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Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 03:39:51 -0000
Subject: [x-cobu] Some thing about familiar spirits....

Good evening everybody!
This is lengthy but I trust the topic will be helpful.

We all come to this list at different levels and places and from
different times and positions in the FF/Cobu. Not all of us had
the same experiences, but certainly each of us did not have totally
unique experiences. Each of us may represent a certain part of the
75,000 victims involved and we each have things to share.

Some of us have established a certain under the counter level of
communications that is fine for where those are. But where I
am coming from is our responsibility in feeding the Cobu line
of the people we led into joining that may even be there still, like
Joy Irey and Mike Horan...both Jim's lambs! a long time ago.

Everything we say to each other we see, affects all. Just as in the
bible, if one part of the body suffers, all feel it. What we try
to accomplish is healing of this body and address different issues
as they present themselves or come to mind. Some issues pertain to
certain categories more than others. In my case I never had anything
to do with the Christian Brothers business as I left in 1976.

Since that time however, my life in Christ has gone through a
metamorphosis of sorts as I grew into the person Jesus has me
today, and God's not finished with me yet! I have grown a world
away from Cobu and although I can trace many issues I still face
back to my Cobu days, I have been blessed in many other ways by
the mercies of God . The Lord has blessed us with new sight and
new visions in his service and new direction, as he leads us
including leading us to this sight. We have been involved in
much spiritual warfare and remain at His service in this area.

Long ago, Jim and I started studying about Angels, demons, deliverance
interpretation, and leadings from the Holy Spirit and visited
different churches known for different gifts and applications of those

We have found
that this spiritual warfare is very involved and many factors
present themselves, yet there are patterns and signals that the
spirits present to give themselves away in their perverted pride.
We have had encounters that have been under the anointing of the
Holy Spirit leading to deliverance from demons for some individuals.
We have learned that, for example there are spirits controlling
certain regions. A good book to get a picture of this was written
by Frank Peretti- " This Present Darkness" - a novel but gives a
picture of spiritual warfare. Another great book that deals with
cultic controls is by Eric Hoffer called "The True Believer"written
in 1951  available by order from Barnes & Noble. Jim just ordered a
copy again..He has given dozens away over the years...
We recommend these books. Both are quick reading and very

Some people in church settings as well as Cobu
have been treated as slaves and others have not.
Jim mostly addresses the ones that apply to. We aren't saying
it is everyone. We aren't saying there wasn't a church within the

Like in nature we can learn allot-
   Just look however, for example, on the discovery channel
sometimes, and look at how a herd or flock of animals act together
and how when they are in danger how they respond. I watched
how wilder beasts will surround their young and try to protect them
from a hyena or lion attack. I have seen some animals leave their
young, while others die for their young. I have seen some animals
drive away their young at a certain stage of development and so on.
We can take many lessons from nature....

Different predators{like the devil and demons]
use different methods to kill. Some may cause a
stampede, others 'corner' some look for the weak, young or injured,
or the old & tired. Some hunt in packs, some hunt alone. And so it is
with demonic hunting culling out the weak, infirm and unlucky.
The very creation cries out that there is a God...our adversary the
devil prowls about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour...
has many predatorial descriptions - a serpent, a leviathan, a
behemoth, a lion, dogs, bears, vultures etc., and each hunts in
different manners. Their goal is the same.

Familiar spirits come in various shapes and sizes, different
personalities and seldom come alone. If they can't outright attack
and get you, they do it through various channels and circumstances
set up through out your life and surroundings. Many of you already
know this, I am addressing those who may not.

The Familiar spirits I would like to talk about now, are the ones
who like to speak to us in our own language - in our heads-.......

biblically, like the "fearsome ones" that tried to make the Jews
surrender, out of their stronghold-   Do you remember in the OT in
Kings, when Sennacharib and his envoys yelled up to the people on the wall
to surrender?

Hezekiah went and prayed to God and they were turned away.
If you look at the story, the Jewish reps asked them to speak in
Aramaic so the people on the wall would not understand the
negotiations and therefore fear.
The bad guys knew this and spoke all
the louder in their[Jewish] language to make the people get off the
wall [a figure of their salvation]and not listen to Hezekiah, their
king{for us a figure of the Holy Spirit as he was inquiring of God
for us} but to surrender and go to a land like their own...You can't
make a deal with the devil and live-for ever-/Meant to whoof  them

Well God TOLD Hezekiah to make the people stand firm and God caused
the *evil ones* to turn and turn on each other and the Jews were

  That scenario, if we apply it to ourselves is very similar.

  The familiar spirits will whisper in our heads thoughts,
that are meant to steal our salvation and take us captive,
leading to our destruction.
If we resist the devil and stand firm on the wall of our
salvation, the devil will flee and we will be saved..

  Likewise, look further into the story of Hezekiah and see where
the *out front attack* of these *demons/enemy* did not work the
envoys from *Babylon/SPIRIT of false religion* did work.
Hezekiah showed them all that he had, the bible says, so the prophet
told Hezekiah that they would therefore
be taken into captivity!
Guile is another trick of the *devil*, if force don't work *he* will
use any deceptive way including what *appears to be religious* in
motive to lure us away from a fruitful relationship with God.

  I realize these 'dynamics' are rather elementary, yet I have met
many a Christian, not only from the cobu who didn't quite grasp this
before. I myself, didn't grasp it well until 1989 and as a result was
freed from the influence of familiar spirits that whispered into my
own mind, short-term future events that scared me! I feared I was
becoming like Jean Dixon! When I would question before, many times
I assumed it to be the Holy Spirit directing me and forewarning me of
things to come.

When I became enlightened to these devilish
techniques, I prayed for right discernment of spirits and was granted
this request to know the difference! With firm rebuke and constant
prayer I was set free to learn the mind of Christ concerning me. If
you have been there you will understand this. Before, every time I
wanted a new way to serve God, the devil would flood my mind with
evil thoughts, sometimes while praying, or dumb ideas, or tangents,
or confusion or plans leading to disaster which would make me ask
God, why did this happen to me! and so on. There is a way that seems
right to a man, but....way to death. Do you see what I am saying?

Once I realized that my mind was the primary battleground for my
faith, I realized that all those foul thoughts[especially when trying
to pray at times] that would cause me endless guilt, were like fish
swimming in the sea of my mind looking for me to catch them and eat
them into my being![lured and enticed by my own desire] the devil
would really lay a number on me at times including telling me to go
commit suicide!or act out of revenge or spite etc.whatever it would
take to just 'give up'!for 5 years after the Cobu I lived under 'self
condemnation' and acceptance of my fate to go to hell...another lying
voice manipulating me to destroy me. Praise God I am free of that now!

It is very important that if you are troubled in your mind, that is, 
to be set free from whatever *demonic whisperer* is filling your head
with junk to upset you. When I was first delivered of this, there
were times  when *it/they* tried to come back just like the parable
of the  house swept clean and *7 others* worse than the first tried
to re-enter. Praise God, when you see, and then know what time the
thief is coming, you watch the house! The thief comes when you least
expect it and in the dark. I always keep my lamp 'trim' and light
burning and house swept clean through the word. Applying scripture to
your life daily, will protect you from harm. Study and learn to
rightly divide the word of truth has become my shield & sword of
protection. The process is daily and on going till our savior returns.

I hope this helps someone, out there and it is in no way meant to
insult or infer anything negative to any reader.

God bless you all !
Love in Christ,
Ave Hurley