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Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 19:55:45 -0000
Subject: [x-cobu] Once upon a time.......

After Debbie Tobias left there were different 'sisters' used to help
Stewart in writing out bible studies. They would write out the
verses on the file cards.
Gayle did some writing for Stewart and getting closer to the family
all the time and under Stewart's eye.

After Stewart got the plane, he started leaving Shirley home and
taking Gayle around to the different centers. Gayle always seemed to
sleep at his feet, I don't know of her ever being sent to the sister’s

Shirley was getting increasingly upset with this, as well she should
have been! On several occasions while at their home, Stewart would
call Rem, Paul or Dave and other 'older brothers' like Jim Hurley too,
to 'calm' Shirley down. Jim can tell you more about that. This was
usually after some sort of fight
concerning his hanging out with female teenagers; particularly Gayle.-
He knew what he was doing!

He could control the young girls but was losing control of Shirley.
She was beginning to put her foot down.
He wasn't going to allow her to ruin things for him.
He started to present her as a "freak out" over Gayle, yet all the
while he kept baiting her with his behavior, and he was getting away
with it.
Why put up with her when Gayle adored him!

The incident in the restaurant I heard about many times.
Jim Hurley, my husband, was there. He could give you the exact details
as to demonstrate perhaps why Stewart later didn't want older
brothers around. No witnesses! This is what I heard back then about it.

Gayle was sitting with Jim in a booth.
Stewart was sitting with Shirley, they were arguing, or at least she
was. He was contemptively 'cool'. Her fuse was already lit! Other
leaders were there. Those who knew the real deal, knew why Shirley was
so upset.

Others may have not known and 'judged by the moment' and thought
Stewart was the victim. HA!
He set her up and knew how to push her buttons! 
She was watching him and Gayle get 'bonded' and knew her time was
In a final burst of frustration, Shirley said out loud,
" You can't control me, can you Stewart!!!"
and she opened a jar of sugar, unscrewed the cap and slowly poured
the sugar over Stewart's head. It mingled in his hair and beard and
slid down his shirt and pants and onto the floor.
He had victory!

All he had to do know, was sit there and remain silent. The calmer he
appeared, the more hysterical she looked.
He knew what he was going to do and he knew how to punish her for
this! -This was going to cost her, everything!

The rest was easy. He was succeeding in driving Shirley nuts.
She knew that he could get the fellowships to believe anything he
told them.
He also knew that there was enough momentum to handle any exodus of
those who knew the scoop.
He had the fellowships in the palm of his hands!  He even boasted
that he could be 'backslide 5 years' and they wouldn't catch on!

She knew it was beyond her abilities to deal with and that he was out
to take over a bunch of naive Jesus freaks and exploit them, much
like he had exploited her, when he married her at 16 and she did what
ever he told her without question- for years!
Here she was over 30, and able to finally 'talk back'.

Well he was going to fix her but good! He would accuse her of
adultery and these dumb lambs would actually feel sorry for him.

Why what girl in fellowship wouldn't love to have a husband like
He was planning it for sometime. He had her parade in tight
unbecoming 'old looking' compared to the sea of young girls spread
out on the floor before him, listening to every word he said. It would
be easy to get the fellowship to think she was perverse...

Then there were the young men, or boys, who wanted to be
"just like Stewart".
He had a plan for them as well! They were going to be as "eunichs"
for the kingdom of 'god' while he would be 'a Solomon', the wisest 
of the wise and have many 'mental' concubines.
He was going to have some fun, dividing those whom he liked from
those he disliked. Ones he liked could be known later as 'Gayle

He could 'whip them into shape' whatever 'shape' he wanted to make

He didn't care what YOUR MOTIVE WAS for being in fellowship, as long
as you produced gain for him.
The more the 'merrier' for him...
Turn a buck, into his pocket every little bit helps!

Well anyway, back to the 'good old days', the time for the first
"1000 person Big Meeting" came and Stewart made the tragic
Shirley gave him an ULTIMATUM-
"Come Home and be husband and father, or we won't be here when you get
back!"[meaning her and the children...]

But as all geniuses plan ahead, Stewart had it all figured out.

He announced to the meeting that she left and made it seem as though
she was telling him Jesus or her.
So of course he was 'applauded' for choosing Jesus....
that is the meeting and not her...Why there wasn't a person present
that couldn't 'feel his pain', but I should have said
'feel his gain!'....

He had another brother suggest that the fellowship pay
for his legal defense and get back his children for him.
After all, how could Stewart lead the fellowship if he couldn't manage
his own family, bible basics 101, and to put away his wife, she had
to be an adulteress bible basics 102...

Soon after, he succeeded and got his kids back. He had a private
investigator claim Shirley was with another man in a bar, enough
said. She was backslidden...Alls 'swell' in the kingdom of Stewart.

The beast was born...From that point on; the 'spirit' of the
fellowship was under attack. Houses closed as warehouses opened,
salaries collected, and dependence on the Cobu made it harder to
leave. Mentally and physically kept exhausted, becoming spiritually
deprived of the Truth, having it replaced with 'wormwood', the devil
had its foothold as Stewart sold out for his Lusts!!!

There were the loyalists. They were saved, but swayed by their desire
to remain in fellowship and or their dependence on the fellowship. No
matter how bad it seemed to get, Stewart could always point a finger
and let them know it was their fault and heap on the guilt. They
always needed to repent and better yet walk around in
figurative 'sackcloth and ashes'. They would be mistreated, abused
and stay on for long periods of time, carrying the 'hope' that things
wee going to get better. These hopes were only realized by their
eventually leaving. By then, however, the brainwashing of blaming
themselves and daily doses of guilt, left some bewildered for years
to come.

Stewart gave parting gifts! A curse would be pronounced on you when
you were leaving fellowship. He even told people that Jim killed
himself over 10 years ago! This perhaps to scare others to submit.
He told me in front of the multitudes, that I was going to commit
suicide! Thanks for the prophetic word Stew, I did have a few close
calls, since after all, you took away my hope of salvation.... for a
time. Thanks be to Jesus that he showed me what a liar you {Stewart}

The devil has been having quite a field day with the Cobu, his 'Cain
child'. I better end now for this part at least, as this is all part
of the "Never Ending Story"

that hopefully will cause those 'faithfully departed members' to
find new hope in Jesus Christ the Lord

...and not the "Jesus Christ' carpet cleaning cult....which has made
Stewart a multi-millionaire, and left those who did the slave labor
with nothing but guilt that they could never please Jesus!
To those left behind, who have a false glimmer of hope that
Stewart would ever care enough to provide for them any sort of
future, it can only be Death and Despair! The sooner you get out the
sooner you can begin to heal and get to know the 'real love of Jesus'.

Stewart may raise his glass at a poolside toast and say,
"This Bud's for you!"
'You can stay back and live in squalor till you are no longer able to
work and you will be cast out
into the street as refuse,
with a parting directive to 'go drop dead'.

The true Christians that were in the Ff/Cobu were persecuted and to
the ones that still love Jesus, praise God! To those who are still
hurting so bad, God bless you and comfort you! To those who are still
IN and being misled, I pray Jesus protects them and leads them out
safely into real fellowship. To those who have failed to develop a
true relationship with Jesus because of being misled, I pray they
come to know him, the true loving savior and develop that right
relationship with Jesus.

To those of us who fellowship together, I hope that our Savior raises
us up to do more service for him, in the manner of intent we tried to
do in the fellowship.

I ask Jesus for me to be enabled to lead many young people to Christ
again in the time I have remaining on this earth and that they may
not be caught up in any false teachings like that of the Cobu. In
Jesus name.Amen