Is everyone fellowshipping  in acting like you are under extreme pressure and allowing everyone else to do it? Lotsa luck! I thought you said it was a good lesson last week! Specifically how did you get deceived?  How do you explain "I do not account myself as having obtained perfection" yet in light of Jesus' word "you must be perfect" or else ... ?

You got deceived -be'ca'use you failed to:
 a) understand last week's lesson; b) do last week's lesson;  c) both of the above; d) some of both of the above. it's (d) - some of each.  Last week Stewart kept using verse "he cried out all the more 'Son of David have mercy on me!" Fully there.  We allowed two evils: 1) 1st everyone came up with a 1/2-there record and everyone played that record and 2) we rendered the whole thing meaningless.  Last week's lesson was supposed to allow a division but now there is no real different scene - right back where we started.  Sincere is enough but playing the great man (saying the words) - everyone else knows it's a game.  Where are the extra sincere, more fully there ones.  Instead everyone formed a club with  no standards.  There is shame because you know you are getting over. Not only did you hear this 20 times, no one protested.

          It is necessary there be divisions so those who are genuine can turn and strengthen sick ones.  Yet here sick ones say 'I'm OK! so they don't take medicine and others bought it.  Therefore no division, free to rot in peace.  On the other hand, those who would get closer to Jesus are not free to do so.  James F. creeps around with cup of coffee - never fully there - what else do you got?  You so quickly want to go back to that old woman, eh?  No one of your speeches included 'if I'm not fully there saying so I'm already shrinking back' and 'this is all of me - no holding back'.    First you tolerate
 Jezebel, then she gets over on you.  So you put up with this, eh? Sincere is enough. If you don't qualify as    doubly sincere, why put yourself forward? So there can't be strong    and weak - only mush (that's what you like - mush). You do need    to say "I'm fully there" but why ACT like "I'm fully there".  Last week didn't obtain the desire, expected result - a clear division. if someone. was proclaiming their sincerity, fully there for real, - do you have to have a formal trial to vote?  Does not the ear test words?  Don't you know a believable or a 1/2 there failure?  If you are concerned with what you look like before men -- what about how do you look before  God!  Fully there before Him and for Him.  How can you be if you are calculating how you lo 'ok before men? Better is an honest, stupid sheep.  You protect it so it gets worse instead of getting rid of it. Caring about what you look like in front of many idiots has got to go.

          You gotta be hanging yourself if it's not "I'm fully there". Therefore you made a  joke out of the whole thing. Paul said it was necessary to have divisions - we made it so no one has divisions!

  Prerequisites towards  being sincere  towards Jesus:
          (1) willing to give up the rebellion (the spirit is   willing);
          (2) admit that you are a failure at your way (or you are a horse plunging into battle).  Looks like J.P. needs a few scars...

          Why not sincerely go to the real issue!  Do sincere bros & sisters say "I have decided to set my hope in Jesus,.  Others have to ,ff., on more.  "Why will you still be smitten that you continue to rebel?" Do you all leave the James F.-types alone?  How much % would you say James F. is invested in Jesus?  Or would you rather not touch such issues?  What is sincerity towards Jesus?  At least being open to Jesus about the way I an and how Jesus is towards me in the context of
not premeditating rebellion.  More sincere - looking for God's will and doing it.  Sincere is not trying to change the standards! (Such as it is too hard).  You have gone that route and hate it!

          A right division is that I'm faced with choosing right behavior or wrong behavior.  I'm faced with honoring the truth and patiently working at it or doing one of star performer numbers.  Patient farmer - I hate it - I hate anything other than patiently working at the truth (I gotta take shortcuts).  A right division - that's what that causes.  Instead you make a big splash over X to hide Y. Divisions  will show if I am sincere or not.  If I choose to call myself X, be  it, then! What's all this making everyone else suffer for?     Why do you hate a real division?  BECAUSE the only way out of it is the worse
word in the world to you -- WORK. You cheat your way out of    it, you try one of your 'grace of God' speeches. The idea is having    genuine division so you can have genuine progress! You'll never get out of the mess you are in without FACING the mess you are in.  Older ones don't have much faith in Lieutenant uniforms but have sick habits to
go for it.  Your salvation depends on the First faith lesson but your fellowship depends on the 2nd faith lesson.  Salvation to a right unity.  Faith in His love for you is more important.

          Sincere at all starts with how you really are.  It goes double with  sincere with Jesus.  We don't encourage each other's sincerity?  Have  to be too REAL to encourage each other's sincerity! (Then if you are  REAL you MAY have to be known (that would be awful)!  So awful you don't mind risking hell...

          Everyone would rather "be' encouraged' than to be especially giving encouragement.  Why wasn't Chuck encouraging Tom?  Chuck didn't sound g-Lad about it! How are you going to encourage somebody if you are not
 glad!  Certain star performers can put on an ear-to-ear grin... Chuck should have said, '.'Tom, I have good news for you: sincerity towards Jesus is enough!" Either you learn an ear-to-ear grin or BE GLAD.  Let him who is weak in his sincerity... receive him, but not to get into R&R... Chuck is barely intending to be sincere yet he wants to be the heavy!  Why don't I t you learn to settle f or the truth - that, s Jesus!  What is especially encouraging --> those who ARE glad about the real basis of sincerity towards Jesus! "Be not like a horse or mule doesn't 'continue in my word'. Be wise-continue in my word.

