The Contact Station GOD THEN, GOD NOW

This is the place where you can talk to everyone at once.You can testify to how God is getting glory thru you today, after all these years. Or you can raise questions and concerns that you want everyone to address. Don't worry about speaking loud, everyone can hear you.


Rod Huffman in 1980 Rod Huffman to Beth Davies Betty Baxter [[[ISAAC BLAISE]]] [[[Beverly Diehl Part 1 ]]] [[[Beverly Diehl Part 2]]] [[[Beverly Diehl Part 3]]] [[[Beverly Diehl part 4]]] [[[Beverly Diehl Part 5]]] [[[Beverly Diehl Part 6]]] [[[Jon Martinson]]] [[[[[Glen Kakowski God Then God Now]]]]] [[[[[Rich Maclean God Then God Now]]]]] [[[[[Owen Camp's;;; God Then God Now]]]]] [[[Jack Kelly Jan 14,1999]]] [[[Vilma Paradis Jan 7,1999]]] [[[Dave Paradis Jan 3,1999]]] [[[Richard Lavedure Pt.1, 2]]] [[[Richard Lavedure PART 3]]] [[[Carol Stutts]]] [[[Sean Gallagher]]] [[[Dave Paradis]]] [[[Mike Walker]]] [[[Brother John]]] [[[John Branzell]]] [[[Chris Hirtler]]] [[[Chris Hirtler part 2]]] [[[Cliff Gayle]]] [[[Elizabeth]]] [[[Elizabeth Part 2]]] [[[A brother in Christ]]] [[[A sister in Christ]]]