Hello Stewart,
        Chris Hirtler. You may remember me as the brother who led COBU in
singing in the early days of the MTC, the "musical brother". I hope you
have been reading everything on this website and seeing the results of
your work. Up until only a few weeks ago I believed in my heart that you
always acted honorably in the sight of God, and all your energy was
spent for the good of the church that was placed in your hands. I am
very sorry to say I don't believe this anymore. Your remarkable talents
have been used to feather your own nest, at unbelievable cost to the
members of COBU. I am listing, for the sake of clarity, the following
accusations, which although not exhaustive, give you an indication of
the consensus of former COBU members:

        1- That you sexually molested sisters, which has been reported as
             having been admitted to by you in front of the COBU membership.

        2- Freely helping yourself to COBU money for your own personal use,
             most of which was not paid back.

        3- Traveling to the Bahamas for personal pleasure for several days,
             ostensibly diverting due to "bad weather" while enroute to Haiti.

        4- Using church members to work in your camera business and not
             paying them.

        5- This is mine: Exclusive use of the church's four airplanes and
             the dubious necessity of owning so many, three of them
             expensive twins. The FAA registry lists four aircraft, a Cherokee and three
            Aerostars, as belonging to COBU.
        6- Allowing selected members to deal with the rank and file in a
             demeaning, brutal, and injurious manner, for the most picayune
            of infractions, while under  the pretext of "seeking theirs' and the
             good of the fellowship's".

        7- Living in a luxurious manner inconsistent with the standards
            forced upon the rest of COBU and with the standards you preach as pleasing
             to God.

        8- Deliberately setting a false, impossible to reach standard for
            members to attain before they are given church approval for marriage.

        9- Behaving in general in a manner inconsistent with what you
            preach while away from the eyes of COBU members.

        10- Willfully denying educational opportunities to COBU members to
               give them a competitive place in the job market.

        11- Not preaching the new birth as the only way to be saved.

    As far as this last item Stewart; how can you believe this and foist
  this upon your group in light of John 3:3, which is Jesus' direct
comparison of the new birth to physical birth? Have you lost your mind?
What will God say to you for this? What will his treatment be of you? Do
you believe He will reward you for this new teaching?
        Your members can't even defend this "regeneration" gospel, - I and
others whom I correspond with have spoken personally to them about this
and they have no answers. They don't want to even talk about it.
(Compare this state of affairs to your recollection of the early days
when we witnessed with zeal, conviction, and authority about Jesus and
the new birth). These conversations were non-confrontational and we had
open minds, but the conversations occured just as I related.
These accusations are too grave for you to ignore and walk away from.

If even a small portion of these are true it is grounds for you to beg
forgiveness; from God and from the church you are self-admittedly
accountable for and to. You owe to all of us a public explanation; we
who participated at great cost spiritually, mentally, emotionally,
financially, and even in lives lost. Your manner has never been to allow
any critical scrutiny. You placed yourself above us and out of our
direct sight of how you really live and act. But you need to direct your
high-power insight inward and judge yours' rather than others' motives
and actions.
    As you no doubt are aware, COBU is winding down and I'm saying this to
you now and to everyone who reading this letter, - including you
brethren still in COBU, - that you, Stewart Traill may just decide to
abandon COBU. Who could stop you? Who could find you? It is a foregone
conclusion that you may have money hidden away in offshore accounts for
just such a purpose, (perhaps in the Bahamas)? Or money somewhere,
regardless. But why not? You have secrecy on your side. Furthermore, no
one gets saved anymore. They don't get God's spirit in COBU. So what
will keep them? It won't be the Holy Spirit. Plausible doctrine may keep
the simple but not anyone of any value to you. Any financial base that
may be there for you will run out. Why not cut any losses and bolt? Do
you love those in COBU? A life of ease and contentment awaits you in
Florida. The Haiti mission? There are others who feed those people on a
grander scale than COBU does, let them absorb the overflow. And if not,
at least they ate for a while, right?
        And I will say also to all, that if anyone wants to leave COBU and
needs help in any way to do so, they may contact me at any time. I can
be in NY or NJ easily within a few hours. Or if it is practical, I can
pick you up at any of the feeder airports in the NY-NJ area in my own
airplane. No strings, no questions, no deprogramming, no pressure of any
kind. I'll just get you out there and help you get where you want to go.
My addresses are:
                                19 Knollwood Rd.
                                Milford, CT 06460
                                 203-878-9689 hm.
                                203-878-6455 FAX

        I hope you repent Stewart. Your talents are not in doubt, but your
veracity and relationship with Jesus are. I'm sure that some details I
have are off, but I can't be wrong about the picture that is forming
about your doings. Lower your defenses and repent. You are especially
gifted but not annointed.
                                                                Chris Hirtler