As promised I have composed a document addressing the leader of the Church of Bible Understanding directly. Current members and ex-members may find some of what I say liberating. Others will dismiss my comments outright because, as we all know, one is not suppose to actually question or test this "man of God." I hope that by speaking directly to Stewart Traill everyone involved will either consider what is the truth in any answer Stewart might give. I will make composite answers from what Stewart has said in the past on tape for his answers or what I have witnessed at meetings his speech and behavior.

What is at stake? What is the goal? What could be accomplished by fictionally engaging the entrenched leader of COBU? He might repent and remove himself from influencing our brethren. The current members might repent and return to making Jesus their Lord. I will not pretend to possess the absolute truth in this matter. I will not act like Stewart and put myself forward as having an exclusive grasp of what is true. I will however ask questions, state facts, tell the truth that I know and let everyone who reads this, pray and allow God to speak to them and show them what is true and what is not.

One final thought before beginning. I have thought about speaking to Stewart directly as many of you have. You probably imagined, like me, a scenario where you have all your arguments lined up and Stewart would just not know how to answer. Or more realistically, you have imagined that when you came up against him he would do his usual evasions and nothing would change. I have had both dreams many times. I think that the desire for ex-members to make sense of or reconcile their conflicting views of ST and Cobu generate these dreams and thoughts. It seems only natural as a coping mechanism. I hope to write to Stewart to settle once and for all what I think of the whole matter, help current members open their eyes, and maybe, just maybe, finally get through to Stewart a vital truth that might save his life.

Where does one start? Let's call a meeting. Okay, we are all now at 162 in the basement. All current members are present. Stewart and whoever he is with comes in late. At this point it's guesswork. Will Stewart sit there for an hour or will he open up the meeting with some topic we all need to rumble over for the first 30 minutes before he tells us the real answer. Let's go with Stewart saying, "do you know, you all are serving the antichrist?" That might set the right tone. He said this at an actual meeting once. There might then be an explanation forthcoming. I don't think ST would mention grace here. It has been quite a long time since he played that one-hit wonder from 1989.

Okay, then after brothers get up and confess or admit that they are serving the antichrist, let's say Stewart drones on about how they are serving the antichrist and how none of this is his fault, then rounds off the meeting with "it's getting late, any questions, people?" I am sitting at the back of the basement where the food closet was/is.

Michael Montoya: yes, I have a question. Why are you still pastor of this church?

Stewart: (sigh) eh who let him in here?

MM: you asked if there were any questions?

ST: Kevin? You want to deal with him?

Kevin: why are you here? Why do you care?

MM: Kevin, Stewart asked if there were any questions. So I asked him a question. It doesn't seem like he is going to answer it.

Kevin: You don't live here. You are not a part of this fellowship anymore. What do you care?

MM: I am a Christian. I am a part of the body of Christ. I am your brother and I used to live here. I think because I know you exist and I know Stewart exists, I am obligated to tell you all the truth I know about this group and this leader. We are members one of another. I do not think location defines whether or not you are in or out of the body of Christ. Otherwise, Christians in communist countries or who live in obscure places would also be excluded from contributing if they were here now.

Kevin: you know Stewart was asking for questions that had to do with what he talked about. He was asking those in fellowship.

MM: I think my question would open up a subject that is more important than any teaching Stewart has for this group.

Kev: sounds proud and you are making Stewart the issue.

MM: He is the issue. You and the rest of these brothers and sisters have made him the issue. Your lives are bound to Stewart's. You do not get married. You do not have children. Why? Because you are listening to Jesus? Your very lives have made Stewart the issue for 30 years. And if you don't believe me, then read the transcript of the Grace Meeting.

ST: (mocking groan)(brothers and sisters laugh a little) here we go! The grace meeting!

MM: he speaks. Well, now that you are using your voice again, my question. Why are you still pastor of this church?

