When we came to New York to begin our training, the f first thing that Stewart said was, the older brothers are going to have every chance to have a right relationship with Jesus., But mainly it's for the thousands of lambs that are going to come to our church, that's what the school is for. We've forgotten about our purpose for being here at the school, but Stewart hasn't.
       What has been happening here for a long time has been a nice sort of doing something good.  We can tell ourselves that our relationship with Jesus is good, but it is weak enough that the devil can load us with all kinds of problems.  Those problems just further and further weaken us so that we're nowhere.  The nice results that we hoped for from our nice actions, never actually materialize.
  The only thing that materializes is the word stagnation.  Stagnation is followed by frustration which boringly over and over again is followed by our collapse.  We're determined not to learn and we've got to waste ourselves so that we don't have to work.

                                                                 LACK OF COMMITMENT

       A very common and treacherous pattern is the older brothers acting, thinking and falling on their own; alone, cut off and out of fellowship.  What every one's doing is pushily living as though they know what they're doing.  Where are the results?  We don't know what we are doing and we won't admit it to ourselves, Jesus, the fellowship, and certainly not to Stewart.  We're just taking advantage and our actions prove it.  We look for tricky ways to avoid commitment to Jesus and to our conscience.  We try to make it look like we're committed to Jesus and serving, our conscience and so the artificial front appears. The brothers have given their strength to women and so they have a wrong spirit running them.  "The princes of the F.F. are utterly foolish; the wise counselors of Pharaoh give stupid counsel"... Isaiah 19:11-13
We have three enemies, the flesh, the world and the devil. The flesh has been what's running us.  'He take advantage and so the flesh is overcoming, the spirit in our school.  We are being drowned by the wrong woman overcoming us - We say we want discipline but our actions are saying otherwise.  God spoke of protecting the innocent and in our case the innocent would be the lambs and maybe 20% to 30% of the brethren, most of which are the sisters.  We do all we can to hurt the innocent instead of protect them.
Is Gayle the only wife who can say she's confident her husband won't choose adultery?  A number of brothers have chosen adultery and yet we don't hate sin.  It comes from not being faithful to Jesus and the brothers that are holding back are going to follow in the same sin.  If we don't go to war against this sin, we'll do it ourselves; we don't fellowship about our real sin.  We all consciously and unconsciously indulge in wrong things and we need to be more honest with each other about our weaknesses. We need to hate the wrong things and expose them, "anything that is exposed to the light becomes light." Jesus told us to obey him with all our heart and we wouldn't do it. We got taken over by the wrong woman and if we would have listened it wouldn't have happened.  If we keep on serving the flesh we won't even be a beast in the land, we'll backslide altogether. We can't be ordinary men and there's no way we can go back to being an Egyptian.

We purposely allow our application of the true interpretation of life to be shoddy so that we can break ourselves down and not be responsible. We do it to escape the only alternative which is discipline." It is good for a man to bear the yoke in his youth." Lack of Commitment is everyone's problem, laziness. "He who is slack in his work is a brother to him who destroys."
       We came here to be trained in the real work and a prerequisite is the physical work.  In most countries today if You don't work you don't eat; thats the whole country Because we're so spoiled we forget that the Bible says that.  Those who refuse to work have to be identified.

                                     THE WRONG SPIRIT WILL BE ATTACKED BY THE RULES

       We will not live as though the basis, of the whole game is our day to day refusal to obey.  We won't obey Jesus and we won't give ourselves to Him and so day by day troubles build up coming from that. How do we put faith out front when we have a long history of saying no? By breaking up the follow ground. We don't like it because it means we get broken up. We don't want training and deny it every step.  Therefore its necessary, for Stewart to continue dealing, with all the games trusting that we'll all backslide until there's one or two left who intend to change the situation, then the lambs will take over because that's all that will be left. Those wrong attitudes are things that have to be attacked by the rules by making us do certain things over and over again, until we break the bad habits.  The rules can't change our nature but they can break down wrong habits and make wrong attitudes so disgusting to us and so painful to have that it is not worth having them.  The common denominator, between the hopelessness of the older brothers actions and the hopelessness of the younger brothers actions are the rules as being the only answer. The older brothers need different rules than the younger brothers and it's hard to go to the common denominators.  We need rules that are going, to discipline the older brothers and younger brothers and yet are going to help both groups progress simultaneously.  Those who obey and serve the rules are divided of course.  "It is necessary that there be divisions among you." Those who serve and obey the rules will be seen as growing in strength and bearing fruit. All is destroyed in the sanctuary and every area and program needs to be in line and obeyed and thats obeying Jesus. We need to give ourselves to the framework and thats giving ourselves to Jesus.  Our unity, strength, training, and discipline is Jesus and the word.

