the
stupidest thing there is, I say , with my fervent spirit, undeserved mercy...that is stupid to
talk like that, because mercy is never mercy if it is you’re saying mercy is
mercy when you’re saying Mercy is undeserved mercy.....fix your brain..inorder for to be
mercy otherwise grace would no longer be order to be mercy it can’t be

MM This trick would be impossible to catch. The only way I am able to get this now is that I got the recordings years later, transcribed them and was able to "READ MY BIBLE" to pick up on what the salesman is doing here. I cannot comment on all that ST is doing. Let me tell you this one thing. The word "fervent" appears in the whole RSV bible one time. Let me repeat. The word "fervent" appears in the entire RSV bible. ONE Time. This word was used to describe Apollos. My informed opinion is that this is the beginning of the salesman selling to the sheep a false identity. This phrase, "I say with my fervent spirit" on tape and in print is unnecessary except for the purpose of connecting Stewart saying it of himself and then Apollos BEING IT in the book of Acts. You will find in the text coming that Stewart gets around to making the sale that he is like Apollos which is another lie.

This is the beginning of Grace CUT 5

Stewart:or it isn’t mercy...What is this stupid undeserved mercy...and that is what
people say!!(yeah yeah)Listen doesn’t even make sense...just in words.....Oh
maybe you do deserve some other kind of you?(nooo)well..what is this? now think
about it....You know I haven’t lost my confidence is in where
it should have been all along but it wasn’t ....and therefore I confidently will say that...what
is this undeserved mercy? Get your head screwed on!  Noo?! (yes) Now think about it...
Mercy is mercy is all yer don’t get it?(yeyyss..noo)If eh rather eh Grace is
mercy..yer saying Grace is mercy yer saying Grace equals mercy and it doesn’t....They are
two different things....Grace is something...and it is certainly undeserved as all mercy is..or
it wouldn’t be was I saying before
about that...oh yeah “he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor, now grace
is close to’s not...but that's approach..that’s one of the words that are
around grace...that you’ve found favor...that He has extended his grace ..although the
grace of God and the grace of Jesus Christ too,by the way, two different things....we gotta
get into this

MM: This is not a comment on the above but on what is coming. Read this closely and keep in mind that this is someone who was trusted to teach the word of God for 18 years to a bunch of young Christians. More insight into Stewart's real relationship with Jesus or lack thereof.

Stewart: ...see somehow I got saved....And I still think I got saved...I still think I got
saved. Did I get saved two weeks ago? Well, I think I have to say, I got saved 25 years
ago...I think... but that’s another matter(((That would mean that Stewart got saved in 1964)))...I got saved or whatever....and right away...right
away...ahh....again you know, ..there’s another thing. I bought a bill of goods in a way
....because what does everybody get saved....and then you go to
church...and that’s about it....anyway..ahh..something like that..I got saved and I lost
interest in ..that's ..I don’t remember doing it , I’m saying...I must have something like lost
interest in was no longer well it’s over..I mean ah...and I
must have been acting something like that...perhaps having bought that picked that
up..who knows..anyway...that’s that area...

MM Does anything strike you as odd here? Look at the language....."see somehow I got saved..." then twice, "I think I still got saved"...."I think" is his words...."somehow" is his word choice. He doesn't seem sure. Then his question to himself..."Did I get saved 2 weeks ago?"..."well, said Stewart, "I think I would have to say...I got saved 25 years ago" and then he says, "but that's another matter"......weird huh? Listen to the recording. Stewart is being conversational and personal and I'm sure the brethren are feeling like they are getting a real treat...Stewart actually talking about his own salvation. But look and listen to WHAT HE IS ACTUALLY SAYING....he's not sure. He is forcing himself to accept that yes indeed he did get saved 25 years ago. And is he joyful, thankful, grateful, humbled, appreciative? He sounds unsure and like he sort of "did the thing"..."signed up for this new thing" and then got bored. To Stewart, his salvation, the time of his rebirth is "another matter" need to get into it there. Wow! Notice also that there is no sense that Stewart's salvation has anything to do with Jesus himself, either in word or in spirit. Stewart signed up for something. Notice his language....

Stewart:I got saved or whatever....and right away...right
away...ahh....again you know, ..there’s another thing. I bought a bill of goods in a way
....because what does everybody get saved....and then you go to
church...and that’s about it....anyway..ahh..something like that

MM: Maybe this is how Stewart's relationship with Jesus really started. Look at what he is saying "I got saved or whatever..." or WHATEVER? Does someone who gets born again and receives the Holy Spirit ever describe his salvation with a "whatever" ? Now the sales language.....I bought a bill of goods....Stewart is describing his salvation, the beginning of his Christian life as "buying a bill of goods"...which simply means...someone sold Stewart a lie, a defective product, fooled him into a deal where he got had.....this is the way Stewart looks at the salvation Jesus affected for him by His death on the cross.....Stewart bought a bill of goods. Who sold Stewart a bill of goods? Who was that rotten crooked salesman who chiseled Stewart, made him a victim?

So Stewart got saved....DID NOT join a church by most accounts and did he lose interest in his salvation? Sounds like he never had any interest in it in the first place. A Sower went out to sow. What soil fits Stewart's description of himself.

Stewart: well all right it’s no longer now I’l l get in the Old Testament now I’ll start interpreting...and that’s
what was a the process since....and uh got into interpreting this
and interpreting that and and Matthew 24....meanwhile the most important teaching of all,
salvation, and the most important part of the most important teaching was nowhere.   An
nobody noticed. Now, in a nutshell, that’s a process sense...dya
follow?(yes) that’s partly what happened...

MM:This admission is true but not in the way Stewart thinks. Stewart Traill lost interest in what? Being saved? Lost interest in the subject? Lost interest in the person Jesus Christ? What soil describes Stewart here? Not good soil. Did the devil steal the word that Stewart heard? No because according to Stewart he did get saved. He received the word. How about sown among thorns? The cares of this life choke the word and it proves unfruitful? What about no root in himself? My point is because Jesus said so, Stewart is in fact one of these soils. In what Stewart said, we do get the truth that he did get into interpreting the Old Testament. This was a defining characteristic of St in the early years of the fellowship. I would say also that this was an early foundational mistake of his as a teacher of a New Testament, New Covenant Christian Church, a part of the Body of Christ. His emphasis on the Old Testament bore the destructive consequences the members suffered. I am not saying the Old Testament is to blame much as Paul argued that the law was not to blame for sin. Stewart's interpretation or plainly his own thinking about what the scriptures meant were made manifest in his quasi-Old Testament style of leadership which is completely not the kind of leadership Jesus spoke of and Paul wrote about to Timothy and to Titus. Why did Stewart emphasize understanding of the Old Testament over the New Testament? Without reading his heart, the fact is, Stewart would not have qualified to be a bishop or overseer if he was tested by New Testament standards. He would also have had to be "servant of all, and slave of all." With the Old Testament and Stewart's thinking, he could hint to everyone that God speaks to him like God spoke to Moses:in ST's world, a lone leader. He could let go a reference to being Elijah....a lone prophet....seemingly. Being an Old Testament leader means the members could not hold him to New Testament standards. Not only would he have not been appointed but had he pushed his way passed the young members who were testing him, he would have been disqualified later over his treatment of his first wife Shirley and his behavior toward Gayle before they were married.

I would disagree with Stewart's statement that the " meanwhile the most important teaching of all,
salvation, and the most important part of the most important teaching was nowhere.   An
nobody noticed." Not true. The most important teaching salvation was there, for us and for him. He taught John 3 for years. YEARS. We members got saved. We lived in salvation for years. It is perhaps only true that salvation and grace was NOWHERE for Stewart. That is more plausible. And he adds, "and nobody noticed"....Well, Stewart, actually if you were to tell the truth here about yourself only, then yes, nobody noticed. We got saved by Jesus, did you? We lived every day from that day on with the Holy Spirit inside us. Did you, Stewart, receive the Holy Spirit? Did we members notice that you were not saved and did not know or understand grace? No, we didn't notice, because for 18 years you sold yourself as a Christian. You never told us your testimony and we assumed that you at least were saved and had indeed received the Holy Spirit. So reserve your "nobody noticed" to your own experience or lack of experiencing salvation. The rest of us got saved, Stewart. And finally, you end your explanation with:

" Now, in a nutshell, that’s a process sense...dya
follow?(yes) that’s partly what happened.." No, that's not what happened, victim Stewart, that's what you did. That's what you are suppose to be repenting from!

Stewart thought studying Matthew 24
would do that...over the years many secretly dreaded it because fear  “I could
loose my salvation, with such an extreme testing , will I make it? (yeah yeashyes)”'s up to me(voices in response)

and you know it’s the brothers ...again...that may ..that particular one maybe even worse
with the sisters...perhaps...there feeling reaction to it might be worse...but ya know it’s
still the brothers...If ..if our life is based on works...that faith becomes works
somehow...that’s just it ..That's more telling on the brothers...and it’s the brothers therefore
that um...that’s why I have been speaking of the brothers being set free...think it’s true? (yes)...

MM:I still marvel at Stewart's inflated sense of deep understanding of things that can be explained by anyone with a pulse. Stewart said here, "Gayle thinks studying Matthew 24 would do that over the years." I am choking and laughing right now. Gosh, Stew, do you think she is right? And let us again pull Stewart back to personal responsibility. Stewart, it's not us studying Mt 24 on our own and bringing this on ourselves. It's you teaching Matthew 24 for years, you leading us, beating us, enforcing this fear for years. You used to say, that the older ones formed a cult but that you were not their cult leader. Correction Stewart. Biblically speaking, you are responsible for this mess. You are accountable.

Your casual analysis of the differences of the destruction you caused in the brothers compared to the sisters shows that you are a truly callous and possibly a sociopath.

Stewart:Without grace you’re on a crossing your fingers basis. I asked a while ago
 “Are you trying to talk Jesus into saving you?” Remember..(yes)  trying to convince him
into saving you. (yes) my goodness...

Ya know the whole while, I never tried to take Jesus' place.. in no way and would always
speaking against it...and yet that’s what the devil think about it...something
like that in effect....Without grace the chain of how everything connects to Jesus is broken.

MM: And at this time the brothers stood up and escorted Stewart out of the building, knowing that he was a false teacher, that he had become an idol. right? Let me repeat, a false teacher, a false christ does not get the chance to explain himself to the congregation. False prophets in the Old Testament were stoned to death, and false teachers were excommunicated. PERIOD! Here Stewart is making a terrible disclosure, of course without really taking responsibility, and no one is shocked. "The devil" arranged for Stewart to take Jesus' place. Now there are a couple of ways to look at this. First, after you throw Stewart out of the building, maybe then you might discuss as a group how that false teacher was able to get this far and then determine to never allow a false teacher to lead the fellowship again. Stewart saying "I never tried to" a deceit. This then gets Stewart the "victim" status again. "It happened to me" and therefore his statement, "I was more of a victim than you."

One way to combat and refute this deceit is to simply ask what the Bible says about Stewart. We Christians believe the word of God. Stewart could not and cannot do or say anything that is outside the word of God. That is to say, Stewart is accountable to God for what he said and did, just as we are. We cannot do something that is not addressed in scripture and therefore the bible does tell us what Stewart is and what to do about him. His gobbledygook about " Without grace the chain of how everything connects to Jesus is broken" is a blind to the horrifying previous statement. Stop and think about what Stewart was actually saying and think in terms of him being responsible for them. Stewart: "I took Jesus' place." Not the devil made me do it or it happened to me...NO.....Stewart: I took Jesus' place.

On this alone the brothers and sisters at the time and the current brethren in COBU should dismiss Stewart. Stewart knew early on and knew at this meeting that he was taking God's place in our hearts and minds. Earlier in this text, remember, "God wants you at this time to transfer your allegiance from my spirit to His Spirit." Stewart knew that we were taught and trained by him to regard his words, his understanding, his thinking on everything that had to do with our Christian lives. He never taught us to listen to the Holy Spirit as Jesus taught his disciples. Jesus described the Holy Spirit and what He would do and be for the Christians of the Body of Christ. Stewart led these Christians in his warped O.T. thinking and in the process took God's place. Stewart was not a mere teacher among many teachers of scriptures. And he had no fellowship with anyone else in the Body of Christ. By his choices to do what he did, his choices, his actions, he did this thing. Nothing "happened" to Stewart. He was not a victim. Stewart confesses that he took Jesus' place and yet does not want to suffer any consequences and does not believe God will hold him accountable for taking His Son's place?

This Grace Meeting should have been called The False Christ meeting. This is the most appalling thing and should have been the most upfront and direct thing on Stewart's mind if indeed the Spirit of God was convicting him to repent. He wants to reduce things down to "I made a mistake" "I got it wrong" when he is actually saying right here that he is a false christ.

PLease notice that this goes beyond...."I missed grace"....I got the teaching wrong. Christian brother and sister! Stewart is telling you that he took our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's place. Stewart is not just guilty of false teaching. He is admitting to being a false christ. "So that he takes his seat in the temple of God proclaiming himself to be God." The spirit of antichrist. Teaching error is sin and if corrected then the brother may yet remain in fellowship but not as a teacher. Teaching error year after year, the person must be removed for the sake of the other brothers and sisters. Admitting to taking the place, occupying the position that only belongs to God.....Brethren, please take action. This meeting should have ended here.

Stewart: So all becomes mysterious..grace is meant to be the the uh framework, format....I’m saying
"salvation is a gift while under the counter you have to earn it by faith."Why don’t the
brothers marry, because they have no confidence. Why don’t they have confidence,
because of their impossible task....what do you think of that brothers?...(yes yeah makes a
lot of sense)...

MM: Twisted and convoluted. He is cementing in the brethren's minds that Faith= works. Stewart seems to be using this meeting to address actual realities but only with his corrupt view of these problems and their origin and with an equally corrupt solution to repair the damage. The Brothers in Stewart's group don't get married. Anyone inside and outside Stewart's group can see this. Why don't they get married? Stewart here and earlier in this meeting is saying that he is to blame. It is Stewart's fault that the brothers do not have confidence. It is Stewart's fault that the brothers aren't strong enough to get married because he, Stewart, was not "rightly strengthening" the brothers. Okay, let's take Stewart at his word. He is the reason people in his group don't get married. It's now 2010, 21 years after this meeting. Has anyone in Stewart's group gotten married since this Grace Meeting? Stewart said he repented, and the real basis Grace was now in place. If Stewart is responsible for no marriages, like he himself said, then he did not repent of his sin against the brothers. There is no fruit of his repentence.

