ATTENTION:YOU ARE NOW ON THE XCOBU WEB PAGE. This web page is dedicated to getting brothers and sisters in Christ, who used to live in the Church of Bible Understanding, together. On this site you can read current (ONELIST)discussions brothers and sisters are having. There is also an archive which consists of actual notes which I, Mike Montoya, have either typed word for word by hand from the original typed photocopies of meeting notes or have transcribed word for word "eh for eh", "aah for Aah" direct from audio tape. Most of the Manhattan Training Center of 1976 notes are actual photographic scans of the original mimiographed pages from Herman Weiss's notebook. The Grace Meeting is completely transcribed. The 1 John 1989 Tape 1, Tape 2. And Tape 3 side A have been thoroughly transcribed. The rest of the meeting is being transcribed. No words within these transcribed tape documents have been omitted. All words and representations on this page can be verified with hard copy or audio tape.The only ommission on any of these documents is the names of the brothers and sisters whom Stewart Traill mocked , abused, and publically ridiculed. Theses brothers and sisters in Christ should not be put through the same treatment again.