                                                           RULES ARE AN INDIRECT HELP TO US

        Fellowshipping, in loving Jesus is our goal and if we can't fellowship in the rules how are we going to fellowship in loving Jesus? That's extremely personal and speaks of total commitment. The rules will never touch our relationship with Jesus but are coming from the assumption of everyone wanting a right relationship with Jesus.  Jesus said "You are my friends if you do as I command you" and he commanded us to love one another.  On the other hand we can't be forced with rules into loving one another but rules can be devised to tend toward it.

 If we refuse to only tend toward loving one another, what  does say about our attitude Jesus?  The first rules were necessary and we should have done them but just doing them isn't enough because they didn't go to the real  nature of the problem.  They didn't have any effect on us. These, therefore, are dealing with and indirectly causing us to go to the real work.  Nothing but having a right relationship with Jesus will directly bring, these things about but the rules are- an Indirect help.  At least the rules expose those who aren't going to the real work and are an indirect help to those who want the help.  The rules will be aiming at and reflecting the right balance between fulfillment today and working, toward the future.  That is, there will be an immediate benefit from the rules and there will be long range benefits.

                                  THE RULES ARE AIDES TO 0VERCOME OUR PROBLEM

        The rules have to be a covenant between the brothers.  When a brother comes here he reads these rules and is agreeing to live by those rules or else he should live somewhere else. We can then look at the rules as a covenant to enter into rather than you becoming like a puppet.  The rules will have to be looked at and considered by each of us as an aid in overcoming our problem and  not as the answer.  No rule can be breaking any one of the directions, they all work together and can't be to harsh or to light so as not to mean anything.
We need a framework of action, united action together, that each of us can see in our hand and work at diligently.  At the same time, they must not be burdensome.  There has to be many rules and they need to be involved in order to discipline most areas of our life and keep us busy, or they won't be effective.
The framework of our school has to lead us into the spiritual work. When we first began, we had to get to together physically and then go to the real work, now mostly everyone has jobs.  Lets assume that we're together physically, there will be rules to make sure.  It's a matter of us willing to take up the real cross or do we just want to play.  The nature of the rules isn't going to be our sheep trips, it Is going to be rules and discipline so we can grow up as children. The difference is that sheep corresponds to when we first came here, we couldn't brush our teeth or get a job.  The rules more so go to the real problems and get us to go to the real work, which is discipline as a son.


   Definition of a rule: A specific thing, that can be enforced.  The rules must be enforceable and worthwhile or they're not going to be respected.  They have to cover many different areas, such as:
   1. SPIRITUAL                           2. PERSONAL
   3. PHYSICAL                            4. SEXUAL
   S. VEHICLES                            S. OTHERS

                                                               HOT TO DESIGN  RULES.

   A direction- First, get angry at the situation and then get angry with yourself.  Finally, get angry at the wrong things in others. In that order only.

                                                                      SPECIFIC RULES
 One rule  is that each brother and sister is to contact a lamb, an interested or a backslider each day by phone or letter or
   in person. Along with that rule, we are specifically to contact one lamb each day.

   Relationships   between   brothers and  sisters are to be out in the open and discussed with designated silvers.

 Brothers are to directly speak of  Jesus' death, resurrection and second coming when fellowshipping or they will lose four
points.  Failure to report the infraction of this rule is a loss of eight points.

   Brothers that are more than five minutes late to work will loose one point for each minute past five minutes.

   There is a loss of fifty points for lying.

   There  is a gain of ten points for leading one person to Jesus.

Entering the office without permission is a loss of five points.


Every sister is to have an escort or she will lose twenty-five points.  Two or more sisters may go out during the day
without a brother, if they must.

Never wear a button if you don't have an escort.  Also no witnessing without an escort.


All unemployed are to be at the loft at 7:30 A.M. each morning. You will receive subway money at the meetings in the morning.
 There Is a loss of points for every minute you're late after  five minutes.

 Brothers and sisters must come to the  meeting's,  dressed presentably or you will lose five points. All brothers are to wear ties.

Any sisters that must stay at home during the day or during the meetings are to gather in one apartment and a guard is to
 to posted.,

There are to be no markings  on  the  doors of  the apartment's a t all. We are inviting trouble if' we have any C-O.B.U.        markings on the doors.


 Food runners for each  building  are to carry the food over to their building each night. The food is dept at the storefront at 699 10th Avenue. There is a loss of twenty points for unfaithfulness and a gain of  ten points if you are faithful to this responsibility


We  are to be sitting in our designated place at our meetings at  800 P.M. each meeting night or we will loose five points.
Missing a meeting without an excuse approved by two silvers is a loss of ten points.

Silvers  are to speak first and then  upper orange. Browns   must ask permission to speak and blacks are not allowed  to speak.

We are to speak loudly, state our name and then ask if we are speaking loudly enough. 'There is a loss of two points if we
 are not speaking loudly enough to be heard.