Brother 4: Many of the ones that are married, their marriages aren't very good because of the
same problem...

STEWART: Faith has become almost an end in itself’s that?(yeas) one of the translations calls it
the instrument...the the way I wonder ..Gayle?  y'know thereare of course a lot of salvation
tracts floating around pick em up right?(yes) Are they all the very same thing? (pretty much)
that It’s faith, faith, faith, that it’s never grace? (nooo, it’s grace yeah grace) huh? There is grace?
(yeah yes yeah)....well I picked one up..I saw one yesterday, it was zero grace....or a few days ago
.there certainly must be grace....

MM: Utterly devoid of even a basic understanding. Not really, but one would have to buy into this convoluted Faith=works. And while we are here, faith could only be redefined as works in cobu because Stewart taught it that way. With Stewart in the beginning of his group at least the words at the time seemed to be at least right...not his understanding of them, but here not even the basic definition of faith which the unsaved could recite is being represented. This is Stewart with a new Stewart teaching. and why is he even allowed to still speak to our brothers and sisters in Christ?

Brother 5: isn’t even the King James text...doesn't it say something the word it, don’t they say...
“it is through grace you are saved by faith?

Stewart: Yeah..same thing..that’s Revised...same thing...
(noo no, it’s by grace ..)

Stewart: say again...say again..I can’t hear ya

Brother 5:: I thought the kings James Version as I have seen it on those tracts. said. “By Grace
you have been saved through faith..the KJV
( changed it said it differently the first time Adrian)

Stewart: It says  "by" ..I’ll bet says "by grace through faith.."(right) Faith is the lesser and
Grace is the greater, doesn’t matter what translation...(yeah) that’ll comeout...Grace is
the basis... ..all the faith in the world...and if He doesn’t extend His grace....Now..that’s
jumping the gun... without grace as the basis...Be zealous to confirm your call and election
becomes trying to convince Jesus to save you(yes)... because the fact that nobody is
picking up on grace.. and you haven’t been...You haven’t been picking upon it... the fact that
nobody’s been picking up on much as I have already gone into it...shows how
deeply  everyone is into “Faith, it’s up to me”ecetera...instilled in...

end of CUT 5

MM: Faith= Works ...oh and the Stewart invented hierarchy of Grace is the greater and Faith is the lesser. Yeah, and why should we trust Stewart to know what he is talking about?


Stewart: think a that...

There is no receiving His grace with thanksgiving.... which is almost the basis of Christian
life....Christian Life..that’s right...where’s grace...Does the word grace
appear anywhere...just the word...let alone ...I’ll bet it doesn’t....Things we looked

MM: More evidence that Stewart is a false teacher but notice how the false teacher is allowed to teach about his teaching error....of course we can trust that he is correct now...because?...

Stewart : We got a long way to go, people ..are you getting restless?(noooo)Notice there
is a lot of running out..(yes...maybe take a 10 minute break....) It’s 5:00 now....We can
either keep going or take a break or break for supper(brwaksupp 10min, go for a while why don't we take a vote, go till supper? )

Part 4 of the Grace Meeting

Stewart: Well...well...we could take a vote...remembering that for freedom(everyone together)
Christ has set us free(thank you Jesus) what’s the rest though..(everyone) Stand fast
therefore and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.) To a Yoke of..? (slavery)To a yoke
of salvation by faith "quote" "works".... Are the brothers starting to realize how Jesus is starting
to set all of US! free?(yeees) how many are only starting to?(just a little) how many think they half
understand it pretty much?...well... That's that’s getting there...Now let’s vote...on the break or
keep going....keep going such as...I mean I don’t want to dwell on me..but aah...up to a
point it’s important...the way I have spirit.....what God is doing with He’s been leading me...and then finally ...the right view and balance that’s a big
one..what is the right ..what is right then?... well starting that... and about grace... and
other smaller things...or should we take a break?....(take a break) or should we take supper?
( supper)... now what is God’s will?(supper, I think it's God's will to keep going,)(Why don’t we take a vote?)

MM: Now that Stewart got the words in the right order now, everything is all right! It would be foolish to address seriously this false teaching. The premise is false and so to take it seriously would be to give it undeserved merit and the illusion of credibility. The recording makes this segment more clear. This is another Isachar crouching among the sheepfolds".... Are the brothers starting to realize how Jesus is starting
to set all of US! free?(yeees)" Yes, brothers and sisters...Stewart and all the other sheep in the room, all victims of this nebulous force that damaged everyone in the church including Stewart and Jesus is starting to set them free. Let's stop and once again not gloss over language we are so familiar with, that we are not alarmed anymore at the true meaning. Someone could have stood up and asked ST, "What do you mean, Jesus is "starting" to set us free?" Sound like I am knit-picking? Think about this..."And you will know the truth and the truth will make you free" and later, "So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed".....with ST it's always an introduction, a process, a little by little revealing. In scripture, Jesus sets you free, period. YOU ARE FREE! What ST is really trying to say is..."are you all starting to understand this new teaching I am teaching. The issue is not whether the brothers are FREE or NOT FREE, but are they understanding the thing ST is selling. And that is why you have various is not a question to the condition of the Christian life, the Spiritual life, but a question of "do you buy this thing I am selling" "Do you see what I am trying to get you to see?"

Cut 6 stops here at 3 minutes 50 sec. The 1st tape keeps going here

Stewart: you see when you sing amazing grace...doesn’t really hit you huh?(yes it, no)take
a vote on it then(yes) many say we break for supper now? how many say we take a 10
minute break?...How many say no break and no supper?(laughter) Well it’s pretty obvious
that most want a break....(yes) right?(yes) so everybody vote on a 10 minute break or a
supper break(yeah) is supper ready?

Vinnie: Yeah ...if were gonna have a break I think it should be for supper,because if we
go on to 7:00 its ahh it makes things..hard..the food will be getting messed up(laughter)

Stewart : okay you ready? how is that pure Vinnie and our fellowship? Well and actions are to
be interpreted in terms of the nearest circumstance only and we must act on the basis of
the closest circumstance....never raise up our eyes into the context of greater things....ahh
now supper is pretty great that’s true but  but..(laughter) there maybe even greater
things...pitiful little “it’s gonna get messed up.” (laughter)....Take courage Vinnie! Take
courage(laughter) see I’m strengthening the brothers!(laughter) Take courage...

MM: Yes, really funny. Let's joke about "strengthening the brothers" which is something Stewart said to his own shame and said he repented of and that not "rightly strengthening the brothers" was the reason they never married. Vinnie, in 2010 I believe is still in COBU....pushing 60 years old and is still not married. Funny huh?

Vinnie: stupid thing I said...
Brother: (to Vinnie)Don't worry

Stewart: Listen ah..let’s all vote on a 10 minute break or a supper break...Are we all ready? (yes)
How many say a supper break now?(clamor) well..and how many say a 10 minute break?
well they lost(laughing) Well since it’s everybody and I don’t know a reason why to do
otherwise..maybe a supper break..we can agree on that then( yes) what do you think?
(yes) what do you think about this meeting?(praise God thank you Jesus....)

Never would have thought of it... (nooo)

Denny Dennison: I always thought that we consciously as a fellowship
never got into grace because of the potential to take advantage which I always saw in the
other churches

Stewart: Hey..there’s a huge potential to take advantage..but tough luck..that is the route
we must go(yes) cuz that’s the bible route...that is...yes there is a huge potential...we’ll
have to get into never would have thought’s a big surprise(yes)....

Brother 6: yeah ..we went to see a brothers last night in Brighton Beach

Stewart: Can’t hear a word yer mumbling...

Brother 6: okay We went to see some brothers in Brighton Beach last night and I
remembering saying “yo ..Jesus Stewart Jesus has been saving him too.

Stewart: already did at least two weeks ago(thank you Jesus)...His grace is greater than my
shame or my error (thank you Jesus...yeah praise God) the next time you’re afraid to make
a mistake...because you’re afraid to, in sincerity, do what really looks ruuu what
really looks right, really really looks right...His grace if if ya are wrong His
grace is greater anyway(thank you Jesus) TWENTY FIVE YEARS OF ERROR? try to beat that(laughter) 25 years of colossal error....

MM: Loudly and clearly saying..."I'm a false teacher and have been for 25 years and Jesus is okay with it and you aren't going to throw me out, because I haven't taught you how to or why. Brethren, check your New Testaments, allow the Spirit of God to show you. This man is saying he has taught colosal error for 25 years!!!

Brother 7: I read about..

Stewart: this is no little point..(yeah) Sonya says I should expound on grace
more..remember? That’s the ans ah’re the one ..expound on grace more..he
ha ..that’s the answer huh?’s an awful lot more than that...this mortal sin...I
thought that was a big deal..I made a mistake...I did...Ha I thought that I was... I bought a
bill of goods. That was awful...but that wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg...remember that?(yes) once in a
lifetime bible study I called it..remember?(yes)Oh my goodness....It is very very hard... a
month from now you try to picture somebody...actually being oblivious to grace...and is
fervent in Jesus as I have been...and put that together...a month from now try and
figure that out..impossible....which leads you to wonder...God purposely made me blind to
it..."so I am not responsible"(Stewart in a mocking tone) pa..purposely made me blind to it..etc.. but ah....needs to
understand when I said I’m glad it’s that bad because it’s proof’s my written
evidence..what I already know in my spirit...that I didn’t do it... I did it in
ignorance...there’s the’s not there..

MM: Can we translate "oblivious to grace" to "devoid of the Spirit" ? And the second use of the word fervent. Stewart: "and is
fervent in Jesus as I have been.."...a reminder, the word fervent appears once in the whole bible. Acts of the Apostles referring to Apollos. One might say Stewart is setting up a future sale here.

What follows is another sick attempt at dragging God into his sin and portraying our Father as having a hand in this matter and a plan or will of which Stewart was a part. Difficult to just say that Stewart is grossly wrong here without showing how. I will try my best. God purposely made Stewart blind to grace? Does that sound like our Father? Are there any examples in the bible of God purposely blinding his children and teachers of His children to his truth, to His nature? Are there any New Testament examples of God purposely blinding one of his children who has His Spirit whom He called(supposedly) to teach His children the truth about Himself and His salvation? Yes, Stewart, you made a "mistake"....oh darn! Stewart, you taught error for 25 years. You took over a group of God's children and promoted yourself as being,used by God, spoken to by God, and you barred these children of God from having true fellowship with the rest of the Body of Christ, and at this meeting you admit that you took The Lord Jesus Christ's place.....His Place.....and you want to point to some workbooks and tell us that you missed a concept, you made a mistake? God did not purposely blind you. You are putting The Lord God in the wrong so that you might be justified. The Lord knows this. Do you fear Him? If you did, you would not have uttered such things. You mock when you say in that tone, "so I am not responsible" but everywhere else in this meeting you are acting like you AREN'T responsible. The devil arranged for you to take Jesus' place, God purposely blinded you, you taught error but you did it in show that you do not believe truly that you are responsible for anything and yet you will take credit for "saving " these brethren...."If I hadn't grabbed you ..what then".....

Stewart: if it was half there messed up...that might
make me I’m glad it’s that’s don’t get it huh?(yeas)  a lot
more to it...what do you think about this..(thank you Jesus...) later we will have to discuss your forgiveness of me or the  lack of it...that’s a subject.... now are we all ready to pray

MM: Incredible. This bizarre thinking that Stewart kept up at this meeting....He was "glad that it was this bad." Sociopathic. What is Stewart saying here and not saying? If there was evidence that Stewart taught about grace in some form or another then he would be guilty of "knowing" or "seeing" the truth and not teaching it but because there is no evidence of him ever "knowing" or "seeing" grace, then this is proof that he was ignorant, DID NOT KNOW. What a comfort to all the wrecked lives in the room. What's the point? Stewart's justification. Stewart isn't guilty, isn't responsible for the damage and destruction. Not responsible for the brothers and sisters not getting married. Not responsible for the sisters never bearing children. No, because Stewart didn't know he was teaching error. Again I ask, where in scripture does a false teacher get to explain to the congregation that he didn't intend to lead them astray?

This last bit before Stewart leads them in prayer is another vivid example of the mind of Stewart Traill. later we will have to discuss
your forgiveness of me or the  lack of it...that’s a subject.... now are we all ready to pray
Forgiveness is a subject to get into later? Forgiveness is a subject false teacher Stewart wants to "discuss" with the people he led astray. Nice huh? How ST tucked in the forgiveness "subject" just before leading the Christians in prayer. (after prayer)

Brother 7: it’s gonna take a while to digest...

Brother 8:: For me , it shows how much Jesus loves you fiercely..

Stewart: Boy ...that is my hope right is said “He has become my salvation”....that
I dare trust him...what He has done for me...even through this....

Brother 9: Seems to me, like a beginning, a beginning of a better relationship with Jesus
and with each other(yes)

Stewart: based on the sufficiency of His grace(thank you Jesus)

Lauren Albrecht: I’m not sure but I, I heard that the man that wrote or that
Jesus gave the words to  Amazing Grace, that he was a Christian for a long time and came
to the realization that he was on the wrong basis..and that..

Stewart: really?

 Lauren: God gave him the words that God marked him with Amazing Grace

Brother 10: there’s a little more than that..

Stewart: is that right?

Brother 11: Actually...he  was a seafarer.. and he dealt in slavery, he was a Christian and
he backslid very grossly and he came back to God and the last part of his life, he was
extremely faithful..and close to Jesus but he used to deal in slavery

Bobby Whipple: He was He was in a very serious He was in the Church of England, they
thought he committed apostasy...they told him he was finished and ah...because of all the
sins that he chose..serious sin he was into when he was in Africa

Brother 11: Drinking and slavery

Bobby: then he uh called out ta, he did call out to God and Jesus forgave him and that’s
why he wrote the song..Amazing Grace .(wow...thank you Jesus)

Stewart: so you see know we gotta change everything,...He called out
to God...he put his faith in God’s grace..