          1. I am fully there,  sincere towards Him  or
          2. One of the weaker  or
          3.  don't mind  being weaker one for fun, maneuvering for attention.

          What we REALLY  are with regards to sincere - you gotta hang yourself! The one who did cry out all the more - his hope was in Him - therefore setting your minds fully on your hope in being with Him. obviously you have minds on other things.  You don't need to set your hope fully on Him, etc.  Do you want your sincere bros. & sisters to be hypocrites?  Where is the fully there, individually responsible ones, looking for ones to united in the same spirit?  We don't spill the
beans...    Those who are especially sincere should be uniting, helping the weaker ones.  How else to upbuild?  Diagnose before you can heal. You won't even look at your problems!  Therefore how could any fellowship get going that you want to respect?  Turned fully proclaiming why you need Jesus into a speech which everyone bought...Speeches sang songs to a heavy heart.  You DO need to be especially proclaiming your sincerity towards Jesus - yet can't be a speech that
you're not fully there.  "I see violence in the city" No one protested - anyone of you could have said "John, Bill -- 3: hear
deceit!" Instead everyone is in their own house.  If whole outfit goes along with it wrong spirit assumes it can slip in still.

          These speeches - you hear the words but you don't hear the truth. Some certain ones are great at presenting words instead of truth (well practiced because they can get away with it!) "I cried violence but no one cared".  You are doing violence to the truth and to the fellowship responsible to Jesus.  Say to the thief - you have no part
with us in rebuilding the temple.  Time to start your meetings over again!  Unless everyone is ashamed of Jesus of course and ashamed of the gospel so that you can't put your hope in Jesus...

          You better make a situation where no one could get away with anything. How is your trust for each other?  You don't want to enter yourself  and hinder others... Don't you want a situation where others can enter?  All little tricks to avoid the truth because I'm ashamed of  the Gospel.  Another game "I can't be sincere towards Jesus unless I get of my problems... 11 Our favorite trick -- make sincerity towards Jesus into 1) an absurd speech or 2) it's too hard.

          What about especially fully there, admitting the truth and promising  to act accordingly?  Do you realize the sincere fellowship has little bearing on James F., the lambs and younger ones?  The sincere fellowship -- it is almost necessary to be through the roaring 201s! Almost necessary to spent 10 years of not listening, rebelling - than maybe you can be a sincere Christian.  Even Kevin Browne - he is too willing - he doesn't really realize what sincere really means. Younger ones usually Are sincere at their level.  "At their level"  it's good, but doesn't mean much - it's not this issue of being
sincere.  How long do 'ou think James F. has to serve in prison before he may be sincere - ask Jay - a pro.  Have you suffered enough?

            Sincerity towards Jesus  as Lord IS enough.   Your habits and  drives are  "it's NOT  enough -- I got to go to works".   You didn't hear  much of  'I'm thankful for Jesus and His  basis' because you are all coming from secretly that it's hopeless.  Have you noticed you haven't been so thankful suddenly?  In your fight against sin... it takes faith in  Jesus to trust His basis (no that can't be) and He'll do the rest (no  I gotta do it).  Work hard and I'll make it coz trusting Jesus to do
it for you is too hard, God helps those who help themselves... Sincerity towards Jesus IS enough!  Why make it so hard?!  Then He is able to guide you into all the truth.  Instead your way you don't have to admit where you are at -- yet Jesus is into giving you a TOTAL OVERHAUL!! Do you know   a better deal?!

         All your wailing  ,   get away from me, let me try my way     i s all trying to escape the sheepfold. Double    minded man - settle it in your mind. (Any clues as to why you can't be glad?) When you experiment with anything, you find out the right way, and you go for it!  The servants knew where the water came from, knew the source.  How can you
be glad if you are still wandering around, if you are still testing the Lord (Isaiah 50).  How much testing and failure do you need?  Why not settle it in your minds to be sincere -- and more and more so! "Your work has no handles".  If you could, would you redesign the Lord Jesus?  Or leave Him the way He is?  Sometimes you wonder why I don't give up on you, right?  Why should I -- I'm only I or 2 steps ahead of you!  Being into efforts and our hope being in our efforts is two
different things -- that's why Bible says 'strive to enter' yet condemns works.  Weary 30 year olds NEED a sincerity basis!  Ones who spent the roaring 20's the usual way...    Then turn 30 smart, where sincerity towards Jesus IS enough.  Like beloved children... imitate Heavenly Father -- it's only NORMAL.  If you are not fighting, that's what you'd be doing! What is wrong with valuing sincerity among you?

         Besides, if you kept your mind on 14 million years from    now you
         wouldn't get weary...

         Gayle is an  example of sincere is enough'. Look how much sincerity  towards Jesus benefited Gayle!  Declare a holiday from bricks!  Get  into your standards - that would be pleasing to the Lord.  Sincerity love one another instead of fighting for a position you only hate.

         On Tuesday we'll get our Big Meeting together (agreed our Big Meeting  is going to be February 28 & 29th).  See you all at next Friday's art show Lord willing    consider if we should have one during the week, too!