((((at this point it would go in many directions))) ST could go for more silence and let someone else talk to me or perhaps turn the tables on me, many possibilities. I will go with ST actually addressing the question, of course there are many possible answers.

ST: well, Mr. Montoya, I am still pastor of this here church because it is God's will.(mocking tone)

MM: well, at least that's a direct answer. What makes you think it is God's will?

ST: are you going to ask me questions all night because it's getting late?

MM: You don't think that this is important? You don't think it is important for these brothers and sisters in Christ to know the truth about you?

ST: The truth about me. You seem pretty sure of yourself, Mr. Montoya.

MM: don't attack the messenger

ST: oh the messenger, so you are a messenger! Who sent you? (brothers and sisters laugh)

MM: don't attack the messenger, you know what I mean. Now back to my question. What makes you think that it is God's will that you continue to be pastor here?

ST: you have no part or lot in this matter (scripture)

MM: I am a member of the Body of Christ. Are you?

ST: ooooh, whadda think Kevin?

Kev: he's questioning whether you are saved or not. Who made you a judge?

MM: the bible.

ST: (((laughing))

K: what scriptures are you coming from?

MM: either make the tree good and its fruit good or make the tree bad and its fruit bad. Thus you will know them by their fruit. As for my initial question and the subsequent question; there are standards for bishops and deacons in the letters of Paul to Timothy and Titus. Brethren were to "judge" whether or not a brother or sister met the qualifications Paul wrote about and decide to either allow them to become a bishop or deacon or not.

ST: say Mr. Montoya. You sound edgemacated. See there's the initial question and the subsequent question. You got that Kevin?

MM: I noticed that you never really address what I am asking in detail. You have always been good at mocking when you are avoiding directly answering and you have since the FF been down on formal education.

ST: (((smiling at everyone while I am talking))))

MM: how about another question?

ST: uugh! Another one? (laughter)

MM: Did you ever sit down with the brothers and sisters of the FF and put before them the standards for Bishops and Deacons in Timothy and Titus and then put yourself forward for testing?

ST: it's late Mr. Montoya and some of us are into doing God's will and we need sleep.

(brothers and sisters agree))

MM: so I take that as a "no" to my question.

ST: go ahead, it's your party

MM: you don't think this is important to these brothers and sisters here?

ST: oh yes, very important, Mr. Montoya! (laughter)

MM: Do you agree with the statement that you started the FF?

ST: (((looking at watch))) Sir, you know!

MM: Skip O'Neil was a Christian before you met him. Patty Daniels and Neil Pendry were Christians before you met them. You attended the Message Coffee House until they rejected what you were doing. You started the FF with a bunch of young people who were already born again.

ST: whatever you say, professor!

MM: you said at the first big meeting that you were all alone for years and you marveled at the number of people gathered at the first big meeting. Chris Blaise also said that you had told him that you witnessed for years and nobody got saved.

ST: and your point, professor?

MM: I have to ask, based your own words, did you really get saved in the mid to late 1960's and according to your understanding about bearing fruit which you taught us for years, did you bear any fruit that showed you were born again?

ST: (((silence)))

Joe: look, Stewart is not the issue. You wanna go back to 40 years ago and give a history lesson and we're into pleasing Jesus. What are you into?

MM: I'm into pleasing Jesus

ST: prove it, professor!

MM: you want me to prove that I am pleasing Jesus? I will, when you prove that it is God's will that you are suppose to be pastor of this church. Brothers and sisters, don't you think this is important? Have you never followed what the bible says about leaders in the body of Christ. There are standards. Those who do not meet those standards are not leaders, pastors, or bishops. Now, if you are not a church and Stewart is just a club leader of a club he started, then there's no problem. But if you say you are Christians and that Stewart is your pastor then the bible is clear about what a person should be to be chosen for the office. I don't know if anyone of you read what I wrote on line. It's the history of the FF and Cobu. I talked to founding members, read a bunch of printed material, listened to hours of tape. What I didn't know and maybe what you didn't know is that the people Stewart started the FF with were already Christians. He didn't lead them to Jesus. They weren't his fruit. As far as I can tell, Chuck Marburger is the only one Stewart led to Jesus in those days.