Bobby: yeah

Stewart: and then called out to what yer saying(yeah yeah) And he knew that that’s
what he was was doing then.....same as me....Let’s hear some more brothers and sisters.....

Brother 12 : I know when I was backsliden  it seems ah, the times when I could see Grace
most clearly in fact, ah pretty much the only times that I considered it  was when I was the
very most out of it..with the noose around my neck and the rope broke

Brother 13: physically

Brother12 : I considered his grace a lot more than I considered my faith at that point

Stewart: that makes sense

Brother 14: I saw God's grace when He made me trust him with 3 children....and I ...will continue

Stewart: (whispering) that's His mercy...

Brother 15: I think that God has let this happen this long....and what is His plan for us(yeah yes..muttering thank you Jesus)

Bob Muller: It is his grace that brought us safe thus far...(and grace willl bring me home...praise God ..thank you Jesus)

Stewart: You don't have the view that Salvation is over and done with..?(starting to..starting to now..muttering) Right kind of view of that... Otherwise Grace would no longer be grace...

MM: This is the transcript I just finished Nov. 18 2010.

Stewart: Now, you must understand, I'm not a fraud. I'm not a phony. I'm not a Jim Jones as they say. I'm not a false teacher. What I am is a poor one. I said I was glad, glad, that it's this bad. Job said, "Make me know how I have erred." He said, "If only God would write the indictment, I'd be proud of it."Well, I didn't, He didn't have to write the indictment, I did. Furthermore, the way, I was reading a while ago that bad memory that I'm extremely having..I was reading that this is due to stress and what was the other one? stress and something like that. Job said, "Make me know how I have erred." Also, "Those who err in spirit will come to understanding. We'll have to get into, somehow it's my spirit, somehow I erred in spirit. before erring in words. But um, oh yes, I'm glad, I'm glad that it's that bad, trying to put in why, because it is written proof to my sanity that indeed I did it in ignorance. That is, I can see, had I had I tried to deceive, I wonder if I could have done it as well. I tried to remove grace this well, leave no traces, tried to make some weird thing, which I , even I can't say I did, when I see how well it is done. that uh..that's the reason that I have received mercy. right there. It is that I did it in ignorance. colossal eh colossal thing that is that "sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. The subject to which I was oblivious for 25 years while getting more of it all the time. This subject, my error, was the subject of grace. We'll get into that later.

MM: Place your bets, How many think Stewart will "get into that later"? Here comes more deceit. Take a look at the psychological game ST opens with. Stewart: "Now, you must understand, I'm not a fraud. I'm not a phony. I'm not a Jim Jones as they say. I'm not a false teacher. What I am is a poor one." This is a kind of pre-emptive strike. What Stewart is doing is making sure no one in the room, even for a second, entertains a single thought of trying to identify what he is. Stewart,is still in Jesus' place.

What?! Do you think, just because he said he took Jesus' place that that automatically means he is no longer doing there? So Stewart, in Jesus' place, is telling, almost commanding the brethren to not even think of him as a False Teacher, a fraud, a phony, or a Jim Jones. By doing this Stewart has made sure that nobody, at least at this meeting will stand up and say, "I think you are a false teacher"..because didn't Jesus, I mean Moses, I mean Stewart just teach you that he wasn't any of those things? The false teacher is teaching the brethren how they are to regard him as though he is trustworthy. And according to form, Stewart is able to use inaccuracy in order to dismiss the truth. Early in the FF people called ST a false prophet and the FFer's laughed off the charge because ST said, "I never said I was a prophet so how can I be a false one?" Here, he mentions Jim Jones and because of the Jonestown massacre and the fact that everyone around Stewart is still alive, well, he can throw an absurdity in with the truth and dismiss the whole lot. Jim Jones and Stewart are both cult leaders but because they are not exactly alike then Stewart can deflect the truth by means of binding what is true to a straw man and dismissing it. Is Stewart a phony or a fraud? For him to be either, he would have to be knowingly lying and fooling the brothers and sisters. I do not think this charge is accurate because I think Stewart believes what he is doing.The whole meeting is a deceit because what ST is and what he is really doing is not directly being addressed. He has everyone off looking at what he wants looked at, in the meantime, his sins and the consequences of his sins are nowhere.

He has always trusted his own thinking and understanding about everything. Now if one could learn whether he believed God was speaking to him or not, this would have bearing. The fraud and phony charge is more like this. A criminal breaks into a house, shoots the occupants and robs them. The same night a second criminal breaks into a bank and shoots the guard and robs the bank. The police catch the first criminal and accuse him of the second crime. The first criminal can honestly say that he is innocent of the second crime. Stewart may not be guilty of fraud, lying, openly and deliberately deceiving us, but he is certainly guilty of being a false christ and a false teacher. Without knowing it or perhaps he is aware, right here, Stewart disqualifies himself from holding the office of bishop or overseer or this office he current holds. By identifying himself as a "poor" teacher he admits that he is not an "apt teacher." He falls short of the standards for those in his office to teach sound doctrine. There are other ways he disqualified himself and these pale in comparison to his own admission that he took Jesus' place. Remember, no one accused him of doing this. This he offered without provocation or inquiry.

Stewart: The Language....but uh shows all the more that it's by His grace that He shows me, no one else did. Only He could have, I couldn't, I didn't. The fact that He showed me and at this point in time. You say breaking down, you don't know how badly I was breaking down. At this point in time when He's clearly uh rescuing us all, He rescued me. I mean rescued. I wonder if "petering" I wonder. I was petering out. I wonder if that word actually means, actually comes from Peter's problem which is my problem. partly.

MM:This is the 1989 version of "God speaks to me." According to ST, God showed me all this, no one else did. So you can be as confident about what ST says as you were for the last 18 years when he taught error, after all...God was showing him and speaking to him and revealing to him....all the stuff he now calls error. What is Stewart sneaking into the conversation with this query about the origin of "petering out"? While we are all focused on what "petering out" has to do with St's description of "breaking down", notice that he tags the idea with "Peter's problem which is my problem, partly."....What does ST mean by Peter's problem? What is Peter known for? He denied Jesus 3 times. Is this the problem that is partly Stewart's? Or is it that Peter walked on water and then took his eyes off Jesus and sank?....Who would make the phrase "petering out" about that? Is Stewart referring to Peter's denial? And is St saying this partly is his problem too? It's important because Peter's denial took place before he received the Holy Spirit. Those who deny our Lord will be denied by Him before our Father. And false teachers are described in 2 Peter 2 as "even denying the Master who bought them. With Stewart there are no idle words. Remember this is his show, the brothers and sisters have no control over what Stewart chooses to say.

Stewart : All these things, these ills, from the brothers at least, are made worse by me, everyone of them.

Brother: All of them?

Stewart: All these things, I think everything. Maybe everything. But certainly a lot and at least I've been making it worse. Well, His grace toward me. The fact that I, that I can exist... you know, you may not have thought of it yet, He could have rescued, He could have wiped me out and rescued the church very easily. He could've anyone. I was oblivious. I don't know how it could happen. But in fact, you knew it, I was oblivious to grace. It's one of the two. I was oblivious to grace or have totally being, total deceiver the whole while. It's one of the two. When you read, do you understand, that we looked in this book and cannot find the word grace, except in the middle of of Faith in your Salvation, quotes the verse, "For by grace are you saved" and that makes it worse yet and and totally oblivious to it everywhere else......what?

MM: Stewart's view of God, Stewart's Old testament skew of God. But there is something more subtle happening here. We are being presented a false dichotomy and we are being robbed again of the opportunity to examine Stewart according to the New Testament and just plain examine him. He is the one at fault here. He himself says of himself that he has been teaching the brethren error for as far back as the church goes and before. And yet he is the one still in charge of the meeting. He is not being questioned or tested. He is the judge in the room and he will study and explain and teach everyone what to do with him which so far means just listen to Stewart, don't identify him as a false teacher, a phony, a fraud. Look at him as a victim who has been victimized by... ??? for 25 years. And by no means look at him in light of the New Testament or you might find that he is indeed a false teacher but much worse a false christ.

So for the 5th, 6th or 20th time Stewart is selling that "he was oblivious." Either that or he was "deceiving the whole while."And his proof that he was not deceiving us is that he didn't know what he was doing. He didn't intend or mean to teach error. I ask again....where in the New Testament does it make allowances for false teachers to explain their intent or to be excused from being removed from fellowship because they didn't "mean to" lead anyone astray?

If Stewart wants the Old Testament, then he would be executed. Which brings me to his bit about "God could have just wiped me out" and the trick here is obvious. Since God didn't kill Stewart then God must be okay with Stewart AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO, Buddy! God's kindness is meant to lead us to repentance. Stewart twists this into an endorsement. Because God is allowing him to live, then ST doesn't need to take any further action. Repentance, "turning away from" is spiritual and physical. You stop doing the sin. We learn later in this year 1989 that Stewart didn't change. And 21 years later, no one got married and everyone is still being abused by him. It is possible that Stewart is self deceived and therefore does believe what he is doing and so can claim that he is not a fraud, but at this Grace Meeting he did not speak of his actual sins against the brothers and sisters, specifically the ones at Princeton. This meeting was to pacify Gayle, who was going to expose him. There was a meeting with some married couples who lived out with Stewart at the property after this meeting years later. Charles and Nancy were there, John and Darlene. Gayle said to the couples, looking at Stewart, "Tell them what you are"....Stewart just sat there...this was about his sexual sins.

As far as "missing grace" that's not hard to do if you are a legalist. Stewart makes it seem like since he didn't intentional "KEEP GRACE OUT" of all the workbooks that that is proof of his ignorance when he simply was not a Calvinist but a Arminianist and grace.....big deal! This missing grace was a blind, a smoke screen. Stewart would not have had this meeting if Gayle hadn't found out about his sins against the sisters. Stewart's admissions of "making things worse" for the brothers....again does not express the magnitude of the destruction. Stewart would love everyone to look at things "HIS WAY" as usual and this means Stewart missed grace and he is a "poor" teacher. Even this lame inaccurate view gets him fired from the post. If Stewart was indeed only guilty of teaching error, then he should have been fired. Since he says that he taught error for as long as he says he has, then he can only be labeled accurately, a false teacher. And since he himself says.....that he took Jesus' place....then he is a false christ and should be immediately dismissed.

I would strongly remind the current brethren, there is no excuse or explanation or plea that allows Stewart even the chance to ask you all to allow him to stay with you.Do you think Jesus wants this false chirst anywhere near His flock? The fact that he is still alive is God's mercy for him to repent before he dies and faces God. Stewart being alive is not God saying that Stewart can still be pastor. The only one who is pushing to stay in place is Stewart Traill. He does not have the authority to do this. According to Stewart's logic, God could have wiped him out 10 years into the church or 15. God could have wiped him out after he tried to make Ann his "half wife." And so because Stewart thought God was one like himself because He was silent, Stewart carries on and we allow this sin because we fear man and not God.

Current members, if Stewart repented in 1989, are you still talking about and believing in the Grace of God, now? Has Stewart "rightly strengthened" the brothers? Has any brother been built up or made confident so as to take a wife? More importantly, has Stewart's treatment of you, that of a repentant Christian. Stewart said at this meeting that you need to "transfer your allegiance from his spirit, to God's Spirit. DID YOU DO THIS? Stewart said that he didn't mean to but that he "took Jesus' place". I ask you now, if he did not repent of all of these other things....WHAT MAKES YOU THINK HE IS NOT STILL TAKING JESUS' PLACE? Brothers and sisters of the Church of Bible Understanding, Stewart Traill has said and has proven that he is a false christ. He said at the beginning of the meeting that if it weren't for him, what would have happened to you? He clearly thinks he saved you and you act like this is true. Jesus saved you. Jesus put His Spirit inside you. And if the FF or COBU didn't exist, do you think your Father in Heaven would have left you desolate? Stewart's whole problem is he never submitted to God or to anyone. He never came under anyone's authority. He created the FF with himself in charge. He was never tested and he abused those who would also lead. He became necessary to your salvation and Christian life as Jesus truly is, and finally, in his and your mind, more necessary. God is not please with you to allow Stewart to take Jesus' place. Current members, repent, and dismiss Stewart. God will provide you with a teacher and a pastor. Stewart is not only now unimportant to your Christian life, he is dangerous. He is a false christ. Remove him.

Andrew: and then it's all us got to have got to have faith

Stewart: Faith has become, so-called faith has become everything. Therefore, it's on me. We'll get into, "I could take it, the brothers couldn't" I could take it for longer. that's all.

Brother: well I tell ya I seen grace at work in my life and in a lot of us when I rededicated, I knew it was nothing I did and with a lot of brothers who returned I could see it was a big example of God's grace, Him doing that, I think specifically to show His grace that He has on us. I think about that a lot. ( voices in agreement)

Stewart: I have not been acknowledging His grace. Not in my, not in my own life. Not making it known. Still can't believe that I did it. I have to of course. While we're on the subject. When did I ever speak on the subject of my sinfulness? (murmurs of " I would say never, never really")

MM: Just a quick point.....Stewart acts as though this brother never spoke. No acknowledgment. Just still in his own sale, selling. And talk about a deceit. "Did I ever speak on the subject of my sinfulness" ? Well on page 18 or 19 of the grace meeting...Stewart talks about "forgiveness" as a subject. Here he is asking everyone if he ever spoke ON THE SUBJECT of his sinfulness. Notice how removed he is from..."I have sinned" and contrition.'s a subject. And just for the record...Stewart never did and never will talk about his sins....not in the way he made all of us bear our souls night after night. The scripture for Stewart's "ignorance" is this...."If you say, 'Behold, we did not know this', does not the Lord weigh the heart?

Brother: I remember you telling us once that if we lived inside your body for a minute we would go crazy.

Stewart: Did I? (yeah, yes)

Brother: I remember you saying a few times that "I was the worst one among you."

