Hotel Diplomat Meeting April 25, 1978

Mark claims we have given out over 2 million Shepherd tracts!' We are meeting a lot of people who are saying that they already got one of those. Our next tract will be A Fair Trial for Jesus and we should print that one in blue ink so they don't associate the two.

   The spirit of the lambs has  to run the fellowship.

   What kind of Bible study should we have? (we  named about 21 different subjects which were all met with a 'yes' .) What about an End Times Bible study?  An End Times Bible study has to be based on interpretation.  We need a good background on how to interpret-we have to be ready for it.  In the bible there is Genesis 1 and before and after the fall, then a period of conscience, then a period of the law and then period of history which is Kings and Chronicles.  In the period of God dealing with his people, there were 3 kings--David, Solomon, -- the kingdom was divided as it is to this day. Jesus said,
   "I came not to bring Peace but division." They wanted a king but the King came to bring Israel and Judah
 those 2 kingdoms and see what God is really saying concerning   those 2 kingdom at the time of the end-- the 2 kingdoms and the division that came between God's people that was necessary.  That would be an interesting study but forget it. We need       interpretation and we have grown dull of hearing so we have to go back to the basics.  What Bible study should we do?  We need to get into all of the 21 mentioned.

      How about a bible study concerning our real situation right now- how we really are? In Pilgrim's  Progress, the walk and the way- he was always overcoming- sin, death, the world, problems-- all designed to overcoming to achieve our desired goal.  There is constant dealing with problems but not in a wailing way but in an overcoming way.  We ought to deal with the problems really specifically in the Bible and Pilgrim's Progress way.  How am we go about that? Where does our fellowship really stand?  What is the real problem?  For instance, what is the real problem with Neil Pendry?  How do you know it's  the real problem?

Our New Book: Life without Jesus
Old Testament: Those who never knew Jesus
New Testament: Those who spurned Him and turned to vinegar

   We know that there is something wrong. There is always something wrong- the devil is always lurking around- there is a worse problem now.  Herman and Little John, Rob Machell, Steve Pavuk all left.     Then there is Neil Pendry and Denny Shatto--What are they all saying?  They're all saying something like "I don't want to do it"--something like that. They are putting forth all kinds of fancy fronts to hide from their real...  saying " I don't want to do it."   They get you to deal with their front. The central thing  is not wanting to pick up your cross.  John 12.24-- not remaining alone- it is similar to taking up your cross. He  who loves his life loses it. We ought to study the real problem as a fellowship. So much has been done and prepared for us. Where do we stand right now as a fellowship? A windless sort of dealing lightly with our situation-..older brothers can hide in that and the younger brothers get shooed along but it is not really helping.

A Deeper Kind of Faithfulness.....our fellowship has to get deeper. We can't remain children or young plants. Have to grow up . Have to stop being disciples. It is not enough.  We need something deeper but we would never admit it or go for it. Selling out on our future by just marking time but we just continue doing It.  We have a dull realization that we have to fall into the earth and die. We need a workbook on John 12.24. What does it mean you must stop being disciples? It is not enough following from afar. A lamb can bounce along but it is not enough for the older can see what happens by remaining neutral. We need to be personally closer to Jesus.

Disciples and servant go 'together and it is somewhat of an impersonal relationship. Our fellowship, needs to go deeper. Total commitment and falling into the earth, taking up the cross. All of us know we have to do that... we have to got deeper.  We are holding back from falling into the earth.. As you grow in Jesus you come to realize that the 1st grain of wheat was Jesus and he died and brought forth fruit and each of those must become plant - "It's enough for a disciple to be like his teacher.." That is not very personal...pleasing him is more personal. way. Wretching = those trying to serve two Masters.  Relax and work harder-- Seed naturally falls into the earth and dies.  Problem in holding back--coresponds to 'when a man falls does he not rise again" and also to" why is it a degenerate vine? 1 We all  learned to take advantage--it is deceit--We all learned how to make it look like we are falling into the earth but we am not really.  It is deceitful.  "No man who practices deceit will dwell in my house.

Always saying "I want motivation.. etc.,. a lot of what we say is selfish. serving two Masters--having one foot in two lives-
 Return to your first love "Put to death the deeds of the body," it has a final sound to it. without being morbid, don't go to extremes. that is what the devil wants us to get into--"severity to the body." What is the real falling into the earth? What is the real indulgence?