ST: what's yer point professor?

MM: my point is The Forever Family was your idea. This group was your idea. Whether or not God wanted you, Stewart, to gather these young Christians into a group or fellowship is anyone's guess. At the first Big Meeting you talked about being all alone and then quoted the scripture "who bore me all these" pretty much glorying in the 200 or so now gathered to hear your bible study.

ST: that's you're point? That the FF was my idea? That's a big revelation. Hey Kevin, the professor here has discovered that the Forever Family was my idea. And the next big news bulletin is that the Church of Bible Understanding was my idea too! And we're staying up for this?

MM: Stewart, you can mock all you want, but this is a simple but very important point.

ST: says you

MM: well, since no one here is saying it and they are betting their whole Christians lives on it, yes,says me and I would say the bible makes this important.

ST: go on professor. We've got all the time in the world to listen to you.

MM: think of this as an all-night bible study, just like the good old days of 137.

ST: preach it brother, uh professor,we're all ears

MM: If the FF was just Stewart's club then we don't have a problem. But we all know that the Forever Family was not billed as Stewart's club. This was God's will for us. We were a unique fellowship with a "high calling." You all remember the rhetoric?

ST: rhetoric, yes, go on professor, rhetoric

MM: so if the FF was God's will then those who lead or are pastors of this fellowship needed to be selected based on what Paul wrote to Timothy and Titus about bishops. We also have Peter who wrote, "Tend the flock of God that is your charge, not by constraint but willing, not for shameful gain but eagerly, not domineering over those in your charge, but being examples to the flock."

ST: Amen.

MM: your mocking allows you to avoid dealing directly with what I said. Like I said, if this was just "the Stewart club", well then this would be true to form. All these brothers and sisters would not have a complaint because they devoted 30-35 years to the Stewart club. We all know that this is not what you all signed up for. I could have asked you when you first moved in and I could ask you now, "What are you doing and why?" and most of you would say something like, "I am moving into fellowship to please Jesus" or "I'm doing God's will." Okay, since this is what you gave your lives for, then shouldn't you be following the bible and God's will in the bible when setting up this church and maintaining this church.

ST: hey professor, remember the FF was my idea. I did all the setting up and maintaining, you have no idea what starting this thing was like. Bunch of goofy lambs who couldn't organize a bag of sand. I brought this thing together, "though it was not I but the grace of God which is with me." Hey, remind me to get into that later. Paul, "I worked harder than any of them though it was not I" what was Paul doing there? sounds like boasting or taking credit the first part, just the first part, yeah and the boasting chapter in 1st or 2nd Corinthians, What was Paul doing there? "I have reason to be proud of my work in Christ Jesus" What is that? Taking credit, right? Paul is calling it "his" work or "my work." okay professor, I was interrupting,you were saying the FF was my work, eh, my idea, go ahead

MM: you do that so smoothly. I am not as quick-witted as you.

ST: gosh, I'm blushing

MM: It took me a while with the Grace Meeting tapes to figure out what you were doing at different times in the meeting. Remember when you trumpeted "your fervent spirit" at the Grace Meeting you said this about 15 or 20 minutes before you steered everyone to look at Apollos in Acts. It was your way of explaining your 25 years of teaching error.

ST: The Grace Meeting, well brothers and sisters,we finally got there. Hey Kevin, you wanna tell the professor here.

Kevin: Stewart said that if you ever came to a meeting that you would bring up the Grace Meeting and go on and on about it trying to discredit him.

MM: So because Stewart made an educated guess about me, then he must be a prophet.

Kevin: I didn't say that.

MM: why do you think Stewart is getting you to bring this to my attention?

