Proverbs 18:17 He who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.

These are excerpts from the Grace Meeting. The full text and commentary are on the drop menu link. Please read this Brothers and sisters in Christ and take action as the Holy Spirit leads you.

Stewart: A child as long as he is a child is no better than a slave...he is under tutors until the day the father better be glad you were..and there is this better be glad you were...the alternative is worse..appalling as this is... If I hadnít grabbed you ...what then?

MM: Notice the brothers and sisters response in ((( )))...

((( saved from my own backsliding...I can see in my own life where I was headed, I might be dead...I can honestly say I might be physically dead)))

MM: What is Stewart saying here? Directly, that if it wasn't for him, these brothers and sisters would not have gotten saved. The brothers, who are heard on tape, are giving Stewart credit for saving them from backsliding and from physical death. Does Stewart protest this, does he give glory to God for His salvation through Jesus for these brothers? No, he is asking the room to give him, Stewart, credit for saving them. There is no other way to look at this.

Stewart: well, it is clear that God has decided that it is time for you to transfer your allegiance, if thatís the word, from my spirit to His Spirit(yes..thank you Jesus). There are deeply ingrained ideas and feelings..running wild in our fellowship, many of them directly or indirectly can be traced back to my error.

MM: This is sick on many levels. First of all, God did not decide anything here. God is not working through Stewart. By the above statement one would think that IT WAS GOD's WILL that we should be allied with or devoted to Stewart's spirit and NOW God is deciding to make the transfer. This is a lie and a blasphemy. We should have always been devoted to Jesus and united with His Spirit. And yes, all the thinking and beliefs that are running wild in the fellowship can be tied directly to this false teacher. Call up current members now, they only believe and speak what Stewart teaches. They are listening to a false teacher and are following a false christ.

Stewart: I got saved or whatever....and right away...right away...ahh....again you know, ..thereís another thing. I bought a bill of goods in a way ....because what does everybody get saved....and then you go to church...and thatís about it....anyway..ahh..something like that

MM: What person who has received the Holy Spirit, talks like this?

Stewart: So all becomes mysterious..grace is meant to be the the uh framework, format....Iím saying "salvation is a gift while under the counter you have to earn it by faith."Why donít the brothers marry, because they have no confidence. Why donít they have confidence, because of their impossible task....what do you think of that brothers?...(yes yeah makes a lot of sense)...

MM: Stewart took responsibility at this meeting for not "rightly" strengthening the brothers and the result was that they did not get married. Stewart said he repented of this. I ask the current members, anyone get married in the last 21 years? Well, then Stewart is a liar.

Stewart: Ya know the whole while, I never tried to take Jesus' place.. in no way and would always speaking against it...and yet thatís what the devil think about it...something like that in effect....

MM: It is God's mercy that we are able to see this. Stewart, however way he may say it and not take responsibility, putting the distance between himself and his own actions, the plain truth is right here. Stewart Traill is admitting right here that he, Stewart, took Jesus' place. Brothers and Sisters in Christ, current members and ex-members, Stewart took our Lord's place. He was and is a false christ. I say to current members of the Church of Bible Understanding, You cannot face our Father in prayer and walk in the light with Him while you allow this man to take the place of the Lord Jesus Christ. This language..."the devil arranged this"....makes you all believe that Stewart is not responsible and will not be held accountable for this by our God. You either fear God or you fear man. You will either take a stand and remove this man from your midst, or you will continue in your idolatry. You are unable to speak to anyone or teach anyone about Jesus and His salvation as long as you continue in this sin.

Stewart: Now, you must understand, I'm not a fraud. I'm not a phony. I'm not a Jim Jones as they say. I'm not a false teacher. What I am is a poor one.

MM: Stewart said at this meeting over and over again he taught "error" for the last 25 years. He is a poor teacher just by his lack of discipline. But his teaching error can only be attributed to his being false to the truth. Even by the standards for Bishops in 1st Timothy Stewart is not an "apt teacher." He admits he has not being teaching sound doctrine for the entire existence of COBU and before. The Bible has no place for a "poor" teacher.

Stewart: We as a church to this moment, and that's another one, when, where, and how did we become a church, if we ever did, when where and how does any church become a church if and when it does? And for that matter, Where, when, and how if there is a where, when, and how is someone born again or are they saved? A lot of this is ah...We have to redo everything...from the bottom up.

This is an appalling question and statement. Please read my notes in the expanded text.

From the 1st John Meeting:

PAUL S: Ahh I started wondering,...About ten years ago, when I first prayed to Jesus with Brothers and Sisters that day. And I know that inside, I felt a huge change, a big change in my life and ahh did ask God for His Holy Spirit and ah..always thought, I'd been born again from that point and now, I'm like, ya know, there have been a lot of times over those ten years that I have rebelled against Him. and done alot of wrong things against Him.