Stewart: Yeah, I said it a thousand times. I'm no better. But nobody believed it. (right right, that you had so much faith) "Because I have so much faith, because I can take it. heh. uh... I said a thousand times I'm no better. But somehow my spirit is selling that I'm sinless.(yeah, yeah true) therefore the brothers must be sinless like Stewart and everything will be alright. (right, right) and many such things, many such proofs. I have a boxful now. Along with a last little pack at the end, "Maybe it wouldn't have mattered anyway." That is a, a it perverse or is it something else? It's now that it really matters. The older brothers. How much difference would it have made. That's a good question. Try try anyway with your next 18 year old. one would think it doesn't matter what you say. However, be that as it may, it's with the older brothers that uh, it becomes extreme.

MM: Isn't this proof that Stewart deceived us? I still think this slippery language of "my spirit" did this", and "my spirit did that" is a Stewart invention which works well for him. In essence, Stewart is a hypocrite. He said one thing and did the opposite. So his talk of "I'm not better" and "I am worse than all of you" was a lie. He acted like and behaved toward the brothers like he was the only faithful one in the room....FOR YEARS. The Manhattan Training Center was a colossal example of this.

Please slow down and reread the second part of the paragraph. On the recording you can hear the casual, quizzical way Stewart speculates about "how things might have been different for the older brothers.....this is sociopathic. Stewart destroyed the faith of many at the Manhattan Training Center. He continued his treatment of them until most had left. Let me say, as someone in touch with ex-members, the damage Stewart caused is still being realized 35 years later. But in Stewart's world it's a question, a query, something to ponder while he stays in control of the current destruction.

Cut 2

Stewart: When did you hear me say much at all on the subject of repentance?( voices mixed)

Brother: It always seemed up to us. We had to do it. Grace wasn't talked about in repentance.( voices, "I might be mistaken but I think quite a bit," perhaps he's talking about repentance

Stewart: I think I've repented more in the last 2 weeks and then 2 months and then a hundred times more than eh than everythi everything else put together until I wondered what has been going on. y'know I, I am given to dramatic exaggerations to make a point. I'm not exaggerating. I am not exaggerating. We as a church to this moment, and that's another one, when, where, and how did we become a church, if we ever did, when where and how does any church become a church if and when it does? And for that matter, Where, when, and how if there is a where, when, and how is someone born again or are they saved? A lot of this is ah...We have to redo everything...from the bottom up. And that is no exaggeration. Grace is much more important than faith. And that was completely turned around. And more than that. We as a church to this moment have no appreciation of grace.

MM: Here is another bombshell and very revealing. I think to even get started on understanding what Stewart is saying here, we must remember to whom he is speaking. This is important. It is easy to gloss over what Stewart is actually saying and not really get the full import of his words. First of all...repentance by volume. Did anyone know what he was really talking about? Repenting from what? Did he actually tell ANYONE what exactly he was repenting from. And why the increased volume of repentance over the last 2 weeks, 2 months...than...everything else put together"? We will have to assume that Stewart was being convicted of sin. Many sins.....many different kinds of sins. If he had only missed grace and repented and now is teaching grace then there would be no need to repent so much. If there was "not rightly strengthening the brothers" then he would have turned away from that. What is this "repenting more than..."....this volume of repentance? And if he was secretly indicating his sin with sisters at Princeton...he did not get the brothers together or anyone inside cobu until 1999...10 years later. Someone told me that Chuck Marburger who was in at the time wondered why Stewart didn't talk to the brothers IN cobu about all this.1999 was the year Ann wrote me and I published her account of Stewart's sin against her. If this is true then what is this odd way of talking about repentance and why are the Stewart-trained brothers and sisters allowing him this. Stewart wouldn't last 1 minute at the MTC with this deception.

The second part of the above is to me again, very shocking. Stewart is used to speaking in terms of curious study of a subject....but consider now to whom he is speaking about what. These are Christians. These are those who had repented of their sins and were forgiven. They received the Holy Spirit. They are children of God. Now that you have this in mind listen again to Stewart Traill:

Stewart: We as a church to this moment, and that's another one, when, where, and how did we become a church, if we ever did, when, where, and how does any church become a church if and when it does? And for that matter, Where, when, and how if there is a where, when, and how is someone born again or are they saved? A lot of this is ah...We have to redo everything...from the bottom up

The first part is a primer. When does a church become a church? It is worth asking and answering just good to know,just to be sure but innocuous. The second query is devastating and destructive. Brethren, current members and ex-members, Stewart Traill should not even be at this meeting from this point. He should have been removed right here.

Stewart Traill, are you actually asking a room full of children of God, those for whom Christ died, those who could tell you the year and the month, even the day they received forgiveness and cleansing and the indwelling of the Spirit of God, you are actually asking them......where, when, and how is someone born again? or saved. And you have gall to add.."we have to REDO everything?

Brethren, this is beyond me to identify what sin this is against our God. Stewart wants to redo everything. Everything. Including your salvation. You think I am blowing this out of proportion? Brethren, first off, why would a CHRISTIAN even asked where, when, and how is someone born again? Stop and think about this. What kind of person asks such a thing to a room full of Christians? There are assumptions here that need to be brought to the surface. One assumption is that the brothers and sisters salvation is in question. Let me repeat this. Stewart is asking a room full of born again Christians, where, when, and how is someone born again? And then adds, we have to redo everything. Jesus Christ, our Savior, Our Lord, died on the cross for us. HE promised us eternal life. Someone brought the gospel to us. We believed the promise that God made to sinners, that if you confess with your lips, that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For man believes with his heart and so is justified and confesses with his lips AND SO IS.......IS,,,,,,,,,,IIIIIISSSSSS SAVED." "when you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses." "For God So Loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life." These brothers and sisters in the room were born again. Some of them had been following Jesus for nearly 20 years. They bore witness to God's Holy Spirit inside them. They could testify to answered prayer, to healings, to God working through them for the salvation of others. And this False Teacher, this False christ, who asks where, when, and how....his own "when where and how" is in question and has been in question since 1971. He never gave his testimony. This question should be posed to only one person in that room. Stewart. For him to ask others and crouch among the sheepfolds is appalling. For him to question the work of salvation in the lives of these brethren is unsettling to their faith, a denial of God's promise to those who believed, it calls into doubt whether or not these brethren are saved and later that year Stewart did in fact bring extreme doubt upon the brothers and sisters' salvation with the 1st John meeting. Paul Szostak actually stood up and questioned openly whether in truth he was born again or not. Here is the transcript from the 1st John Meeting

PAUL: Ahh I started wondering,...About ten years ago, when i first prayed to Jesus with Brothers and Sisters that day.And I know that inside, I felt a huge change, a big change in my life and ahh did aask God for His Holy Spirit and ah..always thought, I'd been born again from that point and now , I'm like, ya know, there have been alot of times over those ten years that i have rebelled against Him. and done alot of wrong things against Him.

STEW: you , you were not born again. you have deceived yourself. As it is written "little children, let no one deceive you."you have deceived yourself or did some character deceive you?

PAUL: thats what i'm trying to put my things together

STEW: Whatever , Whatever.Understand that you were not born again. If you testify that you sinned, forget it. You are testifying against yourself. By the words and the mind of the the apostles, you were not."

Brethren, this 1st John Meeting took place some time after the Grace Meeting in 1989. At the meeting Stewart proclaimed over and over again that the "spirit of Christ" revealed things to him, and he understood the "mind of the apostles." In this exchange Stewart is directly telling Paul Szostak that he is not born again, not born of the Spirit, does not have the Holy Spirit dwelling in him. Later, after this meeting, the brethren dropped this teaching which means so did Stewart. So I ask you, brothers and sisters in COBU now....if Stewart withdrew from this 1st John teaching of can you trust anything Stewart says? He said for 18 years that God spoke to him, God was showing him things, revealing the truth to him and at the Grace Meeting he says he taught error. Now, at this 1st John Meeting he proclaims "the spirit of Christ" revealed to him....and drops..what the "spirit of Christ" revealed later....and you don't call him to account for falsehood? I also asked you, what is Stewart Traill by directly denying the salvation God brought to Paul Szostak 10 years ago prior to this meeting? Stewart Traill is directly telling one of our brothers in Christ that he is NOT a Christian. What will Stewart get away with now? God is not pleased with you my brothers and sisters for not telling the truth about Stewart and not taking action. Stewart is in Jesus' place right now. How can you pray to Jesus when you have allowed this false christ to replace Him in your lives?

Stewart Traill wants to "redo" everything. He said this right after questioning how one is born again, how one is saved. Do you understand current members that this means Stewart is going to look at how you "think" you got born again and "redo" it. THIS IS A DIFFERENT GOSPEL. Stewart should be accursed Paul wrote in Galatians. Peter called Stewart's kind accursed children. Brethren, Stewart does not have the authority to question or tamper with this good work God began in you. Your relationship is with Jesus. He bought you with His blood. Stewart is questioning this. He is questioning your hearts. He is questioning God's promise to you. Remember what Stewart said at the beginning of this meeting,,, "If I hadn't grabbed you, what then?" Stewart believes that he saved you; that because of his actions, you were saved. PERIOD. This thinking and the promotion by him of this thinking IS taking Jesus' place. He is a false christ. You are following and listening to a false christ. Look at his actions. Are you able to study the bible on your own and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you as shown in 1st John or do you check with what Stewart taught on the matter. Long ago, Stewart got in the way and then replaced the Holy Spirit. Who convicts you of sin these days? Who teaches you? Who counsels you? Do you hear the Shepherd's voice or do you hear Stewart's? He said at this meeting that you were allied with his(Stewart's) spirit. Stewart Traill said this. Remember, none of you has control over what Stewart chooses to tell you. He chose to say these things unhindered, uncensored. THIS IS WHO YOU ARE FOLLOWING.

One last thing on "we have to redo everything." Do you know why Stewart speaks about our church and more important, our salvation, this way? Because to Stewart, the way you got born again or how or when or where, is to him how when or where you decide to join him, become a member of his group. He has no regard for the actual work of salvation. Stewart is not even considering that you, my brother and sister, do indeed have a relationship with our Lord, and that you love Him. Look at his words again:

Stewart: We as a church to this moment, and that's another one, when, where, and how did we become a church, if we ever did, when, where, and how does any church become a church if and when it does? And for that matter, Where, when, and how if there is a where, when, and how is someone born again or are they saved? A lot of this is ah...We have to redo everything...from the bottom up

When, where, and how does a church become a church? and for that matter when, how, and where is someone born again? WE gotta redo.....respackle, re-drywall, re-decorate....let's rethink the way we do things around here and one of the "things" we need to redo is your very salvation. I contend that back in the FF, Stewart who didn't lead anyone to Jesus for the whole time he was "saved" 3, 5 or 7 years before meeting ALREADY SAVED Skip, Patty, NEIL ...This Stewart co-opted these Christians, organized them and then taught them his pushy, psychological tactics for witnessing...which DID NOT WORK FOR HIM and The Holy Spirit still worked through these young Christians, IN SPITE OF STEWART. The First Big Meeting in 1973 had 250 at it. Listen to the recording, it is what Stewart is the most animated about. At the beginning of the meeting and at the end. He said at the meeting...."Hey, you know this is the happiest day I ever knew, I was alone for years and now look at this" and he quoted the verse, "who has born me all these"....It makes sense that Stewart would look at salvation as a means of membership to his group. You think I am wrong? Why did Stewart push for lots of witnessing, and checked center reports for NUMBER SAVED, NUMBER OF INTERESTEDS....he ran witnessing like a salesman. He projected growth numbers. He questioned the faithfulness of members who were not leading many to Jesus. Stewart would change tactics and change the very gospel of Christ to get more members for his group. I ask in all this, where is the leading of the Holy Spirit? Where is God working through the brethren? What was Stewart actually doing for all those years, to us? As I said before, if he is repenting of something, it is taking on dimensions beyond his job description. He should have confessed his sins to the brethren, he should have repented before them and flat out asked them to forgive him and then he should have stepped down. To say the least he became unqualified to teach. He became untrustworthy. He broke the standards for bishops and overseers. PERIOD. He should have humbled himself and stepped down. Instead he boldly proclaims his error, pleads ignorance, tells the brethren he took Jesus' place, and then talks about redoing their salvation.....Do you now understand who you are following?

Stewart: Look at this. I practically said what it was and what you heard the last 2 months and you still didn't go to, grace is the problem.(coughing) Haven't you looked in these books lately and noticed there's no grace?(yeah, no no) with all the grace talk (sounded so good) What sounded so good?(you know something something that's) How many did, by the way, and didn't say it? How many of you thought, the problem is grace? There is no grace. y'didn't say it.

Brother: I thought I thought I thought it was, grace was different because there's been more emphasis. (he already said that)

Denny: The way I was looking at it was, I was looking at it, I was looking at more from the place of I thought you were getting more of an appreciation for grace but it never dawned on me that we

Stewart: more of an appreciation (That's what I thought)( I never really thought that) Listen, Listen, Gayle's only language is a while ago God woke me up. It was that bad. He woke me up. And rescued me. And he has in fact, (sigh) and uh, that's hope (that you can see) Grace is the foundation. Jesus Christ himself is the foundation but the next thing on is grace. So he is the foundation on Jesus. Grace is the founda, building on Jesus, grace immediately. And this teaching is a house built on sand. Not the church, the hou, the teaching is built on sand. And the teaching has come to nothing. It is based on error and contains error, contains appalling errors. Flat statements contrary to the gospel, flat contrary. I can be bitter toward all my friends as Job of course. But, having his lesson, I haven't been impatient. You know it's been hard for me to say anything to you people for 10 days, knowing all this, not wanting to start things wrongly. And 2 months previously and longer that God was waking me up. I sat here at the last meeting at the end noticing that I was unable to put together grace, election, sanctification, unable to speak of these things. The great teacher unable.

MM: Pretty bad, isn't it? Who considers Stewart a great teacher anyway? Outside COBU ST, is a bad joke for a scholar. "He who plays the great man and lacks bread." Gayle would say God woke Stewart up....I don't believe those were her exact words....maybe it was..."if you don't stop touching the sisters, I'll tell on you." More seriously, please listen brethren, Stewart right here is telling you, although not that clearly, that he is teaching error...CONTRARY TO THE GOSPEL::::Where is this in scripture? Galatians.