Kevin: Guess he's proving that he knows what yer up to. That yer not into pleasing Jesus but just wanting to make Stewart the issue so you have an excuse

ST: an excuse to what Kevin?

Kevin: an excuse to not be faithful yourself.

MM: interesting theory

ST: that's right professor. Care to prove me wrong?

MM: I noticed that we are back on me and my motives and meanwhile Stewart here doesn't have to answer for his behavior as pastor of this church.

ST: he's getting away Kevin, go go

Kevin: aren't you using Stewart to make excuses for not going to the work yourself?

MM: Let's look at what is really going on right now because

ST: Kevin, he's getting away

MM: Stewart, stop manipulating Kevin

ST: manipulating, big word, professor

MM: appropriate word. Kevin and all of you, you have seen this all before. Someone from the "outside" comes to a meeting and attempts to talk to Stewart and he plays his games and gets you to fight for him all the while he never addresses directly anything the person brings up.

ST: "to them we did not yield for a moment" Kevin, go

Kevin: you said it yourself, you are on the outside, outside of this fellowship and so why should Stewart yield to you? Why should he let you "spy out our freedom."

MM: your freedom? Yeah, the fruits of freedom are evident here. The freedom you have in Christ,gosh Cobu is known for the freedom in Christ you experience, one would think Christians would be beating down the door to join your club.

ST: look professor, this has all been very entertaining but you're not fooling anyone here and you certainly not fooling me.

MM: by fooling you mean deceiving

ST: ugh, the professor wants to teach some more, sit down Kevin, this is gonna take awhile

MM: Let's take inventory of what has happened so far tonight

ST: (groan)

MM: Stewart asked if there were any questions. I ask him a question. He didn't answer.

Everyone: He did answer!

MM: yes he did but he hasn't proved it from the bible.

ST: and you have no part or lot in this matter

MM: Am I a member of the Body of Christ?

ST: that's anyone's guess

MM: would you like to hear my testimony?

ST: ugh. long night Kevin, say perhaps the professor could make it quick so we can get some sleep and wake up and do the work of God, some of us are interested in that, "devoted 30 years" to that. But I was interrupting the professor, uh, professor?

MM: Are you pleasing Jesus? Have you been pleasing Jesus this whole time? You have not obeyed scripture. It is questionable that the FF was God's will. If God meant for these brothers and sisters to come together in a fellowship then you leading them was not God's will because you never submitted yourself to them for testing according to the standards for bishops. No founding members can bear witness that you ever went about taking the lead in a biblical way. But let's leave that error aside. Your divorce to Shirley and your marrying Gayle. Your behavior during that time was sin. You should have been dismissed from leadership at that time.

ST: so the professor is now a judge

MM: Stewart, what you have never done or have never submitted to is testing. Your Manhattan Training Center was a terrible testing ground for all your club members but funny how no one dared test you.

ST: oh they dared, but you know better, go ahead, all-knowing judgey

MM: I saw the few times brothers questioned you and they got squashed. Herman Weiss raised objections and questions about you and how you treated Shirley. He also brought up at a meeting about Patty sitting on your lap at a diner. Zach and others told me that you shared a room with Gayle before you were divorced. Chris Blaise said you said, "What makes you think we aren't already married?" I also heard on tape your referencing the letters some wrote you complaining about you being harsh. No, I don't know everything. I know enough to know, you should not have been pastor of the FF and even if I am wrong about that you definitely should have been dismissed before you changed the name of the church to COBU. And yes the Grace Meeting is very important.

ST: here we go

MM: brothers and sisters this is a common trick Stewart does

ST: preach it, brother

MM: if he tells you beforehand that if I ever came to a meeting that I would bring up the Grace Meeting then, when I do just that, he can get you all to focus on his good guess and what happens in the mean time? You never talk about the Grace Meeting, you never address Stewart's behavior before, during, and after the Grace Meeting and guess what?

ST: what professorJudge?

MM: Stewart stays in power. Stewart sits in his seat, still ruling your lives.

