General Directions                                               5/4/75     Stewart

Don't push any harder than you pull when dealing with people.  It corresponds to not being harsh, well it is not being harsh put in a different way.  That is,  make sure that people are gonna listen to you before you tell them what to do. And if they're not gonna listen, in a way you shouldn't bother telling them, unless you've already established a relationship. It corresponds to what Paul said: "When your obedience is complete then I'll be ready to punish every disobedience." (2 Cor-10:6).  That is, if people aren't gonna listen why bother tell them?  They're only going to harden and get firmer in their rebellion.  When you're dealing with a person or giving them direction, look to be making sure that you're not blowing them away, or snapping the relationship- straining it... to the breaking point.

People that are just constantly lying around and not getting anywhere- what you ought to do is urge them to get into it and not just be lazy- just being the... Isn't it frustrating to see that?  Maybe in a way you're afraid to do anything for fear of blowing them away.  You mustn't be guided by that fear, that's wrong. Insist on these things ... the Bible says "Never flag in zeal- be aglow with the spirit." That is, urge people to get into it and get into it with them- working, together.  And a right balance- for instance, people tend to go to two extremes of fearing about the future, or else just forgetting about it and assuming everything will work out and be sloppy that way.  You need to learn a right balance between learning to number our days and getting a heart of wisdom.

If anybody has any ideas on interpretation concerning anything I've said or anything, write them down and send them in.  Remember to pray that it gets done soon too. More considerateness on the part of brothers to really try and understand
and not pushing them especially in areas that you don't understand.  Brothers should be asking themselves, "Do I understand this subject that I am talking about.  If you don't understand it that doesn't mean you ignore her, but you just be
 more cautious toward her. And girls not take advantage of that- isn't that right on both sides?  That's a whole lot to say in one sentence.
          What about getting into a rut- getting into routine- does that occur at all? What's the general answer to avoiding routine?  What is it that has to happen? Going to the zoo- to the football game, movies and other exciting things, instead
of the same old rut. And another thing, when you come home from a hard day witnessing.... Doing different things- no, that's not really central.  Being out on a limb- in a way that's right.  Really looking and putting your hope in the
second coming- well that's better.  What is routines?  It is when your life become dull.  That kind of thing happens when your life is dull.  The answer is, if your  life is dull it is because the things in which you're finding meaning are different; than your intended purpose, and you're messed up and not really happy.  What's needed is that you must consciously be looking to make your meaning in life and your purpose one and the same, and then you're gonna be working at peak effic-
ency, and things will be going right.  And you won't be saying, "How dull my life is." And a verse with regard to this is "God keeps him occupied with joy in his heart so he will not much remember the days of his life." (Ecc.5:20) The general
answer to avoiding routine is 'to more and more make sure that your purpose in life- that your meaning in life is becoming the same as your purpose, that is, the things that you care about are more and more becoming the thing that you
 were made and intended to care about.  If you are trying to run a Ford car on Chevrolet parts then your pistons are gonna clank a little hard, aren't they? That's what you're doing when you're trying to find meaning in life in things
 other than that for which you were intended.  And there is an enemy sowing tears who's all too willing to get you to do that- he makes it look attractive even.  Your life will be interesting that way.

There is a bunch of phrases growing up in the Forever Family, such as "getting worked over- I'm getting worked over." "Bouncing off someone." "Heavy" and "Space" "What a riff." How about, "When I was in the world." Every time I hear that I  say, "Where do you think you are now?" The Bible says we're in the world but not of it- we're in the world- wake up! "We're not in the world now, we're in Jesus. Praise God! It was cute before, but now we've got to get serious.

