Barb Baigley            Haroldine Raynolds          Andrew Perrara
Bernie Epp               George Schetiker             Howie Layton                         Jay Rolf
Gayle Lyskowski       Cathy Ditton                    Dallas Martin                           Sara Weise
 Diane Lamonica       Dianna Harrod                  Fay Lavidore                        Noel Beuchamp
 Pat Whipple             Joy Irey                            Yolanda Rouse                      Kathy Kicey
Veronica Welchek     Karrie Rosenblatt             Bob White                            Kristi West
Phillipa Bow1es         Lauren Albrect                Chuck Marburger                  Laurie O'Conner
Paul Blottner             Greg Boserlaie                 Margarette Harvey                 Bob Dunn
Jim Oiman                  Bob Johnston                 Greg Switawski                       Bob Muller
Vinnie McCaffrey      Barb McCrea                  Liz Bailey                          Debbie Stempian
Gina Ziolli                    Sonya Savage                Jeff Harrison                        Jim DeGacoma
Joe Mascaro                Joe Strenkowski            Kevin Brown                        Paul Barnett
Paul Sostack                Peter Tyche                    Ron Tiska                            Steve Torpe

This is an incomplete list of our brothers and sisters currently in the Church of Bible Understanding. If you see someone you were close to then write a letter to them and I'll post it here. This feature is entitled "Hello From Here" because we hope to hear from our brothers and sisters in the church too. So "here" means there and wherever you are. I urge you and our brethren inside cobu to refrain from the tired old rhetoric that each side sometimes engages in.