ST: dramatic

MM: and your comments every time I talk is another trick. You calling me names and characterizing what I say only manipulates everyone here to look at me the way you want them to and NOT, NOT deal with WHAT I AM actually saying.

ST: I thought you were going to give your testimony, pro fes,eh jud, ehh, brother preacher

MM: hard habit to break, huh Stewart? Do you Stewart think that you are sowing to the Spirit right now and acting like a Christian and treating me as though I am your Christian brother?

ST: you want a direct answer?

MM: yes

ST: yes

MM: I do not agree

ST: you're entitled to your opinion

MM: that's the truth

ST: says you

MM: I thought you were against round and round

ST: look, professorjudgepreacher

MM: My name is Mike. Would you please call me by my name. That would be loving.

ST: do you all remember me saying a bunch of times, years ago, years and years ago,since we are in the middle of history lesson, I used to say "don't try and do what I do because you don't understand what I am doing?"


ST: what our "brother" here wants me to do is play by his rules. If I play his game or to be "biblical" if I yield to him for a moment, then what?

EVERYONE: (((mumbling)))

ST: then what? Kevin?

Kevin: then he gets control, he

ST: well,close,ugh,ya'll tired?

Everyone: yes

ST: It's late, I'll just tell ya,the answer was said in a way, a little while ago. Remember?


Kevin: spy out our freedom?

ST: close,what's the opposite of freedom?

Brother in back: slavery

ST: Who said that? Say it again

Bro: slavery

ST: that's it, slavery, ehh, the verse "to that he is enslaved", ehh "whatever you are overcome by to that you are enslaved." Slavery. Preacherjudge comes in to our meeting and goes after me. There are other verses that apply to what he's really doing. And if we "yield" to him even for a moment,then what? Yeah, the verse I just said he overcomes us and then we are enslaved. Well, it's hard to think that this bunch could be enslaved by preacher/judge.

MM: twisting scripture

ST: how?

MM: you know what you are doing right now

ST: and no doubt you do too, huh professor?

MM: Let's pull back and look at the big picture.

ST: according to who?

MM: strangely, that is a good question.

ST: thank you, I try.


MM: I just said let's look at the big picture and you said "according to who?"

ST: that's right

MM: if I said according to me

ST: Then you would be honest

MM: Could I finish?

ST: I don't know,can you? (((laughter))

MM: If I said according to me then I would be no better than you.

ST: meaning?

MM: This whole thing, what I have been trying to say, what I have been trying to establish

ST: you sound like a lawyer now. Maybe add that to your long and glorious title.

MM: If I came here to give you my opinion about things then how will I benefit my brothers and sisters here? And if you Stewart just give your take on things, how will you benefit these brothers and sisters. Can you see and didn't you admit at the Grace Meeting?

ST: the grace meeting, ugh, I noticed that my "opinion" of what kind of behavior we could expect from you if you ever showed up was correct. My opinion of course

MM: Do you know what thread runs through the entire history of the FF and COBU?

ST: No doubt you will tell us.

MM: There are a few threads but let me speak about one.

ST: go right ahead. We don't need sleep

MM: you said at the Grace Meeting that you never meant to take Jesus' place, spoke against it and yet that was what the devil arranged. Do you remember that?

ST: it was 20 years ago.

MM: you were recorded. Never mind your choice of words as to who is responsible for you taking Jesus' place. You said that that was in fact what happened and brothers and sisters spoke at the meeting and agreed that that was what happened. They talked about how "what does the bible say" turned into "What does Stewart say." Well, that about covers the problem from the start.

ST: does anyone know what the professor is talking about?