Again, the scripture is that we're in the world but not of it.  We should get serious, but not have to pay a bad price.  You should understand what the real thing is.  "Getting worked over" usually just means being naive. I have a suggestion here.  You really wanna examine yourselves people?  Here's a way to do it.  Start keeping a diary of the general things you do every day. At the end of a mouth, at the end of a year look at the patterns of the Growth, or the ungrowth, and you compare what happens with other people, talk to your leader about it.  You actually have something to work with, don't you?  Start watching yourselves- how many verses- "at a man examine himself"- wouldn't. that be an aid in examining yourself-  a record of what's actually happening, how about a graph on your own life?  I understand that Cleveland and Philadelphia began doing that, did they?  The things you go through for instance, if you're wasting alot of time, you study procedures.  How are you ever gonna really know it, unless  you first have something to look at with someone else who'll understand more and can point to patterns?  Do you see the value of it?  Making the most of the time for the days are evil." How are you gonna do it unless you first have some kind sight of what you're doing with your talent called time?  Get into trying that.

Here's one for girls.  It's good for girls to be confident, but that they should make sure that they're not getting into being masculine in pushiness. There's a right balance there that's required.  Just cuz a girl is sitting around doing nothing that doesn't mean she's feminine!  There's a right balance between the two that is needed in that respect, as in many others.  It's good for a girl to be confident, and confidence can easily be taken for pushiness, and a girl doesn't have to be pushy and masculine in order to be confident.  You ought to work at that, and try to understand, the differences.

Are you having communion and baptisms at the centers?  July first it's quite possible for people to be baptized all at once.  We're gonna have to have baptism:  at the centers especially when fall and winter comes. Many of the centers are gonna be like the whole F.F. was a little while ago. Its seems like yesterday that we just started. 820 people! Six years from this summer we'd better be lOO,OOO people in the F.F. We're supposed to multiply by ten every six years.  How are
we gonna fit into this building?!  Things are gonna be different then.  Six years is no time.  Soon you're gonna realize how necessary it was- this flying thing. This coming year at the latest we've got to go out another 500 miles swap, and that's gonna make many points in the F.F. a thousand miles apart.  We'll be beyond the Northeast region.  Really strong central direction is really necessary, esp. because of the kiddies and that's the way it is in the New Testament, and the way it's shown and supposed to be in the church.  However, there are certain drawbacks to it.  How do you draw the right balance between all the million different things?

You'll remember that long ago- 6 months to a year ago when we all got together alot of people would get saved at that meeting, and the idea was that people would get saved at the meeting.  How many did get saved at this meeting?  Anyway, it's over 10.  This coming week let's really strain for 200- let's trust Jesus for 200 and really work at it, not just say "I hope." Being committed.

People should be less slovenly.  'There's something that all the center leaders are gonna have to work on. Center leaders and fellowship leaders, pick up on this I'm sure that now, esp. when Stewart comes around- "Uh oh, let's clean up." At
least once a month you can guarantee it gets cleaned up that way.  With the IRS number it's easy to get washing machines.  Fellowship leaders tend to pick up on this and are too harsh on people, well that isn't gonna work either.  Leadership
again is what?  "He who is great among you must let him be the servant of all." Is that right or not?

Noteworthy events in the last two months: In the New York center a High school has red buttons that the kiddies made themselves that they wear that say  "Get Smart Get Stoned." There's a moral to the story- why did the kiddies do that?
    We are becoming known and dealt with by people more and more and that is significant- of what is happening- people are considering us as something to be reckoned with- dealt with, and they're bouncing off our image.  Also in New York there was a center meeting with 150 people in it.  That should be exceeded this time. Make sure that every time a person gets saved we have a file card on them.. Gayle has said you haven't been doing that.  And you don't throw away backsliders, You see the progress that we have made on graphs and organizing, don't you?  Well  it's gonna take more discipline and effort, on your part to really get into it, but it's worth it. Everyone will come to learn what actually happens.