Stewart: And this teaching is a house built on sand. Not the church, the hou, the teaching is built on sand. And the teaching has come to nothing. It is based on error and contains error, contains appalling errors. Flat statements contrary to the gospel, flat contrary. I can be bitter toward all my friends as Job of course."

Do you see the open statement here. HE IS TEACHING CONTRARY TO THE GOSPEL. Paul said you should not even welcome this person into your house. and "Let them be accursed" Do you understand? Stewart is so corrupt in his thinking and his pride that he believes he can tell you directly what he is doing and practically use the wording of the scripture which is a NEON sign to you that that is what he is doing...and you sit there and let him. His comment about being though Stewart has something to be bitter though he is again in the place of Job and innocent and people around him and wronging him. What a twisted perspective. And now we come to the sale. Watch this.

Stewart: Very hard for me to to uh believe it. Gayle found this verse in scripture, won't tell you where, look it up later. It's about Apollos, who went around with Paul. Apollos was was teaching about Jesus, quite accurately and with a fervent spirit but he was in error. Pricilla , Aquila took him aside and they told him the real story and then those who had received grace heard him gladly. (murmur of assent wow...) Indicating that, indicating that it may have been the very same thing. Those who had received grace heard him gladly. Now do you remember that verse? (yeah) Don't bother now, in fact, FORGET YOUR BIBLES, pay attention. I'm the lesson today, not the Bible. I myself am the lesson. So learn a lesson. His fervent spirit, his fervent spirit was and some accuracy yes and he was well versed in the scriptures. I used to be maybe. And he went with his fervent spirit in the synagogue, in the synagogue he went around insisting on Jesus but apparently uh devoid of grace. Apparently oblivious, indicating maybe that was the problem. Certainly oblivious to something. And then those who had received grace afterwards heard him gladly. And later he was as follows

MM:I urge everyone to listen to this part of the Grace Meeting on the recording. Stewart actually raised his voice in anger and irritation when the brother near him tried to look up the passage about Apollos in the bible. It is remarkable and should have been a major indication of Stewart's heart to the brethren. Yes, he actually said, "In Fact Forget your bibles, I'm the lesson today." Since Stewart was angry about the brother checking his bible to see if these things were so...let's do this now and see if what Stewart reports and teaches about this small passage fits his comparison of himself to Apollos:

Acts 18:24-28 24 Now a Jew named Apol'los, a native of Alexandria, came to Ephesus. He was an eloquent man, well versed in the scriptures. 25 He had been instructed in the way of the Lord; and being fervent in spirit, he spoke and taught accurately the things concerning Jesus, though he knew only the baptism of John. 26 He began to speak boldly in the synagogue; but when Priscilla and Aq'uila heard him, they took him and expounded to him the way of God more accurately. 27 And when he wished to cross to Acha'ia, the brethren encouraged him, and wrote to the disciples to receive him. When he arrived, he greatly helped those who through grace had believed, 28 for he powerfully confuted the Jews in public, showing by the scriptures that the Christ was Jesus.

Well, we already had Stewart word dropping doubt to set up this part of the meeting. Stewart...with his "fervent" spirit....Could someone listen to the recording and tell me what was so fervent or different about ST at this meeting? He is the same guy. He's in charge, teaching error, and even still mean to brothers....Love is not irritable, arrogant, or rude. So the sell is ST is like Apollos. This is wrong on many counts. I will examine the sloppy way St recalls this passage.

Stewart:"It's about Apollos, who went around with Paul. Apollos was was teaching about Jesus, quite accurately and with a fervent spirit but he was in error."

This is not who Apollos was at the time and this was not what he was doing. According to this scripture Apollos was instructed in the way of the Lord but only knew the Baptism of John. He was not Paul's traveling companion yet because Paul hadn't met him yet. Priscilla and Aquila found him bolding speaking in a synagogue. The Scripture says: "he spoke and taught


the things concerning Jesus, though he knew only the baptism of John." IT DOES NOT SAY HE TAUGHT ERROR OR WAS IN ERROR. Stewart is lying. Here's more:

Stewart: Pricilla , Aquila took him aside and they told him the real story and then those who had received grace heard him gladly. (murmur of assent wow...) Indicating that, indicating that it may have been the very same thing."

MM: WRONG. Stewart in his truncated version does not change the venue described in scripture or the people listening or allow for time. Why is this important? Because in Stewart's version, he is putting those who through grace had believed in the synagogue where Priscilla and Aquila found him. He makes it seems like they take Apollos aside and tell him about grace and then he speaks to the synagogue and THEN they hear him gladly because he was set straight about grace. This is not scripture. Stewart is deceiving those around him. The scripture says Apollos taught accurately concerning Jesus but knew only the baptism of John. Doesn't every sane person on the planet think that maybe if Apollos is accurately teaching about Jesus but only knows the baptism of John that perhaps...Priscilla and Aquila were addressing this inaccuracy? Does the scripture say that they prayed with Apollos and he received the Holy Spirit? Did they treat Apollos as teaching error the way Stewart said he was...."flat statement contrary to the gospel"? Was Apollos taking Jesus' place?

Apollos was already saved. He taught accurately the things concerning Jesus. He received a correction ...more accuracy:27 And when he wished to cross to Acha'ia, the brethren encouraged him, and wrote to the disciples to receive him. When he arrived, he greatly helped those who through grace had believed, 28 for he powerfully confuted the Jews in public, showing by the scriptures that the Christ was Jesus. It is so pathetic and sick that Stewart would ascribe error to Apollos.....John the apostle said , "thus you will know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error".... and Stewart acts like "those who through grace believed" is some rare breed of Christian and that Apollos was now equipped to help the "grace" Christians because before he was "in error" and his "error" was that he, Apollos, missed grace too. This is a lie.

Stewart: His fervent spirit, his fervent spirit was and some accuracy yes and he was well versed in the scriptures. I used to be maybe.(Stewart never misses an opportunity to self deprecate, it's how he reminds the brethren of how good he is even when he is evil) And he went with his fervent spirit in the synagogue, in the synagogue he went around insisting on Jesus but apparently uh devoid of grace. Apparently oblivious, indicating maybe that was the problem. Certainly oblivious to something. And then those who had received grace afterwards heard him gladly. And later he was as follows"

MM:That's Stewart's rewrite. There is no indication that Apollos was devoid of anything. Again, Stewart's use of the word "devoid"...In the New Testament,It is in only one place. Oblivious is Stewart's word. So you have Stewart using Apollos' "fervent spirit" for himself and you have Stewart jamming his words on Apollos which are not accurate and are flat wrong. His speculation that Apollos had the same "problem" as he is also a lie and a deception.

Stop and consider this. Apollos was "instructed in the way of the Lord." Tell me who were Stewart's guides or teachers or instructors? Apollos taught accurately the things concerning Jesus. Stewart admits to teaching error for 18 years. Apollos was NOT A BISHOP. HE WAS NOT AN OVERSEER. Stewart who came by this office, in by another way and not by the a bishop, a pastor, a shepherd, a teacher. Apollos was not installed as a church official, he was not in charge of a flock. And when Priscilla and Aquila corrected him they wrote letters to the brethren for them to receive Apollos. Apollos was commended to the brethren. He was recommended. Who approved ST? Where is his testing? Stewart wants to be Apollos because then he would not have to face the standards the New Testament church has for him in Timothy and Titus. There is a difference between being "shown more accurately the way of God and then commended to continue to speak" and Stewart leading a church, sinning against the sisters, sinning against his wife and then have this charade of a meeting and not being straight forward about the truth. And more pointedly, Stewart the false teacher should not even be running the meeting! Stewart is Not Apollos. Not by a mile. And it is appalling that Stewart would make this sloppy, unscholarly, unscriptural, and deceptive claim.

Stewart: For 25 years? Was it? By the way. To your shame, well, they didn't really. I walked in here and I actually said..and nobody threw up. I actually said, "Can't you rely on your faith?" That's worse than saved by faith. Now you're even relying on it, it's everything. You rely on your faith. How many of you said, you didn't , you didn't say it, but you thought "that is wrong!" Let's hear it! How many said, that is wrong, Let's Hear It! Up or Down! What did you say Bob?

MM: Stewart wants the brethren to focus on the words and bigger things are not being addressed

Bob: I thought it was wrong cuz we just had a lesson on relying on Jesus. but

Stewart: What is, what is the use of all these lessons? These lessons are accomplishing nothing. It's my fervent spirit that's doing everything. You're not listening to the lessons even as far as they do go. You do what I do. I say "don't smoke" but I smoke so what do you do?(smoke). It's nothing but God's grace that which I was oblivious which has brought us thus far, nothing but. It's all the more clear. Even with that error of that magnitude, so that the deepest possible error. I can't believe that no other Christians, I can't believe that no other Christians, an error of that magnitude, could not be spotted. I can't believe it. But there it is. Where is grace? Faith in His promise. Where is grace? Yes, the concept is good. And in fact all the better, 12 ways to practice, that's all the better, that word. Because that's what this is practicing. Now the real use of faith..that's something else.

MM: You can sum this up a few ways. Oblivious ST was missing grace and teaching the brethren to "rely on faith" which is error and just stupid on it's face but more importantly, Stewart either truthfully believes if he got the words right then that would have made a difference or he is deceiving the brethren. And this: "no other Christians" spotted this error of great magnitude" this "deepest possible error" Stewart's words, not mine. He is self deceived and delusional at this point but certainly hearkening back to the good old FF days.....

The "other" Christians? Stewart mocked them, despised them, would not fellowship with them. And when they did actually point out that there was something wrong, he mocked them, derided them. In this meeting alone he hardly gives any credit to David Wilkerson and others who "tried to land me(Stewart) with grace." Stewart does not trust other Christians. He closed us off from fellowshipping with them. As far as "other" Christians "spotting" his error.....well no Stewart, they probably were not looking at the particular error of your precise choosing. They were probably more concerned with the obvious, like your harsh treatment of your flock, your cultic behavior, the fact that there were no other teachers in your group, no other true leaders as early FF documents clearly state and no accoutability for you to submit to.

It is not surprising that you would blame and scold your followers for Not catching your error. Are you so corrupt that you cannot see that you robbed these brethren of their ability to question you. They have witnessed for years your treatment of them and the rare times someone has stood up to you. Are you blind to your own thin skin and unwillingness to be tested? You don't care what "other" Christians think. You never have. And you frankly do not care what the current members think. You have never submitted to them. You have never deferred to their judgment."HE who would be great among you, must be slave of all and servant of all. Not your style, huh Stew. Are you so corrupt and blind?

Cut 3

Stewart: That's something else. These are indeed, 12 ways to practice where they, where they properly...speaking of grace and the other matters. But the real use of grace, and the real use of faith rather is in believing and in walking by faith that we are God's chosen and elect and that His grace is given to us. We have to get into this and thereby..grace is first, faith is second. We are saved by grace not by faith. We're saved through faith. Faith is necessary. But faith is the basis. Now of course it's ruined. I wonder. I might as well say it (I'll just go ahead) If you took this book to all the, to the uh bible schools, would they say this is good? I, I, I'm appalled to say I think they would. I think they would buy it. It is written with a fervent spirit and is saying good and right things. The word "subtle"...this is nothing but the work of the devil. Period, nothing but. It is so subtle, so beautiful and perfect. Wish I coulda done that well. Wish I was that good. I'm not. Therefore, who has saved us all these years? (Jesus! by grace, by His grace)

MM: You have to catch your breath, right? He can tell a room full of Christians that his "12 Ways to Put your Faith in Jesus" book is a work of the devil, nothing but, "And we are suppose to trust you now because....? And again in Stewart-speak.....he distances himself from the actual work of the devil.....and this strange self-deprecation that in a sick way compliments him and registers an admission while still getting a thank you Jesus from the brethren. When Stewart says, "Do you follow? or Do you understand? and no one does...the illusion sometimes is that Stewart is so deep about his understanding of the bible that none of the brethren can keep up when in reality no one understand what he is actually doesn't make logical sense, or scriptural sense. It doesn't make spiritual sense. Look again at the distancing and the strange appreciation for the work of the devil:

Stewart: The word "subtle"...this is nothing but the work of the devil. Period, nothing but. It is so subtle, so beautiful and perfect. Wish I coulda done that well. Wish I was that good. I'm not. Therefore, who has saved us all these years? (Jesus! by grace, by His grace)

MM: Sorry to but in, Stew, but you are that good at doing the work of the devil because YOU WROTE THE THING. IT IS YOUR WRITING. YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN WORDS. YOU WILL ALSO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU TEACH. At the judgment, God will not parse out what your spirit did and what your soul was up to and whether you "intended" to lead Christians astray....Stop deceiving yourself. YOU ARE THAT "GOOD" and by the's not hard to do what you did. When you are devoid of the Spirit and have a selfish ambition and are a legalist....well...every vile practice is possible and missing grace is the least of your sins. If the Spirit of God is not revealing the truth to you, then who has been helping you all these years?

Who has saved "us" all these years? Stewart, God saved the brethren around you. They know when where and how they got saved. God has been faithful and loving to them and keeping them, like you said, in spite of your error, so don't go crouching in trying to be one the sheep. You are clearly not and you are clearly going to be judge for your treatment of these brethren. It remains an open question whether or not you, Stewart, ever received the Holy Spirit.

Stewart: And you have this feeling Stewart is saving us. That's what you have, your feeling( voices of accent) somehow. One of the last.....I was handing out these comments about the, this meeting, y'know I hand 'em out, one a day. The last one, I didn't hand out was, "I wish the the uh Christian movie Hollywood cameras could be here for this meeting." to uh make a movie of this meeting. ya think?(yeah)The rest of it was, the rest of the saying was "I've worked very hard for this meeting and I deserve it" (right) and that was going to be the card. Well I have worked very hard. I grew weary with hard doing. Even I grew weary. Sin began showing up in my behavior. Poor Gayle, had to bear the brunt of it. And toward all of you. How was I behaving toward you?