MM: Stewart, you supposedly repented before or during the Grace Meeting about taking Jesus' place. You also spoke about "missing grace." You said you taught error for the last 25 years. This was back in 1989. On what you said alone at the Grace Meeting you should have stepped down from being pastor. What you did to Ann, you should have stepped down. What you did to the other sisters at Princeton should have disqualified you from leading. One of the threads running throughout this entire experience is you not allowing the Holy Spirit to do His will or to fulfill what was promised to those who got saved. You took Jesus' place, Stewart. You said it. And did you repent? What fruit have you born since then that has befitted your true repentance? You said the brothers didn't get married because of you that you kept up this graceless basis for your relationship with Jesus, works, and the brothers compared themselves to you and couldn't keep up and had no confidence for marriage.

The truth is, Stewart, you were partly responsible for them not getting married. They are responsible for giving you the power to stop them. To use your scriptural application, you overcame the young Christians in Allentown and they became enslaved to you. If you had submitted to Jesus, submitted yourself to the Holy Spirit, and submitted to the brothers and sisters in the body of Christ then perhaps maybe it would have been God's will that you at some future time in your Christian life would pastor a church, maybe. You did not follow the bible in this regard. You did not listen to other Christians when they told you. The gathering of the FF was your idea and your show and you were the authority in the group not Jesus. Because you assumed what was Jesus' place and the work of the Holy Spirit, then those Christians who joined your church were compelled to treat your insights and your bible studies as coming from God true interpretation, remember? This is a very complex and deep problem.

ST: sounds like it

MM: Stewart, if you got saved and received the Holy Spirit,

ST: if?

MM: well, did you ?

ST: (((mocking groan))),

MM: did you ever tell anyone your testimony? I mean anyone here?

ST: you were on a roll, don't let me interrupt.

MM: Did you get saved? Who here knows Stewart's testimony? Raise your hand.

Kev: it's obvious that Stewart is the bad guy and you want to run things or teach or prove Stewart wrong

MM: Kevin, why would you go to my motive? Why attack me?

Kevin: you're attacking Stewart, right?

MM: Doesn't it bother you, Kevin, that you are in a church that you have dedicated your life to and you don't even know if your pastor, who has controlled this whole thing for 40 years, you don't even know if he is saved?

Kev: I know Stewart is saved?

MM: really? How?

Kev: Because I have lived with him, seen his fruit, seen his example.

MM: do you know his testimony? And that's another strange but convenient thing for Stewart. "When 3000 come to a Big Meeting I will tell my testimony." Since when does a Christian save his testimony for when his followers reach a numbers goal? That's not what Paul did. To me it's treating what Jesus did for him vainly. It's wrong for a few reasons. And what is the result, we never reached 3000 and Stewart never gave his testimony. So you don't know. And as for living with him. I lived under the same roof with him. The same roof where his son was beaten by brothers and then brought to the hospital. There are plenty of reasons to suspect that Stewart Traill is just being Stewart Traill and that he never received the Holy Spirit. Where is the fruit of the Spirit in his life? I am not talking about his definition of what love is or peace or patience or kindness is. Stewart was voted gold every time at the MTC. On what basis did brothers and sisters vote him gold? The sick thing is Stewart knew then and knows now what he is. He also knows that he can manipulate you to defend him. He can suggest and mock and characterize anyone from the "outside" any way that helps him stay in control. What is the result? You still listen to him. You still jump for him. Of course it is in the name of Jesus. It's to please Jesus. But remember, everything everyone did in the FF and then Cobu up till 1989 was to please Jesus and then Stewart calls a meeting and says he taught error for 25 years. Now what are you going to do with that?

ST: yeah, Kevin what are you going to do with that?

MM: The grace meeting was important because Stewart said more about himself than he wanted to. If he had had his way, he would have continued to sin against the sisters, Gayle would have had to learn to live with it, and you all would just have to accept some warped teaching about how what he is doing is biblical although I don't remember the term "half-wife" being in either the Old or New Testament. If Stewart was completely truthful at the Grace Meeting and would have gone by the bible without his twist on it, first of all, he would have been broken. I still marvel that the teacher who said he taught error for 25 years sat there at the Grace Meeting, TEACHING! Stewart, you also said at the Grace Meeting that you were "not a fraud that you were not a false teacher, just a poor one." Your words, on tape, you said it. Well, according to the Word of God one of the qualifications of a bishop is that he be an "apt teacher." There is no place in scripture that says a poor teacher has a place being a bishop or pastor of a flock? And yes there is scripture about false teachers. You yourself said you taught error for 25 years. What does that make you?

