Personally, I like division.  I think that it is a healthy sign when differing opinions are freely expressed.  Variety is the spice of life, and when ideas are freely exchanged, fresh outlooks are gained.  Consider; in a flower garden would you want all roses?  Aren't there many different kinds of Christians"?  And besides, division has other tutorial advantages. 1Cor.11:19) So, I think that we ought to encourage division and build it up into one vast structure of unity, that the whole body might grow into effective steward-ship, and so that nobody's feelings get hurt.  Glory! However, it has come to my attention that the division is not going well at all.  It is too one sided.  And so, to aid in its orderly growth and development, I have prepared this homily on "it", so that you might understand and handle it better, and that its blessings might be more observable and enjoyable.
                 It is easy for an experienced to be "Led by the Lord" and to have revelations" (usually sufficiently secret to be convenient) which are nothing more than cleverly concealed ego trips to counter Stewart's authority of truth, and are designed to permit a return to the womb and the flesh.  "The Lord wants me to grow slowly'," or, "one should stay at the place where he was saved," etc.  Life in the F.F. isn't easy,- and there are bound to be same casualties.  We, from time to time, will see those who are led to "leave" the Forever Family, usually because of the tired one about "youse don't show love" (Granted, some may use their talents in handling words in order to refine the objection to " you don't show love," but whether they speak well or not, the attack is the same.  So, we ought not to be concerned with delivery, but rather content.
This has already occurred often, and will continue to occur as long as the real lion is in the streets, and is worthy of observation, consideration, and analysis. The lion is one who is is relatively low in I.Q. but of great strength and is tenacious.
 I am amazed often at how his tricks, while not as wise as those of our Father, are good enough to catch many sheep, who themselves are even less "intelligent".) It seems to me that a wise thing to do is to look for common denominators between our detractors, and to examine them. Whether the objections are true or not, the process of drawing out their purpose will yield great value to the F.F. in terms of understanding browns, if nothing else.  We ought not to fail to deal with them from this point of view though I hasten to add a word of caution, and, I must confess, an admission of weakness on my part which I will share with you, in the hope that it will tend toward your edification.  I must admit that when dealing with brothers and sisters who are "Led of the Lord" to point out our faults (or who know that they are, or who think that they are, or who feel that they are, etc.). I, from time to time, have been possessed by a most unholy desire to break out laughing, and sometimes, as of late; it is only with the most rigorous discipline and strenuous self-control that I have barely kept form falling.  I urge your consideration towards me in this regard.  So be serious.  But I digress.

To return to my theme may I point out that in my own consideration of the matter, I have noticed several common denominators between several of those "Led of the Lord" (or whatever ) to help me.  Us old timers (1 year, 2 years 3 years etc.) notice some patterns in all this by now.  So here they are....
(1) They never get anywhere (but maybe, just maybe, the next one will).
(2) They are usually very hurt and emotional and very sad about the F.F. or are very bold dynamic powerhouses of direction.
(3) They never get anywhere.
(4) They talk a great deal about love and feelings (see footnote*) and very little about truth.
(5) At first, the F.F. is only a little off color, but till they are done, it is so bad that they are "led to leave".
(6) They never get anywhere -
(7) They act just like everyone knows martyrs are supposed to act.
(8) They aren't much into witnessing, and when they are, they have to catch themselves, cause they lapse back into witnessing the way we do-namely effectively. And it's frustrating trying to condemn the F.F., while you are slyly doing the same thing.
(9) None of these great leaders ever started a fellowship that even exists today.
(10) They never get anywhere.
(11) There sometimes seems to be a certain instability or lack of discipline in the area of sexual conduct.
(12) For awhile, they try to maintain a facade of fellowship with the F.F., while really "convinced" that it is 'all wrong".
(13) They try, with the best techniques they know of, namely those they learned here, to pin something on us.
(14) They never get anywhere.
(15) They "love the F.F." and "are only seeking to help us".
(16) There is a carefully constructed stance toward one known only as "Stewart." These range from the ancient, simplistic battle cry of "false prophet," to the more modern sophisticated combinations of good and evil.  It is to be noted at this point, that there
 is a certain divergence of opinion among members of the coalition on this matter, but as long as one is down on Stewart,- it's okay.
(17) They are not in need of Stewart's direction because they "just know" what they are suppose to do.
(18) They are very friendly toward lambs.
(19) They are not very friendly toward any of the leaders in the F.F..
(20) They try to lead a more normal "life that the F.F.
(21) They like to get the time and attention of the whole F.F..
(22) They usually wind up their careers of teaching by backsliding altogether.  And when they do, it was "all Stewart's fault."
(23)  They never get anywhere-
(24)  They say that they are happy, but we can't see any signs of it.
(25)  Since they have lots of free time, they get into all kinds of fun and games. (see #21).
(26)  They like to be told that they are doing the right thing.
(27) They never get anywhere-
(28)  They all promise to "come back" if we change, and behave..
(29)  The things that they are "led to do" are things that they enjoy doing.
(30) They love, to debate with Stewart
            (A) So they can be martyrs-
            (B) So they can get attention
            (C) So they can have something to talk about
            (D) So they can be leaders in the "Coalition".
(31) They hardly ever mention  the singular success of the F.F.

 Upon feeding all this information into the Univac computer, we receive the following message. "Let them alone-they are blind leaders of the blind.  And besides if you upset them they'll only leave sooner and you'll loose you chance to learn   from their whole trip. So be nice to them.  And don't Worry about the F.F breaking up. in fact; do what You can to help it break up; it's better for it to break up now than later And if it isn't going to break up, them you'll know we really have it together."

In closing, may I warn you against an evil plot rising against us at this very Moment! It has come to my attention that Ed Gaster is planning to organize an anti-F.F. coalition; to unite all the "forces" against us.  In my judgment, this is not wise.  Because, he is only doing it so that he can finally rip off his superman suit and laugh, etc.  And besides, these people aren't fools; they'll know he's up to no good. it won't work.  It would be a nice feeling to know that all our brothers and sisters, even if they can't be with us, really, could at least be together somewhere else and united in a common bond of love, but my opinion is that we should limit our efforts in this direction by the following

(1)   very very slyly turn each of them on to each other's address and phone number etc.
(2) do not disturb them any more than they are disturbed by using such words as,
                           (a) Stewart
                           (b) Truth
                           (c) fellowship( and starting other fellowships)
(3) Instead speak of such things as
                            (a) love (especially how sweet love is. etc..)
                           (b) church services, and what a blessing they are.
                           (c) How we are all one anyway   and it doesn't matter-
(4) Tell Ed Gaster to cut it out.

There are those who say that they can't define love and yet talk endlessly about it- This seem strange to me and so, for all our benefits, here is the definition of love.
(a) Jesus dying for us.
(b) Us doing the best thing we can for Other People , regardless of ourselves, and thus giving our lives for them.
(c) -The very best thing we can do for anyone is to lead them to Jesus, and to feed them truth.
(d) games ain't gonna do it, sweetie.  Not for long anyway; so choose which you want- fellowship based on   truth and thus success, or your own small club where you won't be "disturbed" by things like Stewart, serious people, and honest fellowship, and where your only success will be that of hiding yourself.