 Dave Arnold tells how he was arrested in Syracuse for witnessing at a bus station... the judge threw the case out of court.  Listen, I wish I could impress one thing on you people.  We have to get ready for serious stuff.  It's gonna come
 upon you before you're ready- that's what I'm afraid of.  We are disliked in the various places that we go.  You don't understand the older browns, but when the city of Rochester discovers that these men who are upsetting the world have come here also, and when Buffalo realizes it, and Syracuse and Norfolk and New York and Phily, and everyone of them suddenly wake up and realize we're infested with these people, and that's what's going to happen- they're going to suddenly wake up and we're already big, and it's gonna be sudden when it comes- not like other groups.  There's going to be a terrific increase in resentment against us, just like that, when they all realize that this suffering is required of their brethren throughout the world- namely us.  In other words, if people thought they could get away with it, they'd be harassing us alot more, wouldn't they?  When they see themselves as unified against us, that can do nothing but increase the harassment toward us.  And they're going to see that all of a sudden soon- period.  It's going  to happen.  And you're going to be dealt with- "Yea, you people are bothering everybody." Things like that.  We are not known at all nationally, now people- the future of the Forever Family- next year is 1976, and if it should be that we get  through all this year, and through July of next year, and I hope we do--unnoticed July of next year we have to arise and speak.  We have to do something, and even actually we're going to have to face the whole country and be dealing with the whole country.  We're already in 1/4 of the static, and the appropriate time would be next July when we will apparently number 3,000 people or something.  That's quite a few.  And for us to purposely do something to draw attention to some point which of course we'll calculate- that's taking your first step.  It should be done rightly and at our choosing, and not forced upon us, and should be calculated to create the best possible situation for our work.  It's very heavy, and from there on it's gonna be a different ball game all the way because you took on the hornet nest.  It's gonna be different multiplied, intensified, and we'd better have interpretation done and out at that time because ... by the way there's the other side of the story.  Many people will notice us and will do things like read interpretation and say, "This is right" and everything's gonna pick up like crazy then. I knew this years ago, and talked about it years ago, that the point would come- Skip kept talking about the Time magazine article- well that's going to come, perhaps about, and I wouldn't be surprised, it would be about this group that did  "X"..  Don't ask me what "X" is, I don't know.  From that point on there's no turnin back.  Once you've crossed the Rubicon.  The thing is, people are incensed at us and are going to be and there's no sense avoiding it, you mustn't over look to avoid it, we have to look to get ready for it.  "What about in the future when lambs do spacey things, and are associated with us?" It was for that reason that there were some standards for the button, because obviously the button is an identifying mark.  In general those who have earned the button have been saved for awhile and especially with all of us aware of this and working on it they'll be less likelihood of spacey things happening.  You can fear too much- too fearful and therefore backing, up all the time.  You've got to take long chances.  It would really be fitting July 4th of next year- why?  Purpose- that's something that the U.S.A. has laid aside.  The U.S.A. is just changing in meaning finding meaning in this, in that and forgetting even what they call their original purpose, much less the purpose for which we were made.  And if young people aren't being told their purpose they're being sold down the river.  The two things coincide quite well, and there's real area in there for us to say something meaningful and fitting to the occasion.  "A word fitly spoken." Everybody in July 1976 is going to be praising America- what a great nation we are!  There's alot of stuff going on right now about that.  The Phillipines suddenly hates the U.S.- our old ally, and threw them all out- "Get out! Because of Vietnam we don't trust you anymore. While the U.S. was saying, "We're doing the right thing"- the U.S. pats itself on the back, but the whole world really is more negative toward the U.S. Because the U.S., like the Cleveland center was, big, but not really together, and having lost purpose and direction.  "In God we trust", remember?  They were debating about  taking it off the money.  What is the purpose of the U.S.A.? There is none is mentioned.  On the other hand, whatever we do has to be two things at once, and it's almost impossible- to be dramatic and really heavy, and really getting the message across- it also has to be responsible and meaningful not just  rabble rousing, and that's very difficult.  It has to stand the test of time.  The radical thing- look at the attention they get- the radical minority.  They've got the one thing- the attention, whatever it is for their thing, but look at the price they paid- it was suicide.  We're here for a purpose, and "Do not withhold good when it's in your power to do it! and we do have this thing coming, and that's the start. We have to wisely plan what we're going to do.  We're often gonna be compared to them, and unfortunately be coming from that place, we have to live the Children of God down.  One of the best ways and the cheapest too, and the most fun too is to really come down on them and mock- along with the Harries and other peoples in a certain way- that is to get far away from them.  That is really tricky.

