Hi (Nancy C) - it always encourages me to read the newsletter that is put
out by TIKKUN israel for which Jeff B. is a messianic missionary.  Here
are some excerpts of the one that arrived today, written by Eitan
"For three nights we "played" to a packed house of 1,000+ (in Kyrgystan's
capital city) Bishkek's majestic old opera house.  A wide balcony rings
the upper reaches of the hall.  An ornate chandelier hangs from the
center of the high ceiling.  Surrounding the chandelier are paintings of
heroic Kyrgiz figures in Soviet realism style.  For us to be standing on
the stage, speaking of the miracle of Israel's rebirth and the return of
her exiles, then proclaiming the Great News of her Messiah in song... I
have to say it was exhilarating.  Best of all, the Jewish and Gentile
guests at the festival responded every night to the invitation to receive
Yeshua as their Saving Redeemer and Lord,  counting the carefully
collected follow-up cards ... 330 Kyrgystanis were born anew, of whom 117
were Jewish.    In a modestly historic moment, on the Shabbat of the
festival, a Messianic congregation was born.  Sasha Rosinski, a lifetime
resident of Bishkek, whose father is Jewish, has spent years praying for
this, with his wife Tatyana.  Sasha showed up at the Almaty, Kazakstan
Messianic Festival conducted last Sept. by JEFF BERNSTEIN (festival
evangelist and leader of Chaim Chadashim Messianic Congregation in
Almaty) and David Silver (festival coordinator and member of Ohalei
Rachamim's leadership team in Kiryat Yam, Israel.  ***okay, translation:
that means that Jeff B's "lamb" Sasha and his wife, who had been praying
for God to reach their city, got to see this ministry Jeff B. is
connected with, come to this old opera house where 117 Jews got saved, as
well as 213 gentiles.  So they have the beginning now of a new church -
the "grandchildren" of Jeff B's ministry.  And just think, the boy could
still be cleaning carpets.... *** the next week saw a follow-up worship
service where 80 people showed up, 43 of them being converted Jews.
Local Communists tried to stop them meeting at the hall, but they were
over-ruled by the new Prime Minister of Kyrgystan, who intervened
personally.  Jeff B. was actually (from the paper:) "summoned to the
Office of Religious Affairs because of the Festival's clear testimony of
Yeshua as Messiah, There were many complaints from the traditional Jewish
community and the Assistant Director had an order in her hand to shut us
down. By the end of the conversation, this same official was asking for
more information about Messianic Judaism and had canceled the closure.
*** way to go, bro! Talking to all kinds of people in NYC helped a bit
I'd say...***"In the Book of Acts, teams of Messianic Jews were sent into
Asia to proclaim Yeshua and to establish Messianic communities.  Nearly
two thousand years later, it's happening again.  We are humbled to be
involved." *** let's also get involved, brethren, by praying for Jeff B!
Nancy C.