Stewart: you, you were not born again. you have deceived yourself. As it is written "little children, let no one deceive you." You have deceived yourself or did some character deceive you?

PAUL S: that's what I'm trying to put my things together

STEW: Whatever , Whatever. Understand that you were not born again. If you testify that you sinned, forget it. You are testifying against yourself. By the words and the mind of the the apostles, you were not."

MM: Brethren, this is terrible. This false christ and false teacher, whose own salvation is in question listens to our brother Paul testify of truly being born of the Spirit and then flat out tells him that he is not saved. Later the members abandoned this teaching but I have to ask, Why, my brethren, have you allowed this accursed one to continue teaching? He said at the 1st John Meeting that '"the spirit of Christ" revealed to me'....and spoke of the "mind of the apostles"....He teaches calling upon God's endorsement of such evil, and no one calls him to account. My brethren, you take part in his sins.

Stewart: And this teaching is a house built on sand. Not the church, the hou, the teaching is built on sand. And the teaching has come to nothing. It is based on error and contains error, contains appalling errors. Flat statements contrary to the gospel, flat contrary.

MM: Stewart Traill just told you that he taught and wrote "flat statements contrary to the gospel, flat contrary." I ask you, what does the Bible say about such a one? And what must you do, members of COBU?

Stewart: ((about the 12 ways workbook)) It is written with a fervent spirit and is saying good and right things. The word "subtle"...this is nothing but the work of the devil. Period, nothing but.

MM: Can we then conclude that the devil is working through Stewart, using him?

Stewart: Well I have worked very hard. I grew weary with hard doing. Even I grew weary. Sin began showing up in my behavior. Poor Gayle, had to bear the brunt of it. And toward all of you. How was I behaving toward you?

Brother: A cruel father like...

MM: Stewart does not follow the training he dished out. "Sin began showing up in my behavior." Hey Stewart, how about, I chose to sin against the sisters at Princeton and Gayle found out. Here, a brother answered the question Stewart posed, but he was ignored.

Stewart: It started out as Jesus showing you things through me(right)But then what did it turn into?(you, "Stewart told us", "Stewart said", Brother Stewart rather than Jesus)

MM: Brothers and sisters, why did it turn into Stewart told us, Stewart said, Brother Stewart rather than Jesus"? Because Stewart never submitted to God, he never humbled himself. He was never tested before taking leadership of the FF. Stewart chose this path long ago and only now is he addressing it and in such a way to allow his taking our Lord's place to continue. Stewart took our Lord's place and he is still teaching his filth and is corrupting our brethren in COBU. With Stewart his actions are portrayed as passive and so his responsibility for and accountability for his actions are faint or non-existent.

Brother: It did start out with Jesus...... through you and um just taking for granted and uh getting into uh just trusting that you'll tell us what to do.

MM: I ask then, who is Lord of this brother's life? Look at what he said. Who is lord? And now brethren in COBU, who is truly Lord of your life? Who do you really listen to? Who do you really follow? How many of you can say that you read the word of God and the Holy Spirit reveals truth to you and you are allowed to act upon what the Spirit has shown you, APART from what your false christ, your false teacher has taught you?

Stewart: I wonder the more evangelical a church is the more imbalance there is. Wonder if that's the rule. The price of fervency and evangelism is is error. I wonder if that is eh..that's just one to consider.

MM: This idea is error.

Stewart: Yeah ya come from grace in interpreting the New Testament, something I never did, try to interpret the New Testament.

MM: Please look at this page from the John 2 Wine Bible Study. Note Stewart's error and contempt for the New Testament existed in 1974. John 2

Stewart: I got saved or whatever....and right away...right away...ahh....again you know, ..thereís another thing. I bought a bill of goods in a way ....because what does everybody get saved....and then you go to church...and thatís about it....anyway..ahh..something like that

MM: Maybe this is how Stewart's relationship with Jesus really started. Look at what he is saying "I got saved or whatever..." or WHATEVER? Does someone who gets born again and receives the Holy Spirit ever describe his salvation with a "whatever" ? Now the sales language....."I bought a bill of goods"....Stewart is describing his salvation, the beginning of his Christian life as "buying a bill of goods"...which simply means...someone sold Stewart a lie, a defective product, fooled him into a deal where he got had.....this is the way Stewart looks at the salvation Jesus affected for him by His death on the cross?.....Stewart bought a bill of goods. Who sold Stewart a bill of goods? Who was that rotten crooked salesman who chiseled Stewart, made him a victim?

IT is difficult not to see the plain truth here. I hope members will snap out of their going along to get along and reject this idolatry.

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