Remember, the reason why they're gonna really pick up on it is that every one, when we do something in Washington- all of us going to Wash. and doing something or other, the reason why they're gonna really pick up on it is cuz in every city they've been really irritated by us for a long while, and they are dully under the counter aware of us, and it's a news item because we're from every one of their cities, and they're gonna want to get off on us- on coming down on us, and we're gonna offer ourselves for the target, but it's gotta be calculated to redound to the benefit of our work.  Somehow all that has to happen, and I don't know how, all I know is the principles.  They're gonna want to get a piece of us, and we're gonna offer a piece of ourselves, but it'll have to work out other than they expect.  It's gonna have to result in a great surge of growth for us, it's gonna have to turn to our benefit.  There's two extremes, what we're gonna do is just smile at everybody- that's one extreme, and the other is just some crazy thing.  It has to be heavy, but it has to be right.  Our techniques have to be as good as Martin Luther King's group- they had a crusade, and it really worked.  Why can't we have as , good methods, as well meaning human attempts?  We have to get invited on the other side of the fence. we're gonna have to be known as a group that is known nationally, and willing to accept the responsibility involved.  Beyond you people being the guinea pigs for the way everybody, then has to keep it to see the result for a long period of time, and that involves the beginning, and it's that beginning that I'm talking about, here do we come to be known.  A few years ago they began "'Well here's this fanatical group called the Children of God and they're this and they're that." And you heard about them for a year or two till they blew apart.  Well it shall not be so among you.  After a year or two you hear about it ten times more and ten times more and so forth- it, got to be that way.  We have to know what's coming and be planning for it.  We are essentially gonna be stuck with that image permanently, whatever it is, that's what we're gonna be known by.  If it turns out bad, that's it, if it turns out good that's it.  Somewhere you gotta take a chance and do something.  You can sit there and hold back, or wildly go ahead, or you can calculate rightly.  We're gonna be stuck with that first image.  If it's a bad image, we're gonna be stuck with it but good, and if it's a good image it will grudgingly be laid aside and acknowledged until next time when we take the same chance and again the best we can do is break even, and they're just looking for a piece- we've got nowhere to go but downhill.  You've got to take chances.  And with the best possible information,  we've got to look ahead as much as possible, and stick to what we see.  It's gonna  have to come, and on our terms- does that teach you about our need for being serious? It  will only take one day to blow everything that we have worked for for how long?  It won't blow everything, that's not true, but you have to figure what is the worst that can happen before you do something- how much can you lose? It can cost us more than it's worth, that's for sure.

Something about the success of the Forever Family.  An indication of where we stand, right now is this thing that just happened.  In Norfolk, Va. we had this printing shop donated to our corporation and several days later it was all being
set up in Boston, Mass.  We really are a national organization- enough so that you can start seeing yourselves as that- regional group- not just across town or even across the state.  But one of our real blessings is we don't have to just exist
like other people, we really do have a purpose and a calling and we really are going toward something, not only as individuals but even as a fellowship here- that we really do have a future- surely there is a future and your hope will not
 be cut off.  Everyone takes for granted ... right now for instance, when.  I say that a year from this summer there'll be three thousand people gathered, you say "Wow, 3,000 people!" And it's about 4 times what was here before- how can that be?  The problem is that you tend to take for granted always where you are now and you forget where you were a year ago and how much you've grown in a year.  Now a year ago if you had heard 820 people here at this meeting you'd have said, "Oh, no,  it can't happen!" In fact I guess that does happen all the time.  You look ahead a year and say, "Oh no that can't happen The year comes and you sit there. and couldn't care less!  You take it for granted, right?  Then at the same time you're told a year from now that's gonna be the case-"Oh no, how can it?" And you go on like that again, right?  That tendency you should watch on your part, you should  be aware of that trait- that you tend to do that.  And that way you'll be able to calculate what is likely to happen alot better.  The last seven weeks we've averaged over 200 saved a week, so everyone should expect 200 saved this coming week.