MM: Subtle like a serpent. Careful wording. More deceptive confession. Sin began "showing up in my behavior." Sin started "showing up"....Do you think Stewart would have accepted this kind of language from any of us at any time in the FF or COBU? Stewart taught us that one "chooses" sin. But victim Stewart...."going on his merry way, missing grace and shazam...sin started "showing up." Poor Gayle, had to bear the brunt of it. Deceit. Stewart is deceiving the brethren. Watch what the brother answers Stewart, and notice how Stewart doesn't acknowledge him. The brother hit one of the major things about Stewart and Stewart moves over him in search of a less truthful observation. Stewart doesn't want the members to be honest with him about what he is really doing, what he really is. Here is the exchange.

Stewart: And toward all of you. How was I behaving toward you?

Brother: A cruel father like

Stewart: Let's hear it. A year, 6months, two years? 5 years? Can't figure it out huh?(no) There's a lot of good practical things in here, they helped you a lot if only the basis were there. In fact, If only the false basis weren't there and the right one was. If somebody were trying to avoid grace but still trying to make something look accurate, I wonder how much better they coulda done? Maximum accuracy minus grace. If you're gonna try that, I wonder how you could do much better? If that were the goal, I don't think I could have done that well. There is an amazing space where amazing grace should have been. (yeah, some laughter). There really is. And we used to sing that(yeah)back in 137. I am appalled at the whole thing.

MM: Look at Stewart's behavior. He asks. "How was I behaving toward you?" and he gets one answer and then changes the subject. Did he really want the brethren to tell him? Did he really want to face the truth? Apparently not. The brother said Stewart was behaving like a cruel father. Can any one of us be more precise than this? Stewart moves on to this warped taking credit for "accurate teaching minus grace" he wants to say that there are "good practical things" in his teaching but there is a False basis...well yes in a way that's true...the devil takes true things and manipulates them into a lie. What is a member suppose to come away with? You taught falsely Stewart but you taught some good practical things. You didn't mean to teach falsely and the proof is, you say, because the teaching of grace is no where to be found, that somehow it is beyond you to purposely omit this teaching, that you are not skilled enough or evil enough to do such a thing. I tell you that this task is very simple and YOU DID DO THIS.... you are simply a false christ, a committed legalist, a cult leader and since a legalist believes as you have always believed that one can lose their salvation and that the believer has a part to play in keeping their salvation by believed this and taught this. Why would you teach grace? You don't believe in it. And according to the many meetings after this one in 1989, you still don't believe in grace and you didn't repent of the things you said you did.

"A cruel father" the brother said. Hey Stewart, What is the difference between this brother in 1989 calling you a cruel father and a brother in 1974 calling you harsh? And what is the difference between your treatment of the brethren here in 1989 and in the early 90's when you had them hold the Escape Recipe over their heads and volunteer for the lake of fire? When were you ever bearing the Fruit of the Spirit. When did you ever fit the description of love in 1 Corinthians 13? While we are at it, So far, I think Stewart has said the word, "love" once so far at this meeting.

Stewart: of this you have heard before and the word of truth, the gospel which has come to you as indeed in the whole world, it is bearing fruit and growing so among yourselves. From the day you heard and understood the grace of God in truth. Understood?! I never, I never knew it. Literally. I was totally oblivious. Totally oblivious. I know I did it in ignorance. Can you believe that?(mixed voices) find hard to believe it is,(ST voice louder) the amazing thing, God has done amazing things through me for you! many many many, every one of them was only His grace! It wasn't me at all. In fact, it was in spite of me. Now think of that for (unclear). You couldn't do much better on a Grace Hollywood movie. And is there someone more sincere than me? Maybe, maybe not.

MM: Twisted, convoluted. The simple question....what standards? How do the brethren test? How do they hold their pastor accountable? You have in the same paragraph God working through Stewart for the brethren, then God is extending his grace to the brethren IN SPITE OF Stewart, then Stewart said "IT WASN'T ME AT ALL." I ask again, so what is Stewart repenting from, what is he accountable for, to whom is he accountable? He got this one part right....God our Father was faithful to His children and loved them and kept His promises to them IN SPITE of Stewart. God never worked through Stewart. His primary function was to teach and be an example to the flock. He failed sinfully on both counts. He taught error and he replaced Jesus our Lord. God had to work inspite of Stewart. And Stewart cannot have it both ways. Yes, it was God's grace but also God's love and God being true for His Name sake to keep His promise and his commitment to His children. How can God work through someone who has taken His Son's place? How could God work through Stewart when he is in error?

Stewart: Now, what in me could ever, Is it something in me, I, I assume. Why did God allow that? Is it dawning on you that I have been oblivious, grace doesn't exist, doesn't exist. You never heard me speak it did you?( no, no , not until recently)

MM: The biggest sell at this meeting seems to be Stewart's oblivion and ignorance. And this is the man who told us for years that God was "showing" him all this, "revealing" to him all this. And we can trust that he is not missing something right now at this meeting...because...? We can trust that God is now "really" talking to Stewart now at this meeting because...?

HERE we leave the 1st transcript and recording and continue with GRACE MEETING CUT 6 at 3 minutes 50 sec.

Brother: beginning to

Stewart: what?

Brother: different!

Stewart: different heh.(laughter)

Brother: Seems a lot more fair to me that really is Grace is the basis and I haven't been living according to that.

Stewart: Let's hear it (it's gonna take time) a week at the most (laughter) However (laughter) However, what's needed is starting all over again(yes)God has consigned all of us, that he might have mercy on all and error. We're gonna pray together, Lord willing. Now how are we gonna pray together?(mixed voices, the words by his grace and mercy and salvation are heard) You know it's almost against the uh scripture almost, that all that you do, do in thankfulness for the grace that you've received. You realize that? All that you do, do in thankfulness for the grace that you have received. Not hoping to earn something. Are we ready to pray together? (yes) Tape turned off then on))))

MM: Sloppy and irresponsible application of scripture. Here are the verses in Romans 11: 30 Just as you were once disobedient to God but now have received mercy because of their disobedience, 31 so they have now been disobedient in order that by the mercy shown to you they also may receive mercy. 32 For God has consigned all men to disobedience, that he may have mercy upon all.

The scripture is from Romans 11. It is primarily speaking about the Jews. Romans 11 is also about the olive tree and the natural branches and the wild olive shoots. Stewart sloppily and inaccurately tells a room full of ALREADY SAVED CHRISTIANS, that "what's needed is starting all over again." The scripture is talking about God consigning all humans to disobedience that He might have mercy upon all"---THAT IS THE SALVATION JESUS WON FOR US AT THE CROSS. Stewart again is changing what God has established as our salvation. A reminder that months later he attacked the foundation of our salvation by his 1st John "sinless" perfection doctrine. And consider also here.....stop and read these words again.....Stewart: "You know it's almost against the uh scripture almost, that all that you do, do in thankfulness for the grace that you've received." I ask current members.....why would a man of God start a sentence with "You know it's almost against scripture" and then peddle his teaching after this terrible utterance? In the 1st John Meeting he does a simliar digusting thing. He openly complains, "that if John could have written just one more chapter" to explain what he meant in the 5 chapters God in the Spirit wrote through John. It is a challenge to God. It is saying that Stewart actually has teaching and undertanding that surpasses the scriptures, that the scriptures are inadequate and that he, Stewart, has been shown things that even the scriptures fail to address. It is a pride that has corrupted Stewart. Beyond a false teacher, this is the spirit of antichrist.

Stewart: Thank you Jesus(thank you Jesus)So how's your shock value people?(mixed voices..."it's getting less")On the other hand some of you were well on your way, 25 years of no grace. No appreciation of grace. you know it's been 10 days now that I've realized that, 10 days and I am shocked as ever, still total shock. I don't see how I could have done that. I keep saying that, I don't know how I could have done it but I did it. How very very hard to believe, but there you have it. Now uh, however why don't we get into instead of uh...What we need to do is redo everything uh..redo our lives as individuals and as a fellowship so that everything is firmly based on grace.(thank you Jesus)Now face it. It hasn't been. That is God's grace has been working for us but eh our lives and and uh fellowship has not been based on grace at all. So, how do we do it, easier said than done.(yes)Any suggestions?You know something we gotta start? Bible studies such as we had 20 years ago, now what was it like Gayle?

MM: Notice again Stewart's thinking and his error right here. He would have the brethren believe that "he woke up" 10 days ago and that now "he understands what to do." IF one admits to teaching error and is therefore a false teacher, then there is no provision for him to continue in the congregation. This is not a mild correction of doctrine as Stewart would have everyone believe. His trustworthiness is shot. God would not work through an established, known, false teacher. And God would certainly not work through a person who has taken HIS SON'S PLACE in the hearts and minds of the children of God. Nothing Stewart says from now on should have been regarded.

Stewart considers this "redo everything" and he means not just the structure of the fellowship but the very lives of the brethren.Think about what that really means. Even a healthy teacher or pastor does not have the authority to do this. He thinks it is going to be hard to move these Christians from "works" to "grace"....well, it will be hard IF IT WERE UP TO Stewart. The error continues. Because Stewart is not led by the Spirit of God, is not trained in teaching or discipleship, and could quite possibly have never received the Spirit of God, missing grace is as simple as breathing. What's his solution for getting started? Bible studies, which would be good if this were any other christian teacher. But we are talking about a man who has put "thinking" "understanding" and "figuring out" and I will add...his THINKING, HIS UNDERSTANDING....HIS MIND above the Spirit of God for his whole time in this group. It was Stewart's understanding along with his pride and his sin that got these Christians in this idolatry of him. This grace meeting could have been held in 1976. The real truth of Stewart Traill, his real sin, appeared the moment he assumed control of these Christians. Now Stewart is going to get witnesses to "how great" everything was at 137 in Allentown. Let's read and see what the point of this was.

Gayle: Where we would all fellowship together in trying to understand God's will and not be assuming Stewart knows everything and just sitting there waiting for him to show us.(murmur of assent "right, I agree").

Stewart: Now how do you like that.. Bob Whipple was there Neil was there.. There was not the assumption that Stewart knows everything.

Bob: right we had We would all get together at 137,and Jesus would show us things and we'd be all get in there, Jesus would be showing brother Stewart things...

Stewart: Harold? Where's Harold? Is he here?

Harold: yeah

Stewart: See Harold was there.(yep) We used to have bible studies and that one little house was all we had(yep)and,

Bob: we were all involved, it wasn't always Brother Stewart we were all given our opinions, what we thought it meant and everything, and y'know Jesus was using all of us together.

MM: Now I will have you look again at what was suppose to be the reason for what Gayle said and what Bobby said:

Stewart: That is God's grace has been working for us but eh our lives and and uh fellowship has not been based on grace at all. So, how do we do it, easier said than done.(yes)Any suggestions?You know something we gotta start? Bible studies such as we had 20 years ago, now what was it like Gayle?

MM: Stewart was talking about changing the basis of the lives of the brethren and the fellowship to grace. And his answer is to start with Bible studies like the ones 20 years ago. And so what was Gayle's support testimony for this idea and Bobby's? Boiled down. "We had bible studies where Stewart wasn't the "know-it-all, and everyone was equally involved, and we weren't just waiting for Stewart to have the answer." Before I even address this idea, let me ask, Why is Stewart asking Gayle and Bobby and Harold to bear witness to what 137 was like when he was trying to promote the idea of "grace" and how to move the fellowship off works and to grace? Did Gayle say, "Yeah, back then, we were all into grace and so going back to studying the bible about grace like we used to at 137 would be a good idea." What about Bobby? Did he point to anything remotely related to changing the fellowship of the brethren to grace? No, the point was, back then Stewart wasn't in charge and nobody was waiting around for Stewart to take the lead.

There are a couple of things happening here at once. First, the subject was changed. Getting everyone on "grace" became Stewart wasn't in charge in the FF. Second, there is a subtle misdirect to Stewart being okay as a teacher, a leader, and therefore is okay for him to "keep leading." Third, there is more blame. This is now the third time I believe Stewart has impressed upon the brothers and sisters that it is their fault that he, Stewart, is a false christ. He in essence is trying to sell this: "Hey, back in Allentown the devil wasn't "arranging" for me to take Jesus' place, I was just one of the group, nothing different about me, and I never put myself out and above anyone. We were all equal back at 137. We had bible studies and I wasn't any kind of a leader or anything. We were all the same. And now look, somehow you all treat me like I'm suppose to know everything and I am suppose to be this great leader. Where did you all get that idea? It's not my fault that you consider everything I say to be from God Himself. Who made you think that I was anything different or special. Gee, I wish we could go back to 137 when I was just like Bobby and Neil, and Patty, and Harold." You get the lie here? The deception. possibly the delusion. Do not say the former days were better than these, for it is not from wisdom that you say this" would be the mild correction to this false christ.

The great correction would be his removal from the church. Can anyone in their right mind believe that Stewart was just one the sheep, ever? I have listened to tapes from that "glorious time" of equality and Stewart is in charge. I have talked to early members who were at 137 and before at 128....Stewart was in charge. The difference back then is that he didn't have to spell it out and he didn't have to be as heavy handed, even though he was still harsh. As the brethren grew in Christ and Stewart grew in sin, he needed to ascert himself more and hello MTC. At the 1973 First Big Meeting Stewart said something simliar to this lie he is encouraging above. He was in the midst of giving the John 1:12 bible study and he said words to the effect, "I wish I was in Allentown, in Allentown everyone would be jumping in and contributing, not like here." He was point again to how participatory the brethren were at his bible studies.....well the brethren were speaking up and trying....does that translate to "equality" that Stewart wasn't in charge? Stop and think. Who was giving the bible studies? Stewart. Who was the one to say whether or not what was said was right or wrong? Stewart. It is a lie that Stewart was an equal, the same, just one of the FFer's. As early as 1972 Stewart wrote to the detractors of the FF that according to "Stewart's authority of truth".....this is Stewart writing about himself in the 3rd person. Maybe the 137 FFer's believed that they were all the same, and that there were many leaders but I contend that this is what Stewart caused them to believe. He was always in charge. And he is accountable to God for his words and deeds. God said so. We are accountable to God for not speaking against Stewart's leadership. Current members are responsible for continuing to support someone and accept the rule of someone whom God has not approved and whom God now, according to scripture, indentifies as a false christ.

