The Lord delivered me, because He delights in me!

Dear Mike,

I have parts of an old newsletter,which I am not even sure how I got it, that I brought with me to Florida 3 months ago. I remember you and your brothers. Do you remember me?

I'm Robyn Gammell, Akron, Ohio(1975),NYTC,Utica, Allentown, Richmond, D.C., VA, Md, Haiti(thank you Jesus) and Princeton(1985).

You may have heard about my auto accident that left me paralyzed and in a wheel chair in 1985. Stewart and Gayle invited me to Princeton after 6 months in the Hospital. Not being able to walk, I was "kicking against the goads."

So it's been 20 years, and God has always been calling me back to Him. I love Jesus, He is my Redeemer! I have asked Him to forgive me and promised Him to never turn away again. I'm almost 50 years old now. I know that every day God gives us, is a gift.To make love our aim is all that matters.

I have written to the brethren in COBU, to invite them to fellowship, and I invite everyone who visits your site. I don't have a computer, so if anyone wants to write or contact me, they can email my brother who is a pastor here in Florida. He will forward any messages to me. I especially would like to find Rich and Pat(Dugan) Cuza in N.C. or S.C.

I have been married 20 years to Craig Kitchen. He is unsaved and in jail in Akron, OH. God rescued me from 20 years of rebellion. We are separated and I ask you and everyone who read this letter to pray for his salvation. I still love him, but I will never live in sin with him again. My son, Raymond, who is 19,came with me to Florida. My brother is also here and is an associate pastor at the Tree of Life church. God's love for me is so beautiful. I take one day at a time and just have faith in His love and forgiveness.

Pray for Raymond, my son, that Jesus will open his heart to the gospel. If anyone wants to contact me, they can email my brother,Jerry. I will have my brother's email address posted here and on your site.

His mercies are new every morning,GREAT IS HIS FAITHFULLNESS!

Grace be with you all

Robyn Gammell-Kitchen

Jerry Gammell

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