 Retention- work hard on that too.  We have to learn to appreciate taking a look at where we stand and doing it properly when we come together like this you see all the other people in the fellowship at one time, and you actually have a direct
witness that we really are growing.  Doesn't everybody really believe in the Forever Family?  If we allow hypocrisy, for instance concerning sex to come in, you should come to realize, each one of you, that you're selling out on our purpose
also when you sell out personally.  You think maybe you can get away with it, but it's gonna hurt the whole Forever Family. "If one member of the body suffers the whole body suffers." Keep that in mind.  Each big meeting you should have like a State of the Union address on our present situation.  What's happened?  I guess most of you forget it because it seems like such an immense thing that it takes you forever, but we're in the middle of a two year program.  You'll remember a year and four months ago we began a two year program to multiply by six.  We were supposed to have a hundred and 20 fellowships at the end of this year.  That was established two years ago at the end of this coming year.  It's a two year thing each time.  Where do we stand with regard to that two year plan.  Well, just fine in every way.  We're probably ahead of where I thought we'd be.  At the end of this year the next step will be at least in the next two year program, at least 720 fellowships.  And then we will then commence working on it and expect to reach it in two years, and have every expectation of doing that.  We won't get a big head, we'll trust Jesus to be doing it through us, in that that's what He has been doing, What's happened since the start of that two year program and what's happened during the last two months?

And you can't just say how many fellowships there are how many people there are.  Where we stand spiritually, where do we stand as a  people and a nation- these are things that statistics aren't gonna reveal.  Where do we stand in regard to morale as opposed to routine?  What about our future outlook How is our future outlook?  Is it hopeful?  It certainly is excellent.  For instance, writing- that is one of the worst areas in the last two months.  I haven't  gotten anything done on tracts.  Interpretation has gotten together more.  Where do we stand with regard to the predictions and the expectations made?  Very good, in  fact ahead practically.  It's really something for which to thank and really give Jesus the credit.  Our Graph trip is getting together much better and this next time I expect it's really gonna be together- planned starting even now, based on everything's that's happened so far.  The graphs are gonna show many many things a  to what's actually happening.  You have to be careful of interpreting charts, for instance it's gotta be moving for a good while before you can actually see what's happening.  You see the Whole mass of curves?  The whole thing is moving up, isn't  it? Our rate is increasing!  Remember that one about "Prepare your work in the field and after that build your house" A house is something you live in, and the Forever Family as a fellowship is beginning to build a house.  We've been preparing our work in the field for three or four years now.  In a sense that's what happens every time you go start a new fellowship.  Preparing your work in the  field and after that you dig in and get going and then it becomes part of a home, doesn't it?  The IRS thing is working fairly well.  One of these times soon there'll gonna be another really big cop, and success, will seem to be very great instead of just fair.  It's fairly good so far.  Each of the center leaders are getting some experience in it, and there are going to be general attempts by the office to get things on a large scale.

All the babies in the F.F. now too.

