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    Cliff Gale 20907 Zion Rd. Brookeville, Maryland 20833
phone: (301) 869-7670.  I was a zealot in the Church of
Bible Misunderstanding from Jan. 1, 1975- Jan. 1981, with 4
times a.w.o.l. Lived in communes in North Carolina, Virginia,
New Jersey, New York MTC, Philadelphia Lamb House, and
Cleveland. Was backslidden buddies with Kevin Browne in 1980.
Would like to contact Scott Connors and Lester O'Reilly,
and Joy Irey, all of whom I owe apologies. I was at times
a faithful and effective brother-beater, just following
instructions and "going to war against every wrong thing!"
Sorry, sorry, sorry. Have been a part of a few other churches
since 81 (mostly "Restoration" church groups). Was
excommunicated last year for (what else?) disagreeing with
the leadership. Been self-employed for 12 years, married for
8 years to a woman of God who is not a "manipulative,
maneuvering, attention seeking, security demanding Eve-spirit"
(oh, those poor sisters, I do feel so sorry for them), have 4
outstanding children, and am right now a freshman full time
in a local community college. Have E-mail and we'll communicate
further and truly I say to you and all ex-veterans of the
war-God's favor be upon you, and Jesus is not like we thought
through the distorted FF lens.

Jesus Christ alone is reality.

Cliff Gale; Brookeville, MD
Email: cligale@munchkin.gmsi.com