The older brothers are saying, "I don't want to do it".  What is needed is a giving up of self... "He who loves his life loses it.." A loud reference to that is: "this is the end of those who are pleased with their portion. - " Psalm 49.13-15. "Dead to sin, alive to righteousness..." There are many who are avoiding the cross.  "I want entertainment, I want motivation..." If they did take up their cross they would have it--if they did what Jesus wanted. -the self-indulgent woman...Psalm 1--- her feet go down to Sheol.. leads  to death.

    How many came here tonight saying, "my hope is to please Jesus?"-"try to learn what is pleasing to the Lord. That is what is missing. How can you have confidence that you are pleasing Jesus if you am not striving to do so?  Need assurance that we are pleasing Jesus but we don't because of hiding in the sheepfold, indulgence, routine round and round.

Jesus was that first grain of wheat= In him was life--Paul said I die daily --- Inner man being renewed daily. How would you describe the average person here?  Holding back.... we need to learn what it means to fall into the earth and die.
    Pleasing Jesus is a foreign concept. We don't speak that way. And after you have done all you should say, "I 'm an unworthy servant. "   those are the only mature attitudes to have.  The flesh just wants to take it easy but your spirit knows that it is wrong. Want to just push a button... not pick up the cross.

    Why is there holding back? Older brothers sluggish attitude is "entertain me or else". We are all given talents-"the man of Judah are his pleasant planting" not Israel--- Judah is the now creation----John 1:12 we all have the potential to bear fruit. there
 is first the choosing to receive and believe in Jesus, became a plant or seed and have the opportunity to bear fruit but it is there that so many turn back.  When it come to falling into the earth--- "when his disciples heard this many turned back and no longer
went about with him." But If you really want to hope in Jesus and the promise that he made that he would give us all that he  promised we wouldn't hope in this life.

Making a covenant... there are those that genuinely only want to please Jesus and then there are the older brothers.  "If we are united with him in a death like his" and John 12-24 - both are giving us a teaching of what we are to do... "sown in dishonor, raised in honor"  We all know  that this is what is needed, You want spirit and motivation but, "faithless creatures, you ask only to spend it an your passions.."     When you have a person whose only thought is to please Jesus, there is great fruit.   How can I  please Jesus is what we should always be asking ourselves.There are two steps; receive Jesus and he grows within you and either hoard this life and get twisted up or fall Into the earth and die. All  the deceitfulneris-"to get  a share of his property."

     Making covenants everyday. When the numbers are done, it's clear the real problem is holding back. We should be      desperate to be pleasing Jesus. No other attitude will last.That is His will and we know it but we turn aside--"he who knew his master's  will" The fellowship is unfulfilling unless it is bearing fruit.  Even a physical woman will tell you that.  There has to be a devotion--- stable and steady- genuinely bearing fruit. Each of us has to take up the cross yourself or you are not going to continue being a Christian-Each of us all have a pretty good idea of how to fall into the earth and die. There has to be an attitude of looking to that as our hope.  Not hiding in the sheepfold vinegar is a lot worse than plain water.  Each of us has to fellowship together about falling into the earth and dying. . - . that has to be the real source of hope and change in our fellowship,-- each of us being responsible instead of holding back and not going to the work as we are doing now.      Have to be fellowshipping in falling into the earth and dying for real."You are God's field ..."        seeds bring forth the harvest. A grain of wheat is meant to be planted.  There is got to be the fellowship of those who am genuinely devoted to pleasing Jesus. that it be clear of who they are.  Maybe there are those who are  sick of wretching to pay the great price. Holding back from doing Jesus' will and not bearing the first fruit which is love. Love to bring others closer to Jesus so he can give them life like he gave you, us, Be fellowshipping together about falling into the earth and dying.

 What happens when you have been sitting down  and eating and eating and eating? How do you feel? Bloated.  That describes us.  We must grow up and be responsible and not be a child any longer.  But the older brothers say to mother, "entertain me".
It is a dangerous business to receive Jesus' spirit.  He is angry enough with sinners to start with and how much more with those who spurn his Son. There is a much deeper thing needed and a much deeper witnessing needed.
     The brothers and sisters must be working together more. Yesterday 800 estimates were gotten. That shows great hope.    Thank you Jesus. The business needs to be more efficient and more efficient in spending money. Need to be more efficient in order to please Jesus.  We have to be buying back our time.  Like buying back our time for  Tuesday nights. No more scheduling jobs on our meeting night for instance.