Do you all know that the cumulative saved weekly per fellowship has doubled since the first of the year- 100% increase.  I guess you take everything for granted- where you are now- that's the kiddies attitude.  You neither really credit Jesus directly and openly in what happened, nor can you by faith in Him expect great things to happen to you.  It's difficult for you to handle the future, isn't it? And I hate just painting rosy pictures and giving you rosy promises, so I'm glad there's something now to show as to what's actually happened.  That's why I was telling you exactly what I expected to happen and you've seen it happen,  haven't you.  That way it's easier for you to put confidence in our work.  Looking
ahead in our sheep lives- how much should you be planning the future?  As you know, Jesus knows the future, we certainly can't boast about the future, nor should we be anxious about tomorrow.  On the other hand, a wise man looks where he is
going, and so teach us to number our days, make the most of the time- where do you draw the line for the right approach?
It's good to talk of the future, esp. when I'm trying to inculcate within you some appreciation for and understanding
of the general processes that are gonna determine where we're going to be and what we're going to be like.  After all, how do I arrive at these figures?  Through processes that you can come to understand and be able to handle yourself then.
 "Youth and the dawn of life are vanity." Remember reading that verse?  There is a thing within you that unconsciously, you expect to go on being 18 forever, don't you?  And you have to catch yourself.  You think you're going to sit there like
 that forever, and before you know it you're gonna be a totally different person and a good bit older and you need to prepare for that, and that's why it's called  vanity- it's so self centered, and you can't help it, you're not condemned for
 it- God has already approved what you do, nevertheless, no good.  You can't help it, all you can do is look out through your lattice, and when your lattice is 18 years old, you really have nothing to work with, except this feeling that you're
gonna go on like this forever.  You need to come to realize that feeling isn't true

You are investing your youth- keep that conscious- I've said that three times this week.  You're investing your youth in this way.  Make it count!  You tend to take your present situation for granted, a year ago you would have been amazed, partly
because you're young and you don't have the ability to project, even lightly guess concerning the future.  So you just have to learn more and more to put your energies toward rebuilding the temple instead of wasting your efforts and getting  into weird stuff.  Doesn't that make sense?  Or do you want to say- at the end of your life you groan, "How I hated discipline." Each of you have to deal with that issue- every new day you must deal with it.  The church must be wise- to be afraid
of sinning.

 In raising physical children another thing that we should remember is that it's necessary to give them their daily bread, and it's also necessary to plan for their long range future.  You must have a long and a short range viewpoint simultaneously- you must have your eye on both and you must be doing things that are right for both.  You can't even figure out what's good for you now.  How are you gonna figure out what's good for you when you're 20, 30, and 50?  You should listen to right guidance- you really don't have any other choice.  You especially need to do that since you know you do have right guidance, unless you wanna be sick of yourselves, you better listen to that right guidance- "You'll do well to pay attention"- conversely it would be terrible for you not to listen.  Remember  9 years from now there's gonna be a million people in the Forever Family.  That's beyond any  gasp- you just don't know what to say, do you? That's if there is a 9 years.  It is really legitimate that Jesus could return long before that time.

Just remember, by the way, when He does, we will see the day approaching more and more- we're not gonna  be caught unawares, and I'll tell you the verse- "For you will not go out in haste, you will not go out in flight"- you'll know about it.
"The Lord himself will lead you and the God of Israel will be your rear guard." (Isaiah 52'12) He's gonna lead us and we're gonna know about it- there's no need to panic.  He has said that He has it under control and He has shown that He does. Another Thing when you regard the future- keep this fact in mind and it will give you hope- ten years ago I didn't know anything about the Bible or care anything about it and I sure didn't start with the spoon feeding you're getting. And Jesus works with faithfulness, not by I.Q. It is nice to be able to pass a  Frisbee across the room, but that doesn't really help- Jesus works with faithfulness, and you can be as faithful as anyone, especially if the right ways are shown you and taught you and you're raised in them- that's the best thing could  happen to you.

