From: michael pappie <>

Greetings all, don't know if the address of this site went through.
Here it is again:

This is an official Church of Bible Understanding website.
From: Jeff Benninger <>

There is a simailarity to the COBU website and the children of Gods website
. They now call themselves the Family and they start off with their
orphanges to the mexicans . Its

Jeff B

From: Tom Pierron <tpierron@Op.Net>

I viewed just about all the site.
Notice there is not ONE clear shot of a single
brother or sister.  There is one profile of a sister,
and I don't know who she is.
But did you see the part how they are working with
other missions?  Wonder how that works out.
Any doctrinal debates?  They are probably busy
enough with the work that is in front of them.
But doesn't it look like an impressive work?!
I feel like if I am against COBU, I am "for"
taking food out these children's mouths!
What an impetus to keep them working on the streets
of the USA.  I remember being in a cold mail truck and
being reminded - we're doing this for the children in
Haiti.  No room for complaining.  And how could you?
But one of the things that got to me was the
"Rescue and Develop Haiti" on the one page.
Marjo's very words for covering up his scheming.
"People don't care about parting with their money
as long as they hear it's going to rescue and develop
Did ST have some sort of vendetta that he would do it
for real while the other guy didn't?
Or did he start out with "good intentions" and only later
did he decide to build an air-conditioned dog house?
(a la Jim and Tammy....)
But you have to admit, that's a good work down there.
And I am not forgetting, you have to admit, Stewart's
teaching produces death.  If I didn't get out from under
his grip, I wouldn't be alive.  The way, the fruit of his
teaching is not conducive to life.  Those Cobots down
there are probably similar to the missionaries "helping
out" the "Indians".  If you've ever read Dee Brown's
book Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.....
I need say no more.
That book made me "ashamed" to be a "Christian"
In a "right" way.
From: "Michael Montoya" <>

thanks for writing...I have been struggling with my reaction to this. I
react the same way everytime I get the sense that COBU is succeeding, or ST
is winning. I get mad. I get sick that the mission looks so good and so
right and underneath ST is killing our brethren slowly.  So , seeing this
site makes me think that they got it together. That they are really making
headway.  "Whether Christ is preached out of envy or truth , i will
rejoice." Its hard. They are not preaching Christ though. They are doing it
out of legalism. So can we say that we should rejoice over this work in
Haiti? I am still fighting with this one.  I am open for insight.  Why do I
get so mad when I think COBU is winning.

From: Herman M Weiss <>

Mike, read PS 73 it'll explain your frustration.      Herm
From: Herman M Weiss <>

Hi Jeff, Did you know that River Phoenix, the actor that died recently of
a drug overdose was in the COG with his parents in Venezuela? He & his
brothers &
sisters used to pan-handle & play music for donations. Parents got out
MO DAVID (cult leader) commanded the women to seduce potential converts
( flirty fishing) sex. Another example of the end justifies means (
seduce them into the kingdom)
Zack & I met the COG's in NY in '72 we actually stayed over night
in a loft
type situation & thought how strange they were. Little did we know---6
years later--
Bleeker St. loft.
Herm Weiss

From: Jeff Benninger <>

God arranges FAITH so we can please God and draw near to Him.  "Without
faith it is impossible to please God..." (Heb 11:6)  He arranges faith so
we can believe in Jesus and follow Him better than we know.  Through faith
we realize there is something real to look forward to beyond this life here
- which is very temporary and full of false hopes.

("He arranges faith so we can believe in Jesus and follow Him better than
we know") I was in Cobu when  this U nonsense was invented but I can't for
the life of me figure this phrase out ?  Can anyone help this poor lad out.
From: "Owen D Camp" <>

From:  Owen
        Dear Jeff
       God GIVES us faith, so we can "believe and be saved".  "Arranges
faith"???  Is that biblical?

You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything.
         Owen Camp    Bronx NY


Jeff was coming from having read the "U" explanation on the COBU propaganda
Doesn't "arranges faith" sound like something Stewart would say.  That he
this so much because he too "arranges things", and therefore shares a certain
kind of
"fellowship" with the Almighty....
But as for being Biblical.  Are airplanes Biblical?  Are rockets Biblical.
Is Basketball Biblical?  Is Baseball Biblical?  Is the electric guitar Biblical.

