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Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 18:17:56 -0400
Subject: [x-cobu] Rudder or Grace (p2; LL#1)

This is the second page of the first thing I put at the "church home"
and sent to every address I could find - Olde Things and what I
had on record.
Anyone know the address in Haiti.
Anyway - if you missed this - here it is:
(once again - I don't know how it will format.  This was done in two
columns per page) This was handed out a little over two weeks ago.

What is more important: a rudder or grace?
Silly question?  I agree.  Obviously grace is more important. But what
say you of this story of a rudder that steered a ship clear of grace for
twenty years?  Would you say that rudder
was as issue?  Would you hold that rudder responsible? Especially if the
rudder itself made the admission and confession.

Well, half confession.  Sin was showing up in its behavior.  What does
that mean?  I don't know.  No one asked that to be clarified. Oh, yes,
one brother did think that should be gone into a little.  Or not even
that question, but when the ship has run amok for such a long
time - wouldn't true restoration have something to do with speaking with
the brothers fellowship? That's when "YOU'RE THROUGH!" went through the
phone to poor John's ears like the sting of a scorpion.  (While Stewart slammed the
phone down).
The very next meeting Jimmy (before Stewart was to make his grand
entrance) was trying to get a "commitment" out of John to not talk.
"John, are you going to say anything at this meeting?"  John is a bit
perplexed as are the rest of us waiting for the answer - (disregarding
the absurdity of the trying to extract a vow of silence.)  John says, "I
don't know. I may have something to say." He's taken from his wife and
escorted out. You know on Stewart's stage as many scenes as possible are
And in the subsequent weeks the brothers are absolutely verboten to even
be within 5 city blocks of John as, Stewart has informed us, "he's
poison." And that kept me away too.

And it is strangely ironic - in many ways, as I will point out and
inform you. (Forgive me; I've known about this stuff for a long time -
but I value John's friendship and the right to his privacy.   In my
humble opinion, I think there's "enough out there" to make it plain to anyone that the Emperor
is indeed STILL wearing no clothes.  There's so much evidence - of
course, you've got to be clear thinking and open minded, and those still
there are still in their custom built cages.  If you'll remember my story; I won't go into
it here...) It is ironic for two reasons: the way John was treated
versus the way John treated the brothers.  And the business.  (Ah, what
a tangled web we weave!)

John is the true Christian brother.  Before he was character
assassinated as being poison, so that no one would see his face ever
again (talk about being ostracized! - well Stewart had a lot to protect:
couldn't have John saying things at a meeting in front of everyone that
made common sense and Stewart would have to deal with that!) John fed,
clothed, and put a roof over many a
brother's head.  He didn't ask that they make a long drawn out
confession or "make their behavior right."  No, they were met with
unconditional love the Bible way.  When he saw his brother in need he
helped them.  He employed them, and gave them a means of support and
getting back on their feet. (Yes, in those days some got high and drank
- but what do you expect after the abuse and pain these brothers had
been put through and were trying to shut out.  Now there are thousands
out of those confines of Cobu and the confines of relying on pain
killer.  They are truly relying on Jesus.  Isn't easy after you've been
brainwashed by a rudder steering you in wrong directions.
So you have the thousands out here, and the less than a hundred in
there. We have true faith; and you have a club.  We have freedom of
choice and obeying our conscience - or conform to a cookie cutter
Stewart puppet. The choice is yours.  Are you pleased with the results
so far?)

Before I give you the business about the business, let's get into some
history. (Like I said in my story "How Can I Help the King?" it is great
when you have members who don't remember or even know about the humble
beginnings. The divorce and marrying the church secretary and all the
rest of it. So newer members are certainly naive and that's the way he
wants it.)
Back in the 1970's the Forever Family was booming.  The Jesus movement
had been dying out, but not the Forever Family.  Thousands were getting
saved. Houses were over a hundred in many states on the East Coast and
Ohio. There were miracles and healings - not a whole lot, but they were
there. God was with this fellowship in a big and visible way that I
consider most important:
No, not Irey, of course.  I mean sincere, ear to ear, grinning joy.
That brought even the aged like Richard Wurmbrand, Brother Roger,
Jacob Wyllett and others into our midst. Where did the joy go?  Well,
from where I am viewing, and from what I have heard; the more Stewart
took over the fellowship - the more Jesus was ushered out.  Plain and

Till in the 1980's, Stewart was so much into hiding and remaining alone
the entire church nearly collapsed.  And that's where the infamous "dark
room" type things started happening.  We won't touch that here.  (And
poor Gayle had to bear the brunt of it.)

Then we come to 1989.  Grace!  With shouts of Grace, Grace to it! But
let's be honest, brothers and sisters, after this "grace" meeting, and
the universe stood still (yes, I'm quoting Stewart about the universe
there) wasn't it business as usual? Be honest.  Call an ace an ace.
After Stewart "discovered" grace - wasn't it business as usual? What is
that saying about the rudder?  Would you say it's an issue? He used to
always say, "Why do they want to make me the issue?" Well, someone has
to talk about that big white elephant in the room,
sitting up there in front waving his arms and telling us how we're all
wrong. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?  The only thing is,
it is our fault, because we sat there and lapped it all up - and we
loved it!  Well, brothers and sisters, my eyes, and the eyes of
thousands are opened.  Time for you to do the same.

The business?  Once again, John.  This is so sad.  Olde things is simply
an old idea.  The brothers that John helped?  They learned how to strip
and refinish (not tax deductible) and how to do demolitions.  Yes, the Olde
things you are doing now were being done two decades ago by John and
other brothers. Only John runs a legitimate business, an ant pushing a
rock up a hill.  And he's still in business.  A success.  (Like the thousands of us who have
left the bubble of Cobu and gotten on with our lives and finally are
flourishing in faith - a real faith - not contrived from some recipe.
BTW - how's your joy?)
You're not going to try and tell me Olde Things is so successful because
God is blessing it?  So God is blessing the Moonies and the Nation of
Islam too? (Who knows, maybe He is).  But my main contention is Stewart
is full of it - and us out here are full of faith.   So what is more important - a rudder or grace?
            Deal with it.

BTW, you know that "finding" things no one else finds gives a cult a
sense of power and elitism.  And you have your own vernacular that tends
to alienate anyone on the outside so that they indeed sound like "an
outsider."  As far as I'm concerned, the speech there has degenerated to
regeneration.  That is, you may as well be asking people "what's God's
name?" A la the JW's.  You have your own special code.  Of course, it
gives you this feeling of special power, doesn't it?  Come on, fess up.
I know, I used to be there and lord it over others just like you enjoy
doing now.  The power and elitism are infectious - and - even better
when you back them up with your scriptures!  This proves there's an
enemy of our souls, because you didn't get into this confusing mess all
by yourself - you had plenty of help. I'm not your enemy.  My
antagonistic tone is in hopes of you owning some of your emotions for
once instead of someone else telling you what to think.  I know how
things work in there.  It's one thing to serve Jesus.  It's another
thing to put a Jesus label on a moneymaking scheme to bolster the
living conditions of a thankless tyrant. Who says this isn't an issue -
you, or the guy living in comfort while you're with mice & roaches?