     What we we calling witnessing now is getting into the van together at 10 o'clock at night and "going witnessing".  What we should be growing toward is a higher level of  responsibility where 'the brothers am witnessing all day.  Learning how to let the  physical work lay aside in order to take advantage of a good opportunity to witness without letting the physical fall apart.  It will take more responsibility to take the good opportunity to witness when it is there. Right now that in hopeless because of the way the older brothers are It will take a higher level of responsibility.  Toys aren't fulfilling. We have to grow up.
Haiti: Took up 2 tons of food to Aucadet the other day
Cleveland: Jesus got them a big house In Lakewood.
This Weekend: The Leaders Meeting. it looks a lot better out  in the Centers, The number saved and the business is up.
Estimates are the seeds.       The sisters confirmed 146 estimates yesterday, that is an improvement.
A fair Trial for Jesus Tract: another reference is John 6.69  and in John 1   "come and see."  Jesus is inviting a fair trlal--Peter said "we did come and see and realize. Its when you realize that you become responsible.  Your spirit.  You can't fool the others with what you are saying.  How many have ever seen another brother or sister nervously witnessing, fearing and holding back?  The unsaved aren't impressed when you are not confident. Nervously witnessing- that is not a Christian. Fear-it leads to being guilty.
New Business: Bob is on his first job tonight! The brothers are making $200.00 a day
Washington: Chris is selling the vans like hotcakes! One of the old ones sold for $1200.00! that is three times what a good newer one that we just bought cost.
Detroit:       found two buildings that look really good. Jeff and Jim are buying their first two vans and then taking them to Washington to sell them. There really is nothing but good to point to concerning the  3 businesses. Jesus is really giving us Success and a hopeful looking future.
  Spirit of the lambs has to be running the fellowship. Not  being sluggish but having self-respect which you'll never have it you are. Each of us being more responsible. Your future requires that our fellowship be strong and stable and right. But we are just  sitting there.  Next week we will study again-falling into the earth and dying as taught by Jesus... why is there such  wailing and holding back  instead of setting your minds on things above? We'll all say there is no hope in the flesh and yet....

     Faith and Pat W.  went to see Pam O'Neill. It seemed hopeful. She took Stewart's phone number. Pray that she will call him. She said she missed different brethren and was glad to see them. Pray also for Primo.  Bob saw him at his job but he didn't
talk to them.
Everyone to just sitting there so joyless, pointless  Denny and Neil don't want to be loving to their brothers and  sisters. They are totally into themselves.  Jesus didn't want to be either but he took up his cross, They sit there and fellowshiping in death.  Serious taking up your cross, devoted, is what we need.  Going out of your way to be kind to each other.  Or the guilt gets deeper.  A million fancy covers to hide selfishness. There has got to be the fellowship of those genuinely devoted to loving others and pleasing Jesus.  Falling into the earth and dying. We  have to fellowship in life and not in death.  Be zealous for Jesus' glory.  An honest man seeks the glory of him who sent him.  Nothing else is fulfilling.  The price is you have to be loving or you'll get further and further into yourself.  If you would rather please Jesus than indulge your flesh, say so openly!  what pleases Jesus? Us falling into the earth and dying.  Bearing fruit and fellowshipping with him.  Give yourself to Jesus and obey him.  We don't trust the older brothers and that is horrible.

     Remember  Haiti and low Jesus is getting glory there. We worry.  But it is self-indulgent- just round and round- worried for self not worrying for the fellowship.When you turn again, strengthen your brothers- I smiled on him who had no confidence-When Peter finally fell into the earth and died, instead of round and round and just doing what he thought.

Pray for the Older Brothers and the Centers.

      A deeper kind of  faithfulness. instead of just being a disciple. Practicing  love toward one another and really helping them. That is what will please Jesus and will give you a clear conscience that you am directly concerned for each others good.
The older brothers want to say "At least I'm better than before because I am not shooting anybody" but in fact we am worse now than before we got saved. It is far worse to spurn the son of God than the wild ones in the world. The first to be thrown into the fire am the cowardly-- those who are afraid to fall into the earth and die.  The older brothers are saying that but Jesus doesn't look at it that way.Christian, in Pilgrim's Progress, had his Neils and Dennys dragging him down but he was frantic and we just sit there. - We are not that way.
     In the N.Y.Times today there was a 1/2 a page on the book Pilgrim's Progress-cutting it all over, Calling it "quaint religious poetry" saying people don't read the Bible and it is out of date. etc...

     The workbook we need is John 12:24.  die to self and live to Christ
     The work in Haiti- even that is not really falling into the earth and dying in and of itself
Once and for all, decide to be faithful to what you know to be His will. We are ashamed of Him because we don't fellowship in His Will.