Stewart: I was starting from scratch at that time and that's what I'm doing now. How do you like that?(wow, thank you Jesus)what was I saying just humanly, just humanly alone, try that, and you're 53 and you say "well yes, the last 25 years, come to think of it, I was all wrong, okay, I'll start all over again. Just try that. At 53, just in anything human. However that's the state, and it's not human, infinite way way eternal and yet that's what's needed. I and everyone must start over and in fact a bunch a backsliders all the more(yeah)therefore, therefore, and another thing maybe it wouldn't have mattered actually we running out of these books anyway so it's(laughter) (end of cut 6)

MM: Stewart making light of the truth of his situation with a deception. The last 25 years he was all wrong. Now if you actually think about what he was wrong about, then it is not funny at all, but to Stewart, he made a mistake, something to understand first and then fix, according to his thinking. Stewart misrepresented God the Father to His Children for 18 years. He admits to being a false teacher and he admits to being a false christ and he wants to joke about a workbook that is a symbol of "just getting it wrong."


Stewart: Everybody asks, "How's your relationship with Jesus?" You ask that all the time, right, to each other? (yeah) And you immediately follow it with, "Is it based on his grace?" Right? (no, no then pledges to change that) Is relationship with God based on His grace?(hesitating...yess)How do you know?..heheh at this point. well alright by faith...however that's what you gotta ask. And that's what you gotta be looking for, actually more, looking for what it means...How do you see the grace of God? How do you know if someone is based on the grace of God or whatever?

MM: And we are off the races. Stewart is now in teaching mode. Hey do you think he is modeling the kind of bible studies he gave at 137 when everyone was equal, not waiting for Stewart to have all the answers? Stop and look at this opener. Do you see what I see? What strikes me first is Stewart right away puts out the questions. A teacher does that sort of thing. With Stewart though the assumption on our part about him is that he already knows the answer to what he is asking because for 18 years he has trained us to "wait for him to give the right answer." Could it be to give the illusion that we are just like Stewart, guessing, just like him, that we have the same chance as him of getting the right answer as he does. So why ask the questions? that's one. Now look at what he suggesting we do.....get the words "right." Remember back in the FF days we learned to ask, "How's your faith in Jesus or "how's your relationship with Jesus" This question was accusatory in tone. It was a testing question because the FF wasn't into "playing church." So the only teacher of the FF and COBU now wants to teach us a new set of words to try on each other. And he has already put the accusation and the testing in. "How is your relationship with Jesus?" "Is it based on His grace?" "PROVE IT!".....gosh isn't grace wonderful? Don't you get the feeling that these brothers and sisters are in good hands?

Stewart then goes to his method. "This is what you gotta ask"....YOU MUST DO THIS TO EACH OTHER...this is what you are looking for.....Okay, now Stewart, you are getting the brethren to look for proof that their relationship is based on grace....great...that's all we need is another weapon to use on each other. Isn't grace wonderful? Stewart, the drop-out scientist, has all the beakers bubbling..testing theories, "hmmm how does grace work, what does it look like, how do you know when you are under it or it's on you or if you are given it and how much grace does God give, what is the exact measure?" "we need to get into this" you see that nothing has changed. Devoid of the Spirit, devoid of the wisdom of God, and yet let's let him continue.

Brother: Because the kindness of your life. How He shows you and gives you things and does things in your life and it's nothing that you do, it's that He does it for you.

Stewart: Okay but eh, our fellowship must be in grace, by the way, uh why not instead of calling these backslider's meetings, why not call them "Grace" meetings (yeah Thank you Jesus) Do you realize that we're saved by grace(yep) and kept by grace(yeah) What does it mean, "My grace is sufficient for you"? That means you get all you need. (yeah, yep) He gives more grace to the humble. Remember that, therefore he gives more grace(yeah yes)We are saved and kept. That's going to be very obvious. Yes, you don't want to accept that I too make mistakes and really serious ones because.... if you don't have to face that then you don't have to trust Jesus, because I'm perfect, you just trust me (yeah)see? Same old thing. You don't want to accept , see what's going on, after that last session? That's part of what's going on. You don't want to accept what?

Bobby: I saw myself in other words when you when you ah you know when you told and said the truth about yourself, I was shocked because uh I was more trusting you and uh trusting all uh but uh rather than relying on Jesus to show me things. more trusting that you would show me things I think that's the reason I acted that way. yknow shocked shocked y'know

Stewart: It started out as Jesus showing you things through me(right)But then what did it turn into?(you, "Stewart told us", "Stewart said", Brother Stewart rather than Jesus)

Brother: It did start out with Jesus...... through you and um just taking for granted and uh getting into uh just trusting that you'll tell us what to do

Stewart: So then scriptures aren't the authority, Stewart is. (right) On the other hand, these lessons, all the loose pieces, that's what this is, all the loose pieces floating around with no grace to to uh unify uh if the loose pieces floating around are that good, what would it be with the real basis?(murmur of enthusiasm). where where uh ya don't have to stop every minute and say "well how does this connect to that and how does this connect to that and you gotta hold all these things in your head at once to make any sense out of it? ya'know what I mean?(yes) You need grace. Living accordingly ,that's another thing, according to God's grace as our basis. Whole new ball game, what did I say it'd be after this meeting?(whole new ball game).

MM: Here we see the real problem again. It is the real problem but Stewart and the brethren are only talking about the symptoms. But there it is, right there. Stewart is allowed to explain his own problem and the fellowship's problem. Right there we need to be on guard. Look at how Stewart points to a really serious thing.....Taking Jesus' place.....and notice how he still takes credit for some things he taught being "right." At other parts of the meeting Stewart said he was ALL WRONG....collosal error....deepest possible error....and here he is saying some parts of his teaching were right. And he takes credit for God working through him.

Stewart: "It started out as Jesus showing you things through me."

MM: Stop right there. Does that mean Stewart was not teaching error when all this started? And does the bible talk about God "showing you things" through a teacher? It is talk like this and belief and teaching like this when this all "started"; it is when Stewart began the cult. Stewart is the one who proclaimed that God was "showing him things" that God was "speaking to him"...and the FF documents, printed bible studies where Stewart loudly boasts that he had the true interpretation of the bible, of the Old Testament. FF in the 70's were telling reporters that God speaks to Stewart. Then we have Stewart in the 70's putting out the idea that he was Elijah/ John the Baptist. So Stewart is deceptive here and trying to have it many ways. He taught error, but some of the error was good....He was totally wrong for the last 25 years but according to him, Jesus did show us things through him. This confusion enables Stewart to keep his office of pastor. If the brethren were to examine him and test him according to the truth, he would have been removed as soon as he told everyone he taught error. Here we actually see again the evidence that it is not just teaching error but being a false christ and assuming the place that only belongs to Christ, functioning or trying to do the things only the Spirit of God is to do for the believer.

The brother said, "It did start out with Jesus...... through you and um just taking for granted and uh getting into uh just trusting that you'll tell us what to do." Brothers and sisters, right here is the evidence. Who then is LORD of this brother's life? Who does he follow, really? He is accountable for his choosing to follow Stewart instead of being faithful to his true Lord. And Stewart is absolutely responsible and accountable for everything he did to give this brother a choice between masters. Stewart is responsible for choosing to take Jesus' place. He will be judged by our God for being a false christ. Remember when Paul the Apostle preached and the people tried to offer sacrifices to him as though he were a god? Paul went out into the crowd and tore his own clothes and said...."we are men like you" and he vigorously urged them not to treat him like he was a god. Stewart insisted on his way of doing things from the beginning. He shunned all other churches and all other christians. He set himself up to every member as somebody and he trained every member to disregard their own thinking and their own understanding and rely on his. This is a fact. There is no evidence of other teachers, other authors who also were regarded.Stewart did not teach us to listen to the Holy Spirit or "They shall all be taught by God" and "The law is written on their hearts." Stewart took leadership of the young christians of Allentown and he taught them his way and he put himself forward as something other than what he was and something more than the bible allows a teacher to be. He made this. This brother is an example of the rest of the 1350 live-in members who followed Stewart Traill.

If this is all hard to take and maybe you think I am being extreme. Let me then ask you this? If members were not looking to Jesus but looking to Stewart, if the members were allied with Stewart's spirit and not God's Spirit, if members were looking to Stewart as the authority and not the scriptures, then I ask, why didn't Stewart say to the brethren, out of love for them, "I will step down as pastor and teacher, because obviously you all are looking at me the way you should be looking at Jesus, you all have regarded me in such a way that your Christians lives are damaged by this view. I am to blame for leading you to follow me instead of Jesus. I am to blame for taking Jesus' place and teaching you directly and indirectly to follow me. Since I have done this, and since you have allow me to do this for so long, it is imperative that I remove myself from you, for your sake, because how can you stop relying on me if I am still here doing the very thing that got us here in the first place? This just on a logical, human, common sense level, makes sense. On the level of being loving and caring for the brethren as a fellow member in the body of Christ, this would be the course to take. And by scripture and applying the truth to what Stewart is, he should have been removed by the brothers and sisters.

Stewart: Now, somebody mentioned back there that grace is a chance to take advantage. Remember earlier? (yes) It sounds scary because it's a chance eh certainly is and there's no question about it and that is the danger and wine is treacherous and salvation by works is a drag.(that's true, that's right , laughter) Therefore grace, faith and spirit. The problem with grace is take advantage and the classical with with grace, the classical with the grace problem is "once saved always saved" and "anything goes" That's the classic case and problem. spirit, well, you name it, wine is treacherous and the spirit is mad and well that could be ahh...there's a lot of wild spirit talk. You know what can happen and with ah faith again... own too much faith..(works)now the truth is all three are rightly put together by Jesus. All three are there. And there are problems with going overboard on on everyone of them.

Now it is true that with grace, the ah, the potential to take advantage is there. That's why earlier, I was saying that if you have to error, better to error the way I did. You don't get it? (yes)You don't get it huh? (yes) of the three, take advantage,(that's horrible) just take advantage of wuh..."I just say I'm sorry and move on" ah that's our basis, which is uh obviously, that's horrible, and how about wild spirit talk, just whatever. had to even defined (confusing) chaos total anything. It's been bad enough but now the idea is to make it right in all three. Now the chan the uh, uh grace gives us the chance to take advantage, there's no way around it. and you'll hea, you see a lot about that, hear and see a lot and and you realize it already?(yes) Grace says our salvation is already finished. We already have it. There's nothing left. There is nothing to work for. He said, "It is finished" and...that's it, it's all over. The problem is how do you react to it. Now, His chosen, the elect are so thankful that they have this salvation guaranteed, that they react in thankfulness, while the others react, you name it. But the real ones appreciate and wouldn't dream of taking advantage and are so thankful for the easy basis. Thereby prove who we are. Starting to make sense to you(yeah)We oughta get into this whole pack here called called , The Beginning of a right view and balance. I'll just read thru these things, a lot of notes, and we gotta study em..sitting up. On the one hand, once saved always saved. On the other hand, going round and round "Am I going to earn salvation by my faithfulness?" Now God ke, grace is the key to the right approach, the right balance. How do we arrive at the right balance between security in our salvation and our need and responsibility to walk by faith...and led by God's Spirit. And it really is God's Spirit, not me having fun. Now, how do we arrive at the right balance. "Right" in quotation marks, what God calls "right." which means security in our salvation, uh need and responsibility to walk by faith, and being led by God's Spirit. (all three). and here's another point that uh may sound strange, another thing will grow upon you. It isn't how faithful you are, it isn't how well you use your faith, that isn't, the most important thing is whether you have faith or not. Everyone, everyone who has faith is justified. Are you aware of that? While we're on the subject, let me tell you another one. However much I have sold this one, now what a shame ..Faith..(end of cut 7)


Stewart: now what a shame. Faith is a seed. much did, pathetic. Faith is not a seed. However, much did, did I sell that one(yes, seed of faith). Faith is not a seed. The truth is, the bible says, that we were assigned a measure of faith, each (end of CUT 8)

no cut 9

CUT 10

Stewart: much did, pathetic. Faith is not a seed. However, much did, did I sell that one(yes, seed of faith). Faith is not a seed. The truth is, the bible says, that we were assigned a measure of faith, each of us, long ago. We were assigned a measure of faith, a certain amount. And, His chosen ones, my sheep hear my voice, they react to His call by faith automatically. We have it, not all men have faith. But...all His chosen do. You have faith and when you hear the gospel, you respond to it by faith thereby beginning to prove who you are. while the others, "it did not meet with faith in the hearers and it was of no benefit to them. We're gonna have to get into that. That's one of the, one of the bases of telling who you are. Do you have faith? Are you of those who still have faith or have you lost it? Now, you gotta decide. We are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed but have faith, have it. We're justified by believing in Jesus. And we continue to be justified by faith. Now here's uh statement, something like this. By the measure of faith that was assign us long ago we respond to His call to come to Him and receive our measure of grace, perhaps we already received it. So receive grace which is always sufficient for us. Then by our faith we begin to realize that we are His chosen and elect. And this faith leads us to follow Him then. Not to earn salvation but as the normal result of salvation that has already been seen to exist and is further seen through faith. Now something like that. We're gonna find out.

MM: ST the religio-scientist...... why are they letting him teach?

Stewart: I wonder the more evangelical a church is the more imbalance there is. Wonder if that's the rule. The price of fervency and evangelism is is error. I wonder if that is eh..that's just one to consider.

MM: Yes, folks, Jesus gave the Great Commission and told the disciples to evangelize the world but don't go overboard being fervent and evangelistic or you will pay the price. the price? Error! Obviously Stewart is hoplessly trying to defend himself. Yes, That's what Stewart's problem was...he was so into making Jesus known and but not doing the "right basis" and not striking the "right" he fell into error......Well, you at least have to give Stewart credit for going overboard fervently evangelizing. That's not the real sin, Stew! and you are distorting the word of God.