Now the general Forever Family future.  The Forever Family is growing like a root out of dry ground.  What does that mean?  The expression- "He grew up before him like a root out of dry ground." A root can't grow at all unless it has some
moisture. And  if the ground is dry then the seed, which it does anyway, has water in it.  Jesus talked about that- it springs up.  But the Forever Family and Jesus grew up like a root out of dry ground- that is, have water within itself.  And
 Jesus had water within Himself and thus He could say, "I will give you a drink of living water." If Jesus is a root growing out of dry ground, then He doesn't need to be watered externally- He's got the water of life within Himself.  Look
at the way the Forever Family's growing.  Jesus has given us everything we need, and in a sense it certainly is dry ground and a desert all around us and yet we're growing in the midst of that and under those conditions, and the reason is
because He has already given us water for our journey.  The Forever Family is growing and expanding horizontally while it's also deepening vertically- it's doing both at the same time.  That is, it's growing in numbers, but you old timers who have been around for three years, you can see now how the lambs now have it better than the lambs back then did.  That is, the whole work is getting deeper, more effective, better, growing horizontally and vertically.  There is no indication of any kind of leveling off of strength.  Our rates aren't even leveling out- if we stopped our rate of growth now, there'd be a million people in the F.F in 9 years.  That's if those curves level off and just went straight.  There not going straight though, they're increasinG: Those are based on present rates, and we're exceeding them.  There is this basic figure that we multiply by six every two years, and even easier, we multiply by ten every three years.  So that means
in nine years, starting with 1,000 this next time, a million people.

If you want to get into learning things, don't go wild on this one, start  learning languages.  I think that what we should do is start a program that in some ordered fashion, files in the office or something, that you have 50 people learning Greek, 50 learning Polish.  We have a man speaking Portuguese now, a man speaking Philippine, French, Spanish, German, Egyptian, Italian.  Now look, we're not going overseas tomorrow or even next year or the year after, long before this 9 years or whatever, long before that I suppose we'll be around the world, but the right way- not like the COGS, not just spacing around, when we go, we're there for good, and we dig in and we grow till Jesus comes.  Not just a back- pack
trip, we're gonna do it the real way, as we have been, haven't we?  We haven't been spacing off to California or Florida or anywhere else.  That's one of the reasons we're growing at a healthy, steady, consistent rate. we're gonna change
alot.  For instance, when we're learning other languages you don't know how that's  gonna change you.  Lemme ask you this: flow do you say, "Boy, I had a heavy work-over today." How do you translate that into Italian?  You're gonna have to get down to real issues.  Also, in other countries, people are far more basic than here. You should start preparing yourself, that doesn't mean you should start putting your energies into learning languages, there's plenty of time.  Put your energies into witnessing, Growing, understanding the Bible, being faithful to Jesus.

 Here's an interesting one.  Teenagers  are pretty much the same throughout the world.  You know why?  Because little children are all the same.  A two year old Japanese and a two year old American kid- there's no difference whatsoever in-
 communication- it's as good as the two year old down the street- no difference whatsoever.  It's as you grow that you take on characteristics of your society, and communication breaks down.  At 18 you haven't taken on that much, have you?
What is your problem in this country it will be your blessing in other countries. In other countries you will be the same as your age group far more than if you were the adult that you wish you were hero so you could understand.  Young people-
 it's much easier for them to communicate than older people, because they are more similar, they haven't diverged as much and they haven't hardened an much.

I'm wondering, are we gonna hear this comment: Jesus said, "If we let Him go on thus, the Romans will come, everyone will believe in him, and the Romans  will come and destroy both our holy place and our nation." "If we let them go on
thus, the Russians are gonna come and destroy both the U.S.A. and our American heritage." "If we let the F.F. go on thus all the youth will get into it, and" the Russians will come and take away both our Holy place and our nation." "These
 men who have turned the world upside down have come here also." Be sure of this,  before we get half way across the U.S. we're really gonna be known nationally, and everywhere we go- "That red button!" And the moment you're there, "You've come here also." "We don't want any trouble from you people." And that's what's going to be waiting for you people, and that's why it's the heavier people that should go- that's a real help on the other hand if you know how to handle it. They already know you, and as you know when we get hassled it only helps the kiddies.  When people copy our buttons, remember that imitation is the highest form of flattery.  Either consciously or otherwise, realize that something is
going on.  They are recognizing that we are together.  One of the hundred things you have that you're not really consciously aware of and thankful for- just groupie wise- we really got a group, which every kid wants- something valuable.