Are synthesizers Biblical?  Was the Titanic Biblical?  Are transistor radios
Biblical?  Are lasers Biblical.  Is laser surgery Biblical.  Are trifocals
Is the Brooklyn Bridge Biblical?  Was the Louisiana purchase Biblical?
Is the Barringer crater in Arizona Biblical.  Is...........
Is the Bible Biblical - it isn't in the right order you know.  Some guys with
long beards like Stewart decided on "how" to put "what" together.
The Song of Solomon made it in from an attempted (or successful)
suicide.  Otherwise it wouldn't be in there - "lewd" as it is in the eyes of
From: Herman M Weiss <>

Hi Jeff, Let's start by asking what God's will & work is for us. In JN
6:29 Jesus said,
our work is to believe in Him whom He has sent, & in JN 6:39,40 it says
the Father's
will is all of the elect will be saved ( not one of them lost) & those
who believe He will raise them up at the last day. These are God's
promises to have faith in. We are
taking Jesus's word that he can deliver on these promises. HE CAN BECAUSE
OF THE RESURRECTION. Now the Holy Spirit gives us assurance & conviction
these promises ( HEB 11:1, ROM 4:21,EPN 1:13,14) We are to make choices
day concerning the object of our faith( THE Trinity) whether we believe
what They
say about us as found in EPH 1-3, HEB 10:9-23, or our own understanding
of the
world. This will give you the motivation to follow Him. This is saving
faith of which Jesus is the author & perfecter of ( HEB 12:2 & GAL 3:3)
We must believe we can only draw near to God by the Blood of
Christ &
nothing else. This is the easy yoke Jesus spoke about!! He's done all the
( HEB 10:19, 4:16 & EPH 2:13) It's not FAITH that pleases God but FAITH
in the
definition is very nebulous & confusing.
Also in the time I was in COBRUTE ('72 to '78) ST taught that 1st
received & believed then you got born again, which is contrary to
because you are the author of your faith & not Jesus. Being born again is
that God does to you first, because we were dead in our trespasses & sins
SALVATION PUTS YOU IN CHARGE OF IT. JN 6:37,44,65 & JN 15:16. I hope this

helps because his poison is hard to spot sometimes & hard to describe.

Herm Weiss

From: Jeff Benninger <>

Thanks Herman,

confusing stuff sometimes , The part about better is the part I couldn't
After that so called repentance meeting where god revealed grace to ST was
when we stopped preaching being born again. After that meeting telling
someone to get saved or born again was considered non-scriptural. scary
stuff.  One can be a bit confused about anything that is written when the
last couple of years I was there every lther week the meaning of the
scriptures changed according to ST. If I was confused whenb left eigtht
years ago those still in must really be reeling

Jeff B.
From: Herman M Weiss <>

Hi Jeff, the phrase, "and follow him better than you know". Let's see, we
can only walk(follow) according to the amount of light(knowing part)
unless we are
given revelation from outside ourselves. That's my stab at it.
About the part Jeff can't figure out...
He arranges faith so we can believe in Jesus and follow Him better than
we know") I was in Cobu when  this U nonsense was invented but I can't for
the life of me figure this phrase out ?  Can anyone help this poor lad out.

Sounds like brain washing....  "better than we know"... like you can't trust your own conscience or judgement...  just mho (my humble opinion)

Love life and live,
Carol Stutts
Michael Montoya wrote:

 Now about the U thing.  This U thing.  Hmm

Don'tcha get the subtle message - it still depends on "U"!!
Don't underestimate the power of words and suggestions.  They are being told
their salvation depends on "you" (them).  Absolutely.
Makes me sick how Stewart always makes the Bible into some formula.
But that's very Biblical.
Such as the ignorant and unstable twisting them to their own destruction.
The whatevers of men.  Stewart wouldn't know Jesus if he fell over him.
And that is very sad.

So, is this U thing from the escape recipe where it goes into a
semi-circular shape of a U or is it U for Understanding, of which they
claim to have the only True variety of, or is it like y'all said "U" as
in YOU are the one responsible for your own salvation.... all of these
are crock... Nancy C.

When STewie says U he means its on you!! but its all for meeeee!!!!!!!