The Lord put it in my heart to proclaim his love for us.  So I went down to
the computer  to write.  Then I read the story of the 3 persons.  This
confirmed it to me.

So let me share this illumination. God is Love. If I say I love God and
hate my brother I am a liar.  For many  years I quietly wondered  to myself
how do I know when The Spirit is leading  me.  If I do not feel lead,  how
do I really know that I am not talking  myself into being Spirit filled?
To make matters worse there were times when I was sure God was leading me
to expose the truth or take a righteous stand.  Well, it felt good;
looking back to my shame it was pride and the sin of self-righteousness.  I
was sure I was being lead and God was really showing me something.

I now believe Gods Spirit is love,  and when we are lead by the Spirit we
love.  In fact the power of love is the greatest power of all.  The Spirit
only leads us to up build and unify us in love.  This is the desire to love
and has compassion that burns in us. This passion is from Christ's  Heart
with in us. I will abide in you, He said.  He will guide us into all the
truth.  The truth is God is love.  We love  because he loves us first.  He
who loves is free from the law,  for what law is there against Love.  Let
us let the love of God rule our hearts.  For God so Loved He Gave.  Jesus
laid his life down for because of love.  Paul told us follow love.
To the world this is foolishness.  The self- righteous this is too easy.
When we love we are in the Spirit and one with Him.  Because of love we
will keep the perfect law of love.  No one knows the mined of God except
the Spirit and he has made His  Heart and Mined alive in our hearts.  God's
way is not our way Hallelujah!!! Now I am sure this is how I will know the
Spirit God and the Spirit of error.  The Spirit will lead always to take
comfort in God.  Closes my eyes meditate on His Beauty and Perfect kindness
and his Desire for me.  The spirit of error tempts me to take confidence in
any thing but the cross of Christ alone.  Any  other confidence is not of
God.  Christ is the Perfect one alone. When he makes us clean no can make
can make us unclean not even me.  If I sin:  I advocate with the Father.
If my heart condemns me he is greater than my heart.  When my heart was
hard and not tender to God,  when I felt I had no Godly feeling or
willingness to repent,  he did not forsake me.  26 years and HE never
failed me nor forsaken me.  He has given a great life a beautiful wife and
2 beautiful children. Praise God he is Good.  If you have no Godly feeling
and would like to have, then take confidence He will embrace and hold you
and heal you.  Take confidence; he is calling you.  You see;  you can not
desire Him, unless you are His.  So go to Him and let His peace the peace
that passes all understanding rule in you heart.  Jesus is Greek for
Savior.  Devil is Greek for Separator.

God bless Vince