Remember this thing about what is the Forever Family gonna be like- we want to have the zeal of the martyrs, the seriousness of the Mennonites, the fervor of the Pentecostals, the attractiveness and the cuteness of the COGS, the hard
 working thing of the Jehovah Witnesses, the efficiency of the J.W.'s, the orthodoxy of the Catholics- the Orthodox, Apostolic, Catholic thing.  The best of everything.  Take the best and leave the worst.

Here's another interesting thing.  As you know, we've been talking for years about rebuilding the temple.  Are we going to be- let's say three years from now we're really gonna be getting heavily world- wide, and rebuilding the temple and
saying so, and at the same time the physical temple in Jerusalem gets rebuilt. Are the two gonna coincide?  That is so possible and so feasible! However, remember there isn't gonna be a Forever Family if the garden isn't kept right.  That goes for each one of us personally keeping our integrity, we are not of those who shrink back and lose our souls- each one of us personally doing that and also tending the garden.  There isn't gonna be a Forever Family unless all of us do that.  The
worst thing that can happen is if we just lose sight of Jesus and start to coast.

But because of the circumstances in which we find ourselves, 20th century U.S.A., for instance you physically are arising out of the sixties.  Because of our social condition around us, the timing, the original soil of the sixties, the Jesus
movement later, a young oriented culture, because of those things we are somewhat circumstantially limited and dated, but we have to outgrow those things, and we have to, through various processes such as wanting to go world- wide and doing it the right way, and in the process alot of silly things falling away.  For instance, try translating, "I had a heavy rap last night." into Portuguese.  You can't deal with colloquialism, and alot of the trappings that are meaningful to you now, just aren't gonna be meaningful to you then.  For instance, to begin with, if you're  five or ten years older you're gonna be a different animal altogether.  Radical  change is going to come about. 300 a week by the end of this year is like falling off a log- conceivably it could happen by the next meeting if we really get on fire, but certainly within one or two meetings, and a.400 week looks alot better.  At the beginning of the year I only said maybe 400 saved a week. There's a minimum of 8 centers gonna start this year, and Columbus is gonna  start now.  Albany is gonna be a center- where's Primo.  Montreal will at least have started as a center- our first international center.  North Carolina- where's Chris.  Baltimore- where's Ray.  Harrisburg- Paul.  Boston will be another one maybe two more.  New York is gonna split- at least one more center by the end of the year- Dave.  And Detroit.  That's nine right there.  However there are four more that are entirely possible- that makes 20 already.  The others are Akron, another in Boston, and another in New York maybe.  That's entirely possible, and maybe I shouldn't be so chicken and up it from 20 to 25 or something at the end of the
year.  And Buffalo possibly by the end of the year, and beginning into Toronto, Niagara Falls, Rochester.

There are seven 1,000 figures that we're going to begin crossing.  We've already hit the first one- 1,000 people in the F.F. The next one- there are three more gonna happen right away by the next big meeting.  The next one is our first
1,000 meeting- a thousand at our July I meeting.  There's gonna be a thousand new and active by our next meeting.  Again, a year ago if I had said that you'd have been wiped out- you take it for granted now, don't you?  Before we got together  at July first, there's gonna be a Saturday night when 1,060 of us are together at all our center meetings, and then 1,000 of us are gonna physically get together) at one time.  Then you're gonna get spoiled with 1,000, and it's gonna go to 2,000
and 3,000 and you're gonna lose interest until you hit that magical 10,000 and you're all excited again. Of course there'll be just a thousand new members and just a thousand active members later, and a thousand lambs- I guess a thousand lambs
would come first.  Really urge new members to become active in every way, stop  stressing that $10 thing so much.  Let's drop the term "financial backslider." What do you think is a single quality that makes a center leader successful? What do you want in your center leader?  Isn't it true that it's the pushier center leaders that are the more successful?