Only two brothers and sisters are to be standing at one time. A third party will lose two points if they are standing.

 There is a loss of five points If you must be excused from the. meeting to go to the rest room unless you have a special

When giving a verse at the meetings, state the verse address before and after the verse. Failure to do so is a lose of two

Goofiness or pushiness is a lose of two points.

To bo excused for lateness or absence, hand in a written excuse, signed by two silvers, to the brother who takes  attendance in your color category.  The card should include your name. address, and reason for absence or tardiness

Always walk around the perimeter when entering a meeting, while it is in progress.

Prayer-we need to have more respect for Jesus when we pray to him.  There is to be no walking around, talking or drifting
 around in our heads or looking around while everyone is praying.

Everyone is to be out of the loft within ten minutes after the meetings or you will lose ten points.


You are to fellowship with two brothers a day  about  your relationship with Jesus and taking advantage. (Loss of  five points)

Witnessing for one hour on weekdays is required. or  seven  hours on weekends. (Loss of eight -points)

 Read five chapters of  the  Bible a  day. (loss of five points)

Contact a lamb, interested, or backslider each day (Loss of five points)

Each older brother is to pray with his wife each day. (Loss of 5 points)

                                                           RULES FOR LAMB GUARDIANS

   Each building has a lamb secretary who will collect your  lamb cards from you. Failure to hand in your lamb cards from  each day that you lead someone to Jesus or you will loose five points.  Incomplete lamb cards will result in a loss of five points.

   Your lamb reports  are to be turned in to the secretary every Sunday evening, If you are irresponsible you will lose your

   Go through your lamb secretary with all problems or questions concerning Iambs.


           Directions  involve something that should be done;   they can't  be enforced. A direction is something that                everyone is required to be doing. One example of a direction is that everyone is to put their faith in Jesus out front in a personal way That  can't be measured and  so it's a direction  and  not a rule yet it can be seen whether or not  it's being done.


   1. Put your faith in Jesus' promises in  a  personal and relaxed way and walk by that faith in a direct way..

   2.. Remember that Jesus is beside you right now What would he want you to do right now?

    3.     Work at the six steps of love

     4.    Overcome the flesh or be overcome by it.

     5.    Work in harmony with your brothers and sisters by devotion to the right framework of action at every point and every moment.


We should keep an eye on the framework of  action  and the other on the circumstances in front of you and bring them together.

Our training comes first so be at the meetings

Doors are to be locked at  all times.

Everything is to be in the open and known;  no one is to get away with anything.

We're here  to put  out all the effort we can to be trained.
Performance is measured by  the point system and not our relationship with Jesus.

Silver and orange make up the fellowship and should draw the other brethren into fellowship.

Lower browns should not have relationships.

Breaking fellowship must be taken seriously. ..Those who are holding, back and dragging down the others must be noted.   Part of the direction involving rules is physical separation. "There must be divisions among you."

            It's important that we are faithful to the rules and directions of our school. These rules and directions have been made for our own good and our protection and will indirectly help us in our relationship with Jesus.  Submitting to the framework of the school is giving ourselves to Jesus.

                                                                     Things We Must Never Do

                1. Please your flesh,
                2. Make excuses
                3.  wail
                4. Look to this life,
                5. Give Into feelings.
                6. Go to psychology.
                7. Be lazy physically or spiritually.

Brothers and sisters are categorized as trips, goofy, middle and driving. The definition of a trip is one who knowingly has been taking advantage for a long time and they indulge themselves at the expense of the fellowship, they blame others for how they are and never speak of their disgust over their relationship with Jesus. They want to fellowship in sin rather than bear fruit fit for repentance. Jesus directly said that the unfaithful should leave the church (Matt 18: 15-17) and so we have a "Trip Box" a section where all the trips are to sit at the meetings. They also live in a separate apartment building and so are apart from our fellowship while still living among us. We are hoping that through this punishment the "trips" will become repentant to Jesus and their relationship with Jesus will improve. The "trips" are to speak with three silvers together about their attitudes etc. and this way, Stewart will not have to deal with them. Another rule is that "trips" are never to be guards or escorts at all.

There is a lack of unity and zeal here at the MTC and a sluggishness has developed. We each go to our own apartments. The only answer to this problem is for the apartments to become places to only crash in and that's all. The rest of the time we can be urgently working together. A system will be soon worked out where we will be working together more. Until then we should all follow right direction and use our apartments for sleeping and eating and that is all. We will become more unified and joyful if we draw close together and please Jesus.

It will not be long before all of the brothers and sisters will working within the Carpet Cleaning business.  Until then, each brother or sister is given three days to get a  job or they must leave; this is a new employment rule, All unemployed brethren are to meet the garage at 7:00am each day to go out for jobs.