Stewart: "Free" is a grace word, one of the words around grace, "free." And being set..."free is a grace word being set free by and through grace is one of the fundamentals. We were set free by grace. Does that ring a bell?(( yeah)) not really((murmuring)) not really okay not really. But these will grow on you. Being set free by and through grace. For freedom Christ has set you free and don't use it to take advantage. Nevertheless he has set us free and it's over and done with. And we will prove who we are, if we value what he's done. The truth is we must be led by His Spirit to walk by faith in His saving grace. that's the sentence putting them together. The truth is we must be led by His Spirit, to walk by faith in His saving grace. Grace is the basis, but faith is how we operate. The gospel is the statement, Romans is the explanation, and the letters are the application.

MM: With Stew it always sounds right at first and then there are scriptures that break down his constructed model. Okay the sentence St constructed is this: The truth is we must be led by His Spirit, to walk by faith in His saving grace. Okay then what does "But I say walk by the Spirit" mean? How about Romans 4 "Abraham believed God and it was reckoned to him as righteousness" and later "We say that faith was reckoned to him as righteousness".....and then we have "not having a righteousness of my own" and then "He made Him to be sin who knew know sin, so that we might become the righteousness of God".....We walk by the Spirit we are led by the Spirit, we sow to the Spirit. What does "your faith has made you well" mean? Do you see that this false teacher is setting the brethren up by using his own thinking..AGAIN to construct some formula that will come to nothing and it did short time later. Why didn't anyone stand up and ask, "Why are we listening to this guy?"

Stewart: Yeah ya come from grace in interpreting the New Testament, something I never did, try to interpret the New Testament.

MM:STOP STOP STOP...... Stewart, how about reading the New Testament. How about obeying the word of God. Stewart in the Wine Bible Study in 1974-75 said the New Testament was "bubbles" and a shame. I have the page right here Stewart's view of the Old Testament and his contempt for the New Testament. He said, "The New Testament is flat this don't do this and the Old Testament is where your desire for understanding is satisfied." Brothers and sisters, We are Christians. We were born of the Spirit of God. Our Salvation in Jesus Christ is in the New Testament. The Gospels are the life and teaching and the death and ressurection of our Lord. To Stewart the "gospel is the statement." Something Stewart never did...interpret the New Testament? Do you realized what this admission means? If "Jesus was showing you things through me" at first...Stewart's words...then God was showing us "things"..."understanding" through Stewart by ignoring the New Testament, the New Covenant which was and is in the blood of His Son. Who decided to "interpret things"? Stewart his own words....remember .."I got saved or whatever and I got into interpreting the Old Testament."...His choice...not led by God....Stewart's choice to focus on the Old Testament and practically ignore the New Testament except to hammer John 3 because it meant members for his group. Stewart, turning his method of interpretation on the New Testament?! The New Testament has the commands for the job Stewart was supposed to be doing. "Tend the flock of God that is your charge..." The New Testament has standards and the testing for the job by which Stewart was never tested, "If anyone aspires to the office of Bishop he desires a noble task." The New Testament contains the scriptures concerning false brethren, false teachers, false christs, and antichrists. Oh Stewart will get into the New Testament by means of "his method" of understanding, but he won't teach the brethren to allow the Spirit of God to reveal the truth to them because they would then know what Stewart is and take action with God's approval.

Stewart: Now that I mention it, now I'm being double cautious now, but uh, the olive tree has something to do with grace. Whether it is Jesus...ah...grace working through Jesus, we are the branches, there's some connection in some way. We're gonna have to look for that. All that you do, do out of thankfulness that He has called you, justified you, supplied you with faith, and that you are His chosen, if you see these things are true in you. That is, "has He called you?" "has He justified you and given you faith? ((murmuring)) That right there is is proof that we are the elect then. We have to go into various ones of these and find them all so that we have confidence, real confidence and no false confidence. yeah Faith in His promise and it doesn't even mention grace. heh

MM: Ain't it good to see Stewart figuring things out, again

Stewart: By grace, His making a way and His decision, those are grace, ahh parts of what grace is. What is grace? That's a hard one. We have some uh..dictionaries here, we could go into. Is it more correct to say "relying on God's grace" then "relying on God?" or vice versa? We have to find out. How do you rely on Him except for His gift basis. Now grace something like a gift basis. Some connection, some way. While I'm on it. I still can't believe I walked in here and I actually even spelled it out I actually pushed it and said, "Is it wrong to rely on faith. Is it wrong to do it?" And you still went for it. Even with the "Is it wrong to..." right?(yeah) Think about that? I mean that's a red flag isn't it?(yes....nobody wagged) is it wrong to rely on faith? just think about that. Now uh,(unclear) the heart of the grace issue is the very fact that it's not by grace we're saved it's through grace. That one word makes a huge difference. We watch for that. You'll never see saved by faith in the Bible. We have them all written out here, all the combinations and words, how many. Saved by faith(huh) in bold letters twice. Relying on Jesus means relying on His grace a lot. There is no relying on Jesus without His grace. It isn't really relying on Him. Maybe good intentions and He's merciful.

MM: Notice Stewart using his mind to get the wording right. There is no sense of the Holy Spirit revealing truth, just Stewart defining words, arranging them. There are no signs that Stewart has repented from his own understanding, his own insight. He hasn't left his position, his office. He is still in Jesus'place and it seems as though Stewart is the only one in the room who understands what he is saying and so, say hello to 21 more years of Stewart having all the answers, Stewart, the only one who "understands" grace. A false teacher, a false christ who is still in place today at the Church of Bible Understanding.

Stewart: But it's wrong but He supplies more grace. If you were blind you would have no guilt. Well, we've been blind to His grace. That doesn't stop Him from supplying all the more though. (thank you Jesus) So learn a lesson. The order(clearing throat) the order saved by His grace, led by His Spirit, walking by faith. Those are the 3 that are necessary. They have to be rightly related and operating accordingly in our lives and in our church. Certainly among the older ones. Now the younger ones, well...the next lamb that you find...and another thing..this expression "leading someone to Jesus" is there any validity in that expression? Is that total...uh....we have to consider that. Another thing eh...Gayle has been watching me (clearing throat) Last few days uh (end of cut 10)

CUT 11

Stewart: speaking to unsaved about God's grace and the reaction, amazing reaction that that causes, it's very good at least uh what ai, what I have seen that's a slight matter we have to get into. Everyone of these especially to older people. Again, the younger people uh with 18 year olds, what did we used to say? (unclear) doesn't matter. God's grace, witnessing, making Jesus known to older people such as your parents.(yeah) now Here's a comment, "Righteousness comma Justified comma and Faith in the same verse or next to it in every case in Romans. Almost every case in Romans. That pattern, Righteousness, Justification, and Faith. Not surprising but uh we're going to look closely at it. Grace is given to us, in many verses, it's received by us, also in many verses. Faith increases but it's a measure assigned in the first place. That everyone who has faith maybe justified. Remember, everyone who has faith not everyone does (end of cut11)


Stewart: And is it true,ah I think it is true that grace grace meets with faith only in the elect. Grace meets with faith. That's one of the tests therefore. Is faith at work in your life and is grace at work in your life. We react with thankfulness. That's our response. The Old Testament version is "Because you did not serve the Lord with joy and gladness by reason of the abundance of all good things"... it's physical in the Old but spiritual in the new. But we react with thankfulness. Not because he gave us a new (unclear) but uh, out of thankfulness that uh we indeed are saved, are His. To him who has will more be given. To him who has not, even what he has will be taken away. The uh other verse, the other thing being "To him has election, will more grace be given and to him who has not the election, even what he has will be taken away. Now there's some correspondence there. analogy. God intends to save the elect. He intends to save the elect no matter what."Of those whom thou gavest me not one is lost but the son of perdition." Remember the elect react with thankfulness and the others take advantage. We have to get into that a lot. However much grace the elect's 25 years of not valuing his grace or whatever...Time of grace, time of need, whatever it is He supplies it. My grace is sufficient, is what He said.

Now here's another one. Is this actually the the deeper view of salvation or is this the only right one that that we must give the lambs? Or how much of each? That is the unsaved 18 year old. How much grace? gotta consider that. Tell em the truth, of course, tell them the truth. How much of it though? How soon? and uh Can only speak one word at a time, present so much at a time. How do know what the balance is there? That's one of the ones we gotta find out. You know uh, you say 137, we used to have bible studies, yeah, for 3 years straight, every night, it was John chapter 3. For three years straight, every night, or was it 5 years straight. At least 3 years straight. Well, that's good and bad.

Well, for what it's worth, "by faith" is 35 times in the Bible, 19 of which are in Hebrews 11. "Through faith" is 22 times and we have the rest written out here. How about the basis of genuine confidence? Any ideas about it?

Paul: It is finished.

Stewart: How bout we know that we are in Christ because we know if we're fully going to Him, all that we are both good and bad, both, as with no kind of holding out, bad attitudes and we know he won't cast us out because that's his promise. therefore that we abide in Him. That's the source of confidence. That's the first source right there. Now, joy that we are the elect, how does that sound?((murmuring.. yeah good) that we are realize we are His chosen, that we have solid reason to say so. That's uh, that's where joy comes from.

Now when they went out, He sent them out two by two. And they were out, casting out demons and they came back..."Lord, even the demons are subject to us." And Jesus uh as you know, He said uh, "Don't rejoice at that but rather that your names are written in the Book of Life."(yeah) What does that show?(voices....Jesus is in control, doesn't depend upon my will or exertion)) one at a time.

Brother: I think it shows that He doesn't want us just to be thankful and rejoicing for the things He does through us and for us but that He added grace, He has grace toward us, He has , you know, He fills us for having Jesus in us, that's what he really wants us to be thankful for.

Stewart: First there was a hundred at once and now there's one only. What the matter the 99 are ashamed of what they said or what?

Brother: I think that, it's nothing that we do.

Stewart: Why do He say that?

Brother: Because Jesus, because God said, He reached man not man reached to God.

Stewart: Why'd He say that?

Brother: I think it's because it's that they're the elect, not what God has given him but that there the elect, they're going to heaven.

Stewart: Next

Brother: out of motivation, to being thankful

Brother: so we wouldn't be motivated by going out just to see, that they ah have more power than these people, that was the wrong attitude...that they would be that they were glad that they were saved by grace?

Brother: That, don't get into the wine they get right now but get more into the hope of going to be in heaven, get more fully into that

Brother: That it's by grace that they're names were written in the book of life rather than that they were casting out demons.

Brother: Take, Take encouragement from seeing Jesus do things in our life, but it should just be ah rejoicing that that's a sign we are His elect.

Stewart: Listen, He also said that "many will say that' did we not cast out demons' and He will say, 'I never knew you' ((yeah)). What's the point?

Brother: That the basis isn't the amount of work that Jesus was doing through them but that the basis was through grace. The basis is their right relationship with Jesus be of grace and not works.

Brother: well not that they were something of themselves but that He chose them(agreement)

Brother: that's right, that He chose, He chose them you know by His grace

Stewart: But where's the connection?

Brother: I was thinking that they're not saved through their works but they're saved by His grace and that they should be doing from that and that they should take confidence in that they're also saved and that they're with Him and that they don't have to turn.

Brother: you were chosen by God?

Brother: if We're, we're thankful that and rejoicing that Jesus did give us salvation then we'll be motivated from that rather than looking to any works

Brother: So we hope in Jesus and the resurrection instead of looking to doing it here the piety act.

Stewart: Well, it's really rejoice in the proof of who you are that you are. right? They were rejoicing at the results, right?(yeah yeah)sound familiar?(yes)Rather than what what res uh zuh what it proves about them. And He directed them to what it proves about them.

(end of CUT 12)

CUT 13

Stewart: what what res uh zuh what it proves about them. And He directed them to what it proves about them. Told them to rejoice in that.(thank you Jesus) that faith is at work(yeah) and other things. Our view has to change and fairly dramatically. It's in the view of grace that you'll come to see that everything makes sense. And, a lot of Christian life is wrapped up in in living by faith that in fact God's grace has specifically been extended to me. It's not blind faith either. All works have to be the result of thankfulness for grace not trying to earn something. The result of thankfulness, the desire to please Him and the evidence of His promise at in me. Any questions? Let's hear it. How much of you is spent trying to fig.....the amount of faith that you have, concerned with the amount rather than rejoicing over the fact that you have it and what that proves (a lot) If you have faith in Him that proves that you've been justified by Him. You realize that? However it wouldn't mean anything if you weren't centered in grace. These things would mean nothing. Yes, here's what He was really saying, "Don't rejoice that you have faith to cast out demons, rather rejoice because the fact that you have faith which means that your names are written in the book of life. Therefore, don't rejoice if you can do some work by faith and then feel that you're saved because of these works. Rather rejoice that the works complete the faith that justified you in the first place, that proves who you are. It's the fact that we have faith that is the good news because that's the proof that we are His. one of them. And there's no more need to try to convince Jesus to save you. it's the... trying to convince Jesus to save them rather than noticing that that He has saved them. (right). Both in His word and in your life.

Stewart : Then again, there's the score card issue. Now how's the score card going? ah 263 by the way, 37 more, thank you Jesus (thank you Jesus)another score card(laughing) 300 now, gotta open the doors now. Look at this, looks huge in there. Look at that. Thank you Jesus. How's the score card going?(not so good, murmuring) all right (better) now you score card people, let me ask you this. ah How do you tell the difference, what is your means in your score card for telling the difference between a big sin and a little sin? What have you decided, since you've obviously decided something? How do you go about it? hold on, You started it. I mean, You must have some way of doing it, how do you, how do you decide? What is a big sin and what is a little sin? Or uh little sins don't make it on the score card is that it?(no) (((end of tape)))

MM: Brethren, You now know what Stewart is. If you are still continuing in Jesus' word, if you have the Holy Spirit inside you, then take action now. You are following a false christ. Jesus directly says, "Do not go, do not follow them." This is a command. Stewart has sinned against our Lord greatly. We take part in this sin when we do nothing, but allow Stewart lordship in our lives. Come together. Repent of this and remove Stewart from his place. You cannot say that you serve our Lord Jesus, if you allow another to take His place.