ST: human

MM: well yes and a false teacher. As I used to live in and sat in meetings with you, one of your other Stewartisms is this language of detached responsibility.

ST: gosh yer smart! Listen up, everyone, the professor will now lecture us on detached responsibility.

MM: mocking only mischaracterizes the speaker. Hey I have a tip for you Stewart. This might help you with your problem with focusing on who is talking and instead of what is being said. Balaam was going the wrong way. He was sinning against God. God used a donkey to speak to the prophet to restrain him from continuing in sin. You can think of me as your donkey. If I am telling the truth, it does not matter that I am donkey or living outside your control. Now detached responsibility. Something like this: you used to train us to say "I take full responsibility" or "I will be fully responsible." And when a brother or sister would sin or do wrong then he or she was to make it right with the body using the word "I" and being very direct about taking responsibility and yes "promising never to do it again."

ST: can you speed this up?

MM: well, in your case, Stewart, you never really took full responsibility for what you did at Princeton. At the Grace Meeting you not only passed off taking Jesus' place on the devil arranging it but you identified things about yourself that, if you had taken "full responsibility" you would have resigned. And if the brothers actually were trained, not by you, to study the bible, apply it, and make a decision about you, they would have asked you to leave. One of your sins that is true about the brothers, besides you preventing them from getting married is that you robbed them of their ability to make decisions, think critically. If you had allowed God to teach them and the Holy Spirit to counsel them then you would not have even been able to take the kind of control you have now. Stewart, you not only would not have been hired by most churches in America, but most churches in the body of Christ would not have had you anywhere near leadership. Why? It is not even personal although you have always made it near impossible for other Christians to even fellowship with you. No, the reason why you would not have been nor should you be, a pastor is that you were not qualified in 1971 and you disqualified yourself in 1976. And you disqualified yourself in Princeton. I have heard that after your car accident that you proclaimed that you were single like the brothers and able to marry again. This should have disqualified you. Now, if this is the Stewart Traill Fan Club, and you are the life-time president then I will sit down and shut up. I do not have a say in how you run your fan club. But if you are a Christian who is a member of the body of Christ and you are attempting to lead God's sons and daughters in this fellowship, then the bible has standards and all of us are accountable to God to speak the truth and order this fellowship according to the bible. I was once here. I lived in for 4 years. I have knowledge of this place and I know some of you. You are my brothers and sisters in Christ. I think I am obligated as your brother as once being with you to tell you that you are not following the word of God. Stewart, you are not obeying the word of God and you are still resisting the Holy Spirit. Why is this important? Because brothers and sisters, we will all give account to our Father. Do you think God will ignore all this at the judgment? This man said he took your Lord's place. He said it and said he repented of this. Well, did he? Where is the evidence, the fruit that Stewart Traill ever got saved? Where is the evidence that God really willed him to lead this group? And finally and most obvious, where is the evidence that Stewart Traill repented of all the sin before, during, and after the Grace Meeting? There should be fruit.

Joy, you knew Ann very well. Was she lying about what Stewart did? I talked with Ann. She gave an account of what Stewart did to her. I mailed this account to Stewart. It was marked "Return to Sender" unopened. He has never written her or called her to ask for forgiveness. The Grace Meeting in some respects was a sham. Stewart somewhere in the meeting discussed your forgiving him. He never called Ann for that. He did not contact the other sister he sinned against in Princeton. Noel knows her. And Noel knows more about this whole matter. Brothers and sisters, it comes back to my original question, Why is Stewart still your pastor?